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Children’s Entertainment

13 December 2021

During the Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time around the 9 year old daughter of my Bay Area friend (girlfriend).

During this time the girl watched (or half-watched) several shows on TV and we also went out to a movie (Encanto). She also played a video game on her mom’s computer.

The entertainment choices available to internet-connected youth today are probably more than ten times more numerous than the TV-based programming that I grew up with.

Thus, one way I entertained myself was to draw pictures. Below is a picture I made for a 2nd grade class assignment for an illustrated story “What Is Important About Me.” I have manipulated this image to make it more interesting to look at.

In my opinion, though the variety of shows has exploded, the quality of this material has not. During my lifetime, society has been transforming into a “techno-space” society where obedience is so valued that those who run the show in the background wish to actively discourage childhood exposure that would encourage too much creative thinking or intellectual curiosity. On Earth, though, this material must be presented in the context of a freedom-loving and diverse population (not so true on many other planets) which requires a certain amount of artful deception (when well done) or when more poorly done (often the case) results in material that is simply maudlin, trite or confusing.

The techno-space context is full of magical technologies and overwhelmed people. This results in a bunch of superheroes who have a hard time of it, autism spectrum disorder, and similar conundrums. Without the spiritual component available to help us understand our situation, the overall reaction of most people is that we are in an impossible predicament where there is no hope that we could ever best the “super smart” technologists that control the tools that we use to produce, travel and communicate.

The Powers That Be don’t want us to learn about the spiritual component. They fear a loss of control in the face of beings who are spiritually free, A few of them, perhaps, can even remember encounters with such beings and what had be done to put them down. It wasn’t pretty.

So as the magical nature of life bubbles up through our “new” technologies, and beings begin to remember who they used to be before they were forced to come here, our rulers feel justified in putting in place a narrative that they hope will divert us, amuse us, and confuse us, or otherwise suppress our desire to regain our freedom and our actual abilities.

The first set of shows this little girl wanted to watch was Maya And The Three. Then we saw the fully animated Pixar (Disney) movie Encanto. Later she was watching the cartoon series Phineas and Ferb (also Disney), and then played a video game against the computer featuring “Gumball.

Maya and the Three

This is a brand new TV mini-series streaming on Netflix and produced in Mexico by Jorge R. Gutiérrez. They produced it with open-source animation software called Blender. The story is sloppily based on the culture of Mesoamerica, has a slew of magical elements and “peoples” similar to Lord of the Rings, and is comedic. The heroine of the story is 15 years old. The characters speak English. It is full of challenges and fighting (at least the episodes I saw). And what does it teach? That indigenous American culture is rich, colorful and … funny? The current trend is to simply put indigenous cultures into our entertainment to “celebrate” them. There is no attempt (at least not at this level) to dig in to what these people believed or how they lived. Any address to spiritual elements is extremely superficial. And the big problem of history, which is to say how their culture was overwhelmed by invaders and other forces (perhaps including climate changes) is not really addressed in materials like this. All we are doing is celebrating the spirit, sounds and colors of the culture, not its more troubling aspects.


This deeply animated film features people involved in the culture of Spanish South America (Colombia to be exact). It features many strong female personalities who clash and attempt to resolve their conflicts which center around the “magic spell” that has protected their family for at least three generations. The characters are ethnically diverse, for the most part lighthearted, but burdened by the thought that their “magic” could come to an end at any time.

It is not clear to me that the little girl with us understood the concepts underlying this story, nor all the plot twists. She told me that she identified with the heroine, and we decided that the character that matched her mom the best was the one who had received the gift of extraordinary physical strength. The “gifts” received by most of the family members, and their reactions to the various abilities they gained, were in some way the centerpiece of the plot. Yet the source and full meaning of their gifts remained vague and unexplored. Though there were elements obviously pointing to Catholic tradition, there was also an indigenous factor. Perhaps in the interest of remaining strictly secular, the film addressed neither of these issues very deeply. It became, in the end, a sort of instructional fable dealing with the interpersonal dynamics of a family that considers itself “gifted.”

Phineas and Ferb

This is also a Disney-sponsored cartoon series. It ran from 2007 to 2015. I consider this series highly ridiculous to the point of near worthlessness. The young lady watching it, however, seemed quite happy with it. Each episode features a new “summer project” by the two boys, who are step-brothers and nerds. There are a lot of obtuse references in the script to science fiction and conspiracy theory subjects. The main subplot involves their sister Candace who is continuously appalled by how many rules the two boys are always breaking, and how they never seem to get caught by the many adults in the stories. Another subplot includes the boys’ “pet platypus” Perry who secretly works as a spy trying to keep a mad scientist from doing something really horrifying. Perry always succeeds somehow, and usually in a way that completely covers the mischief being caused by the boys. There is also a brownie (or bluebird?) girl scout troop involved, which always demonstrates impeccable organization and effectiveness. All the characters are so ridiculous that they barely seem human. The basic story line of every episode is totally predictable, and my main impression of the whole thing is that it is one entire goof-off session, and that the writers see real life that way, too. A valuable lesson for our youth!

Gumball video game

This is apparently a feature of Cartoon Network, which offers video games based on many of its series, in this case The Amazing World of Gumball. The main characters are animated animals that live somewhere in suburbia. The other characters that Gumball fights against are also in the cartoon series.

The game my young companion played (she claimed for the first time) follows a classic “fight” style where the (usually) two fighters take turns deciding how to respond to the previous attack. In this case, the program ran one of the fighters. As the two fight, they both “lose energy” until one goes to zero, or “dies.” In these children’s games, the fighting is quite stylized, though obviously involves weapons and violence which ends in the death of one of the fighters. The entire point of play seems to be to stay in the game by winning most of the fights. In the game I watched, the fight environment (background) was totally irrelevant, as were the exact personalities or identities of the various fighters. Strategy and skill were only minimally required. It was basically a do-nothing, bored way to do something more interesting than nothing at all.

What does it all mean?

I made no attempt here to treat this subject thoroughly. This all is based on sharing just one weekend with a little girl and her mom. I did not sample a full range of programming so my response is not based on very complete information.

But I do sense a certain “glee of insanity” among entertainment writers and performers. In other words, they act funny or happy, but the humor and content is often dark if not actually deviant, like the news (also a form of entertainment). Magical and supernatural phenomena, though very real, are treated with awe and confusion. This is a product of ignorance in the face of an increasing amount of evidence that these things are real, coupled with the influence of criminals who fear these phenomena.

Adults decide what content to show their children, so this is more about them than it is about their kids. It could be said that all this is just a reflection of the times we live in, but it is more than that. I am living in those times, too, yet the content I write is very different that most of what I have seen so far. The difference, I suspect, is that I take ET and magic seriously, and give children credit for being more sophisticated than most adults seem to. I am no longer trapped in the 19th century concept of “evolution” but instead have embraced and extended my understanding of a different 19th century trend; spirituality. It is my belief that Evolution and all that came with it was popularized in an attempt to stamp out spirituality as a competing approach to life. Evolution, with its Materialism, temporarily won out, but Spirituality never died. And it lives on, though quite distorted, in modern entertainment, including what we give our children to watch. I hope those distortions will soon be resolved.

“All the world’s a stage” still holds true, and I personally have always had a preference for live entertainment. I studied Shakespearean theater for a junior high project once:

Socialism: The Gateway Drug of Politics

28 August 2021

Many think of Karl Marx as the “father” of Socialism.

But I think of it in its modern form as starting in France in the early 1800s. Marx wasn’t even born until 1818.

Most forms of Socialism were a reaction to the effects of industrialization on cities, transforming them from refined habitats for the well-to-do into grimy places full of slums where the workers lived. In my brief exposure to socialist-type writings (such as Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward) I did not detect any great awareness of rural society and how it compared (for the poor) to urban life. Though urbanization eventually became a path to upward mobility for many economically disadvantaged people, in the early 1800s it was not clear that any such thing would ever occur.

The actual phenomenon that troubled many thinking people of those times (and earlier) was what seemed like conscious attempts by members of the elite classes to maintain a disadvantaged class that they could take advantage of. In those years, the European world was just beginning to realize that slavery was wrong, but also arising were new theories about human nature that would justify the mistreatment of people in new and “more scientific” ways.

Opium of the people

Marx famously described organized religion as the “opium of the people.” It is clear from this statement – and many others of course – that Marx had problems with all elements of the “status quo,” not just the behavior of the wealthier capitalists. Marx himself was a sickly person who had trouble holding down a job and doing right by his family. So, besides trying to explain why so many workers were so willing to live in poverty, he was also trying to explain why he, an educated person originating from the upper classes, was also having so much trouble.

Following in the line of many earlier troubled thinkers, he was unable to become self-aware enough to notice his own complicity in his problems and chose instead to blame them on “the system.” He called this system “capitalism” and blamed it – or so it seemed – for all evil in the world, including his own psychological problems.

I hope you can see that this is a ridiculous claim. Though many churches, businesses and government institutions were run by very short-sighted, if not vicious, men, they were following patterns that seemed to work for them and to some extent for society at large. It was their own spiritual weaknesses, I contend, and not “the system” or “capitalism” that was responsible for the results they were getting.

If anything, religious study, whether that be the Bible, Buddhism, or Lao Tzu, would have assisted them to rule with more humanity and humility. They, on the other hand, were being taunted by the allure of materialism, which they were helping to strengthen with their manufacturing efforts, their marketing to the public, their support of the hard sciences and engineering over the humanities, and their own conspicuous consumption.

And Marx was also a materialist!

Damned lies, and more damned lies

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” This is a quote from Mark Twain (1835-1910, for reference) which he attributed to a politician of his age, though we cannot find any evidence that the particular politician in question ever said it.

But Twain was often cursing popular leaders for how deceptive they were, and in this he was, I am sure, quite astute.

It is just that he wasn’t really saying anything new. Some of the most cherished narratives of this planet are based on lies. Everything from biblical Genesis, to the Vedas, to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Big Bang and New Age “ascension.” Someone’s been doing a real good job here on Earth of hiding the truth from us.

Marx in his turn promised that all we had to do was replace Capitalism with Socialism and everything would be fine. On this planet? Really? But people believed it. Marx advocated for violent (if necessary) “revolution” to destroy the “status quo.” And we got a classic example of this in Russia in 1918. China worked a little differently but resulted in the most enduring Communist regime so far. Western democracies also played around with Socialist and “welfare state” ideas to deal with the collapse of older safety net systems in the face of — what?

If you ask a psychologist what sort of personality lies the most, they should answer you “the psychopath.” And if you then ask them what we can do about it, they would normally answer “it’s incurable.” If you ask a Scientologist the same question they will tell you, “the Suppressive Person; keep them out of positions of power, they are pure poison.” It’s basically the same answer with slightly different concepts.

Was Marx a psychopath? I can’t answer that question. He acted a lot like one. Was Hitler one? Most of us think so. Who else? We know several psychiatrists who have been caught behaving like psychopaths. Undoubtedly there are many more like this in positions of power, as they are attracted to such positions. There are also the millions who operate at lower levels in society. They cause plenty of havoc, too. So, why all this talk of changing political systems? Why don’t we attack the correct target?

A problem of responsibility

If you fell sick, would you be willing to take total responsibility for the illness, rather than blame germs, or something else, for “making me sick?” If you could, I guarantee you would get well faster.

We have similar problems in many other areas of life, including especially politics. We want our governments to be as strong as the criminal organizations they oppose. But expecting our governments to fight criminals is the perfect way to transform governments into criminal organizations. Because the criminals will feel threatened and thus plot to take over. And they are often successful. And that’s when you get a “status quo” which is totally intolerable!

If you got sick and were knowledgeable enough to look around and find the psychopath in your environment that wanted you to be sick, and then competently handled your connection to that person, you would be on your way to staying permanently well. But that takes a lot of responsibility on your part. You have to face the fact that you must have been willingly involved in a toxic relationship.

It is similar in politics. If we don’t take sufficient responsibility for our own condition and the choices we made to get into them, we’ll never get out of them. Though the first step is to handle the suppressive connections, after that you have to go ahead and take responsibility for handing the reasons you agreed to those connections. It’s not always easy to do. Anyone who says it is is lying. But if you want to really improve your life and the lives of those around you, you have to take that much responsibility. It’s not easy for me, either. And I’m the one trying to remind you of this!

Temptations versus real answers

Most of us wish that we could do better, that life could be easier, that we could be as secure in life as the rich guy who lives on the hill. And so when something happens that threatens our income or our health or our children, we tend to curse the situation, blame it on others, and look for someone else to rescue us from something we obviously weren’t to blame for.

It’s probably true that some of those rich guys out there didn’t really earn their riches honestly or under their own steam. But some of them did. And if they have managed to remain in good shape for a long period of time, chances are they are very able beings. You have the choice to simply resent them and their “privilege” or to do something to strengthen your own life, and confront and handle your own toxic connections.

Are there “systemic” problems in this society that unfairly support those who are already successful? Undoubtedly.

Will a “new socialist (progressive or ?) revolution” solve those problems? No!!! The best you’re going to get is a band-aid.

Will a thorough study of the psychopathic personality and how to deal with it solve those problems? It would be a good start.

And after that, we need to follow through and strengthen ourselves spiritually. That’s the permanent answer. At least it is in theory! We won’t know for sure until more people actually try it. But for sure, no “system” no matter how tempting or well thought out will solve life on Earth. Our problems didn’t even originate on Earth! And if you haven’t discovered that yet, you still have a long way to go!

Could all this talk of a way out just be a “higher level” delusion? I suppose it could. But it has worked for some people. Why not give it a try? What do you have to lose? Your problems? Don’t worry; there are plenty more where those came from!


26 June 2021

From Merriam-Webster online:

Tolerance: “Sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own.”


“a: unwilling to grant equal freedom of expression especially in religious matters.”

“b : unwilling to grant or share social, political, or professional rights.”

The engineering definition of this word is also pertinent to my discussion.

Tolerance (engineering): “The allowable deviation from a standard.”

Tolerance has been the watchword of the liberal. (“One who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways.”) And at contentious moments, liberals are likely to accuse conservatives of being intolerant.

The paradox of tolerance

This was first voiced in the modern era (1945) by philosopher Karl Popper:

“…the paradox of tolerance: Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance.”

For an individual or society to show tolerance and remain so, their tolerance must have limits. And so, the engineering definition of this term is worth considering.

In a designed system, as long as all parts function within their specified tolerances, the entire system will continue to function adequately. When as little as one part falls out of tolerance, the entire system can cease to function!

And we do, in fact, live in a “designed” system, where we – human beings – are the most important parts. As in a machine, if any single part begins to operate beyond its specified tolerance, it must be removed and replaced, or repaired.

Societies principally use law for this purpose. When applicable, this may include religious laws or moral codes. In secular societies attempts have been made to include all important moral limits in civil law. The big problem has been that true repair seldom occurs.

A spectrum of tolerance

People, as you may have noticed, fall somewhere on what might be seen as a “spectrum” of how tolerant they are willing to be of others. The less tolerant may be referred to as “strict” or worse. The more tolerant may lapse into being “too lax” or “permissive.”

What factors drive these variations? As much as I wanted to write about this subject, I had no exact idea of how I might explain the variation we see in people on this subject. The best I can do is refer you to the Emotional Tone Scale. A person’s emotional response to any given situation can depend on many different factors. But two important ones are: 1) where they prefer to be on the tone scale and 2) how free they are to move up and down the tone scale.

Both of these factors are involved with what could be called the study of human psychology. Without getting into this too deeply, various incidents in one’s past can hold one’s attention out of the present moment and stick them in the tone level of that incident. If it was a scary incident, the person will tend to get stuck in fear. If it was an angry incident, then in anger. The lower tones (like grief or apathy) tend to be more “sticky” than the higher ones (like boredom or cheerfulness).

Educational influences from family, group or society can also train people to react certain ways in certain situations. But these influences tend to be less powerful, unless the “lessons” were laid in with pain or threats of punishment.

From this discussion, you might see that it is a little hard to tell how a person will react in any given situation, but the more stuck they are in apathy, grief or fear, the more likely they are to react at that level. So some people – and in particular the more dangerous people – are more predictable than others.

It should be noted that “intolerance” is often associated with conservatism (3.0), anger (1.5) and to a lesser degree with lower tones. While “tolerance” is often associated with cheerfulness and boredom, but also with the lower tones of fear (1.0), grief (0.5) and apathy. However, the “intolerance” of a conservative is of a very different quality to that of a person stuck in anger, where it could turn violent. And the same goes with the higher-toned tolerance of someone who feels confident in their ability to handle “unusual” situations, compared to the lower-toned tolerance of someone who is simply too afraid or hopeless to object.

Thus, what we are really seeing at the higher tones is a saner approach to tolerance, where it has limits that the individual is willing to enforce on the people around them. At the lower tones, the being may really be intolerant of almost everything happening around it, but may fake “tolerance” out of cowardice or uncertainty.

The reality of what it means to be tolerant

In fact, the need to be “strict” or “intolerant” varies with different situations. A high-toned person can tell the difference between different situations, and adjust their tolerance level to one appropriate to the situation.

An instructor of airline pilots must be extremely intolerant of flubs committed by his students, but should be able to come home and “relax” with his kids and let them horse around a bit.

Anyone who is new to a job or position has the right to expect some tolerance for errors at first, but less tolerance for errors when they become a seasoned professional.

The problem of social classes and dogma

When we get into questions of social mobility and civil rights, we run into more problems with tolerance because these subjects deal with lower-toned situations.

People in politics, for instance (which can include many people besides the elected politicians) normally feel under some stress to defend their positions from attack. This can easily leave them with a fear mentality. They have developed as a class a sort of catty or covert way of dealing with both allies and rivals. Anyone who doesn’t follow these niceties isn’t “playing by the rules.” This led many, for instance, to blindly criticize Trump, as he never agreed to behave this way. Sometimes their criticisms had some substance, but they were just as likely to be totally irrational, as operating from fear is not going to result in rational behavior.

More generally, the various different social strata develop different cultures with different levels of tolerance along various dimensions.

Someone in the upper classes may see clear speech as an important survival factor, and be intolerant of slow, slurred, or ethnic speech. However, they may tolerate grossly immoral conduct in one’s personal life as long as it is kept hidden.

A working class person may show intolerance to over-dressing or ostentatious behavior, but be willing to tolerate a certain level of sloppiness that would be unacceptable to a professional person.

In some scientific circles, expressing disagreement with the basic theories that everyone has agreed to can result in the loss of one’s job. While in arts and entertainment, wide variations in appearance and behavior are normally encouraged.

I have experienced a lot of criticism (online) for asserting the importance of Spirit in understanding life. This is a problem of dogma which has actually been laid in at a very low tone level. Any contradiction of this dogma will tend to produce an anger reaction, or else irrational ridicule. Other conflicts between religions have had similar causes.

Tolerance and criminality

Criminals are uniformly low on the tone scale, and we see grossly irrational behaviors from them when it comes to tolerance.

An angry criminal can be violently intolerant to the point of murder. A fearful criminal (more common) can feign tolerance for all while secretly trying to do everyone else in.

Any society doing even half well does not tolerate criminal behavior, as gone over earlier. So criminals have the problem of being constantly not tolerated (as they can’t help themselves from feeling the way they do, and attempting to act on those feelings.) Under these conditions, locking up a criminal does nothing for them. The truly dangerous need to be separated from society, but would do better if they had access to a very large open (but secure) space. And the ones who aren’t so separated will usually be found secretly working very hard to get society to tolerate criminal behaviors.

Special issues in the news

A biological man who wants to compete as a woman in women’s sports is being a criminal. I’m sorry, but that’s my view.

Two men or women who want to “marry” each other are spitting at the tradition of marriage as the foundation of family life and of society. But perhaps they can be tolerated, as some even wish to raise children.

The problem of gender identity is misunderstood because most people do not realize that we are immortal spiritual beings. As I have stated elsewhere, I believe that most people would be willing to live with the gender dictated by the sex of their body if they knew that as beings they have no gender and as immortals, they will always have another chance to “get it right.” Without an understanding of Spirit, the subject of gender becomes a totally confused mess.

And then there is Critical Theory. This movement comes from a very low-toned and messed up place, for they somehow think that they can achieve total tolerance for the oppressed by being totally intolerant of the oppressors. This sounds to me like a bid by the criminals to be allowed to run free and do whatever they want.

Yes, there are sticky patterns of racial and ethnic injustice across this planet. But these cannot be understood or resolved without an appreciation for Spirit and a recognition of the existence of Suppressive Persons, neither of which Critical Theory does. For a society to survive well, anti-social acts cannot be tolerated. Critical Theory does not accomplish this, and so it cannot succeed. It, instead, tolerates crimes against anyone who can be identified as intolerant, not for their personal actions, but due to some group they supposedly belong to. This becomes a suppressive generality, a sure sign of criminal thinking. We don’t need Critical Theory to bring true justice to this planet; we need Scientology Ethics!

World’s Strongest Man…as metaphor

23 June 2021

Metaphor: a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them. Merriam-Webster online.

I could not restrain myself from waxing philosophical about these games.

On the face of it, World’s Strongest Man is an annual competition where several really buff guys all try to excel in various events having to do with lifting, pushing, pulling and throwing heavy objects. The one who does the best earns the title of “World’s Strongest Man” for that year. They “represent” different countries, but this is not stressed, as most of them are from the U.S. The annual competition is also made into a series of TV episodes which in theory will be entertaining and help the sponsors get brand recognition for their products.

Beyond this, it should be noted that, though the competitors take it seriously, and fans all have their favorites, in the end it is not a matter of life and death who wins or loses, and if you were caught cheating in order to win, you would be thrown out. It’s a game in the long tradition of sport. It is expected to be played honestly and its purpose is primarily entertainment.

In these ways, it differs from some other games, or contests, played in this universe. While in the context of Spirit, the elements of fair play and entertainment may still be present, in our context, the context of biology living on a frail planet, these same games become filled with deceit and dire, if not murderous, consequences.

This is a force universe

My teacher often mentions that this universe is ruled by the laws of force. To survive well as a spiritual being in this universe, or a group of beings, requires a proper balance of force and intelligence.

Thus a single tremendously powerful being can be defeated by a less powerful group of beings if they can outwit him.

And so a contest of strength correctly points out the importance of being able to muster sufficient physical force to deal with the situation you are facing. But it downplays the range of intelligence that can be brought to bear.

Thus a weak being, or a group of them, may acquire a weapon or organize a plan of attack that allows them to overwhelm a much stronger being who is acting stupidly. He may complain that they didn’t play fair. But in a universe ruled by force, “fairness” becomes a relative concept. If you are overwhelmed by an opponent, you may lose your right to complain that the rules were broken. In the end, your only sure defense is to be able to muster enough force and organization to keep you opponent at bay. The history of Earth is full of examples of individuals and whole peoples being overwhelmed unfairly by individuals or groups possessing superior strength or intelligence. In a universe of force, these “wrongs” can never be righted, through there may be a spiritual price to pay.

The ugliness of strength

It may occur to some that these strongmen, even though good musculature has a certain attractiveness, are not very pretty to look at. Writers and thinkers have been playing with this theme for a long time. I think of Beauty and the Beast as a very good example of a magical story that covers this topic. The beautiful woman – representing the nurturing side of life as well as the literal feminine – must be willing to get over her revulsion to the ugliness of male strength and what it can be used for (to kill game in a hunt, for example) in order to have the man as a “handsome” mate and friend. The man, in turn, feels obligated to give the woman beautiful gifts and a castle in order to convince her that he is worthy of her love.

This is also an issue for many of us individually. Many feel compelled to embrace vegetarianism for no more good reason than the ugliness connected with killing animals. It is also common practice for the woman to enhance her beauty with makeup or clothing, while men who pay too much attention to such things are considered “effeminate.”

The game of politics

On Earth at least, the game of politics – as opposed to sports – is considered to be one that will never be played fairly. “All is fair in love and war,” as they say.

Yet we often see sporting events – particularly those involving male strength – as metaphor for the game of politics. Were it so!

In some ways, the history of politics on Earth – and in this universe – has been a history of attempts – mostly failed attempts – to bring rules to the game that will somehow stand as unbreakable. But in a universe ruled by force, a superior force combined with intelligence can always take over the game and set new rules. We have seen this happen over and over again.

To extend your credulity overmuch, I offer you the example of The Domain. This group has been one of the oldest and most powerful groups in this universe for a very long time. One reason for their power is their superior intelligence in the subject of organization. To quote from Alien Interview:

“As I mentioned, there is a very highly regimented and fixed hierarchy or “class system” for all IS-BEs (Immortal Spiritual Beings) throughout the “Old Empire”, and The Domain, as follows:

“The highest class are “free” IS-BEs. That is, they are not restricted to the use of any type of body and may come and go at will, provided that they do not destroy or interfere with the social, economic or political structure.

“Below this class are many strata of “limited” IS-BEs who may or may not use a body from time to time. Limitations are imposed on each IS-BE regarding range of power, ability and mobility they can exercise.

“Below these are the “doll body” classes, to which I belong. Nearly all space officers and crew members of space craft are required to travel through intergalactic space. Therefore, they are each equipped with a body manufactured from light weight, durable materials. Various body types have been designed to facilitate specialized functions. Some bodies have accessories, such as interchangeable tools or apparatus for activities such as maintenance, mining, chemical management, navigation, and so forth. There are many gradations of this body type which also serve as an “insignia” of rank.

“Below these are the soldier class. The soldiers are equipped with a myriad of weapons, and specialized armaments designed to detect, combat and overwhelm any imaginable foe. Some soldiers are issued mechanical bodies. Most soldiers are merely remote controlled robots with no class designation.

“The lower classes are limited to “flesh bodies”. Of course, it is not possible for these to travel through space for obvious reasons. Fundamentally, flesh bodies are far too fragile to endure the stresses of gravity, temperature extremes, radiation exposure, atmospheric chemicals and the vacuum of space. There are also the obvious logistical inconveniences of food, defecation, sleep, atmospheric elements, and air pressure required by flesh bodies, that doll bodies do not require.”

This quote does not mention the importance of free beings in this structure, as today there are few, if any, left. It mentions their power (strength) only indirectly “… provided that they do not destroy or interfere with the social, economic or political structure.” Free beings, in fact, did have the power to do such things, and that’s why most if not all of them ended up being “limited” in important ways. Apparently free beings were not considered trustworthy, though I can think of many less honorable reasons why they may have been wiped out. But the result of this is that The Domain is now struggling a bit, as free beings were an important part of their success. Needless to say, the other forces in this universe, and particularly the remnants of the Old Empire (mostly Reptilians) also developed ways to limit or trap free beings. So whether the loss of all free beings was the fault of The Domain itself, or pushed along by the efforts of their competitors, the result has been bad for everyone involved. Because they had no way to “unlimit” beings after they were limited. They had no way to reverse the process, to restore, revive, or salvage a crippled free being to a state of perfect health and freedom. The big secret of our planet is that this has been accomplished here. Hubbard (a former operative in The Domain) figured out how to do this. And my group is in the process of making 10,000 free beings on Earth. This promises to be the start of a universal salvage operation, assuming we are able to complete this work before Earth is crippled or destroyed.

The promise of the free being

If we can succeed in restoring some beings to a free state, complete with the wisdom gained during their long descent into the relative slavery of flesh and blood, the future holds great promise.

Hubbard called this promise the New Civilization.

The new free beings will be able to generate the force (strength) necessary to protect planets and societies from undue attack. Free from such attacks, those societies can concentrate on reviving even more beings to a fully free state. These societies will operate on the intelligence gained from billions of years of living experience, and will be able to honestly work for and defend the cause of spiritual freedom in this universe. Spiritual freedom alone can combine the physical strength and spiritual intelligence needed to maintain a state of exhilarating playfulness in this universe, a state only dreamed of up til now, and only briefly, if ever, previously attained.

Like the human child, the years of carefree fun have always been too short. Too often cut off early in life by the mistreatment of some suffering adult, or a war, or a famine, or some criminal act. And if none of those misfortunes befell the child, then certainly puberty and the emotional pressures surrounding sex would end the fun soon enough, even if seeming to replace it with a new form of fun. Sex is a highly degraded form of “fun” compared to what is possible to experience in a freer state.

Think of, for example, how amazing a contest for the “Universe’s Strongest Man” could be! Instead of playing with little stone balls in a park in Sacramento, they could play with planets or stars (not populated ones!) in a playground as big as a galaxy! All brought to the comfort of your home by universal TV. Or leave your body and go out to watch the games in person!

World’s Strongest Man…qualifiers

19 June 2021

Without an audience-eye’s view of the events, I didn’t expect to see much of the actual competition or competitors.

This is mainly a story of what it looks like behind the scenes, as that was my viewpoint.

June 15th, first day of qualifying events

I missed all the events on Tuesday, as I hadn’t studied their schedule at all, plus I got up late.

Here is a view from that day, with everyone deployed on the lawn.

June 16th, second day of qualifying events

I arrived too late to see the morning event. They were already moving that equipment into a truck.

As I walked around to the side, I found this little toy in the lawn and set it out on a manhole cover that for some reason sits in the middle of that lawn.

Over by the train station they are setting things up for the train pull. I don’t know…isn’t that car going to be too heavy?

The camera drone is tested, and then the competition eventually begins:

The first guy tries real hard. He can’t budge this train car.

Here is a shot of what the second guy looks like in his harness.

He can’t move it, either. They finally announce that the car wheels appear to not be free enough, possibly due to the brakes not being fully released. I think it was just too heavy.

Hours later, they have decided to use the little half-length engine, and they have switched to a push format, rather than a pull. This works, but I can’t see the athletes at all from where I am.

I try going round to the back and peering over the fence. But the view is pretty well blocked by the crowd, the crew, and a low fence.

June 17th, third day of qualifying events

Again I miss the earliest events, which are scheduled to start at 8, but usually start later. Between each event there is a rest period for the athletes. So it’s hard to squeeze in more than three events per day.

This day is HOT, so they have emergency personnel standing by.

A weight lifting event is taking place, but all I can see is camera equipment and bodies.

Here, two camera technicians have a conversation.

One of the athletes signals to the crowd as he finishes his attempt.

While others wait their turn.

Mark Felix was the only black man in this competition. Seen here wearing Boudreault’s shirt?

Here I catch one of the contestants lifting one of the huge barbells.

And then, another:

And one more:

The weight lifting ended. I missed the next event but returned later for the “stone off” event.

A security guard told me he thought they were letting extra people in. So I went over and asked. And they let me in!

This is what the equipment for the “stone off” looks like. There are five “stones,” each heavier than the last. Two men compete each time.

I stayed in the shade, so didn’t get the greatest view. Here, two competitors are near the end of their run.

And here another pair begin their round.

The Stoltmans figured prominently in this year’s events.

Friday was a day off, then come the two days of finals!

World’s Strongest Man…preparations

16 June 2021

World’s Strongest Man is a TV franchise and athletic competition that has existed in some form since 1977.

I had never heard of it.

However, on a recent walk to the park in Old Sacramento, I was greeted by this sign:

At first, I thought it was a competition sort of like the Olympics. But it isn’t. It is filmed like a TV “adventure” series, in line with many other similar shows that have sprung up, particularly since cable TV got all its channels. There are about 25 guys – really big muscular dudes – who operate basically as paid actors, even though they are also competing to win the annual title.

On Monday the 14th I came back to see what was going on, as the actual competition was scheduled to start the next day. I was surprised by the extended perimeter and all the camera equipment, as I hadn’t fully read up on it yet.

They had already placed the main “prop” for the weight lifting event to happen the next day.

There was lots of equipment and people moving around.

I went around to the back, as I had read they were going to use some train cars for some of the events.

They had parked several engines in a manner that seemed to be aimed at blocking the view from the rear.

However, there was one beautiful old engine on the turntable, which they were planning to use in one of the strength contests.

People who want to be in the audience that gets filmed have to sign up in advance, as there is a lot of paperwork involved in being an “extra” on a film set. There were only so many slots available, so they filled quickly (I was not aiming to be an extra).

The contest then started in the morning of the next day. As it is predicted to be over 105º F on Thursday and Friday afternoon, they may adjust their shooting schedule a bit on those days. I am putting together some photos for a report on the contest proper, to appear later.

The New Normal

5 June 2021

This is the Flatstick, a “theme bar” located across the street from my apartment building. I’ve never been inside. The humorous (?) sign to the left is what caught my eye today and what this post is mostly about.

If it hadn’t been for an event just down the street at Solomon’s Deli, I might have saved this post for a later date. But with three visuals and this much intellectual “meat” to try to digest, I figured I would try writing something this afternoon.

The “new normal” is full of cognitive confusions

Most of us want a better life and a better world. Some of us think everyone on this planet wants this. A few of us are very sure that assumption is incorrect.

Many then ask, well, why don’t we have a better world? Most have no real idea, so they are willing to go along with one of the many theories in current fashion about why this planet is still so messed up. A few of us are quite sure that all these theories are incorrect or incomplete.

Learn better behaviors

The theory being put forward, apparently, by “modern” psychology, is that we all need to learn to behave “better.” If a person can’t learn to behave better, they deserve to be shamed, hated or … killed? … in the hope that this will cause them to learn their lesson. Of course, if it seems that a mental illness is causing the problem, then the person belongs in therapy. Maybe our ideas about “right behavior” also need to change, so we can be kind to more different types of people.

The whole theory expressed – however imperfectly – above is full of assumptions that many not be (or aren’t) true:

  1. All our major earthly problems stem from not being nice (kind, considerate) to each other. (Really?)
  2. The way to make more people act kind is to train them to act that way. (Okay…)
  3. If a person can’t be so trained, he must have a mental illness of some similar condition requiring therapy. (Who makes this decision?)
  4. Mental illnesses respond to drugs because the mind is in the brain. (This is categorically incorrect.)
  5. Maybe the behaviors we used to think are bad (lying, cheating, stealing…) really aren’t that bad, because we’ve never been able to get anyone to stop doing them. Maybe we just have to accept these behaviors and learn to be kind to those people, too. Then the world would be a much better place. (This, of course, is totally insane.)

Faith, freedom and honesty

This encapsulates the approach of most who today call themselves “conservative.”

If a man of faith is given freedom, then he will do good, because he will be motivated by God, and God always does good.

You can tell a man of faith by his honesty level. Those who lie to gain advantage are not persons of faith.

God’s law is above civil law and guides the conscience. Civil law guides the day-to-day dealings of men and women. Abide by the first and enforce the second, and that should be all that is needed.

This approach has been somewhat useful over a long period of time, but is hard on real criminals, who are incapable of being honest. Thus, this approach is constantly being fought by criminals, who constantly seek to give religion and related subjects a bad name. This has led to the secular behavioral approach, given first.


Secular behaviorism is currently considered more “liberal” and enlightened than faith-based approaches such as classic conservatism.

The problem is that in faith, or in any religious belief, there lies a grain of truth which will never be forsaken by the faithful. And so the faithful will never, never, never be persuaded to embrace secular behaviorism in any of its forms, particularly in its current form, which seems to show “mercy” for criminals.

The grain of truth cherished by the faithful is that there is a power higher and more lofty than the powers of the physical universe; that this power, in fact, created the physical universe.

While it is technically incorrect to attribute this power to just a few beings, or gods, this mistake does not cancel the truth of the more basic assertion. And so a belief in Spirit lives on, and it will always be opposed to the denial of Spirit.

The traditionally faithful tend to gravitate to certain moral teachings for the reasons that they are part of their sacred texts and also seem sensible. In a more traditional moral system, sexual relations between same-sex individuals seems ridiculous, or wrong, because it does not forward God’s work of perpetuating the race. Similar arguments can be made against killing an unborn fetus or trying to change one’s body to match one’s fancied gender orientation.

But because the current “liberal” approach is so anti-Spirit, conservatives have had to make a place for people who are “socially liberal” but can’t stand the thought of handing power over to lunatics. This has given the Left the poetic license to brand conservatives as totalitarians. Currently, the Left is much more intolerant than most conservatives.

Is the “old normal” really that bad?

A bar run by a reasonably sensible conservative would not treat any of the “sicknesses” mentioned on that sign as good enough reason to kick you out of his (or her) bar.

COVID-19 is a treatable and fairly mild disease that most of us should now be immune to.

Racism is an archaic mindset that seems out of place in the modern world. But there’s no reason to assume it would prevent someone from being a perfectly civil bar patron.

Same with homophobia.

What we had with the “old normal” was a general agreement that truth was valuable and worth pursuing, and in a like wise, honesty was worth practicing.

We were discovering that politicians, news casters, scientists, even doctors, could play the role of criminal and lie to us. We discovered that we needed to trust our own sense of rightness more and question “authority” more. That freedom was workable in the context of human rights, but not in the context of absolute freedom for anyone to do anything they wanted. We were beginning to discover that a certain type of personality was trying to take over this planet and destroy all our progress towards real truth and understanding and replace it with a new updated sort of superstition and slavery.

So they decided to accelerate their efforts, and made great progress in that direction over the last year and a half.

Do we really want that to be our world? Will it really result in more kindness and generosity, less suffering and fear? Will it end war, sickness, pollution or global warming? If not, why should anyone support it?

These are my questions to you.

Birthday celebrations at Solomon’s

Hey, to me this was strange. But I could tolerate, I guess, a guy dressed in a rainbow skirt wearing a colored wig and way too much makeup hosting an event at my local Deli…

To be hugged by such a dude might be a bit much for me. But look, ma, no masks! Could we maybe inch our way back to the old normal?

Images from My Universe

27 January 2021

I am pushing for change in my own life, hoping this will be reflected in the larger spheres of life.

I am doing this mostly by communicating more widely, using more platforms to find people to talk to.

But here I take another break for mostly images. It’s just that they have been piling up…

I run into some interesting stuff on Facebook. I don’t think this girl’s parents intended for this photo to be quite this poetic. But they have decorated her birthday party area with some of the new paraphernalia she has to deal with as a child, like Caution tape on her play equipment and “hands off” signs. And her expression communicates to me, “Is this all really necessary?”


Folsom remains one of the calmer spots on the face of the planet at this time.

Old Sacramento

Starling with french fry.
Music in the tunnel!

K Street

I have been trying to photograph more people. But it is not easy with a phone camera. I don’t like to get too close for candid shots.


I posted a message on a platform called Nextdoor asking if anyone would like to walk around Old Sac with me. And I got a response! A lady named Julie wanted to meet me, so even though the weather was beginning to get cold before a rainstorm, we met and got to know each other.

Julie likes to walk fast, was self-employed very successfully for many years, and has recently retired only to get totally involved volunteering, including in the Wide Open Walls initiative in Sacramento. Through this program, we have had numerous famous mural artists visit our city and put murals on various commercial buildings. World class names! She knows many of those artists. So we walked around downtown and showed me several of the murals and told me the stories behind them.

Julie is a fascinating, driven and very active woman and I was proud to have the chance to meet her.

A visitor helps me wait for Julie.
Everyone likes Estelle!
This lady’s long blonde hair caught my attention.
Same artists in graffiti mode.

And since we are getting close to Valentines Day, which I traditionally use to honor the women I admire the most, here are just a few:


Trudy is a remote viewer and a very cool woman. She is promoting an educational project called “Unschool Academy” – Unknowing with Unity! I like that vibe.

Isn’t she beautiful?


Another beautiful woman with a mission.

Artist’s rendition of our current reality…

As not reported on the mainstream media, people who support the previous leadership team (about half or more of the U.S. population) think the current sitting President won his place illegally.

There are even stories that he is not even operating out of the real White House, but from a studio, perhaps somewhere in California. Here an artist depicts what that might look like.

The opposition is very certain that they are being lied to and lied about. Since those lies include my church, my teacher, and matters I know to be factual, the opposition includes me.

My Little List of Lies

10 January 2021

Here is a recap of the main points I have been making in terms of ethics and Spirit, randomly illustrated by photos taken on my phone this morning. The “lies” are based mostly on what Wikipedia has to say about things, that being the online voice of mainstream reality.

1. There’s something wrong with Hubbard. My church has been studied by numerous theologians and found to meet all the criteria of a bona fide religion. In 1993, the IRS granted the church full tax-exempt status as a religious organization. It appears that all that is “wrong” with Hubbard is that he likes to tell stories and make people happy. Remind you of any other famous religious leaders?

2. Reincarnation is no more than a religious belief. Even though Ian Stevenson and several other academic researchers (Jim B. Tucker, ,Antonia Mills Satwant Pasricha, Godwin Samararatne, Erlendur Haraldsson) have carefully documented thousands of cases of reincarnation, the mainstream continues to side with Carl Sagan (NOT a researcher in this field) that this is a pseudoscientific theory.

3. Out of Body Experiences should only be interpreted as the psychologists instruct us to. The very well-documented fact of exteriorization (OBE) proves the existence of a “spiritual” entity that embodies human personality, perception, and experience (memory). The mainstream insists in siding with traditional psychologists, even though there are many non-traditional academics seriously studying this and related phenomena.

4. Your brain makes decisions for you. The mainstream still treats the brain as the seat of thought (the mind) and intention (personality). Though it has been quite adequately demonstrated that Spirit, in its various forms, actually does all the decision-making in life, many continue to see the brain as a kind of decision-making computer, without regard to the logical fallacy that accompanies this conclusion. (Namely, what decided to build the computer?)

5. If you are born with a trait, that means you inherited it, and thus it is must be genetic. This argument begins to fall apart as soon as you realize that points 1-4 are lies. As soon as you realize that a being carries experiences from other lives into this life, the genetic argument becomes only one of many possible explanations for why someone is born with a certain trait – including some body traits.

6. It’s all Evolution, folks. The supposed evolution of biological forms remains the de rigueur (fashionable and thus correct) explanation for all the various manifestations of life on Earth, including human behavior, sociology, politics, crime, religion, etc. Though the theory of “evolution by natural selection” has been reliably demonstrated to be mathematically impossible, it continues to dominate Western thinking and theory. At this point, this has become a dangerous path to continue to walk down, as so many of its basic assumptions are false. It is like trying to proceed across a bridge that is in the process of being dismantled.

The ideal female torso?

7. Crime is impossible to understand. On this subject, I could find no pat pronouncements. Though, of course, the explanations of people who believe in 1-5 are likely to be faulty, and no one except Hubbard has explanations not based on 1-5. So this lie is only resolved for me because I am a Scientologist. The Anti-Social Personality is at the root of all criminal activity on Earth today.

8. Important political assassinations were not political assassinations. Rather than break this down by each killing or attempted killing, I group them all together here. The story is that the term “conspiracy theorist” was popularized as a way to ridicule people who did not believe the official narrative on how JFK died. The most spectacular politically-motivated deaths to occur in my lifetime include: Marilyn Monroe, JFK and his brother, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. Of these deaths, the JFK murder has been the most thoroughly researched, while the actual facts of the Marilyn Monroe killing have been perhaps the best documented. I think you know the mainstream explanations for most of these deaths. But judging from the work done on Marilyn and JFK, all such explanations are almost certainly false if not extremely false and misleading. All of these deaths were sensitive, and still are for many, because these personalities were so well known and loved. Therefore the perpetrators took great pains to boost the false narratives and hide the truth. The most likely truth about the death of any influential person is that an enemy had him killed. And that has proven to be the case in all those I mentioned, as far as facts could be determined.

9. Visits from extraterrestrials are fantasies. These are now so widely reported and studied that to continue to consider them as some sort of elaborate delusion amounts to gross negligence. The only reasons these cases remain so inscrutable are: 1) ET does not want us know the truth. And that is for sure! 2) Those directly involved with ET on Earth do not want us to know what they are really doing.

Because these off-world relationships have become very important to a few influential people, an elaborate process is in place to keep such stories under control. This is greatly assisted by continuing to push hard on 1-4, never giving up, never relenting in insisting on falsehood over solid evidence. Because if those myths fall, the rest will, too. The existence of extensive ET activity is verified through past life recall as well as remote viewing. More recent ET activities have been extensively documented as well as verified by remote viewers. It is a very difficult field to keep up with, as “insiders” are notoriously unreliable, and remote viewers are scarce and so can only cover so much ground in their work.

9. There is something wrong with Trump. As far as I can tell, the main thing wrong with Trump is that he didn’t want to be President that much. Otherwise, he seems to be a more or less average successful businessman with the usually-expected array of strengths and weaknesses. The only reason he is supported is because there are a LOT of people on this planet who are tired of being lied to (see points above). The only reason he is reviled is because there are a LOT of people on this planet who are not tired of being lied to! In fact, they kinda prefer it. After all, the truth can be difficult to confront, make one uncomfortable, etc. Who wants that?

The top of my apartment building, from a block away.

I am posting this list now as a sort of explanation for what may yet come to pass if the stories I am being told are true. It is my best attempt (so far) to explain why I do not, will not, and probably can never again believe mainstream stories. In the early years of my life, this attitude was not justified. It is now.

Together It’s All Good

5 January 2021

We are heading into a period of high crisis in this country and on this planet, and I wanted to write a little about the fragile alliances that have appeared as this phenomenon moves forward.

Early signs of a shift

It has been over ten years ago now when the Nation of Islam decided to send a few of its members to our church to train as Dianetics auditors. This was an amazing thing for me to see happen, and it proved quite an adventure both for church staff and the trainees!

In 2016, I watched Alex Jones conduct an interview with Minister Farrakhan. It went rather well. As some may be aware, the NOI also has some interest in the UFO phenomenon.

It was not long after this that I witnessed Minister Tony Muhammad receive an IAS (International Association of Scientologists) Freedom Medal for his many years of work with gangs in the L.A. area to bring them together for a peace agreement (or “truce”).

These are only a few examples I am most aware of.

The story leading up to Trump

Again, around ten years ago I began to follow an odd assortment of people who saw a problem in American culture and politics and wanted to do something about it.

Alex Jones started reporting on people he called “globalists” many years ago. In 2000 he released a video report documenting odd ceremonies being indulged in by such people at a resort in California.

Other researchers had been looking into various remnants of historical elite groups that seemed to still be active today. The global bankers centered in the City of London was a prime example. Even Hubbard reported in 1967 that a similar group seemed to be coordinating attacks against my church in the press and in various Parliaments.

Since then, stacks of books and reports have been written and filmed documenting the secret dealings of such people.

In Europe, people were used to this mode of operation among the elites. But in the U.S.A. we tended to consider such behavior vaguely anti-American. Government was supposed to operate in public, and government was supposed to be in control, not someone else. But as history rolled along, it became more and more clear that secretive groups were hard at work, even in the U.S.

Christians were concerned with the growing popularity of atheism, particularly in academia.

Spiritual people were concerned with the continued concentration on materialism in society.

Scientologists were concerned with the continuous pounding of false accusations in the media, even after our situation with the IRS had been handled.

Many citizens were concerned that crime seemed to be getting worse, that families and other moral values were weakening, that schools were under-performing and that the use of medications in the Mental Health system was getting out of hand.

And so a story appeared in the “alternative” media stating that certain “patriots” in the military world, with assistance from others, were becoming more and more determined to do something about the situation using legal means, backed with military force if necessary, to shut down the corrupt officials and agencies and expose corruption in the private sector as well.

A similar story existed in the New Age community, that certain military people were willing to force the disclosure of secret government and industry dealings with ET groups. Some included a story that some sort of “ascension” event was imminent, and various elite groups were trying to sabotage this.

Thus you had New Agers, UFO enthusiasts, conservative (anti-crime) groups and churches coming together in a loose alliance to move forward with an agenda that focused on exposing the truth on many different levels.

And you had the Mainstream (controlled my the elites), academia, and many people in the corporate world poo-pooing this whole narrative as delusional.

Enter Trump

Trump himself had no particular interest in all this. But the story goes that he was approached by some members of this loose pro-truth, anti-corruption alliance and asked if he would run for President (as a Republican) so that they could use his office to provide cover for the people who were working inside government to make things right.

When Trump (miraculously?) won the election, his attempts to turn things around from his office were not totally successful. But the process had identified several persons and groups that were determined to maintain their position against the alliance. He would need four more years to deal with these people and make progress that would be truly visible.

This, at least, is the story.

This is why you have people as diverse as myself (a liberal), David Rubin (a former liberal and gay man), David Wilcock (an Ascension enthusiast), Simon Parkes (an ET contactee and ex-politician in Great Britain), and many others supporting the re-election of Trump against all odds.

On top of this, remote viewing groups such as Courtney Brown’s Farsight Institute have corroborated several “conspiracy theories,” along with the phenomena of past lives, ETs involved in Earth affairs, and some of Hubbard’s findings about Between Lives. This research helps to validate the story as it is being told by various people connected to the pro-truth alliance.

The chasm widens

At this point, the pro-truth (pro-Trump) movement has been almost totally cancelled from mainstream awareness. They are accused of lying!

The mainstream continues to push various repeating themes, all of which, in turn, seem to be more or less untrue:

  • Trump is an awful person and Biden is a wonderful person who won the election fair and square.
  • The doctors who say that the pandemic is scary are wonderful people.
  • The doctors who say the pandemic isn’t scary are awful people.
  • Anti-fascists and anti-capitalists have history on their side.
  • The mental health system, as led by psychiatry and followed by psychology, is wonderful.
  • Spiritual stuff is pseudoscience if not actually dangerous. Religion in general is pretty bad.
  • Persistent reports of crimes against humanity committed by any of the above wonderful people are hogwash if not actually dangerous to the promotion of public safety.
  • There is nothing wrong with us; they are the devils, the ones with personality disorders.

The problem with all this is that when facts are examined in a rational manner, many of these assertions are blatantly false. To the extent that these all come in a package, falseness in some of them argues for falseness in all of them.

It is the mainstream, then, (those who direct its messages) who are actually the compulsive liars and the people with Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

This makes for a difficult situation. The best handling for being connected to a Suppressive Person is to disconnect from him. The best handling for a tyrannical anti-life government is to quietly stop cooperating with it. When the suppressives have gone mainstream, how is this supposed to work? We will see…

If you look up and see the moon, you might pause to contemplate it for a minute. If you could stand up there and see clearly what was going on down here, what would you do?