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More trips to Portland, more LRH stories read…

28 November 2012

The trips

I’ve been traveling back and forth from Seattle and Portland for all of November to help with a church project there preparing for a move into a new, renovated building.

The bus takes three hours to drive from Seattle to Portland. Sometimes I use the time to read stuff on the internet, and sometimes I use it to read books from the “Stories from the Golden Age” series that’s published by Galaxy Press.

These books are reprints of LRH stories that originally appeared in the “pulps” in the 1930s and 1940s. These magazines were popular sources for all sorts of fiction at that time. There are usually three stories in each book, and original illustrations are always included. The stories are all also available as audio books, fully produced with music, sound effects and multiple actors.

These are always fun reads, but with Hubbard doing the writing, also guaranteed to be thought-provoking.

The stories

I reviewed the first book of stories I read here.

The next book I read is titled The Great Secret.

The title story is a ten page mini-story of one man’s struggle to obtain some “esoteric” knowledge that he thought would put him on top of the heap. It didn’t!

The next story, Space Can, recounts a Star Wars-type battle and concentrates on how a group operates when it is well-trained, prepared, and dedicated. The technology described is startlingly realistic, considering there was no space travel on earth at the time the story was written.

The Beast uses a short-lived struggle between a man and – something else – to explore the mental ravages involved in fighting against something seemingly unknowable.

And The Slaver is yet another story of struggle. This explores the role of prior intent and training in the battle to remain free.

The Professor Was a Thief is the most recent book I’ve read.

The title story in this book is about a kooky guy who found a new way to populate his huge miniature train setup. It also deals with the role of the press in shaping public opinion and how old time newspapers used to work – interesting stuff.

Battle of Wizards contrasts magic with science, and explores the fuzzy boundary between them.

And The Dangerous Dimension is a funny story about a guy who discovers how to travel just by thinking. It gives “controlling your thoughts” a whole new significance!

Making it real

Are the stories we read, or watch on TV or at the movies pure entertainment? Or do they serve some higher (or lower) purpose? Are they useful to us in some way?

I guess this is really a question for a sociologist or anthropologist or historian. But we are the consumers of our entertainment, so we should have some idea of what we are consuming, shouldn’t we?

Before the printing press, story telling was the primary way – we suppose – to provide cultural continuity – or change cultures – in a society. Printed stories, TV shows and films are all forms of story telling. But they are presented as products of the creative imaginations of artists. While artists are clearly involved in the creation of all our modern stories, there are also financial backers, producers, directors and goodness knows who else deciding what the final products contain, what they look like, and who can see or listen to them. There is also an industry of “counselors” and “teachers” who have attached themselves to the creative community, particularly the entertainment industry. And through them can flow influences from the intelligence community, academia and various political interests. So I see a definite level of control in modern story-telling that is shaping the kind and content of stories we have access to.

In any period of our experience in the physical, we have used story telling to share experiences and to teach right and wrong conduct and attitudes towards life. This has not changed.

What has changed is that the “teachers” don’t use the same story – superficially at least – over and over again. They keep dressing up their stories in different costumes, plots, and characters. The result can be confusing, and I think that is the intent of some.

Oddly, I think we tend to take a story and compare it to our own experience to see if it “rings true.” The fact that it’s a story gives us license to use it this way. And I think that the results we come up with when we do this demonstrate the intentions of all those behind the story tellers.

LRH, and many others of his period, was obviously a free-thinking individual. I think it is worth seeking out such story tellers. Their writings I believe are an attempt to counsel us and warn us about how things are and how things might become. Their material may not come totally from the “imagination.” It may indeed come from their past experiences, leaking through the veil of forgetfulness that usually accompanies death. I see these people as special beings with potentially special abilities. It is worth spending some time to listen to what they have to say by reading their stories or accessing them in any way that works for you.


When something goes wrong

22 November 2012

On the necessity for repair technologies.

I got the idea for this post after waiting about an hour for a bus to take me back from Portland to Seattle.

The story, we were told, is that the bus that was to be used for the trip malfunctioned before leaving Seattle. After attempts to repair the problem failed, a replacement bus was found. This created a delay of about an hour for all passengers involved.

This was no great tragedy.

But I noticed that I had not anticipated this possibility!

Had the bus company anticipated this happening? Had the other passengers? One had to get off the bus because the delay would have caused him to miss his connection to the airport, and thus his plane.

In the Sea Org we had a saying: An unprepared crew is a dead crew.

This is not the time to leave behind the know-how of fixing a system when it stops working! This is the time to extend that know-how to human life and human groups. The survival of a human group depends on its ability to repair itself!


It used to be that equipment was designed to be repaired. Most heavy equipment still is. But light equipment, like cell phones, are designed to be replaced if they break. What happens to all those broken phones?

recycling cell phones

Cell phones being recycled – from an anti-waste site.

In our society, sooner or later our stuff gets too old or too broken to mess with any longer, and needs to be replaced. But were is the future in this? Imagine yourself surrounded by mountains of trash! Would it be safe? Would it be healthy?

I have heard of people making houses out of old tires by stacking them like bricks then filling them with sand or gravel. But this new building material doesn’t seem to be catching on. And you can only make so many sandals out of old tire treads! (I used to own a pair.)

So we are beginning to see scenes like this (same website):

huge tire dump

But the point of this article is not waste per se. It is the gradual loss of the awareness that the ability to fix things when they stop working is a survival ability.

And that brings me back to a theme that I have written about several times now, and will continue to write about until I start receiving intelligent comments indicating that readers are starting to get it.

Repair is a key process in life!

The first step is to notice that a system is no longer working according to its original design.

Example: The current United States, reference to the founding documents of the late 1700s.

The second step is to ascertain why the system is not working properly.

Example: Criminal infiltration into society. Criminals posing as respectable citizens. Most psychiatrists are a good example of this.

LAW: Correcting a wrong why does not repair the system!

In a human system, the chief indicator of a correct why is chronic dishonesty. This can be detected in a variety of ways. What you are basically detecting is insanity. Real insanity results in criminality.

The third step is to repair the system.

But how do you make a chronic liar into an honest person?

How do you make a crazy person sane?

Most people don’t have a clue how to do this. And that is why things seem to be getting worse, not better.

We need workable technologies in the field of the human mind.

We can’t just put a person “out to pasture” and wipe our hands of him or her, like the photo below of an aircraft graveyard.

Because they come back. With the same mind they had before. And the process of dying and growing up in a new body normally doesn’t help matters much.

You’ve got to change that being, and that means giving control of the mind back to the being, rather than leaving it the other way around, which is the essence of insanity.

This takes a lot of patience and hard work. And the worst cases will take the longest to fix, because they will start out by rejecting all attempts to help them. So this will be a gradual process of repairing the sanest and most able among us first, then with their help, taking on wider and wider areas of responsibility, until everyone is reached. It’s a long haul; a lifelong commitment.

But the alternative is an eternal graveyard. A world full of beings too broken to function properly, too broken to help each other, too broken to realize they are beings. And so we work.

graveyard for military aricraft

People aren’t machines that you can put aside somewhere and just forget about.

The Destruction of Atlantis

14 November 2012

To give you an idea of the source material I work with – and that you can look into if you wish – along with some sense of how frustrating it is to get a story straight, I give below brief descriptions of the same event from different sources.

History, when it is written, is normally written by the makers of history. Each story teller will provide a version of events that makes his side’s actions correct and the enemy’s wrong.

The Akashik Record – left, I would guess, by the “Anunnaki” – describes Atlantis – and all of earth – as an experiment. I believe this is how they saw things. They paint it as a grand experiment, not as a self-serving one (as others do). My source for this story is Chris Thomas, who I just recently heard of via Lisa Harrison’s website.

The Plejarans, on the other hand, who were not directly involved in the Atlantis period on earth, tell the story in a more neutral way. In their story, Atlantis is infiltrated by Aryans (followers of Arus) who undermine a decent civilization and eventually destroy it. This story is told by Semjase via Billy Meier.

The beings from Sirius, on the other hand, were apparently more directly involved in the matter. They accuse the Anunnaki of barging in after a serious disaster, possibly of natural origins, and messing things up for everybody. My source for this story is Sheldan Nidle, who had been delivering “updates” from the Galactic Federation of Light since 2006.

If all this sounds a bit fantastic, I understand. But note that each of these sources takes this information totally seriously and believes that their version is how it really happened. I have never seen any evidence of any of these sources questioning their sources in an attempt to reconcile the different stories. We may presume that they purposely remain ignorant of what others have to say, though I don’t know that for a fact.

Akashik Record – as read by Chris Thomas (of Wales) – from an article written this year.

Atlantis was a continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which stretched from the coast of Ireland to the Caribbean basin and had a climate that covered the full range of those available on Earth.

Atlantis existed for 20,000 years but was then destroyed. This destruction was carried out deliberately and was done in order to protect the life on Earth from potential harm from an experiment that had gone wrong.

Destroying a continent and sinking its remains into the liquid magma brought about a huge change to the Earth. She was rocked on Her rotational axis which generated a “wobble” in Her rotation; instead of having a vertical axis, She now revolved at 30 degrees from the vertical.

The level of disruption to the planet’s surface and life was immense and it took 40,000 years for the Earth to return to a point where She felt ready to begin again.

Semjase – from Billy Meier’s 70th contact, 6 Jan 1977

I was hoping to quote the transcript directly, but the wording is poor. So I will paraphrase below:

About 113,000 years ago, a being named Arus lead an attack on Earth. His people had previously been banished from the planet for destructive behavior. His direct subordinates were all scientists.

They overran regions known as Hyperborea, which were far in the north before an upset of the Earth shifted its axis, so that those regions exist today in the vicinity of Florida.

Roughly 80,000 years ago, a being named Atlant, along with his wife Karyatide and her cousin Muras colonized the regions known as Atlantis, Lesser Atlantis, and Mu.

Arus (the First) succeeded in infiltrating wicked elements of his hater humans into the leading controlling ranks of Atlantis and Mu where they secretly stirred up violence and hate. Their descendants continued this over several centuries, until, through countless intrigues, Mu and Atlantis were completely destroyed. The few survivors were beaten into servitude.

From an earlier contact:

This event ruined the planet. The air was not breathable for 50 years. All survivors were driven underground.

Both Atlantis and Mu had powerful destructive weapons. As the story goes, the scientists of Mu, knowing of the plans of their rivals in Atlantis, ordered a fleet into the asteroid belt where one of the largest asteroids was affixed with a power drive system so that it could be hurled at Earth. As the attack from Atlantis started, the leaders in Mu ordered the giant asteroid to be launched but it was too late to save Mu. The Atlantean fleet dissolved the city of Mu instantly. All traces of Mu were melted, evidenced by the smooth, flat ground in the Gobi desert where it once stood. Rapidly, the giant asteroid was steered toward Earth with the dedicated pilots attached to it. Some leaders and scientists of Atlantis detected the oncoming asteroid and fled into space but it was too late for the rest. The asteroid hit the atmosphere, bursting like a supernova and generating great heat. The continent of Atlantis melted from the heat in seconds. The asteroid exploded less than 110 miles up and in a thousand small pieces hit the Earth like a shotgun. The Atlantic Ocean was broken; volcanoes erupted and the sea boiled. Water from the ocean hurled upward to heights of 70 miles. A tidal wave over four miles high swept over the land masses.

Per this transcription, it was exactly on June 6, 9498 B.C., that Atlantis sunk below the Ocean.

Galactic Federation of Light (Sirius) via Sheldan Nidle, from messages he delivered on the dates noted:

7 Feb 2006

The land of Aghartha is the last living remnant of Earth’s second Galactic Federation colony, Lemuria. Lemuria, in her original form, was a surface society with a subterranean component. The primary capital city was situated on the large island that sank beneath the waves of the Pacific some 25,000 years ago. A secondary capital city was located in inner Earth. It was to this city that the government of Lemuria moved after the cataclysm.

The new ruler of the surface, the Empire of Atlantis, ordered the major tunnel entrances to be sealed. It was only during the final days of Atlantis that the Lemurians broke these seals and thus saved many surface dwellers from certain death.

19 Sep 2006

Nearly 15 thousand years ago, the state of universal full consciousness was reduced step by step by the rulers of Atlantis until their demise some 13 thousand years ago.

14 Nov 2006

Prior to that, the earth was filled with special energy that poured into her from every part of the spiritual Universe. This energy was ruptured by a catastrophe that took down the dominant Empire of Atlantis and set the planet upon a course that put it under the full control of the dark.

The cataclysm reduced the human population to barely 15 million.

The Lemurian survivors who decided to remain on the surface and not move to new inner Earth homes were the subjects of the Atlantean experiments that produced present Earth humans. Thus, you are all descendants of Lemuria and carry within you the legacy of past lost glories.

As Lemuria prepares to resurface from the depths of the Pacific, you need to look closely at what transpired in the wake of the destruction of Atlantis. As the new humans left their homes in Asia, Africa, and Europe, they journeyed across the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans to found new societies that were tutored by the Anunnaki.

16 Oct 2007

The Anunnaki wanted to discover how they could best work with the strange human creatures left behind by Atlantis’ sudden demise 13,000 years ago. The result of these experiments led to the second flood, the so-called biblical flood, some 5,000 years later (8,000 years ago). The Anunnaki’s next experiments with humans led to another great failure and another global destruction, this time by fire, around 6,000 years ago.

The Anunnaki were trying to manipulate limited-consciousness humans into forgetting their previous abilities, allegiances, and origins. You can see these attempts of theirs were largely successful: The traumatic trials by fire and water finally rendered the surface humans amenable to the mumbo jumbo concocted by the Anunnaki.

17 Mar 2009

When the Anunnaki arrived here after the fall of Atlantis, your world was in a shambles. They used this opportunity to reshape your world and told you a fable about your origins. Time and again you discarded these lies, each time incurring the destructive wrath of these dark overlords. The Anunnaki persisted, until finally you succumbed to their fictitious creed around the time of the dawn of your recorded history. Since then you have been subservient to the Anunnaki’s appointed minions, but this period is now at an end.

28 Jul 2009

During the first seven thousand years after Atlantis was destroyed, you went through four golden ages, but your dark overlords, the Anunnaki, crushed each one. The first ended with a global flood, the second with fire from the sky (meteor collision), the third with fire from the earth (volcanic activity), and the fourth ended in another flood.

These destructive events were wreaked upon you in an effort to expunge the fragmented memories you retained from the last ages of Atlantis and the carefully preserved tales of the motherland of humanity, Lemuria. These memories still lie within you, and this is why all attempts to validate these memories are ‘interfered with’ by the dark cabal.

Monkey in the Middle

1 November 2012

What is the U.S. military really up to?

My article on blogspot… is really the result of my frustration with all the confusing information being spewed out over the internet by people who all supposedly are working towards the truth!

When Gordon Duff wrote an article for Press TV, which he later posted on his own site, Veterans Today, about how the neo-Nazi-Zionist faction of the military was helping the neo-Nazi-Zionists ruin the reputation of the Obama administration so their man would be sure to get elected, I had to make a statement.

The story they are pushing is that people in the Obama administration failed to defend our ambassador in Libya even though they knew he was in danger.

Duff thinks that the group pushing this story is probably the same group responsible for the attack, and a group that wants to create major violence in several places, including the United States, in order to regain an upper hand in the affairs of earth.

What isn’t clear is why they are having such a hard time maintaining their position, though Duff has also recently published an interesting story about a “UFO War” in the Pacific that could have something to do with it.

I invite you to click through to my other blog for more data.