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Death of a Cultural Hero

5 April 2018

portrait of Martin Luther King
On yesterday’s date 50 years ago (1968) Martin Luther King was shot while standing on a balcony outside his motel room in Memphis, Tennessee. He died later that day.

A story was invented and widely published about how this death came about. However, it was incorrect.

A man named William Pepper, who was a friend of King at the time, a writer, and later became a lawyer, worked for the following almost-50 years to unravel a more accurate story. The only remaining major piece missing is true motive.

Pepper published his last book on the subject in the summer of 2016. About 17 years earlier, a jury had found government complicity in the murder in a civil trial that ended in late 1999. Have you heard this story? Has any major news media made a point of correcting themselves on this subject? No? So, they are complicit, too.

The Truer Story in Brief

King was shot by a Memphis police sharpshooter with a completely different rifle from the one that was found across the street in a “bundle” and reported to be the murder weapon.

James Earl Ray was not on site at the time of the shooting, but was the named fall guy and picked up later while traveling through the UK. Earlier, he had been smuggled out of prison, with the prison warden paid off to look the other way. He was contacted and given money and instructions through an intermediary who was nominally just a criminal.

Coordination of the operation has been linked to the FBI, or at least its director, J. Edgar Hoover, and at least one of his top people. Hoover has been linked to several similar incidents, and to a mysterious group supposedly created to deal with the ET problem, the Majority Intelligence Committee (MAJIC).

According to a nurse at the hospital where King was taken after the shooting, he was still alive when the head of neurosurgery entered the emergency room with two men in suits, ordered everyone else to leave, then suffocated King with a pillow.


It is known that Hoover hated King and many other activists who were trying to steer the country back onto a more open and honest trajectory after the huge deceptions and atrocities it had been part of during and subsequent to World War 2.

It is also known that various craft crashed in New Mexico in 1947 and seemed to contain ET beings. Thus, the security structure of the planet now had a new problem on its hands, and a new secret to keep hidden from the general public.

Furthermore, there is some testimony from various persons who could be called “whistleblowers” (if they aren’t nuts or intentional disinfo) that the various modern military engagements that the US has been involved with (such as Vietnam) served as cover for ET-related operations.

King had come out against the Vietnam War a year (to the day) before his death. So this position, in combination with his general popularity and effectiveness in restoring civil rights in the South, has been cited as a possible motivation to have him killed.

Of course, each individual or group that was involved in the plot was given a motivation and story line that fit their viewpoint and need to know. That “higher concerns” may have figured into this murder – as has also been theorized about JFK and RFK – does not mean that any of those intimately involved with those plots had any awareness of those concerns.

The need for a higher level of spiritual ability

These acts – the wars, the assassinations – were not caused by mere petty human foibles like greed or jealousy. These acts came about because the people involved in managing the planet, their respective countries, and other organizations, didn’t know what else to do. They had insufficient knowledge to make more ethical decisions. And that knowledge can only be received and well-handled in the context of higher spiritual ability. If you know you are an immortal spiritual being, and that everyone around you are that same type of being, you are going to think and act differently than if you believe that we are all just animals. Spiritual ability is a key aspect to becoming aware of and being willing to act on this higher knowledge.

That’s why I don’t rail about “truth and justice.” It won’t be enough to expose the true perpetrators of these crimes and “bring them to justice.” That won’t handle any of the most important problems we face on this planet. Only a higher level of knowledge and spiritual ability could handle those problems. So that’s what I advocate.


The Election

7 November 2016

The sites I follow are buzzing about this U.S. election.

Here is my take on it at this point:

Hillary stands for business-as-usual; a predictable outcome.

Trump stands for disruptive changes; he seems unpredictable at this point.

No one in the race stands for planned change based on ethical principles and workable management processes, implemented in an organized manner. Such a being would be the only one deserving a place of leadership at this time.

Is there a higher struggle?

The media, the pundits, and academics for the most part, dismiss the idea that a lot is going on in secret; that these candidates are merely proxies for power groups that wish to remain hidden and unidentified.

The alternative news sources that I follow, on the other hand, see this as the obvious truth of the situation and openly mock anyone who refuses to see it and deal with it.

The problem is that the alternative sources don’t have it right, either. And it’s my guess that this is because they rely too heavily for data on “insiders.”

For instance, Veterans Today thinks Hillary is being supported by the more moderate power groups who ultimately oppose the extremists who are supporting Trump. Their editor Gordon Duff accuses the FBI of being full of conspiracy theorists and protectors of criminals. Odd he’d say that, as Gordon is one of the biggest conspiracy theorists on the planet. And I don’t use that term derogatorily.

Meanwhile, over in England Simon Parkes is telling us that the FBI is made up mostly of people who are trying to do the right thing and don’t want a known pedophile working as our President. While Trump’s not much better, he stands for change and change is what is needed.

Julian Assange in a recent interview said he thinks Trump will not be allowed to serve in office even if he overwhelmingly wins the popular vote. However, he also said that Hillary’s accusations that Russia is behind the most recent release of documents is totally ridiculous.

I also ran across an October video from Clif High, a Seattle software genius who data mines the internet to find “data sets” that indicate the most desired (and probable) future. He finds a landslide popular win for Trump which the rest of the world reacts to with total disgust. Almost all countries holding U.S. debt contracts try to dump them, precipitating tremendous inflation here in the U.S. Meanwhile, U.S. officials refuse to allow Trump to take office, but Hillary has disappeared and cannot be located.

The best-organized group wins

Here is a key datum about politics:

“A small group thoroughly organized can conquer the disorganized billions.”

L. Ron Hubbard, ORGANIZATION AND MORALE, 1 Nov 1970.

If you want to figure out what group is really running this planet these days (if there is just one) then look for that group that is extremely well-organized. In human groups this has often meant a group beaten into being organized. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter exactly how the group maintains and defends its organization; it just has to be very well-organized. A group that depends on constant threats of violence to maintain organization will eventually falter, as the most brilliant beings will usually leave it. But this basic datum still holds.

And the most organized group I am aware of – at least it used to be extremely tightly organized per reports – is the one running our secret space programs. Descriptions of it come from Corey Goode, William Tompkins, Sean David Morton, Steven Greer and other researchers and past insiders.

Per Tompkins and some others, this particular group is part of a longer lineage of powerful groups that get created due to rivalries between various ET groups regarding Earth. One ET alliance prefers an invasion approach to expansion, mirrored on Earth by groups currently centered in Europe. Another alliance prefers a more peaceful approach based on free trade. They are both interested in Earth at this time, and have had some interest for many centuries into the past. But now Earth is set up to go Space Opera, and the number of ET groups now interested in Earth has multiplied.

Of course there is another large body of ET communities that would prefer to just be left alone. But they are, almost by definition, less well-organized. So in this universe, they are very likely to get run over (or be overrun).

Need of Change

Masses of people in the U.S., to say nothing of other areas on the planet, really want change. They need something to break loose and reveal a path forward. Most of them have no idea of exactly what that path should be. Thus, at this point they are revolutionaries, or nearly at that point, as there is a minimum of planning and organization amongst them as a whole. They are very numerous, but:

“Revolution never produces anything. Throwing something out of gear momentarily, the vast inertia of a people closes in again and patches it all up.

“Evolution can be fairly fast, but evolution is on a level of the people, not on the level of the government.

“You have to change the people to change the government.”

— L. Ron Hubbard (From a lecture of 10 November 1952.)

Here he makes a distinction between “people” (disorganized) and “government” (organized) long before he became immersed in the study of organizing and management that he undertook when he managed Saint Hill as the first advanced Scientology organization on the planet in the 1960s.

Take a look at the American Revolution for example (this analysis based only on my current understanding). It was instigated by professional people and businessmen who also functioned as academics and politicians. Thus, it was built on idealism more than on organization. They were aided against Britain by France – which was itself going down an anti-aristocracy path at the time.

But just as Napoleon effectively killed, or usurped, the French Revolution in the early 1800s, so Britain re-invaded the U.S. during the War of 1812. The French had basically given all of the Midwest to the U.S. in 1803, which freaked out the British Empire, thinking it still had large amounts of leverage over the rebel colonies. But instead of re-invading, the British were apparently convinced to approach the problem differently.

With the help of the Louisiana Purchase, the U.S. established a very strong foothold in the Americas over the next 100 years, but by the end of that time, Europe had arranged a new control structure in the form of its network of Central Banks.

Who has the upper hand?

In 1967, Hubbard identified a small group based in the City of London which controlled most English-language news outlets and was tightly connected to certain banking and industrial interests, as well as psychiatry as represented by groups like the Tavistock Institute.

This group was believed to be behind the shellacking that Scientology was getting in the press in those years.

At the time, it was a big revelation for all of us. But LRH never said that this was the only secret power group in existence on Earth; or that it had no rivals; or exactly how ET might be involved. So I resort to other sources for clues:

The “invader alliance” is commonly identified as composed of Draco, Reptilians and some human types – not all individuals of these descriptions, though – and is usually identified with the European Royals and the Vatican, along with their bankers, who are related to Zionism and are Earth’s warmongers.

The other ET group attempted to influence technological and spiritual thinking in Germany in the early 1900s, but that did not go well. They have continued to make various contact attempts, such as those reported by Tompkins in his interviews and first book. As a result of this the military-industrial complex has apparently remained factionalized along lines that I think of as Group Tone Level. Some factions prefer a more conservative approach to politics, preferring persuasion, negotiation, and even convincing PR stunts, rather than constantly resorting to war. Other factions live on war and wouldn’t know what to do without it. Those groups are clearly insane, while the others are only irritatingly neurotic.

Some think the Clintons are in the conservative camp, while others are quite sure they are totally insane. Some think Trump is firmly dominated by criminals and warmongers, while others feel he might actually be in slightly better condition, mentally, than Hillary. How am I supposed to know who’s right, beyond just looking into their faces when they talk and reading the signs?

I think they are both crazy, as what other personality type would run for U.S. President at this time (who had a serious possibility of getting into office)?

Whether this election results in “business-as-usual” or unpredictable changes, I think we still have a lot to learn about people, about politics, and about ourselves. Ultimately, until a being can look at a situation and just know the truth of it, he doesn’t know the truth of it. So let’s work at developing that ability rather than playing around trying to second-guess each other.


30 December 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of waiting lately.

And that’s not a very healthy activity to engage in.

On the Know to Mystery Scale “wait” is just above “unconscious” and below what most of us think of as the activities of living. Spiritually, it is a motionlessness, a kind of surrender.

But enough of the esoteric. I put a lot of effort into getting an interview with a company that needs people with skills and knowledge like I have. And now I am waiting for their answer. They will almost certainly say they want to hire me. I should then say, okay, let’s do it. And then I must pack up all my stuff and move to the eastern edge of the state and make a new home – a new life – there. So I have been very preoccupied with the problem of organizing my belongings so they can be moved, and how to do this on a very meager budget. My other interests seem secondary to this, and I have not been working on any other projects. However, this new focus leaves me with extra time, so I signed up for a free trial subscription to Netflix, and have been watching movies instead of researching, writing, or producing new art pieces.

As I said, waiting is not a productive way to spend time. So here I am writing about it.

I thought I would address the core theme of this experience: Work.


The subject of working is front and center right now. There don’t seem to be enough jobs for everyone. Not enough money is flowing through the economy. The peace economy, that is. The war economy seems to still be rather well-funded.

In the middle of 2008, I announced my intention to leave a job I had been doing for about 20 years. And it probably would have been there for me to do for another 20 years. I wasn’t even tired of what I was doing on post. But something in the working environment had changed, and I decided I needed to get away from that environment. Maybe it was me who changed. But that doesn’t really matter.

So here we are with an interesting juxtaposition. A society that is not willing to pay everyone who needs an income to work, and a man who needs an income, but is no longer willing to work.

Valuable Final Products

So, what is work? When I was young, work consisted of things I could do to make money. I would then spend some of my money to buy things that interested me, and in my spare hours, I would work – er, play – with those things.

Later I learned a different way of thinking about work. Work is one’s contribution to the group. One is paid for one’s work depending on several factors. But the chief factor is that the appropriate group members are aware of your contributions and see them as valuable. You will be paid according to how valuable the products of your work are perceived to be. That perception of value can be changed by improving the products or by changing people’s ideas of how valuable they are. A person’s income depends on his skill in doing these two things. And the results of his efforts could be referred to as Valuable Final Products.

No one teaches us this. All they teach us is that you should get trained to do something and then find a job doing that. But that is in fact the bare minimum needed to make a living.

The Work Environment

Some work environments are easier to tolerate than others. Thus, one way to increase your income could be to learn to work in an environment that most people are not willing to work in. They don’t teach you this, either, and it has its limitations.

For example, the war environment would seem to be the most dangerous environment imaginable. Yet soldiers are not that well paid. Perhaps this is because most of what a soldier does is destroy.

Compare this to what some corporate executives make. There must be something about that working environment that is just too challenging for most people. The challenge probably has to do with the fact that such posts tend to attract criminals. So the environment near the top can be very toxic.

Is this enough?

If you fully appreciate the nuances of the Valuable Final Product, and if you include all other factors in Work Environment, then that should be enough of a theoretical framework to revive and strengthen any economy on any scale.

I specifically mentioned crime under work environment because it is a crucial factor that is not given the attention that it deserves. In Scientology organizations, as well as many other groups, a huge amount of time and energy is devoted to detecting and handling dishonesty, stealing, and similar dishonorable activities.

Most groups do not fully use Ethics, Establishment technologies, hatting or word clearing. And all these technologies are essential to prevent employees from going criminal on the job. Thus, if an average group were targeted for attack by criminals, it would eventually succumb. Several groups in the United States have.

When important groups in a society turn criminal, the whole society can quickly deteriorate into something resembling a catastrophe.

December 21st

I was very interested to find out if anything visibly significant would occur on this fabled date of a “new beginning.” The date passed relatively quietly.

Yet to say, because of this or the general dearth of helpful information, that nothing is changing would be a grave error. Not only is change inevitable, it is being actively worked for by several different groups, including my church.

We have been renovating and opening new church buildings. This gets minimal press coverage. One of our ads is playing on a video billboard in Times Square. I wonder if that will get any press coverage!

And other groups are working hard to do other things. Many are also working for positive change, or what we call improved conditions. But others work just as hard to bring us war, crime and chaos. And in many many places around the world this New Year, life for most is very very tough going.

If you are in the habit of making resolutions for the new year, why not try this on for size? That you will do something to improve conditions on this planet for those suffering the most.

Staff in Normal or Above

9 September 2012

Per Scientology organizing policy, “Staff in Normal or Above” (SNA) is the statistic, or product, of the police function (called “Inspections”) in a sane community.

In Scientology, “Normal” refers to a production statistic that is up-trending. Having a production statistic that is up-trending indicates that the staff (community) member is “in-ethics.” Ethics involves the intention to flourish and prosper. We also define sanity as, basically, the intention to flourish and prosper across all dynamics (self, family, group, species, life forms, universe, spirit, infinity). Insanity is the intention for all the dynamics to do worse, or die.

Sanity and insanity co-exist in any group or individual. Scientology has various ways of increasing the ratio of sanity to insanity. But even if it didn’t it would be worth some effort to try to do this, for that means survival.

Traditionally, what we think of as insanity is what most communities think of as criminality. And a community’s most visible defense against crime is its police force.

In a community organized along Scientology principles, the police function is performed by the Inspections Officer. This post is located in the Department of Inspections and Reports. This is the third department in what most traditional organizations would call “Human Resources.” As the third department, it is responsible for seeing that the ultimate product of the division is obtained. And this product is SNA.

The Inspections Officer does not just inspect. He writes reports. These reports are filed in files kept for each member of the community. This activity is seen as controversial by many. But realize this:

  1. Any individual has the right to inspect his file.
  2. It is illegal to file a report on someone without sending them a copy.
  3. Without some form of record-keeping, justice could not be served.

Fighting criminality is a real challenge

The ordinary strategy of the higher-level criminals is to infiltrate and pervert whatever police organization exists in the community. Thus, the police are under constant stress from criminality.

A sane community must dedicate itself to protecting its police from this stress.

Of course, if criminality is poorly understood, and if there is no technology available to improve conditions, then this can seem like a losing proposition. It should be attempted anyway.

But for about the past 50 years, criminality has been rather well understood, and technology to improve conditions has been available. So hopelessness in this subject is no longer warranted, and ineffectiveness in our anti-crime efforts should no longer be tolerated.

What SNA really means for a community

In a community, to be “on staff” means that an individual is willingly involved in that community, and that it is involved with him. This should really be an option for any individual. Currently, it is not. Though I am a citizen of the United States, a resident of the state of Washington, and I live in a neighborhood in Seattle, this does not automatically make me part of any organized community. I must actively seek out such communities, if I am interested in joining one, and then I must somehow get myself invited to join.

Currently, most organized communities in the US are private businesses, and they are organized for the sole purpose of providing products and services to their customers and a profit to their stock holders or owners. This does not exactly cover all the dynamics! So there is a weakness in this system.

There have been some attempts made, such as by the Mondragon Corporation in Spain, to apply democratic and socialist principles to this problem and turn the corporation into something closer to a real community. This effort has been somewhat successful there. However, human ignorance, tradition, and criminality in society has inhibited progress in this area.

What an individual gets by joining such a community is a post, a purpose, an assigned product, protection from criminality, and a chance to flourish and prosper. What such a community asks from its members is to learn to produce their products, keep honest records of production, and make a concerted effort to be SNA. When a large number of staff have their ethics in, the group becomes easy to live and work with, and thus attracts more good group members. The group members specifically assigned to the policing function assist the group by going around and seeing how things are going in every area. This helps management spot and handle trouble areas before they cause disasters. And that should result in an up-SNA.

What Police should look for

The Inspections Officer looks for “out-ethics indicators.” This means, signs of criminal influence. The most blatant out-ethics indicator is a down statistic. Another common one is a work area that is dirty, messy, poorly organized, with broken or poorly-maintained equipment.

The Officer may interrupt the person being inspected and speak to him or her about what has been observed. Or he may simply write a report. As mentioned, the person being inspected always gets a copy, and may challenge the report if it seems misleading or dishonest.

What these indicators can be evidence of is that a criminal has formed some sort of relationship with the person being inspected. Such a relationship commonly results in the targeted individual becoming distracted, misemotional, and making mistakes. These in themselves can be seen as little “crimes.” But if the police only target the same individual being targeted by the criminal, then things get worse, not better. It is the job of the police to locate the actual criminal causing the problem, and to put some healthy distance between that criminal and the community.

The targeted individual, meanwhile, is strengthened by training and processing to resist such attacks, and hopefully becomes more of a winner as a result.

In real communities, this can get pretty bad. Criminal pressure can lead to physical abuse, malnutrition, drug addictions, anti-social behavior, petty crime and worse. Where the causes of these behaviors are poorly understood, the perpetrators can be targeted by the police with no apparent improvement to conditions, or even worsening. This is inexcusable now, but still the norm.

The real criminals think they have this planet pretty well in the bag. They think they have successfully turned their own operatives in medicine, academia and government away from workable technologies, such as those developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and convinced them to fully accept criminal technologies, developed mostly by psychiatry and related interest groups.

All the news seems to confirm their confidence.

Yet Scientology, and other real anti-crime activities, continue to expand. Some police organizations, such as the federal police in Colombia, have begun to use bits of Hubbard’s technologies. Businesses around the world have been using the Scientology organizing model. Criminal reform programs continue to be active. And criminality in psychiatry continues to be exposed.

I used to be SNA. I’d like to be counted as such again some day. You?

The Postulate

1 July 2012

I just sent this message to Cobra via a comment on his blog. I re-publish it here in full.

To Cobra and all:

I have tried my best to participate in the visualizations.

But realize: These visualizations are written using a paradigm that may not be familiar, understandable or relevant to all who wish to help.

To give you an idea of what I mean, I have written an alternative “visualization” in words more closely reflecting my own paradigm. For this type of work, where others might use the word “prayer”, we use the word “postulate.”

The Postulate

As I express this in the form of words of my language, and in the form of mental pictures, which are our common language, I am calm and undistracted.

I see a powerful intention, originating in Source, and diverging outward through the network of Creation like intense beams of light.

It arrives at our galaxy through its center, and then to our star – the Sun – through its center, and then to our planet, the Earth, through its center, and then to all of us through our centers. It is the intention of Creation, but it is also our intention. This is a co-created intention.

The intention is that all counter-survival efforts originating from beings of our realm come to an end. And more specifically, that all counter-survival efforts originating from our species, Humans, come to an end:
The false data motivating these efforts is now proven false.
The fears motivating these efforts are now understood to have no basis.
The anxieties about survival of the body are being replaced by the challenges of creating a new game.

In our new game: Change does not happen through force and intimidation. Change happens as a result of increased understanding. That is to say: Increased affinity (which some know as “love”); Increased reality (which some know as “agreement”); Increased communication (which some know as “perception” or “awareness”).

In our new game: The old paradigms are no longer operative.

In our new game: The old “evil” beingnesses such as “archon” “reptile” “demon” “elemental” “ghost” “poltergeist” have no power to intimidate or deceive us.

In our new game: The re-programming that used to occur in the Between Lives Area is no longer practiced.

In our new game: Beings can remember, and they can do so with accuracy and certainty. A being can trust its own knowingness.

In our new game: An Ethics system exists to guard the game and its players from distractions and destruction originating from within.
Criminals of the past are being exposed by this Ethics system, and are being handled in a way that is non-violent and effective.
Criminals of the past are being brought before tribunals, where each case is fully reviewed according to its own merits, and each being is given a chance, no matter how slight, to redeem themselves in the eyes of their species, and to some day be allowed to play on an equal footing with the vast majority of others who were unwilling to stoop so low; unwilling to violate their own senses of integrity to the alarming degree of violation committed by the worst of those criminals.

In our new game: Beings are trusted to take what they need to keep their bodies healthy, while giving back as much as they can towards the goal of ever-increasing levels of knowledge, responsibility and better control over their tools and environments.

In our new game: Beings are trusted to rule their own lives. Organizations only exist to facilitate coordinated action. Compulsion to serve, and punishment for any fancied failures, are bad habits of the past.

In our new game: All will be encouraged to contribute, and be rewarded for their contributions, but none will be forced to contribute in ways they feel would violate their own integrity. And none will be deprived of a body for any action they take, nor for any failure to take action. These will be treated as opportunities to learn and nothing more.

We envision a new reality in which bits of reality from the “alternative” universes will be accepted and welcomed to exist in our midst.

We envision a new reality in which the great past failures of our species have been fully viewed and understood for what they are, and all of us thus released from the power those failures once had over us.

We envision a new reality in which every being knows where it came from and has a firm idea of where it wants to go. A reality in which each being’s connection to Source is strong, vital, and unwavering.


30 June 2012

“The ability to be is more important than the ability to do. The ability to do is more important than the ability to have.” – LRH Fundamentals of Thought p.32

Tired of following the news, I decided yesterday that I needed to do some writing. And after some rest, I found myself thinking about beingness.

Something was making me feel under the weather. But I finally got myself up to start writing.


In an attempt to supplement my income, I take surveys online. These are mostly marketing surveys, and they always have a section designed to put the survey taker into categories. Besides the obvious factors of race, sex, and age, they often ask you what “industry” you work in. There is a standard list of about 25. This list, however, does not included “the arts.”

This implies that people who consider themselves “artists” are lost to the world of consumerism.

Yet, isn’t everyone an artist to some degree?

Lying in bed thinking about this, I came up with three broad categories of beingness:

  1. Performer.
  2. Technician.
  3. Criminal.

These levels build on each other. In other words, unless you have some understanding and appreciation of the levels below you, you will not do well at the level you want to operate at, and will tend to sink to a lower level.

In a biology-based game, the children are always forced to exist as “criminals” for a period of time. That is to say: They demand support without being able to return a service of similar value. So it is in childhood that we all get a taste of criminality. The wise parent pulls the child up out of that level as quickly as possible. Most children, being somewhat resilient and keyed-out in their youth, are quite willing and able to be performers, but may lack technical proficiency unless they remember it from an earlier lifetime. Thus, while “child prodigies” are possible, they tend to be rare. This is a shame; they could be totally commonplace.

Almost any adult beingness demands a certain amount of performance, and requires a definite level of technical proficiency. Those who, for one reason or another, cannot achieve sufficient technical proficiency, or are totally unwilling to be any kind of performer, are likely to fail in some aspect of life, and may find themselves being criminals, as much as they may regret this.

Those who choose to be performers and can excel at this are often the most prized members of a society.

Performance at a high level of art requires a combination of technical proficiency and courage that is recognized and admired by most.

Being a performer in a criminal society

However, criminals envy and fear performers.

Their attitudes to life are so different that they seem almost diametrically opposed.

The performer seems to cast all his physical cares to the wind, and somehow survives simply by telling amazing stories or doing amazing things.

The criminal is so focused on the problems of physical survival that he feels compelled to lie, cheat and steal just to survive in a body.

In a society that has turned criminal, attempts to manipulate the performers and control the things they do and the stories they tell will become a constant problem for the performers, and for the rest of society.

We have seen many very strong performers simply killed because their stories or actions got too close to exposing the false lives of the criminals.

Technologies of defense

We have available today a variety of technologies to help us decriminalize society and make it much safer for performers and technicians alike.


This is a society’s make-or-break technology. Without the ability to correctly detect and expose the criminals, a society will tend to become overwhelmed by their desperation. Ethics also encompasses certain remedial actions that can be taken with the victims of criminals.


The educational system of a society is primarily responsible for successfully enabling its members to become highly proficient in one or more areas of technology, thus helping to assure that they can play the game without being enticed by the criminal element.

An educational system that cannot do this either refuses to because it itself has turned criminal, or has not learned to apply the technologies of study. These are among the most basic technologies that every Scientologist must learn. Central in these technologies is Word Clearing, which helps to prevent students from building up “study crimes” (misunderstood words or symbols) that could cause them to want to blow from the subject they are studying.


The technologies of Auditing are the centerpieces of Scientology. Their purpose is to increase ability. They must be applied ethically, as they are perfectly capable of increasing criminal abilities, too!

The Auditor is an extremely competent technician who must be enough of a performer to maintain excellent communication with his subject (technically, his “preclear”) throughout the auditing session. This is a high ability, not easily attained.

Management (also called Administration or “Admin”)

This group of technologies is also technical in nature, though slightly less cut-and-dried than those of auditing. They include:

  • Admin Know-How
  • Planning and Writing Project Targets
  • Data Evaluation
  • Computer Systems
  • Finance
  • Being an Executive
  • Establishment
  • Organizing
  • Personnel
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Art

From the viewpoint of a manager, beingness boils down to “hats” (the functions a person does in an organization). This is a fundamental concept in Scientology. It should be possible to preserve and learn the technology and beingness of any hat. The success of a society depends on this.

Beingness and the games of life

What is most noticeable in any game is the beingnesses (or hats) of its players.

To be denied entrance to a game as a player does not negate one’s own choices about one’s beingness; though it can make it more difficult to live with those choices. One can always play a game if one wants to, as one can always invent one’s own.

It is not necessary to allow criminals into your game. Any being is capable of rising to a level where he can at least play as a technician. However, if a game routinely kicks out players for capricious reasons, those former players are likely to become enemies of the whole game.

At the upper levels of ability, we find beings capable of playing exterior to the body, or with no physical body at all. Contrary to popular superstition, playing a game at that level is about as much fun as a person can have playing a game. It is an operating level that many seek and few attain. However, with the above-mentioned technologies, that situation could eventually change.

Without beingness, an individual is gameless. For all except The Creator and rocks, such a situation is intolerable. The game, as a concept in Scientology, is meant to include all aspects of living that make it attractive to spiritual beings. It is one of our most central concepts, and is intimately connected with beingness.

Solving The Problem

11 June 2012

This is a first of what may be a series on this blog about what is going on on the planet and what various people are saying and doing about it. I actually consider this a very important subject.

My basic line of reasoning is the following:

  1. Most of us recognize that surviving on this planet is currently becoming more difficult.
  2. These difficulties are starting to exceed our comfort levels, and we’d like to achieve better control over the situation.
  3. In researching this, many of us have come across reports of the existence of a criminal elite on this planet that seems to be heavily involved in our failure to achieve better control per point 2 above.
  4. As a result of these reports, plans have been formulated to “take down the cabal.”
  5. Outwardly, though, the situation seems to continue to get worse.
  6. Why?

The theory behind this that I will be exploring includes the following:

  1. The human need for a game, and thus for problems.
  2. How human sanity affects the problems chosen.
  3. How much sanity do we want?
  4. How to achieve a saner world: Ethics.
  5. How to get in ethics.

This article will concentrate on topic 4, ethics.


“People need problems. Solving problems is what gives our lives meaning. If we fixed them all, we’d have nothing to do, and we’d die.”
Answer from “Zhop” to the question: “Is it possible to fix all the worlds problems?” on Askville by Amazon.

Human experience apparently can range from a bottom level of total denial of one’s spiritual existence and the complete conviction that one is, finally, totally dead to a top level of god-like omniscience and loving power.

Most of us have experienced most of the levels of this scale at one time or another, and – if prodded – will usually recall most fondly those times when we were active, involved and confident. On the Scientology scale of tones, these levels of experience are represented by 8.0 Exhilaration through 20.0 Action to 22.0 Games.

In other words, most people choose the level of the game. And to play a game, you do need something to play against, and that opponent will try to make problems (barriers to your freedom) that you must solve to stay in the game. Thus having problems means you are in a game, which for most of us is desirable.

“By creating problems, one tends to view both sides in opposition and so becomes Pan-determined.” Fundamentals of Thought, p. 134.

One of the major sources of barriers in many earth-bound games is – oddly – our own body. High levels of play are difficult to attain in a body, as most bodies are rigged to make a person “feel scared” when operating at these levels. If you can obtain the confidence of an athlete, he or she may tell you that playing their sport goes best when one operates exterior to the body. This enables one to be more pan-determined about the body and its concerns.

For most of us, in practical terms, the ultimate “freedom” is to be exterior and the most important barrier to that level of freedom is the body and its way of thinking. However, that is not the only source of barriers.

“If a person lacks problems, opponents and counter-purposes to his own, he will invent them.” Problems of Work, p. 70.

What is a criminal?

“…we have yet to face the fact that there are no solutions.” From an article by Robert Jensen, a progressive political activist and journalism professor in Austin, Texas.

Some people lose their ability to create problems (and thus their own games) so markedly that they turn criminal.

A criminal is a being who finds himself stuck at an experience level that seems to demand that his “game” should be to ruin all other ongoing games. He feels that he cannot be truly safe unless everyone else is dead.

The “criminal cabal” is composed of a small group of loosely-affiliated people who have embraced this attitude towards life with a kind of inverted enthusiasm. Their ancestors somehow managed to make piles of money, normally by victimizing other people, and the current group is using those funds in an attempt to “play” their “game.”

But this isn’t sane!

That’s right, it isn’t. People need each other. If we decide to kill off everybody, then we, too, will die. So the cabal is on a loosing course. They almost realize this, yet they have convinced themselves, in their madness, that they will experience some sort of salvation if they are successful. The usual promise is “eternal life.” But the spirit is already immortal! …False promise!

“The world is filled with many problems,
sometimes I wonder if I should solve them,
but then life would start to come to order
and then all questions would have an answer.”

Poem fragment – Yuuki Minami

Life is “no fun” without problems. But most of us pick saner problems than how to destroy the earth and somehow survive it. For example, all of the forces of nature regularly and continuously present challenges to our survival. To fight back against those forces is a relatively sane game. And on a more personal level, most of us are happy with problems of the “how to build a better mousetrap” variety, or work tirelessly to provide us with buildings, roads and bridges, vehicles of all sorts, and so on. These are all problems having to do with the need to protect our bodies from undue harm, but in the context of a meat body society, they are relatively sane games.

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”
Attributed to Pablo Picasso.

And so, the saner majority comes into conflict with the less sane minority who we rightly call “criminal” because they have chosen to work against the success of their own kind. This conflict is addressed by a subject called “ethics.”


If you are not familiar with this subject, you can go to the
Volunteer Ministers website and take a free short course on it and related subjects.

Ethics has two main components:

1. The technology of Conditions and their formulas. This technology can be learned and applied by individuals and groups pursuing sane games to help them protect their games and their sanity.

2. The technology of detecting and handling Suppressive Persons (which is our term for the criminally insane). This includes an investigations component and a justice component. This roughly corresponds to what most of us think of as a legal system.

If you are not aware of these technologies, I don’t blame you, but you need to handle that. There is no longer any excuse for it. These materials have been available since the 1960s!

This is the take-away message (I think) from a study of these materials: If it weren’t for criminals, Libertarianism would work. In other words, honest people are good at figuring out how to survive. And even if they lose their bodies, they will return to continue the game. Dishonest people, and those who cooperate with them in hopes of making a “quick buck” do not deserve equal treatment in a sane society and are, in fact, the basic reason why societies fail. In addition, their rehabilitation will be difficult and costly; they will not be able to “return to the light” (to turn a popular phrase) without help from others. And if they go too far overboard in their insanity, who will be willing to help them?

Getting in Ethics

“Solving the problem should not be more complicated than the original problem itself.” From a blog article about web development.

Thus, the principal challenge to a society that finds itself slipping down the sustainability scale towards oblivion is to GET IN ETHICS.

Getting in ethics involves, in its simplicity:

  1. Identifying the exact suppressive people causing the situation through proper use of investigation technology.
  2. Exposing those people.
  3. And if that alone doesn’t work, applying Justice actions to those people.

The most severe Justice action allowed in Scientology is expulsion from the group. I do not recommend using murder to accomplish this. This is an SP trick that has been used many times against honest people.

Because Suppressive Persons have long since infiltrated our legal systems, most current justice systems are pretty screwed up. Throwing people in jail is stupid enough. But not finding the real SP is even more stupid. And of course, the SPs have the system rigged now so that this is not even usually talked about in a court of law. That has to change if we really want this planet to survive.

Mass Arrests

“In the meantime, we stumble forward and backward, patching things together as best we can.” From an essay about attempts to end poverty by Laura Crossett.

One current popular suggestion for terminating the influence of Suppressive Persons on earth is to arrest them all en masse with the help of the military.

Though this is a tempting idea, experience has shown that good effects can be obtained with much less effort than this.

One “rule” of Ethics is to never extend a heavy-ethics approach longer than it takes for the scene to visibly start to revert (change for the better for real).

Thus, one normally starts with the objective of putting just one “head on a pike.” This sends a message that we are serious, and is often enough to motivate a lot of rats to abandon ship. This can leave the remaining SPs relatively powerless to act. And that’s all you want.

Thus, I suggest that in our current campaign, we go after and expose just one prominent member of the criminal elite. His “friends” will never come to his aid, you can be sure of that. And it might be enough to get the ball rolling. Pick someone who we have VERY good evidence against. Pick a case that will be very instructive to the general public. Then just apply the ethics gradients to that person until we begin to see some results. And if that bombs, try another person. One at a time should be enough. Keep them guessing who will be next!

An ancient goal

An ancient goal of most honest governments has been to wipe out criminality in their areas of control.

But they did not have the technology of how to do this, until recently.

Now we wonder if we have any honest governments left! Well, I think we do. And a good way to prove you’re part of an honest government that works for honest citizens would be to take this ethics technology and run with it. Get a product! Be effective, and it will encourage others to try.

More than anything right now, we need some wins. They don’t have to be huge wins. They just have to be enough to keep spirits up.

About all I can do to contribute is to recommend this approach to the situation at hand and point out where to find the information.

I don’t work in government and probably never will, but if you do you owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and to the people you serve to act to restore ethics in your area. If enough people do this, we can shake off these “blues” and maybe make something out of this planet.