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30 October 2020

Two lives entangled.

The old trying to revive itself through the young.

Parent and child.

Teacher and student.

Master and apprentice.

Slow Death by Sensory Deprivation

30 October 2020

What words are there to describe the torture of not being able to touch another person?

Dady Digs Deeper: Disasters by Design

27 October 2020

I have now finished Dr. Dady Chery’s book about Haiti, written around 2015. This is her only book, but she has written many articles and continues to do so. I looked for a quote that would sum up how she felt about the situation at that time. I found this:

In the shadow of neocolonialism, criminal elements within NGOs, religious and otherwise, converge like so many hyenas on the unfortunate victims of natural disasters, for the purpose of human trafficking. As in Haiti, the women and baby snatchers would be replaced by the likes of Bill Clinton, who will promise investments and reconstruction so long as the country’s assets are liquidated in a fire sale to corporations. More than five years after its earthquake, Haiti is not reconstructed, but rather more demolished than ever before, and it is firmly under the boots of disaster capitalists.

Chery, Dady. We Have Dared to Be Free: Haiti’s Struggle Against Occupation (p. 290). News Junkie Post Press. Kindle Edition.

In the latter part of her book, Dady reviews several examples of how “disaster capitalism” works. Notice that our current situation, which she writes about on her blog, is another example.


“Scientific expeditions” arrive to locate rare and exotic plants and animals. Samples are brought back for testing and genetic studies. These are a possible source of new medicines. The fact that these specimens are often endangered in their native habitat, and that those habitats are shrinking due to Western industrial-style activities in those areas, is given lip service, but no real action results. This constitutes a new form a theft of natural resources.

In many cases, real protection of species and habitats would best be achieved by returning control of those areas to their original inhabitants. Local Haitian fishermen, for instance, kept a beautiful and delicate fishery ecosystem stable for years. Then industrial-style fishing from the Dominican Republic came in and depleted or destroyed those fisheries and habitats.


Foreign interests, working through local officials who are corruptible, purchase acres of prime coastal land and some inland areas for the development of hotels, airports, and support services for tourists who like to visit “remote” places with lots of “nature.”

This development not only tends to ruin the area, but often displaces existing residents, forcing them off their farms or other businesses and into the tourism industry. For various reasons, they may get no compensation for the loss of their land. Much of the construction work, and concessions once the development is up and operating, is contracted out to non-local companies, so the locals do not benefit from those activities, either.

Dady’s example was Île-à-Vache, a beautiful little island in the south that was targeted by the Haitian government as a new tourism development. The Haitian Constitution protects coastal lands and similar areas as common property, so all the development done there was in violation of Haitian law, overseen by bribed officials. If the residents protest, their leaders are arrested. One such leader has been in prison for many years now. No charges were ever brought.

Violence against citizens

Things can be “made to happen” in a certain area that is looked upon as a favorable place for commercial development. Citizens may the be ordered to leave the area. If they resist, they may be treated as combatants and fired upon to scare them away.

This happened in Haiti in a place near Jacmel, in the southeast. A populated area was seen as favorable for tourist development, so an excuse was devised to remove the population from that area. They were supposedly endangering the cleanliness of water feeding a reservoir.

When the residents refused to leave, 36 “commandos” were sent in to evict them. Four children and eight adults were shot dead. The residents also had houses burned and livestock killed.

In another incident in the north, the prime minster inspected an historic site (the Citadel, actually), declared it in ill repair, but stated he did not have the money to fix it, then departed on his motorcycle, leading his entourage on a fast chase down a hill. A staff car then plowed into a nearby house, injuring seven people, including one little girl very seriously. Behind the scenes, negotiations were taking place to bring in an out-of-country firm to operate the site, the most important site of national pride in all of Haiti.

In another incident, a young female reporter was attacked by police while covering a protest. It took many months for a judge to finally award a small amount of damages (about $9,000 US) in what should have been an obvious case of abusive conduct.

In another case – a very important corruption case – the presiding judge mysteriously died after being threatened by high-level government officials. The plaintiff had also been threatened. The officials would not admit that any threats had occurred.

Separation of Rich and Poor

Dady then details the situation in the U.S.

Disaster response – Katrina for example – treats the poor as crime suspects rather than victims in need of assistance.

There is much statistical evidence that the lower classes – largely people of color – continue to be held down by various “legal” and illegal means.

She mentions the gentrification of New York City. Now all the service workers have to ride in (on the subway) from the outlying boroughs. They used to be able to afford to live in the city. Meanwhile, the homeless live in underground tunnels.

Haiti has been at the heart of the disaster-capitalist program. For years, NGOs have administered palliatives to suppress a popular revolt, as the country’s once lively agricultural economy was displaced by a less than 60-cents-per-hour sweatshop economy and a ruthless military occupation by the UN. With the advent of the UN-introduced cholera in 2010, medical NGOs such as the Red Cross, MSF and PIH failed to control the epidemic; instead they have organized to stay for the long term. For years, Haitians have appealed to the world for solidarity against the parasitic onslaught and warned that everyone was one disaster away from becoming a Haitian too, but the appeals have fallen on deaf ears.

Chery, Dady. We Have Dared to Be Free: Haiti’s Struggle Against Occupation (p. 240). News Junkie Post Press. Kindle Edition.

After tropical storm Sandy in 2012, only the Occupy Movement (themselves mostly well-to-do people) were in a position to supply support services to the people who lost their electric power. FEMA was almost totally ineffective, while President Obama is on record as pleading with Americans to donate to the Red Cross.

On 30 May, 2011, Miami police killed Haitian Raymond Hérissé who had become a bit involved in the local drug scene, but was simply partying on the night of his death. The police fire also hit four other people. We have a video of the event only because one of the attendees managed so successfully hide his copy from the police. All other recordings were destroyed by smashing or confiscating phones. Rather than coming clean, the police decided to try to convince the public of how bad the man they killed really was.

As we know, incidents like this, though not everyday, are not uncommon. In that year (July 2010 to May 2011) Miami police had killed seven young men. No police were charged.

It should be noted that police also die in the line of duty.

On 13 Nov, 2011, soldiers and police attacked and occupied favela Rocinha, the largest favela (squatter settlement) in Rio de Janeiro. The supposed reason for the attack was to reduce drug dealing. But the favela is still controlled by a major criminal organization, Amigos dos Amigos, per Wikipedia.

Dady makes the point that Haiti is the only country NOT AT WAR that is occupied by U.N. peacekeeping troops. She sees Haiti being used as a training ground for how to use “friendly” soldiers to terrorize poor people.

Wars against immigrants

While U.S. political parties argue over human trafficking across the Mexican border, elsewhere long-time immigrants have been forced out of their places of residence for odd political reasons.

There are many people of Haitian (black African) descent who have lived and worked for lifetimes in the Dominican Republic. In 2013, hundreds of these people were abruptly “deported” to Haiti. Many of them were born in the DR and considered themselves residents of DR, not Haiti. Many were forced to leave without being able to collect their belongings. Those belongings were then stolen by the people who ousted them.

DR also hosts several “binational” markets that are supposed to be open to both Haitian and Dominican Republic vendors. The Haitians live just across a river. But they are often pushed out by high fees or violence.

The U.N. has done nothing to improve this situation. In fact, it helped the DR collect data on exactly who in the DR was of Haitian origin. This happened in 2012. The deportations then started after the DR changed their immigration laws, in 2013. Later that year, investigations confirmed that human rights violations had occurred. Oddly, Haitian officials were not much involved in the complaints that led to those investigations. Both countries are under heavy pressure from outside forces to take bribes and soften up their populations for further encroachments.

More quotes from her book:

Here is how the con works: Venezuela sells oil to Haiti at 60 percent of the going rate, with the remaining 40 percent being payable over 25 years at one-percent interest. The Haitian state sells the oil at market prices and does as it wishes with the profits, but all the loan, every drop of sweat to pay it with interest during the next 25 years, will be wrung from the labor of poor Haitians.

Chery, Dady. We Have Dared to Be Free: Haiti’s Struggle Against Occupation (p. 266). News Junkie Post Press. Kindle Edition.

Every year for a decade, Haitian presidents and prime ministers have appeared at the UN to invite the international community to rule Haiti for yet another year because, presumably, the citizens of the world’s first black republic cannot govern themselves. Nothing: not the alleged gang rapes, murders, child prostitution, or even the cholera from the so-called peacekeepers, have induced the Haitian regimes to say no to the UN.

Chery, Dady. We Have Dared to Be Free: Haiti’s Struggle Against Occupation (p. 267). News Junkie Post Press. Kindle Edition.

Dr. Dady Chery goes on to eulogize Toussaint L’Ouverture, a great Haitian general and leader who was tricked by Napoleon into attending a peace conference where he was captured and sent to France to die in prison. She sees nothing but bitter racism and power lust in the actions of the likes of Napoleon. L’Ouverture on the other hand stands as a self-made leader and a martyr for the cause of freedom.

Dady then goes on to outline the current situation in Haiti, dominated by the legacy of Clinton’s Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, installed after the 2010 earthquake. To this day, Haiti appears to be in the hands of politicians corrupted by promises of personal wealth offered to them by external groups only interested in profiting from misery.

Why cooperate with your own suppression?

Dady goes on to outline and endorse MLK’s approach to making change – non-cooperation. Though I believe she does not emphasize enough the role of a free press (or other groups) in educating the people so that they can make sound local decisions, this may not be the major situation in Haiti at this time. There they still struggle just to regain control of their lives. The rule of law, in the case of Haiti, seems insufficient to ensure self-governance. And so it goes in many places across this planet.

Brief Encounter

25 October 2020

I went shopping on Saturday this week. For some reason, I couldn’t get up on time Friday morning. But I got a bonus – it was a free ride day on Regional Transit (RT) to promote voting. Yesterday (Saturday the 24th) was the first “early voting” day in California. Voters could bring their vote-by-mail ballots into certain locations and mark them there and deposit them for later counting.

I always stop at William Pond park on my way home. But it being Saturday, and still warm (mid-70s) for this time of year, the park was more crowded than usual. My usual table was taken, so I sat at the Jessica K. Geissler memorial table. Next to me were five children with their mother, playing by running down the little slopes available there.

I decided to take some photos of them. Then they found a slightly steeper slope closer to where I was sitting. It touched me to watch them play.

Finally, this young man walked towards me. He had his eyes on my bicycle.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi.” He continued to advance. “Your bike.”

“Yes, you like it?”

He grabbed hold of one of the peddles and tried to push it forward. “Hard,” he said. Then he pushed it the other way and found it rotated easily. He pushed it around many times.

As you can see, he was dressed in traditional South Asian clothes. This is called a “kurta.” The pants are called “shalwar.” The area where his front buttons are was embroidered. So this was a dress kurta, not an everyday one.

Next, the older girl approached. His sister, I suppose. She was wearing a t-shirt proclaiming “girls can do anything.” But she said nothing – just curious.

Then their mother called them away.

I smiled and tried to show that I appreciated their company. And then it was time for me to continue on my way.

Liberals and Conservatives

23 October 2020

I’ve been hearing a lot about right versus left these days.

I don’t agree with this way of looking at life.

Both liberals and conservatives are near the top of the human tone scale. Real liberals are actually a bit higher in tone.

In a sane and sustainable society, liberals and conservatives work together to find new games to play and keep those games ethical. The liberals are good at spotting new opportunities for freedom and expansion, and conservatives are good at setting reasonable boundaries, often in terms of moral or civil law, or policy.

Here’s an example where the liberals (in this case the children) discovered a new opportunity to play when the sprinklers went on in the park they were visiting with their parents. The conservatives (the parents) stood back to watch. They would help decide when it was time to stop and dry off and eat dinner.


robot ape
Remote-controlled fighting monster from Japanese magazine.

Now let’s imagine that a huge scary monster appears in the park.

The liberals could invite the monster to play with them…but, let’s say they feel too intimidated. Their fallback position on the tone scale is protest (antagonism). “You’re too big to play with us! Go away!”

Meanwhile, the conservatives will be saying, “Sorry, monsters aren’t allowed in this park.” If that doesn’t work, their first fallback position is anger. They’ll call the police to arrest or kill the monster. But that’s irrational. What if the monster has friends which will come to his aid if he’s attacked? We haven’t even really tried to communicate with the monster to find out what it wants.

The liberals have a second fallback position – fear. They can run away and then plan a covert way to defeat the monster, possibly by poisoning its food. This is also quite irrational (criminal, in fact), and could lead the monster to decide that they are his enemies, and so attack them.

The conservative’s second fallback position is to surrender (propitiation). In doing this, they might save their skins, but they’ll lose their game.


History is full of examples of liberals and conservatives caving in in the face of suppression, reacting in ways that aren’t very pro-survival.

It is fairly easy to get liberals to protest if you can convince them their freedoms are being threatened. And if protest doesn’t work, they can often be convinced to assist criminals to undermine “the enemy” by covert means. This traces a descent away from thriving through protest or rebellion and on down to criminal practices like most forms of communism.

It can be more difficult to dislodge conservatives from their basic faith in their beliefs, moral teachings, and laws, but if they can be convinced that they are threatened, they may make a valiant effort to stop or destroy the threat (military action, fascism). And if that fails, they may be convinced to agree to subservience.


A classic case of this was the whole Western colonial adventure. Liberals saw the Americas, as well as much of Asia, as potentially new playing fields for new games. To win these areas for their use, they engaged in games of conquest. Conservatives failed to curb the willingness of liberals to fight or enslave indigenous people to get what they wanted. Thus, many liberals turned into criminals, and this led to a long and abiding hatred for them among many indigenous peoples.

Suppressive persons lied to everyone. At first they used sectarianism, claiming the indigenous cultures were “savage” and “godless.” Then after everyone was Christianized, “race science” and later Eugenics were used instead. And the blood did flow. This was all promulgated by real criminals through various lies designed to get different groups to fight each other rather than work things out peacefully.

There are still many who believe those lies. I recently saw a very rational interview with a white separatist. He didn’t want to kill anyone. But he firmly believed that the color of his skin was important in many ways, and that racial mixing would ruin that special quality.

In India, the Caste System got much worse after the British learned how to use it to keep Indians divided. Many of the current caste “traditions” in India were actually installed by the British in the 1700s or 1800s. India was recently found to be one of the most racist countries in the world, while in fact it is also one of the most racially-mixed.

Liberals and conservatives should learn to get along.

The tug downwards towards irrational and violent behavior comes from real criminals. I have gone over this many times. These people are spiritually sick, and are afraid of honest people, so try to find ways to make them fight each other.

What the honest people need to do is figure this out and stop playing that game. They need to widely educate the population about the suppressive personality, and teach everyone the best methods for detecting such persons and disengaging from them.

Suppressive persons do not benefit from punishment, though some may need to be isolated (quarantined). It is important to keep them away from positions of power and authority, and the public must remain constantly vigilant on this point. In our current situation, a free press – and free speech – are very important mechanisms to protect us from criminals getting into power, as it is not yet feasible to establish a proper system of Ethics.

We have dropped below this point currently, even in America. The “press” is largely no longer free, but controlled by a few companies tied to criminal groups. The “left” is in a constant state of protest, doing little or nothing truly creative, and being totally uncooperative with their conservative brethren. Honest conservatives are trying to hang on to traditions they know are workable. But in the face of a broadening reality among the peoples of Earth, these traditions can no longer be applied everywhere they are needed. Meanwhile, they are too blind to the lies being fed to them, and to the importance of working with real liberals to keep society creative and flexible.

Conservatives must inform themselves of the discoveries and technologies that are actually keeping the planet running at this point. And they must realize that their religious beliefs may require a little modification due to new and more reliable proofs of individual spiritual existence. They must seek to nurture liberalism in themselves, along with the ability to move around on the Tone Scale as appropriate for the situation. They must also continue to nurture their faith. It is a very important part of life.

A Fall Day in My Neighborhood

21 October 2020

Here it is mid-October, and in Sacramento it still reaches the mid-80s during the day, with no sign of rain yet. Young people riding scooters is a common sight, along with skateboards. And more people, it seems, are coming back outside.

This rust-red steel sculpture stands at the boundary between the new DOCO and the older tourist areas to the west. Macy’s is technically in DOCO, but is one of the few older buildings (probably built in the ’60s) to survive the transition.

Halloween is coming up, but in Old Sac they celebrate the Latino version. The designs used on this banner are very typical of the art used to celebrate this holiday.

Old Sac is popular with both tourists and locals. Considering the recent economic hard times, Old Sac seems to be in rather good shape.

Shops get to hang their signs over the wide boardwalks that serve as sidewalks here. Though people are allowed to drive in here and park, the walking space available is unusual for a modern city. And most of it is protected by overhead balconies.

There are people who live in Old Sac. These apartments directly above shops are particularly picturesque.

Not all my pics of people are crystal clear, as I like to stand at a distance and use zoom, which makes the image more sensitive to slight movements of the camera. We see here a variety of mask-wearing styles. Masks are still required to enter any store, but not outside.

Back at DOCO, they begin to prepare for outdoor dining, which happens every evening. I’ve become acquainted with one of the security guards, and he told me that six different restaurants are involved. You come in and order online, then someone brings your order to your table.

A large digital sign has recently been installed. It currently advertises a Coors product, and a face waxing salon. That’s my building in the background.

Along K Street all the restaurants have set up awnings (needed because of the crows that come to roost in the sycamores around dusk, and rain poop on the ground) so they can have outdoor dining, which allows them to continue operating. Restaurants in other areas have made similar arrangements.

While they have continued to have some problems with violence in downtown Portland, it has been peaceful here in Sac for some time now. Hopefully it will stay that way. Violence might be good for politics, but it’s terrible for business.


16 October 2020

This continues my commentaries on contemporary literature, mostly experienced in the form of movies.

Spaceballs – 1987

A ridiculous Mel Brooks attempt at a take-off on Star Wars. Full of crummy Yiddish humor and suggestive imagery. It is definitely Mel Brooks, but not really science fiction. Though a princess and her robot nanny/maid are indeed stranded in space for a while after she runs away from a disagreeable wedding, the overall story does not fit my theme. I include it for completeness.

Alien Arrival – 2016

This is an Australian production. It is rather violent. The hero is stranded on a moon. He finds out near the end that the moon is in some sort of time dilation field where one year on the surface compares to about one week of “normal” time. Strange monsters live here that can “meld” with human bodies to form a composite being that is extremely resistance to being killed. The story has a hopeful ending.

Stranded – 2001

This is a Spanish production shot in Hollywood and the Canary Islands. The screenplay is interesting, but flawed. It deals with several topics that most Sci Fi stories don’t touch. I wanted to contact the director Maria Lidón to praise the effort, but was not able to find a website for her.

The ensemble play a group of six astronauts stranded on Mars due to a crash. The Captain perishes on impact, so a junior officer, a woman, must take command. The others are specialists.

The scientist, a pessimist, predicts that they will all die before they can be rescued, but might stand a chance if three of the remaining crew are willing to commit suicide. The new captain chooses herself and two of the men, leaving the scientist and a female doctor (played by the director) behind.

The three walk out in their space suits towards a valley that they were supposed to land much closer to. They reach an ancient habitat where they find breathable air and water, but not before losing their sanest and healthiest member. The other man then dies by entering a chamber where the oxygen generator is turned off. The woman, now alone, reaches a pond of water just outside the habitat.

At this point, the two back at the crashed shuttle regain contact with her for a few minutes, and realize she didn’t perish as was expected. They had already discovered a leak in their life support chamber, so they decide to don spacesuits and find the survivor, which they do.

Emotional impact of a paradigm shift

What the screenwriter (Juan Miguel Aguilera) failed to do, in my estimation, was to fully explore the emotional impact of the discovery on the scientist.

It has been my experience (correct me if I’m wrong) that many scientists get emotionally attached to the basic assumptions which underlie their work, and will do almost anything (including lie, cheat and steal, in the worst cases) to protect the sanctity of their basic assumptions, and thus the value of their work.

However, when this scientist learned that a livable habitat was discovered in walking distance of their crash site, he seemed simply relieved. He had been prepared to sacrifice the lives of three of his companions so that he and a girl could survive to be rescued. Yet he showed no great remorse or emotional release when his dire assumptions were, in the end, proven to be false.

Life on Mars

Because the film spent most of its time on the story that led three to leave and walk out to their supposed doom, it did not have time to explore the ramifications of what they had discovered on Mars.

Although it is unlikely that a technology exists that can create pockets of breathable atmosphere in an otherwise dangerous environment, without some sort of door system to keep the good parts sealed, it is basically a certainty that Mars used to be inhabited. (In fact, it may still be.)

For me, this is the big news. This is the elephant in the room! We don’t just have “religious fanatics” agreeing with this finding. We have Courtney Brown, who made this discovery using Scientific Remote Viewing. We have all the past life recall investigators who have run into this. And we have some former “deep state” operatives also making this claim, through public contacts like David Wilcock.

This whole line of discoveries is a very big deal.

When I was a teenager, I promised myself that I would find out to the best of my ability if Earth was alone in the universe (stranded) and thus seriously needed a “Noah’s Ark” survival strategy, or if we were only one of many. What I found was that this universe is really quite crowded. But Earth may be unique in some important ways.

On the verge of becoming submerged into a technocratic tyranny that we might never escape, we uncovered the inescapable truth that we are spiritual beings and can be trapped and victimized only by our own agreement. Some of us now struggle to undo that long chain of agreements, while others, the “scientists,” insist that there is no way to go but their way, and that it will all turn out fine.

Well, the history we discovered suggests otherwise!


14 October 2020

Imagine receiving on your phone a message spoken by an automated voice announcing the following:

…social security number…the moment you receive this message I need you to get back to me on my department/division number…

Now, if I don’t hear a call from you we will have to issue an arrest warrant under your name and have you arrested.

So get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Archived voice message.

The dark world of phone scamming

This happened to me a few days ago.

I looked on the internet for data about this type of call.

At the top of the search results was a Forbes article of 24 Nov 2019 about a recent increase in phone scams involving Social Security numbers. It covers this particular version of the scam (intended to extort money or personal information from you) and several others.

The articles states, “The government says it would “never” threaten anyone with arrest for crimes associated with their Social Security number.” This data is taken from a Social Security Administration press release on the subject, dated 7 December 2018.

According to a Wikipedia article on the subject, in 2011 this type of fraud managed to steal about $20 billion from the legitimate economy.

The cost of crime

Crime and society’s response to it pose significant costs to the United States. The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that federal, state, and local governments collectively spent over $280 billion in fiscal year 2012 (adjusted to 2016 dollars) on criminal justice programs such as police protection, the court system, and incarceration. There are also many other financial and nonfinancial effects of crime that researchers consider when estimating the total costs of crime in the United States. These can include tangible costs such as replacing damaged property or medical care to treat victims’ injuries, and intangible costs such as changes in people’s behavior to avoid crime, among many other costs. Researchers have estimated varying annual costs of crime, including totals of $690 billion, $1.57 trillion, and $3.41 trillion, adjusted to 2016 dollars.

GAO-17-732: Published: Sep 26, 2017

We are looking, then, at crime-associated costs (drain on the legitimate economy) anywhere from about $1trillion, on up to multiple trillions, depending on exactly what you include as a “cost” and as a “crime.” Annual GDP for the U.S. is around $20 trillion, or $5 trillion per quarter.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2nd Quarter (April-May-June) GDP dropped by $2 trillion from the previous year. That means the legitimate economy lost (had stolen from it) about 10% of its annual production – 40% of its quarterly production – due to the economic lockdowns meant to (we are being told) control the outbreak of a new viral disease.

These figures are of necessity quite impersonal. Yet imagine how your life would change if your personal income suddenly dropped to about half of its normal range, with no prospect of ever recovering that loss. Imagine how your life would change if your car were stolen or your house burned down, even if you had insurance to cover the replacement value of the vehicle or the structure. Imagine how your life would change if police appeared at your door and announced that you were under arrest.

A culture of atrocity

What sort of culture do we live in, that would allow the situation to deteriorate to its current state?

We have battled against criminality in society for as long as anybody can remember. Just within recent history, we decided that the right thing to do was to elevate the value of individual freedom and devalue the tyranny of the group. History labels that period of our history “the Enlightenment.”

But this was far from a world agreement. Not only did various powerful groups fight against this trend, but many who paid lip service to it were not really that dedicated.

And so another set of battles were fought, just to have this basic principle of human rights extended to all humans, not just those with a certain appearance or bloodline.

And still this principle was fought. Eugenics arose, along with mob “justice” in the U.S. South, forced sterilization all over the planet, and even forced euthanasia (mercy killing) for a while in Germany. More wars were fought, and more property destroyed in the name of “us over them.”

By the middle of the last century, while the U.N. was ratifying the most comprehensive list of human rights ever assembled (1948) in response to Nazi atrocities, a “Communist” dictator in Russia had already killed or ruined the lives of millions he fancied to be his political opponents, or in other ways undesirable. A similar thing happened in “Communist” China between 1958 and 1962. And Blacks continued to suffer race-motivated terror and killings in the U.S., in Africa, and in the African diaspora; Haiti in particular.

Atrocities of this magnitude do not occur without support or cooperation from high places in society. And yet a broad base of support-via-neglect, or perhaps arising from ignorance, apathy, or fear, must also exist. It has been observed that this “support” (or acquiescence) is created from the top through propaganda efforts, and may rely on belief systems installed in a similar way in the more distant past.

Don’t honest people have rights, too?

Getting a handle on the threat

There are a few points that are clear to me:

  1. Criminals seek power as a way to protect themselves and their activities.
  2. If honest people can’t learn to identify and handle criminals, they will continue to suffer.
  3. Persons who seek positions of power should be fairly tested for criminality, and denied the position if they don’t pass as basically honest.
  4. Handling governments in this way would be insufficient. Large businesses also function like governments and must follow similar rules.

Structures of power

This post may seem a bit disjointed, as I was planning to write more about these general subjects before I got the threatening call. I have touched on these themes in past posts, and will continue to do so. But the basic data I am working with are worth repeating.

In the book I’m reading about Haiti, local governments are seen (as would be expected) to be closer to the people. Thus locally-elected officials are more likely to truly represent their communities and, possibly, be more immune from corruption. Dr. Chery reports that the central government of Haiti is highly corrupt, and suggests that this is the general pattern across the world, in both democracies and otherwise.

Commonly-held beliefs and values are attained by methods that are essentially irrational.

Though the Enlightenment has also been known as the Age Of Reason, in the end it could only replace one kind of irrationality (mysticism, religion, superstition) with another, which came to be known, broadly, as “science.”

Science is irrational because it reacts against religion instead of solving the problems of religion. Thus to this day we still argue about Origin, Spirit, and Evil. Furthermore, irrationality is instilled in all of us in ways that most of us are not aware of and have not properly confronted. Thus, Democracy can only obtain agreements that are essentially irrational. That this makes it inferior to other political structures is not being suggested here. But you can see its weak points. Can you imagine allowing children to vote for who would get to be their parents? That is essentially what Democracy does. It’s main advantage is that you can hold the voters responsible for the quality of their government. And thus, possibly, it has a future.

Governments that work for the good of everyone deserve support.

Some benevolent dictators are still adulated in history simply because they made enough good decisions to give their people a measure of security, prosperity and freedom. But for the most part these were one-off wins.

The secret of good leaders was probably their ability to spot and handle criminals rather than give them power. So far we have not found a way to guarantee this in government. And so we muddle on.

Power asymmetries are detrimental to basic rights and freedoms.

If a would-be tyrant can identify an individual as a political enemy and send loyal agents to his house to arrest him and get him thrown in prison, then that would-be tyrant has a “workable” path to becoming a full-fledged tyrant.

If a would-be tyrant has no legal structure he can use against his supposed enemies, then he is less likely to ever become a tyrant.

Dr. Chery, in writing about Haiti, extols the virtues of bottom-up politics. Haiti’s Constitution (1987) attempts to enact such a system. What does this actually look like in practical terms? The problem is that organizations need leaders/coordinators. This sets up a constant tension between leaders and the members of the groups they lead. An honest leader, then, will tend to retain his or her position to the extent that the group members can see that they are mostly benefiting from the decisions being made by the leader. Criminals can upset any such system to the extent that the members of the group are uneducated on the subject of criminals. I know this subject as Ethics. It is a vital subject in any group.

In practical terms, then, a group trained in Ethics has some chance of prospering if its leader is chosen on the basis of skill in leadership and if the group has a workable way to police itself using some sort of Ethics system. Larger groups have similar chances to prosper if they operate under similar conditions. This gives you a structure that starts at the bottom with smallish production groups, then continues up in a coordinating structure that makes use of people who have proven to be successful leaders at lower levels. Choice of personnel may come from the bottom up, or from the top down, or from some combination of the two. But an Ethics system (operated by honest people) is required to prevent criminals from rising through the ranks or appearing suddenly in senior positions. Groups that are prospering long term have something like this in place, whether they realize it or not.

Individual freedom is highly desirable.

This is because individual ability is highly desirable, and this goes hand-in-hand with freedom. Only a criminal would rail against giving honest people the rights and freedoms that they require. For it is these things that boost individual ability, and thus group prosperity.

You cannot expect equal results in such a community, even if you obtain equal opportunity. Some beings are just more able. But to the extent that you can give each community member an equal, or equivalent, chance to develop and demonstrate his or her abilities, higher levels of group prosperity are possible.

Society will always come up against the challenge of families who wish to preserve their “place” in society by devious means. This is what the Ethics system is there for. Its lack is why things are the way they are now.

Science Fiction

12 October 2020

My free trial of Amazon Prime having come to an end, I have returned to YouTube free-with-ads movies, continuing to watch stories with science fiction themes.

Epoch – 2001

An odd gravity-defying structure emerges in Bhutan near the Chinese border. The Americans get there first, and discover the large object seems to have healing properties. As the U.S. faces off with China over who should control the area, the object begins to emit a thick cloud that will commence a new Ice Age. A nuclear device is placed inside, then the hero and his girl go in and attempt to disarm it. They seem to fail, but the object contains the blast, removes the clouds, returns the hero and his girl, and disappears. The style used is simple realism, very common in TV movies.

Europa Report – 2013

A privately-funded manned mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa fails, with all six crew lost. But they manage to rig up a data dump to Earth at the last minute before they are lost. This film is the final report on the mission, intercut with reactions or statements from the key players. An advanced life form was discovered under the lunar ice. The style used might be described as “corporate.”

Terminus – 2015

In a dystopian future, where everyone is involved in war, a man runs into an odd object that has fallen to Earth and is giving him weird visions and seems to have healing properties. He decides he must hide and protect this object and sets about to do so. Meanwhile government agents search for the object, knowing its healing properties can help them in the war. As a shootout takes place, the man’s daughter and a friend hide inside the chamber they built for the object, and it is sealed shut. The world then erupts into full nuclear war. Sometime later, the protective container opens and the man and woman emerge as a kind of Adam and Eve while the object works to rebuild a viable ecosystem.

The film was made in Australia using a standard realistic style.

The Beyond – 2017

Directed by Hasraf “Haz” Dulull. An odd energetic body appears near the ISS. Analysis indicates it might be one end of a wormhole. The “Space Agency” teams up with the military to develop an astronaut that could be capable of surviving the gravitational forces inside the wormhole. They decide to use an experimental “Human 2.0” that is a robot that becomes “human” after a brain transplant. The mission works and the wormhole, nicknamed “the void,” leaves.

2036 Origin Unknown – 2018

Directed by Hasraf Dulull. A woman is operating manned Mars missions for a company run by her sister. On the first mission, they lose their father when he approaches a strange black cube found there. An unmanned probe, operated by our heroine and an AI named “ARTI” discovers more about the cube, but a missile firing causes the cube to be transported to Earth, where it becomes an international problem and so is targeted for destruction. Meanwhile, the heroine makes friends with ARTI, and he decides to modify his plan to destroy the human race and take her with him to the cube. They figure out how to return the cube to Mars, and ARTI destroys Earth and sends a perfect duplicate of the heroine to the cube to continue their quest for more knowledge.

This film is notable for its sparse ensemble of live actors. Most of it takes place with the heroine and ARTI alone together in a room.

The Stan Romanek Story – 2013

This is a carefully made documentary-style movie about one of the best-documented ET contact cases on record. Although Stan was warned several times to “shut up” he refused, and so in 2014 was convicted of having child porn on his computer (obviously fabricated) which led to detention at a halfway house and then 10 years of probation starting in 2019. He is scheduled for re-sentencing on 26 October of this year.

So here we have five examples of what the mainstream would like us to think about ET and AI, and one film about what – apparently – is really going down.

None of the Sci Fi films depicted ET as humanoid. Star Wars did. Star Trek did. Close Encounters did. E.T. did. Stan Romanek does. But none of these do.

What’s up with that?

All messages I’m getting say that the “bad” ruling elites desperately want us to see ET as a non-human, silent and inscrutable “thing” that is not safe to be around, even if it seems to work magic on human bodies.

The “good guys” want everyone to put their cards on the table, including ET, ideally.

The New Agers persist with a “love and light” message of unified consciousness and a possible “upgrade” “shift” or “ascension” in our futures. This is neo-Christian/Hindu stuff that is highly questionable.

The military wants people to know about some aspects of the situation, and understand why they see it as a threat. Supposedly, they don’t have the full truth either.


It all starts with the recognition of the actuality of spiritual existence.

This actuality gives us much more potential power, as well as longevity. It gives us ways to interact with these beings and to detect their attempts to mislead us. For these reasons, the “bad” guys oppose spiritual awareness.

The scenario of Epoch is highly unlikely and nothing like it has ever been reported. The scenario of Europa Report is highly likely, but officials would be disingenuous to portray it as “surprising.” The scenario of Terminus is also highly unlikely, though current military may be interested in actual ET (medical) technologies for similar reasons. The scenario of The Beyond is also unlikely, though that doesn’t mean that wormholes aren’t possible. More mystery is injected into these topics than they deserve. The scenario of Origin Unknown is also very unlikely. Nothing of this nature has been reported.

They are making this stuff up as a way to throw us off the main trail. The main trail is presented by Stan Romanek.

It is very unlikely that Stan himself is being untruthful about his experiences. But there is no guarantee that his experiences paint an accurate picture of who “they” are or what “they” are trying to do. There are too many relay points for much of the data he has received.

However, Stan is not the only person to report such experiences.

  • Paralysis as part of the abduction experience.
  • Memory loss as part of the abduction experience.
  • Meeting an off-world “mate.”
  • Meeting off-world “children.” (Children that he sired.)
  • Seeing “visitors” in the yard at night, or at conferences, in the audience.
  • Teams of tall Greys, tall Whites, and short Greys in and around the ships.
  • Odd messages on digital communication lines.
  • Warnings from military or others to “shut up” including threats and beatings.
  • Mysterious death of friends or relatives.
  • Finding ways to criminalize the experiencer, thus ruining his reputation.

Some of these tactics are regularly used beyond the realm of ET contactees. Many other vocal “undesirables” like Sean-David Morton, Corey Goode, Steven Greer, Ron Hubbard, NDE researchers, political dissenters, have experienced such attacks.

However, there is not much point to getting all wrapped up in the injustice of it all. It is more important, I think, to become aware of the full spectrum of stories that are out there and get a feel for yourself of their relative veracity. The actuality of spiritual existence is key. If you haven’t gotten that far yet, look into past life recall. Give it a good look, and see what you think. What’s the simplest explanation for it?

And Science Fiction writers: It’s time for you to come to the party! The early writers knew what they were doing. There is a lot more material available along that line. But the spiritual component, “The Force,” is very important. Learn to include it!

Dady Digs Deeper: An Epidemic and Vaccine

10 October 2020

Fear mongering remains a major tool. In early 2012, every day there were repeated news reports of the worst cholera epidemic ever in the world happening in Haiti, with hundreds of thousands more to be infected and thousands more lives to be lost during the rainy season. Such exaggerations of the projected growth of an epidemic are a common approach for selling vaccines. One heard good news only from the Cuban medical workers, who reported in February 2012 that they had not registered a single cholera death in 12 months in the areas where their medical teams were working.

Chery, Dady. We Have Dared to Be Free: Haiti’s Struggle Against Occupation (p. 113). News Junkie Post Press. Kindle Edition.

In late 2010, months after an earthquake had ravaged large areas of the little country of Haiti, its population was hit by a cholera outbreak.

Cholera is thought to be caused by a bacterium that lodges in the small intestine. It can cause severe diarrhea, leading to dehydration and death. It is spread mostly by contaminated food and drinking water, and is not “contagious” in the same way that colds and influenza are.

Treatment involves the administration of fluids that will be retained long enough in the gut to be absorbed. Prevention involves cleaning up the drinking water and other basic sanitation measures, including public health education if necessary.

Yet, for reasons best known to ???, “vaccines” have been developed for cholera. Such preparations can be given to travelers, with about 50% efficacy for one to two years. But new forms of these “vaccines” require testing. And in recent years, the preferred mode for testing cholera “vaccines” has been to administer them to vulnerable populations in “prevention programs.” This is, of course, a deceptive practice.


Most such products contain the chemical thiomersal (also, thimerosal), used as a preservative. Thiomersal is an organic chemical (it contains a carbon ring in the form of an ethyl) and also contains sulfur and mercury in the form of a thiolate. Because it contains mercury, its use in vaccines has raised a red flag, as mercury is a neurotoxin (like lead and arsenic). Indeed, in sufficient doses, thiomersal is quite poisonous. Even though thiomersal concentrations in vaccines are higher than those considered “safe,” various public health organizations consider this use of thiomersal to be a safe use. However, natural health advocates (hated by any who make their living off of allopathy – the use of medicines to treat disease) insist that numerous scientific studies indicate that the use of thiomersal and other poisonous substances in vaccines or other medicines is dangerous, particularly to children who are more sensitive to these poisons.

Cholera in Haiti

As reported by Dr. Chery, and later by the general press, cholera was unknown in Haiti until it was introduced in 2010 by some troops being deployed as U.N. peacekeepers who had recently attended a training exercise in Nepal, where they had become infected. The Haiti outbreak killed 10,000 people.

By 2012 it was largely over, but difficulty in repairing and maintaining public water systems that had been destroyed by the earthquake or by subsequent looting made it possible to advance the case for the use of a cholera “vaccine” in Haiti.

Dr. Chery reports that a cholera prevention program was launched as a way to test a newer version of the “vaccine” just developed by an Indian drug company. This company had suffered previous losses on similar products due to poor quality control. The vaccination program was pushed by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as by public health “scientists” with financial ties to drug companies.

This whole story, repeating itself as it has been doing for at least the past ten years, has worn thin with me.

The Gates Foundation

The Gates Foundation was building its new campus when I lived in Seattle (2009-2012). I used to walk by the site every day when I was volunteering at my church. At the time, I thought of applying for a job there, but found that all open positions seemed to require a PhD. Since then it has aligned itself with the Clinton Foundation. And these together have garnered a reputation for being two of the largest left-leaning non-profits in the business of assisting the West to make money off of the misfortunes of poor people, a practice often branded as “neocolonialism.”

While this accusation may seem overly cynical, Dr. Dady Chery has documented cases of this over and over in her home country and elsewhere. It is widely used today by the “right” as a criticism of the “new left” and thus is often portrayed as politically-motivated propaganda. The true facts in these stories, though, should not be overlooked. As I have previously discussed, the oversteps of evildoers can seem so outlandish and extreme that they are hard to believe. Yet they have been documented over and over again. The older examples, now a part of history, are often used by the “left” to criticize the “right” and portray them as “fascists.” Yet what of Stalin? What of Mao? What of psychiatry? What of all the earlier misdeeds of the colonizers? And what of the current misdeeds of the large corporations and their friends in government – very much including world government agencies (U.N., WHO, etc.)?

I know this is a huge letdown for those who believed that these large organizations would become a beneficial and liberalizing influence on the planet. Those groups still talk that way, and many still believe that talk. But a closer look has demonstrated that most of that talk is just the newest form of propaganda, meant only to cover up or justify continued criminal activities.

This is a sad thing. It is a bit odd to me that my own teacher would paint a picture of the world very similar to the one painted by Haiti’s Dr. Dady Chery. But this only indicates to me that her work should be taken seriously, and that the picture she paints of international greed and malfeasance is largely accurate.

Bringing things forward to now

On her blog,, Dr. Dady Chery has written several articles about COVID-19. She is, after all, a professor of biological science.

Her major piece covering the situation was published on 25 May, 2020. I quote extensively from it below.

“As drug makers prepare to make a killing on supposed vaccines against COVID-19, it is important, particularly for those who consider vaccines to be a wise investment today, or those whose retirement savings might get invested in such vaccines without their knowledge, to reflect on the fact that corporations are themselves viruses that can only make money for their investors by growing. The way they will grow is by making more vaccines for yet more pandemics. The new pandemics might come of their own accord, or they might get a little nudge.”

“If you should ever want to stop cowering with a mask on your face, shake hands with a new acquaintance, dance with friends and strangers, blow a kiss or flirt more outrageously with somebody, you’ll need to get a vaccination license. The people who have mandated this aren’t even currently in government. They are private individuals who have retreated to think tanks from which to issue their decrees.”

“…global public health appears to have been hijacked by a supposed non-profit foundation called the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI), with the Orwellian motto, “New vaccines for a safer world.” One might well ask: ‘safer for whom?’ CEPI was hatched in a one-hour discussion on the sidelines of Davos 2016 between Bill Gates, Wellcome Trust Foundation Director Jeremy Farrar, the CEOs of six major vaccine manufacturers (Glaxo Smith Kline, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Takeda, and Pfizer), the Prime Minister of Norway, and supposedly 15 other individuals.”

“The goal of this cabal, in which elected heads of states are obviously subordinate to Bill Gates and Big Pharma, is not merely to make vaccines and lots of money, but also to deregulate vaccine manufacture on a global scale and control the world by controlling global public health.”

“The mainstream media, which is as lazy as it is scientifically illiterate, has contented itself with the republication of gee-whiz, oh-wow press releases, and the publication of reports sometimes explicitly written by the vaccine manufacturers or their partner foundations.”

“One possible result of attempted vaccinations against SARS-CoV-2 that should give anyone pause is an Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) of disease. In other words, it is possible that attempted vaccinations might prime a previously healthy person for a life-threatening inflammation response on the next encounter with a coronavirus.”

“… hydroxychloroquine, an inexpensive and long-used drug, counters coronavirus infections in two crucial and quite general ways: it damages the virus and also keeps the immune response from going dangerously overboard.”

“The biggest populations of human subjects for vaccine trials have in the past been brown and black children from countries like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mexico, and Haiti. The scale of the current project is so massive, however, that even the citizens of Western countries must be preyed upon. In this regard, it certainly helps to keep everyone terrified.”

I respect the opinions and reported facts of Dr. Chery. She also believes in climate change, but I can live with that.

Do you see where she is going with this? Is it OK with you? This crap masquerading as science has kept my church closed now for half a year. The main reason I am here today is to attend my church, but now I can’t. So, this is not OK with me. Not even vaguely. And while my church will probably find a way around this problem, I may not. I don’t feel a need for retribution. But I do feel the need to speak out in warning. You are my friends when you can live free and are able to make the important decisions yourselves. If those freedoms and abilities go by the boards, will you still be my friends?