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Drips and Other Shapes

31 January 2021

When life begins to get boring or frustrating, I can find interest in odd places.

To wit, a dripping fountain. The flow was turned almost all the way off, but not quite. It was still going, drip, drip, drip, drip. I photographed several of the drips and then used slow motion videos on YouTube to try to piece together what phase of the drip each photo depicts.

In several photos, there were two bike riders going by in the background. But my study of the expected sequence of the drip does not match their progress down the street. I wasn’t paying attention to them at the time, so I’m not sure. It could be these aren’t in the correct order.

Per the videos I watched, the big drip of water hits the surface and creates a “corona.” The water then cavitates, or craters, before shooting a smaller drip (or more than one) back up, which then fall back of course. The process may repeat in an oscillating pattern, the “bouncing” drips getting smaller and smaller with each subsequent cycle of oscillation (called a “damped oscillation” in electronics).

Droplet emerges from cavity.
Subsequent smaller droplets.
Central mound as part of oscillations.
Still surface between drips. Or???


I was fascinated by this young girl’s hair, but the interposing clear partitions made my images somewhat less than magical.

Other forms

Sorry guys, but I am really missing my honey! Shapes like this, of course, catch the eye of almost anyone, young or old. Mother, lover, playmate, athlete. The image of a young and healthy body will endure!

The City Comes Alive!

30 January 2021

It’s Saturday, the weather is OK, and that means Old Sacramento is happening! (<- link to Carousel video)

Classic cars…
Different rides.

Close-ups done on phone – not true zoom.

Minions are big this year.

Downtown Sacramento Backwards

29 January 2021

Backwards? All I really mean is that I usually start in DOCO, then go to Old Sac, and today I went downtown, then to Old Sac, then to DOCO.

These photos concentrate more on people, but still my hand is not always steady enough on those zoom shots.

Weather wise, we are between storms. There was some sun, but also dark clouds, as well as billowing white clouds.

These flowering bushes are on the Capitol grounds.

Bits of official art are scattered around the city.

Construction workers outnumber sightseers.

If you want a nice secure usually boring occasionally dangerous job, be a security guard.

Light rail train headed towards Folsom.
I wondered what her story was.
Patterns in the architecture!
Fountain? Or art incorporating flowing water…
All the electrical control boxes are decorated!
Capitol Building.

Then through the tunnel to Old Sac … the more direct route was blocked by construction.

Both daughter and mom wearing tight pants.

I saw several girls carrying purses in this way – long shoulder strap so the bag sits on or below the hip.

Feral cats next to the dumpster.
Keeping an eye on us…
Another mom and daughter.
Just installed in the entertainment area!
I guess the Mexican restaurant that was here didn’t make it.
I’ve seen several women around town doing work like this.
Tattered flag.

Storm-blown flag. This will mean something to some readers. The Republic has been taking a beating lately…


28 January 2021

Now, I’m sorry, but Timea posted this on her Facebook, so I guess I can post it here, can’t I?

She wants us to order food from our local restaurants so that they will survive being closed.

And she is certainly a most excellent spokesperson for this cause! Daughter of a woman I used to work with. She has worked as an actress, and now she calls herself a “humanitarian.” Go Timea!

Images from My Universe

27 January 2021

I am pushing for change in my own life, hoping this will be reflected in the larger spheres of life.

I am doing this mostly by communicating more widely, using more platforms to find people to talk to.

But here I take another break for mostly images. It’s just that they have been piling up…

I run into some interesting stuff on Facebook. I don’t think this girl’s parents intended for this photo to be quite this poetic. But they have decorated her birthday party area with some of the new paraphernalia she has to deal with as a child, like Caution tape on her play equipment and “hands off” signs. And her expression communicates to me, “Is this all really necessary?”


Folsom remains one of the calmer spots on the face of the planet at this time.

Old Sacramento

Starling with french fry.
Music in the tunnel!

K Street

I have been trying to photograph more people. But it is not easy with a phone camera. I don’t like to get too close for candid shots.


I posted a message on a platform called Nextdoor asking if anyone would like to walk around Old Sac with me. And I got a response! A lady named Julie wanted to meet me, so even though the weather was beginning to get cold before a rainstorm, we met and got to know each other.

Julie likes to walk fast, was self-employed very successfully for many years, and has recently retired only to get totally involved volunteering, including in the Wide Open Walls initiative in Sacramento. Through this program, we have had numerous famous mural artists visit our city and put murals on various commercial buildings. World class names! She knows many of those artists. So we walked around downtown and showed me several of the murals and told me the stories behind them.

Julie is a fascinating, driven and very active woman and I was proud to have the chance to meet her.

A visitor helps me wait for Julie.
Everyone likes Estelle!
This lady’s long blonde hair caught my attention.
Same artists in graffiti mode.

And since we are getting close to Valentines Day, which I traditionally use to honor the women I admire the most, here are just a few:


Trudy is a remote viewer and a very cool woman. She is promoting an educational project called “Unschool Academy” – Unknowing with Unity! I like that vibe.

Isn’t she beautiful?


Another beautiful woman with a mission.

Artist’s rendition of our current reality…

As not reported on the mainstream media, people who support the previous leadership team (about half or more of the U.S. population) think the current sitting President won his place illegally.

There are even stories that he is not even operating out of the real White House, but from a studio, perhaps somewhere in California. Here an artist depicts what that might look like.

The opposition is very certain that they are being lied to and lied about. Since those lies include my church, my teacher, and matters I know to be factual, the opposition includes me.

My Brave

24 January 2021

This is an extremely short story that I decided to write very early this morning.

It has been so difficult to forgive myself!

…He was such a beautiful man. And I was at that age when the body screams at me every day, “It is your time! It is your time!”

He had trained to be a warrior, as most of our men did. He was tested in the hunt. Could he work together with the other braves? Could he keep his aim true without flinching? Did he have the strength to hold the animal down if they needed to bleed it to end its life? Could he avoid being hurt by his mount, by his bow, by the hazards along the trail?

They always returned with their catch beaming. But to me it seemed he beamed the most.

And so it was that one day I approached him while he was making new arrows, and we spoke together.

I was the Chief’s eldest daughter. My parents expected me to choose, and to choose well.

He was of a family we were not that close to. It was a large camp, hundreds of families. But even as children he had caught my eye. And we had played together a bit.

And so, with my body screaming, we spoke quietly together. And he said yes.

Our camp’s strength and success did not go unnoticed by the bands who lived in the valley. We had taken our location above the canyon but a few years ago. And though our hunting territories really didn’t overlap that much, the bands in the lowlands saw us as potential competitors.

One Spring day, a group of them had ridden up the narrow trail to visit us, and had demanded to speak with my father. After that, my father decided to post lookouts above the trail, so that he could be forewarned if they ever decided to return.

My brave was one of the young men assigned to this.

Not long before this, I had informed my parents of my choice. My father seemed to approve.

But when he assigned my brave to a watch, I complained.

We had made a habit of staying up with each other on evenings when he was in the camp. And he would pet me and promise me a child soon after we were formally joined. I longed for that day! And my body screamed for that day!

But when he was named to be a lookout, he had to sleep early so that he could stay alert until he was relieved. And so I lost his sweet caresses, and I complained to my father.

“Why him, father? We are close to being wed, and I miss his nightly visits terribly!”

“Patience, child,” he had responded. “We must be vigilant now, as the valley tribes have threatened us. And your brave must participate in keeping our camp secure. He does not yet have family responsibilities.”

I understood, but still: My body screamed!

One afternoon I caught him making arrows, as I had when we had first agreed.

“I miss you so!” I pleaded to him. “Please come visit me as you used to!”

He looked at me with that incredible warm smile, which was the reason I had chosen him, and he assured me, “I miss you, too. I miss you very much!”

Did his body scream too, as mine did? He kissed me and I sensed a tremble in him, in every part of him.

That night I was surprised when he came to me at my fire.

“I couldn’t sleep. I so much wanted to see you and touch you as we used to!”

And so we sat together until it was his time to leave. And though there was a chill in the air, he made me feel so warm, so full of life.

And that was our last night together.

Lifetimes have gone by since that night. It took me so long to remember!

In each life I passed through I carried a burden with me that I could never explain. I would break down sobbing over the silliest little things. The grief seemed so real, and yet its origin was a total mystery.

Until this life, when I finally did remember.

It was an amazing experience. I don’t know who he is now, or where he is. But in that moment of remembering I connected with him once again, and I learned the rest of the story, his side of it.

Yes, what else should we have expected? He had fallen asleep during his watch.

And if his watch had been on any other day, he might have dosed, then roused himself and found nothing more than a quiet and peaceful night.

But on this night, things went differently.

He awoke instead to the smell of smoke, and death. Down on the trail there were still some men from the valley making their way up to our camp. But the bulk of them had already arrived. And with their hatchets they had spread out quickly, and had sought out and scalped many of our braves. They were organized and methodical, and the camp was quickly rendered defenseless. After that initial sweep, they set each tent ablaze, and caught each woman or child or elder as they ran out, and murdered them.

And in this way, I died that night.

But my brave lived.

He hid himself and so escaped the fray. It was his camp, but it was also his life. He knew that to rise and fight would mean his death, too.

When all was done, he traveled inland by foot, found another camp, and pleaded with them to let him live with them, if only to help the women pound acorns or dry out the meat for winter. And so he survived, though it was, he assured me, a personal hell.

He told me that in each subsequent life, after his first romantic encounter, he would develop trouble sleeping. No matter whether he was man or woman that life.

And he said that he was very relived to meet me again in spirit; that he, too, had been haunted by a longing and a sorrow that he could never put his finger on.

Could I forgive him?

I told him, yes.

And now: Can I forgive myself?

So many died for my passion!

I still feel so ashamed!

But yes, perhaps, it is time for forgiveness.

A photograph for you! From years ago, a special kind of bird…

It’s Time To Talk

24 January 2021

A lot of us were expecting some revelations to go public last week. They didn’t. Perhaps it’s time for me to speak up about all of this.


DOCO and Old Sac were BUSY today! The weather wasn’t even that warm. But people seemed eager to get out anyway. As I was walking back home, the security guard who has befriended me stopped me.

He said, “Don’t you think this is too soon?” He pointed to all the people eating outside at the restaurant.

“You mean, it’s too early in the season?” I asked.

“No!” he said. “I mean the pandemic isn’t over yet!”

“Really! I thought the pandemic ended 6 months ago.”

“Oh man,” he said. “Now you’re messing with me.”

I recently went over what the most popular lies propagated by the mainstream are. My view, of course. And I know there are some readers who absolutely can’t go along with my truth. OK. But I am trying to make a point about how life works and how I work, not convert you to some new religion.

Can we agree that almost ALL of the mainstream is basically pushing the same message about many important issues? On top of this, there is a whole package of assumptions being forwarded by the mainstream through language, ads, and snarky comments. These have to do with things like UFOs, non-MD healers, mental health, and other very important topics.

Can we agree that there are people – lots of people – (roughly half the population in the case of the last election) who are at the least offended by these mainstream messages? Can we agree that it is unlikely that fully half of the population is totally deluded? Might it not be possible that they have been exposed to some information or experiences that contradict the mainstream story? Do we really have no interest whatsoever in why their truth is different?

So: If a person like me, who has always been a serious (and mostly straight-A) student, thinks he is being lied to by the mainstream, why should he believe anything written or spoken there? And where is he going to find an alternative that might be less false? Obviously, his first choice would be someone else who also believes that the mainstream is lying. So, that’s what I did.


For nutritional advice, and for non-allopathic approaches to illness, I go to Dr. Joseph Mercola. He is a very popular writer in the field of nutrition, and became radicalized when he and his friends started getting attacked when they expressed their misgivings about certain vaccines that were being developed, in particular the one (HPV) given to girls to prevent cervical cancer. Mercola quotes studies and other experts, as well as giving some anecdotal stories. He is a very earnest individual.

For general spiritual data, of course, I use Hubbard. But besides him, there are numerous (but not extremely numerous) academics working in the field of parapsychology. And for the best data on Earth’s history, I go to Courtney Brown’s remote viewers, who work under the umbrella of the Farsight Institute.

I am missing many more minor sources that I have consulted. I use these people mostly because they present their data calmly, they all believe in Spirit, reincarnation, and ET. They don’t concentrate on how flying saucers work or speculative subjects like that. Simon Parkes should be mentioned. He had some personal experienced with certain ETs. He was involved in politics for a while and he decided to make his ET experiences public. He got elected anyway. He is currently reporting a lot on data he is being fed by someone inside the mythical (but actual?) military group working to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

What things are really temporary

Games in bodies are relatively temporary things. They last as long as the planet lasts, or as long as the civilization lasts, if it is space-faring. According to human memory, some such civilizations have lasted for a very long time. Somehow, they did enough things right to survive. One group specializes in taking over planets and then mining them out of existence. They survive because they have learned to live on space ships.

Certainly a lifetime is temporary, and we should all be very clear about that. When we leave this life, most of us are programmed to return automatically. That would suggest that most of us have minimal control over the details of our rebirth. A few of us seem to have much more control in this area.

The tried and true model for operating a “Space Opera” planet is what I call Corporate. It is a hierarchical management structure that can operate an entire planet, if that is what is desired. A good Corporate structure does not need “capitalism” or “free markets.” Corporate has existed on Earth for a long time in a number of different forms. It has sometimes hidden behind the “conservative” values of competition in business, and economic growth. In other guises it has hidden inside Communist regimes. The most brazenly Corporate entities today, like Google and Amazon, openly seek to be monopolies and to squash competition. They are basically very practically-oriented power structures. They are designed to get things done, and that can include all the functions normally associated with other social institutions like schools, banks, governments, entertainment, even churches.

The above data is based partly on human recall of how earlier Space Opera societies operated. We also have present time data from remote viewers about how those societies operate today. Commonly, Corporate prefers slave-based systems. They are considered easier to manage. Earth is special because we are the misfits that were rounded up and removed from those societies. So to implement a full Corporate pattern on this planet is a real trick. It is, however, being accomplished.

The promotion of a dependence on experts has been crucial to their success here. It has allowed human rights like free speech to be challenged or cancelled on the basis that expert data is clearly superior to debate and argument. They, of course, pick who are the “experts.” This has been inculcated particularly in the fields of education, body health and mental health. It is backed up by turning certain chosen scientists into opinion leaders (marketing spokespeople). The general public are overwhelmed by the scope and depth of knowledge of these people. It is a pretty easy sell.

Crime groups also use a Corporate structure, and there is lots of evidence that “dirty” and “clean” corporate entities are peas in a pod. Professional hit men are routinely used by Corporate if they want to make a point that everyone will notice. Corporate favors the proliferation of drugs and poor personal habits, as – while these are bad for business – they are good for assisting to keep the “problem” people under corporate domination.

The pandemic

The story that falls through the cracks that exist in the false narrative about the pandemic paints a picture of this event as one they have been waiting for and planning for a long time. That there appears to be some ET interference and foreknowledge of this event indicates to me that ET wanted to throw Corporate a bit off guard so that its role in this whole thing would be more noticeable.

Therefore, it is possible that it was not originally intended for the virus to be traceable to China. ET forced a lab accident to occur, which created an outbreak there. So China – a very Corporate-like nation right now – got wrapped up in all this when it hoped it wouldn’t. The links of big names like Fauci and Gates to financial interests in China and Big Pharma reduced their aura of having the moral high ground.

Per one article, the Infection Fatality Ratio for COV-19 in children, by actual statistics, is about 1 death in 100,000 infections. For people my age it is about 1 death per 1,000 infections. These figures are of course subject to how well the reports reflect reality. Infection mortality rates climb with age. But so do healthy mortality rates. The measured death rate of a person my age for any cause is 2 per 1,000 people. So catching this disease is half as risky as just being alive! To what extent does an infection simply assist the death of someone who was ready to go anyway? And if an infected person has “multiple comorbidities,” who’s to say which condition actually killed them? We also have the question of what treatment was given and how effective it was. Many effective treatments have been suppressed by Corporate. Presumably because they would be less profitable.

And we also have the question of whether the number of cases (infections) is being properly reported. The PCR test at a cycle threshold above about 20 does not really detect infection, but only the fact of viral residue in the nasal cavity.

Although the CDC continues to insist that masks make a difference, real world data cannot be found which supports this claim. Cases rise and fall with testing rates and seasonal patterns, regardless of what social distancing policies are enforced. That is what real-world experience is telling us.

Thus, we are being locked down for reasons other than COVID; and we are being lied to about it by the mainstream. I wish there were some way to make this even more clear! It’s not about Public Health! It appears to be about enslaving an entire planet. This is the usual and expected pattern. Laugh at it at your own expense. I would much prefer you take this seriously and help make more people aware that they are being robbed of their basic human rights and that the intention is to make this permanent.

What things really survive

Regardless of planets, illnesses and death, Spirit survives.

Spirit will thrive to the extent that it is aware of what is really going on and is confident in itself.

Thus, you can “break” Spirit by lying to it all the time and not allowing it access to all the data and not letting it think for itself and decide for itself. This is our mainstream world: A “conspiracy” against Spirit! This is very obvious to anyone who travels with companions who are interested in spiritual awareness and spiritual growth.

Spirit enjoys playing a game. Living in a body on a planet is one possible game for Spirit. But it is not the only one! Besides all our prior games, there are certainly many more possible ones that we haven’t thought of yet. Spirit is happy if it can create new games to play. The duration of a game is not necessarily that important.

A worthwhile long term goal

In the long run, we want to be more aware, knowledgeable, and competent. These factors will serve us well for millions of years into the future. They are the factors emphasized in Scientology, and to lesser extents in all spiritual practices. In the long run, having any spiritual practice is better than having none.

Happiness is not Earthbound. Happiness is “the overcoming of not unknowable obstacles towards a known goal.” It is the result of playing any decently-conceived game with some degree of competence. It is possible anywhere, any time, and for anyone. Happiness is indeed a worthwhile long term goal.


22 January 2021

I searched in vain among my own photographs for an image conveying the action of helping. I had to resort to the work of other photographers to find any.

Is the simple action of helping really that rare in my recorded experience? Dare I say … yes?

30 years ago

It was about thirty years ago that my mother died. I remember getting the call from my dad, who was in the hospital, as he had been hurt in the accident, too.

I was 36. I was working in a half-basement office on a special project for my church. We were busy all day long. But my supervisor let me go out and take a walk after I got the call, and I said goodbye to Mom as best I could.

It didn’t hit me right away. And it never really hit that hard. But finally I realized that Mom had been standing in as my closest female friend for all those years. And now she wouldn’t be able to do that any more. I needed to find a new close friend.

But, that’s not the point of this post. The simple fact is that, for one reason or another, I began to get more emotional after Mom passed. And it got to the point where I pissed off people every once in a while. And when that happened, I would really wish I had someone to talk to. But no one really ever showed up.

A promise

So I made a promise to myself, that if the tables ever turned and I could see that someone I knew was upset and could use some company, I’d do my best to take a break and be there for them.

Well, I did occasionally run into someone waiting for a bus or sitting on a train who appreciated an attentive ear. But the only extreme situations I ran into in later years were after the fires and hurricanes that have been part of life, and that I helped with relief efforts on in 2018. And though there was some emotional suffering involved, my task was to help clean up the physical destruction so that the person or family or church could start over.

I started co-auditing in 2019. It was a real challenge for me, but the emotions were not usually that extreme.

Then came the lockdowns.

The tables turn back

My new young friend got hit very hard last summer by some difficult events. But she has been determined (!!!) to sort through it herself. I have extended my hand in every way I could think of. But it was only OK, or so it seemed to me, if it was her helping me, and then only when she could spare some time. She told me she was suffering, but she never asked for my help. I told her I was suffering and I did ask for her help, but not too emphatically, because I knew she was suffering more.

Yep. It was me, again, who needed help. And it was me, again, who was having a hard time finding any. Well, it was my promise, wasn’t it? It wasn’t anyone else’s promise to me.

I’ve been reading that the isolation has been hitting people pretty hard. The ones who failed for some reason to have a sufficient support network in place before this all went down. And that’s the way it is, isn’t it? In this society anyway. We’re all expected to take care of ourselves. It’s not exactly the case that anyone (like parents) stands around and makes sure this happens. But that is what’s expected. And it’s best that way, isn’t it? Stiff upper lip and all that. We worship the rugged individual, don’t we? Especially in the U.S.

Well, I don’t feel much like being a rugged individual any more, if I ever did. I cry every night and plead to my friend’s ex-Teddy Bear to help me get some real human company back into my life.

It seems to me that it wouldn’t be that difficult, if you knew that a friend – even an acquaintance – was alone and suffering, to arrange to come over and visit, or take regular walks with them. Or something!

More images of help – all animals

Since when are animals better at helping each other than human beings? How did it get that way?

Plus this girl, who was working at a clinic for injured raptors…


Far Sight

20 January 2021

For several reasons, I think it’s time to talk about remote viewing.

I’m not going to get into whether it’s cool or not or its origins or limitations.

It is a method for obtaining data what would otherwise be very difficult to obtain.

And Courtney has found a way to present his results that is entertaining and useful.

You can watch the trailers for all his major projects, plus selected full projects (mostly from years ago) at his open site, the Farsight Institute. His paid site, Farsight Prime, contains the full versions of all recent major projects, a lot of other material, plus comments and a forum for some social interaction.

With his paid site (plus donations) Courtney is currently supporting at least five viewers who are working rather intensely on a constant stream of projects.

Courtney and what he has uncovered

Courtney works as an assistant professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His academic work focuses on using robust mathematics to model socio-political systems.

He has also been into meditation, remote viewing and related work since around 1990. He is about 2 years older than I am. In the past ten years or so, he has really beefed up his remote viewing activities (he is the project manager and trainer) and discovered all sorts of important data about Earth and human experience. He is intensely involved in this work and believes that it is needed in order to save us from being overwhelmed by external forces that we are not currently adequately aware of.

His findings align very well with Hubbard’s research findings, which is one reason I support his work. I find his theory about how and why remote viewing works over-complicated, but after all he is deep into higher math. We will not be discussing that aspect of his work here.

Farsight and the lockdown

I had stopped following Courtney’s work a couple years ago on advice of my ethics officer. But when my church was closed, I was going crazy trying to find ways to keep myself occupied, so I re-engaged with his work and subscribed to his paid site.

In the time I had been away he had discovered some really amazing stuff! (Not that amazing to me, but then, I’m a Scientologist.) I was truly impressed by where he had taken his work, and how close in he was getting to some major facts of life here on Earth.

I list his more recent projects later. But what I want to concentrate on in this post are his viewers. These young people are all worthy of your respect in their own right. And his four female viewers (more coming soon?) are all physically very pretty as well as having great personalities. I ascribe this in no small part to the discipline required to do this work. At this point, the group is an incredible team that is obviously working closely together and enjoying it.


Aziz is Courtney’s son, and the first young person he trained as a viewer. I don’t know what Aziz does professionally, but as a viewer he is especially strong at confronting the evil and vile actions that beings can commit against each other. His presentations are commonly direct and chilling.


PrinCess Jeaneé was the first young woman that Courtney trained. She is now a mom and also works as a trainer. She has been through a LOT of projects with Courtney, including the MLK assassination. She is very good at connecting with people and “making friends” with beings who would seem cold and heartless to most of us. She has done some very emotional presentations, as has Aziz.


Melena Hall was focusing on being a makeup artist before she hooked up with Farsight. In earlier projects she used to furnish a lot of color illustrations to help expand on the crude sketches done by other viewers. But now they mostly draw on a light board, and no other drawings are included in the presentations. She is a very methodical viewer.


Trudy Benjamin was doing modeling and other work before joining Farsight, and still does. She normally maintains what I might refer to as an exceptional appearance on camera. Her descriptions are always engaged but matter-of-fact. She doesn’t over-perform. I like her choice of clothes. (!!)


Kahmia Dunson has been operating for some time as “modern afro hippie.” She is a model and deserves to be, with an usually pretty face and very nice figure. She has a “style” in her presentations that is sort of flippant and amused. She doesn’t like to describe subjects as “dead” the way Aziz or Melena might. She prefers “not there” or other descriptions that expose their spiritual and emotional state. She’s very into spiritual stuff, has a ton of admirers, and generally speaking is awfully attractive. Wish I knew more girls like that!

The projects and the story

Let’s go ahead and list a bunch of Courtney’s projects:

  • Exploding Planet – Maldek
  • Great Giza Pyramid
  • Atlantis
  • JFK assassination
  • MLK assassination
  • Hitler
  • 9/11
  • Mars base
  • Aliens on Mars
  • Aliens on Iapetus
  • The Phoenix Lights
  • Roswell
  • Area 51
  • Tunguska
  • War in Heaven
  • Moses
  • Secret Moon Missions
  • Oumuamua
  • Death Traps (Between Lives)
  • Where We Came From
  • Human Leadership Compromised (Popes)
  • Zeus
  • Pandemic Origin
  • Göbekli Tepe
  • Eye of the Sahara
  • origin of Star Wars idea
  • Ra (Egypt)
  • Dinosaurs and the Extinction Event
  • Reptilians Past and Present

This isn’t even all of them.

I don’t know if you can see the pattern here, but basically he was finding ET involvement in almost every major event his viewers looked at. Not the political assassinations particularly, nor 9/11. But just about everything else.

Courtney was contacting ET entities starting very early in his remote viewing work, when he was doing viewing himself. He managed to form some sort of relationship with one of their councils. He adamantly believes that there are some ET groups that would be willing to help us with some of the other ET groups if we demonstrate that we are worthy of help. Are we?

So even though Courtney is deadly serious about his work, this particular post is more about the entertainment value of his work. Look at these handsome and beautiful young viewers! What a treat to watch them work! I’m in love all over again!



19 January 2021

In my experience, the currency (exchangeable commodity) of any intimate relationship – maybe any relationship – is touch, not sex. Touch can also be referred to as “solid communication.”

Gradients of touch

Though I hesitate to elevate any of this discussion to the level of a technology, one can certainly imagine a “scale of touching.”

  1. This might start with simple physical proximity. This is sometimes referred to as “getting in each other’s space.” This is often accompanied by conversation or some other less physical form of exchange, such as play, dance or other movement.
  2. Hand touching. In most places, touching of hands is acceptable in public, and often expected. This includes the hand shake, which may open and close any sort of business contact, as well as holding hands, often practiced by children, between smaller children and their parents, and between intimate couples, or groups involved in some spiritual connection, such as group prayer.
  3. Hugging. Today public hugging is more socially acceptable than it was when I was young. Psychologists helped push this forward by promoting hugging as a way to stimulate the release of oxytocin, a calming hormone. Today you can find numerous articles and videos promoting the health benefits of hugging and other forms of touch. With or without the hormone data, everyone knows how good it feels to be hugged.
  4. Kissing. In many cultures, kissing on the cheek, or sometimes even on the mouth, is considered an acceptable or even expected form of public greeting. Kissing of the hand in public is also widely practiced. I looked up this subject while writing this, and found that public kissing is very widely practiced and is not a new thing at all. Of course, it is also considered the first step in romantic love.
  5. Couple dancing. One of the most intimate forms of touching that is considered publicly acceptable in most places is dancing. This is normally done clothed, but may include very full body contact. From experience I know that it can be a very sensual form of touch. But within dance, there are many gradients of touch. I explore this topic further here, and here.
  6. Cuddling. This has become a popular form of intimate contact that falls short of sex yet involves many similar elements. It is usually not considered acceptable in public, but may be done publicly, as it is commonly done with clothes on. As with hugging, there are numerous popular articles on the health benefits of cuddling, along with all the different ways to do it and the various slang terms associated with them. Cuddling could be considered, in some ways, a breakthrough for young and/or unmarried couples as a way to avoid sex without avoiding very intimate contact. Studies have found that men value cuddling more than women do. Of course, cuddling may also lead to sex.
  7. Getting naked. Often considered a prelude to sex, getting naked nonetheless stands as its own thing. Children are often bathed together, and couples may also do this. Of course, cuddling can be done naked when you are in a private space. And I swam naked in high school swim class. So did the girls, as we understood. Nakedness symbolizes or expresses vulnerability and to some degree trust. There are gradients of nakedness and it does not have to lead to sex.
  8. Extreme forms. The most extreme forms of touch, or solid communication, are considered inappropriate or unwanted by most of us, but are often celebrated in ritualized forms, such as boxing and football. These are the forms of touch that most of us associate with violence. It should be noted, perhaps, that any good thing can be taken too far. And so I have noted that here. Enough said.


I left sex out of this list.

Although of course it is a form of touch, it is also a special activity with a special purpose and involving a particular set of emotional responses.

I learned of the special emotional pitfalls of sex from my religious instruction. But there is one fact about it that goes beyond any particular religious teaching:

Spiritual beings have no use for sex, even though they love to touch.

This emphasizes the fact that sex, unlike the other forms of touch, is for making babies. It is an animal activity necessary for the survival of the species.

All other forms of touch extend beyond the realm of merely animal. If animals only had sex, they might survive as a species. But if spiritual beings never touched, they would lose their interest in life and slowly turn into something dead. Touch is needed in the spiritual realm, but sex is not.

Many see sex as a “spiritual” experience. Well, I suppose it is for most people. But it was made that way by artificial means. The other forms of touching require no special compulsion, and apply to all beings with bodies of all ages. Babies and children need touch and enjoy it very much, but can’t even do sex. Old people likewise need and love touch. And I can attest to that!

My personal experience with touch

I debated with myself how much personal data to include in this post.

Up to this point in this post, its contents are meant for anyone who reads it. Its contents particularly are for the unmarried women I know. And I wondered to myself who, besides them, my experience would speak to and inform.

But I now remind myself that, as an old man, I consider that part of my “job” in society is to share my lived experience with others, as so many older adults – my own father in particular – have done before me. It is time to share. It is time to let the younger ones know that they are not alone (if they thought they were) and that life is full of experience, and that not all of it is comfortable or easy to share.

My life as a young child was nothing special, I hope. All the usual forms of touching were present in my life. I checked with my mom once about her experience nursing me. Apparently there was some problem keeping my appetite satisfied (boy does that still ring true today!) and so she had to supplement her breast milk with formula. But I did nurse.

And with two siblings and many friends along the way, my childhood years were full of touch.

Apparently it is not that common for young children to fall in love. But I have, and I have written about it before on this blog. And about Linda in particular here. My experience with Linda included the first four forms of touching. From my point of view we were very much in love and she was to be my future wife.

But for some reason I felt compelled to keep our love hidden from the “adult” world. Thus, my mom, when I asked her later about it, did not know I had an intimate girlfriend when I was eight years old. I encourage you (if you are that young) to go ahead and let your parents know about such friendships. And make sure they understand how important those friendships are to you! Adults tend to think that just because children are more emotionally flexible, their intimate experiences are less important. Your child might feel otherwise! After all, your child is actually an “adult” momentarily trapped in a body that is not yet fully developed. Respect the adult viewpoints and emotions of your children!

I thought it was an easy and natural thing to do, to have a girlfriend. So when my family moved to Michigan and I couldn’t find a new girlfriend to replace Linda, I became considerably upset. Again, I hid this experience from my parents. Had they known, it is possible they could have helped me to resolve it. They could have found a way to help me contact Linda and exchange letters with her, or assisted me to find a new girl, which I seemed unable to do on my own. As it was, I gave up the search, and my “appetite” for feminine touch was starved until I left home and worked out ways to make it happen myself, with some assistance from a psychologist.

I played with boys. When I was younger, I usually played “army” with my male friends, or “exploring.” There was some touch involved, although intimate touch was discouraged, as you might imagine. In my first summer of puberty, I made friends with a boy who I would go out into the natural places behind my neighborhood and play “doctor” with. It was not a love relationship, but it was intimate.

After puberty, the boys wanted intimate contact with girls. And so did I. But I never got any. I had learned well how to starve myself!

My high school male friends played music together, and did similar activities. I participated in making an 8mm movie with one of my friends. With some other friends we once visited the University library and found old books about botany written by English noblemen. I spent a lot of time alone. I did not experience my alone time as emotionally painful. There was still a bit of touch among family and friends. I could share my sister’s space every now and then. And so this tended to offset the absence of intimate touch in my life.

As mentioned earlier, we did high school Aquatics without swim suits. As far as I know, this is no longer done.


I did not leave my parents’ house until I was 22. When I did, I “went home” to Berkeley, California. It was a good choice for me. Though I needed help from a psychologist to figure out how to “unstarve” myself from female relationships, I eventually did. I began meeting people through Sierra Singles, and via dance classes. I also went to clubs where there was live music. And I joined a musical performing group (Gamelan Sekar Jaya). These experiences were great! They boosted my sense of well being and my social confidence. I was happy again!

My first girlfriend was Lenora, who I met through Sierra Singles. She lived across the street from me. She took the lead, inviting me to numerous events that included polka dancing at the Finnish Hall, which was directly across the street from my apartment building. It was not until our last meeting that we experimented with intimate contact, on her initiation. But it ended up making her feel upset, so she decided we could not take the relationship any further. She had earlier very bad experiences with another man. But a few years later, she became happily married.

I met Susan at the place where I took dance classes, Ashkenaz. This club was, and remains, a Berkeley landmark and a potent symbol of cultural diversity. We had sex for the first time the day after we met. She was an old hand at this, and two years older than me. It was my first time. It ended six months later, after she reacted in bed in a way that upset me (by kicking me) and I sent her home in the middle of the night. This was unfortunate for me. I adored this woman and all the touch she gave me. But she did need a different sort of relationship than what I could provide, so the breakup was probably inevitable.

For the next 27 years or so, I devoted myself to my church. Though that experience provided a lot of human contact and interaction, it did not include any intimate relationships for me. I did not consider this a problem particularly until my mother died. This tension I am sure contributed to me leaving. It was a good work environment for me, and my church needed every willing person it could get. But I needed more touch; I was getting too little of it there.

Scientology auditor training actually involves a lot of touch. We drill control of another body, and that involves touch, for sure. And of course the exchanges that take place between auditor and preclear can be quite intimate, though this is on a verbal level only.

But I had no breakthroughs until I met a certain young woman. And I will not share that story in any great detail, as it is an ongoing story and involves many sensitive issues. But I should note that it started as a series of conversations and was not intended to ever become anything more than that. I was extremely happy to have someone to visit with and talk with, even though it was only for an hour a week. It was a kind of light therapy for me. I was surprised when it started serving a similar purpose for her, as well.

After she lost her job, we went out of communication for several months. At first I did not feel the loss. But gradually it began to feel worse and worse. The isolation caused by the lockdown orders didn’t help. By around the time of my birthday (October) I was crying every single day and struggling to reach out to this one woman who I had managed to make friends with. When we finally reunited and sat down to talk, she put her head in my lap (it is a form of cuddling). And that changed everything!

My breakthrough into intimate contact with another human being (a young woman) after all these years (40 to be exact) opened the floodgates and the pent up emotion poured out. It still does, and I have no idea when it will stop. Maybe it shouldn’t stop. Maybe this is the way we are meant to feel about each other. Time, I suppose, will tell me more. Tears stream from my face as I write this. And perhaps they should. Perhaps this is how we all would feel if we just allowed ourselves to be alive enough to feel it.

Perhaps some day this woman will become a more public part of my life. Or perhaps it will be some other woman (though that is a little difficult for me to imagine right now; my experiences with this woman have been totally unique in many ways). But however things turn out, I have allowed touch back into my life, and I don’t want to turn my back on it again. I consider it far far far more vital to human life than sex. I hope the above discussion makes it clear why I feel that way.