In an attempt to make more friends, I have joined some Singles sites!

“Premium” services that allow real messaging are a bit pricey. But I paid for 6 months on Silver Singles as they won’t let me mention my blog address on my profile.

I just hope potential friends will see my references to my blog in my profile and be able to find it and talk to me through it.

If you leave a comment anywhere on my blog, I should get an email notification so I can respond. I don’t have to publish your comment, so you can send me contact data if you wish and it will not go public.

This page was started around February of 2021. Now it is July. I joined many “dating” sites in an attempt to meet people who would be interested in doing things with me. I did meet a few, though the vast majority, after seeing all the details, were not interested. So I have ended my subscriptions to most of those sites, and my ability to send messages should be turning off on most of them in August or September. I appreciate the participation of those who chatted with me or met me during this dating period. I learned more about the female experience that I think will help me as I move forward.