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Crop Circle in Washington State!

31 July 2012
washington crop circle

July 24 2012 crop circle in Washington as reported at

What is special about this is this news appeared on a major news website and on a local NPR affiliate station KPLU. Cool!


Tell the Truth Movement

31 July 2012

“Tell the truth” is an effort to create a viral movement on the web. – Me

My main article about this is on my newer blog here.

It explains to some extent how I got the idea for starting a Twitter “movement” scheduled to continue through to the end of this year.

The idea is a little whimsical, but it was born out of a desire to do – something.

From the point of view of someone who was raised to be honest, then later worked for over 25 years an a group that understands the spiritual dynamics of dishonesty, as well as the more practical results, I walked back into a society that is obviously…

…built on lies.

When you build a whole civilization on false premises, those who dwell in it can come to find themselves in a very difficult condition. When things go wrong, they are virtually helpless to correct the situation. Because they will be lied to about what caused the problem, will believe the lies, and then will work to correct a wrong target, which will only result in another situation for the group – often much worse than the first.

To demand the truth…

…is only the first step in a potentially quite long process of repair. And of course, there is no guarantee that just because truth is demanded, that truth is what will be delivered.

But, if nothing else, my “movement” serves as a clean statement of purpose. Survival, and beyond that, abundance, depends on those trying to survive having access to true data. Thus “tell the truth” equates, roughly, to “we want life” “we want prosperity” “we want happiness” and “we want peace.” It is a demand that is sufficiently challenging to, perhaps, improve the honesty and responsibility even of those making the demand. And that is very very key.

I hope the idea catches on.

Message from Tanaath

29 July 2012

This came in over email earlier today:

Hello Larry,

We’ve been very busy.

But unfortunately none of it is something I can release at this time, because it will give away too much information about our readiness and preparedness state. I’m not so much the communicator right now as I am actually running a war.


My take on Aurora

26 July 2012

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
“The greater the lie, the more readily it will be believed.”
“It is not truth that matters, but victory”
attributed to Adolph Hitler
“…the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
attributed to Joseph Goebbels

I have to go on record with my take on what happened in Aurora Colorado:

  1. This event was planned by more than one person.
  2. That real planner and perpetrator was, more than likely, not the one that was arrested.
  3. The investigators on the ground, up to a certain level, are almost certainly being misled.
  4. It goes without saying that the mainstream media is simply publishing what it is being told to publish about this event. (So far, I have seen only one commentator (Fox Cincinnati) question this story.)
  5. Important evidence pointing to these conclusions has been published by news sources, but is not being discussed.

The above points are true of almost every false flag operation that we have witnessed in this lifetime or in any previous lifetime. If an event is identified as false flag, you can assume that these points probably hold true for that event.

I quoted the Nazis because they were masters at this, and bragged openly about it. That does not mean that you have to be a Nazi to stage a false flag event.

Some details on this particular event:

  • There is CLEAR evidence of a stabbing outside the theater exit door. This evidence is not being discussed. See this Time Newsfeed.
  • There is also clear evidence that a gas mask was discarded by someone fleeing the scene (same link). Not being discussed.
  • There is witness testimony recorded on news videos suggesting the shooter had at least one accomplice.
  • There is the obvious point that an unemployed neuroscience student would not be able to afford the gear used for this operation, nor would he know how to use it. Thus, the elaborate booby traps in his apartment were probably constructed by someone else. It is also likely that he himself did not fire the shots.
  • A tentative scenario for the event is that Holmes was in the theater when the movie started and got a call to let the perpetrator in. He then probably went outside and put on gear to match what the perpetrator was wearing. The perpetrator then did the shooting and grabbed a child in case he needed a hostage. He then escaped through the exit, and dropped a rifle, ran farther, then decided to stab and drop his hostage, then ran farther and decided to discard his gas mask, and then succeeded to escape to a waiting car (accomplice three?). The child likely died from massive bleeding as he or she tried to run back into the theater. Holmes, meanwhile, was sitting in his car with his “disguise” on, waiting to be arrested.
  • This scenario was pieced together by a somewhat morbidly-inclined YouTube video maker who goes by “Thomas Brinkley.”

    By all appearances, he has also studied 911 quite a bit and has concluded, as so many others have, that it, too was a false flag event and that the accused were all patsies with little or no involvement in perpetrating the incident.

    If you are curious as to who is actually behind these events and what motivates them, then I sympathize. I wish I knew, too.

What if: You are operating on a false assumption?

23 July 2012

I have written a more general article on the subject of deception at my new blog here. This will be a more specific list of what I think are some of the important false assumptions of our age. – Larry

A being needs stable data to keep from getting confused. The flip side of that observation is that a being will invent stable data in an attempt to recover from confusion.

At higher planes of existence, the exact data used are not that important. A high tolerance for different viewpoints exists at those levels.

But on earth, when one person has a problem, chances are so do many others, and the cause of that problem could be similar or identical for all of them. At our level, the exact datum is more significant, because a datum can be very solid if a lot of people agree with it.

Solid like a wall. Solid like a prison cell. Solid like a bullet.

At the higher levels, bullets go right through bodies. At our level, they hit hard, and hurt a lot.

On earth, the data you operate on can determine whether you find yourself in the line of fire or living peacefully, whether you are taken to jail or remain free, whether you drive into a wall, or stay on the road.

Most of us aren’t too bad at the short-term challenges, but when we start looking longer-term like decades or lifetimes, we tend to have a rougher time.

Do the assumptions we make about life in general or ourselves in particular have any effect on our ability to enjoy life and build a sustainable future? Can they help protect us from life’s tendency to roll over us like a bulldozer?

Here are some examples to consider:

Assumptions about Self

  • I am my body; I live and die with my body.
    This is a common assumption these days. But, what if it weren’t true? Would advertising about how you look, what you wear, what you drink, smoke or drive, where you work have as much effect on you if you were certain that you were not your body, but a being attached to a body? Would you, perhaps, put more attention on the future if you were certain you would be born back into it?
  • There are some things certain people just aren’t good at.
    What if you find yourself in a situation where something needs to be done and you are the only one available to do it, but have convinced yourself that you can’t do that thing? Would giving up really be better than trying anyway?

Assumptions about Sex and Children

  • It is very important to have a good sex life.
    This is related to the idea of being a body. Biologically, sex is for making children. If we are not engaging in it for that purpose, exactly why are we? Though this is not something to argue with people about, I also think that is not something to be anxious over. The goal of having children and raising them is not the only goal worth working for. And the goal of having sex just for the fun of it isn’t that much of a goal.
  • Children are born knowing nothing and totally innocent.
    I have heard well-educated adults state this as fact. Obviously, they have not been around many children. There have been studies indicating that a child picks its personality at approximately the age of 2. Well, what exact “hat” is this child picking this personality out of? The most obvious answer: The “hat” of its own experience! Except: “Modern” science doesn’t grant a child any experience. Civilization on this planet could totally change if we simply started granting children their experience. Listen carefully to one some day, and he or she might share some with you.

Assumptions about Groups

  • Groups are a necessary evil. We’d all be better off as rugged individuals.
    The family is the first group we have to deal with every lifetime. Is the family merely a necessary evil?
    Would you rather live without all modern technologies, systems of law, and modes of companionship just to get rid of groups?
    Could it be that groups are simply poorly understood, but actually quite necessary and worthwhile?
  • A group survives mostly due to the brilliance of its leader.
    Corporations pay CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) millions of dollars a year because they are “so rare.” But a good engineer is only worth 50 grand ($50,000). I suppose those high-paid CEOs would like others to think that they are some sort of demigods (minor deities). Though the more honest will tell you that all they did was develop a system that works. What if anyone could learn such a system? Could anyone then be a CEO? Probably not. But the whole planet would be better off if more levels operated on systems that worked!

Assumptions about the Human Species

  • Humans evolved slowly on earth from lower life forms.
    These days, we have a lot of time and energy invested in this “modern” idea. But is that investment proving productive? I guess it depends on what product you were hoping for: Jobs for scientists, or great steps forward for civilized man. I am not seeing those great steps forward; are you? Maybe we are leaving something out. Look into the Disclosure Project or the Lou Baldin materials, or many similar resources and you will get an idea of what we might be overlooking. And it is pretty major.
  • Humans are alone in the universe.
    Not per the references mentioned above! As things stand we are setting ourselves up for the biggest “surprise attack” of the modern age. We could be investing our time and money in learning all we can find out about all the others out there, how to cooperate with them, and how to catch up with them technologically. Then, you might be looking at some real leaps forward!

Assumptions about other Life Forms

  • Animals are a lot like us, except they don’t know how to talk.
    There is a modern trend towards “humanizing” animals. Well, there’s something to that. Except: It’s not being done with any spiritual awareness. So you are getting all these people who don’t want to eat animals for food because they don’t want to “hurt” them. But what if the human body was designed to eat animals? This desire to be “humane” could create a health problem, which it seems to be doing. But beyond that, we need to know what other life forms really are, how and why they developed, and what is the best way for us to relate to them. We are living in a lot of self-enforced ignorance when it comes to the biological sciences.
  • Higher life forms are unique to earth.
    This is in some ways a re-statement of earlier assumptions on the list. But I want to make a point relating to this: We are leaving ourselves open to the possibility of biological warfare waged from outer space if we continue to insist on the pin-headed falsehood that higher life is unique to earth. There is some evidence now to support the idea that the Black Death of our Dark Ages was brought here via meteors, or similar ET objects. Could something like that happen again? There is also some evidence that many of our deserts were created by explosions of something like ET nuclear weapons. We don’t need more deserts on earth right now.

Assumptions about the Physical Universe

  • Life is a product of the physical universe.
    This is one of the most potentially harmful (evil) false assumptions alive and well on the planet today. It should be exposed as false with as much rapidity as we can muster up. It is central to the dogma of scientific materialism, which is actively preventing useful spiritual solutions to human problems from being put in place on Earth. I know of no other advanced society in the universe that believes this. We need to get over it, too. It is a huge block to our progress.
  • The physical universe has limits that cannot be violated under any circumstances. Those limits include: Velocity of light, conservation of energy, linearity of time flow, gravity proportional to mass.
    Though modern physics now questions these limits, from a spiritual point of view they are largely meaningless. What I like to look at relative to this assumption is what we already know about matter. We know that matter appears solid just because it moves really fast. Like a plane propeller appears like a solid disk when it spins fast. If conservation of energy is true, why hasn’t all matter long ago “spun down” and turned back into slow-moving bits? Where does the energy come from that keeps matter solid?

Assumptions about the Spiritual Universe

  • One cannot visit the “spirit world” until one dies.
    Mystics have been trying to disprove this for years. You’d think with all the documented NDEs (Near Death Experiences) OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) and past life recalls, we’d be over this one by now. But our “real” rulers continue to insist that the spirit world, if it exists at all, is totally inaccessible to mere mortals. This puts an artificial wall between us and some of the major power brokers in this universe. By perpetuating this myth, they make themselves seem “spiritual” when they are probably mostly just people like us. People with anti-gravity space ships, telepathy, and heavy duty mental control technology, but people nonetheless.
  • The heavens are full of Love and Light; the only Hell is here on earth.
    Combined with the prior assumption, this makes death seem very desirable. But I’m not willing to walk into this carnival like a rube. Walk into it we all must, whether death takes us there or some other agency does. Well, if I can find out another way to check it out before my body stops working, I’m going to go for it. I’m tired of surprises and false promises, and this sounds like another one to me.
    If any of you already have this capability and have some intel to share, I encourage you to do so!

Assumptions about the Supreme Being

  • There is a Supreme Being.
    What if this isn’t really true? I mean what if, for all practical purposes, there is no one running the whole show, no one who is responsible for creating everything else? What if the highest level of creation we can really find with any certainty is us? Would that shift some responsibilities around a little? Would that change our concepts of “agreement” and “disagreement” a little bit? Would that leave us holding the bag, so to speak? Well, it might really be that way; at least for all practical purposes.
  • Blind obedience to Source is the best policy.
    After all, God, or the Supreme Creator, or the Heavenly Father, or even one of the guys that works for him, knows so much more about everything than you or me could ever know. Why not trust their opinion about what’s right and wrong, good and evil, fate and choice?
    There is no doubting this: You are a resource, in that you are capable of creation, or production. If you don’t attempt to control what you do in this universe, I am sure someone else has a plan that you would fit into, provided you are willing to obey. Of course, if you show any signs of disagreement with the “plan” you’ll be kicked off the team. How would you like to get stuck on a planet like earth was a million years ago? Did you enjoy being food for dinosaurs back then? (I shouldn’t mention that; most of us weren’t on earth at that time.) If you don’t go for self-determinism, you will get other-determinism. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

Who is deluded?

Of course, it could be that all this is my problem and that all these assumptions are actually true. I only ask you to inspect where these assumptions seem to be leading us and to ask yourself if that’s where you really want to go.

If you’re not sure, or think that maybe some bit of the common “wisdom” might be a little off, I advise you to go at it a bit at a time. How much social ostracism are you prepared to endure? Measure your questioning by about that much. But, who knows, you may find new friends by asking some of these questions. And your old friends may not be as willing to dump you as they first appeared.

If you find a real truth, it has its own kind of strength, or maybe you could call it magic. Real truth has the curious ability to elevate the spirit. So some you know may wish to try it with you.

Lou Baldin

19 July 2012

I’m not a Scientologist, but I know they call earth a prison planet and they’re right about that.
– Lou Baldin, from his interview on Veritas (Mel Fabregas).

I’m not really ready to write this post, but I thought I’d better do it anyway; I might never be ready.

Some readers may be aware that there is a running story on the internet that is being driven by messengers for “The Galactic Federation of Light” as well as a few other groups. In short, the story is that we are taking out the former ruling Cabal and replacing them and their system with new people and a new system.

Many of us, me included, are trying to determine if there is any physical evidence on earth that this story is in any way true.

I was getting nowhere with the sources that I had been relying on, and in casting about for some new ideas, I came across a very recent Kerry Cassidy interview with John Lear. John became moderately infamous in the UFO community when he decided to get behind a story being told by a guy known as “Sleeper” whose actual name is Lou Baldin. He currently runs a site called

I downloaded and read some of his material.

His is a more or less classic case. Connected with the military. Started being contacted as a child. Remembers being placed in his current family. Took lots of rides in UFOs. Had a “friend” (he calls him Milton) who would come by every so often and tell him stuff.

John Lear, who is from the Lear Jet family and was a civilian pilot who worked for the CIA (and other agencies) during the Vietnam years, liked Lou’s version of the truth and has adopted it as his own.

Lou’s stable datum

Lou’s stable datum, the lynchpin of his story around which the rest of it revolves, is that the ETs (and in particular Milton’s variety) are in control have always been in control, and will always be in control.

His basic message is: Learn to live with it. It’s the best we’re ever going to get.

All the data he has been sharing in his blogs and books is basically aimed to reduce the shock value of this basic realization.

Hubbard begs to differ

On the other hand, Hubbard is quite certain that there is something we can do about this situation, and that learning how to audit is a key component in that strategy.

Auditing is the only known workable method to reacquaint an individual with certain realities of life by discovering evidence for these realities in his own experience. No realization is forced on a person. The facts of life are as real as the individual perceives them to be.

If you line up many of Hubbard’s findings (gained by auditing many thousands of people, including himself) with what Lou has learned from Milton and other sources, we get basically the same picture.

Except that Milton doesn’t know about Scientology, or discounts it, or doesn’t want us to know about it.

A brief synopsis

Without getting long-winded, let me review the situation:

1. Life did not simply arise on planet earth several hundred million years ago. And our solar system is much older than a few billion years.

Realize that everyone except modern earth scientists agree with this to one degree or another. In particular, it is repeated over and over by every person who has every served as a messenger for ETs.

2. People are, essentially, immortal spiritual beings.

3. Some races, millions of years ago, learned how to enormously increase their longevity by mastering space travel. These are all the various “space opera” societies. How exactly these societies developed and came to dominate life in this galaxy as the “invader forces” is a story that seems largely hidden, probably mostly by them, but possibly because they themselves have forgotten.

This is a huge point in the actual scheme of things.

The space invaders (known to us as ETs or aliens) have always portrayed themselves as the top dogs. But what if this is,basically, just a show to win over the cooperation of planets seeded with life earlier, either by them or perhaps by others unknown to them?

Just how much bluff is in their stories?

Lou, and the bulk of mankind, are willing to go along with the idea that the invader forces are the top dogs of the universe.

But Hubbard isn’t. He thinks that their memories and true abilities have been crippled, too. And that his technology could help them, if they’d be interested in such help. You may think this a bit over-confident. But realize: No one else out there is talking about the kind of incidents that Hubbard has found in his students’ preclears.

And none of these “superior” races has been willing to admit to us what they have actually resorted to in order to retain their positions of authority. They always brush it off as “too advanced” or “too complex.” They are hiding data from us, and that is something everyone agrees to.

What we disagree on is whether or not that hiding has been justified.

The various invaders, including those who briefed Lou, have all sorts of reasons why things HAVE to be the way they are.

Scientologists aren’t buying it. And that’s the bottom-line difference between us and others who are involved in this “space opera.” We still think that spiritual freedom is possible.

Worth Repeating

13 July 2012

I decided to try something a little different.

Some concepts are worth repeating

How many times did your mom have to tell you to “say please?”

How many times did some adult have to remind you to do your homework, comb your hair, pay attention when someone speaks to you, or be honest? Did you finally, after the twelfth or the fiftieth or the “thousandth” time, start to get the idea that this was an important datum that you should learn and use?

If you watch TV, how many times are you told to buy something to make you feel better?

How many times are you told that all your problems will be solved by the newest technology?

How many times are you told that it’s “all in your head” or “use your brain?”

Have you begun to feel that the concepts expressed by these messages are somehow important?

And what is really happening? You are just responding based on how many times you are told something.

Fight back!

So I thought I’d come up with my own list of messages worth repeating and put them in my sidebar so they never go away.

I urge you to try this. What really is important to you?

Is this the perfect list? I don’t think so. But it’s better than not doing anything.

If I could just “forget about it” “everything will be all right.” Right? Not!

So I am creating something in the way of a reminder.

Here are the ones currently in my sidebar:

  • One being can never know all or do all; this is why we cooperate.
  • When a being gets bored, he forgets things to make life more interesting.
  • When a being gets too overwhelmed, he must remember some of the things he forgot to make life “less interesting.”
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, expose a secret that has some bearing on the situation.
  • No one should be so bored as to forget the fact that he is a spiritual being.
  • But if you are now feeling overwhelmed, that should be the first thing for you to remember.
  • Consider well the probability that there are some secrets made on earth without regard to the effects those secrets would have on your life.
  • Can you think of an example of such a secret? The LIBOR fixing arrangement perhaps? The truth about our President’s younger years perhaps? The truth about the Bush family and their involvement in Skull and Bones perhaps?
  • Can you imagine how life could change if there were a massive push to expose such secrets?

Some I forgot?

  • You are important.
  • What you think matters.
  • Trust your own perceptions.
  • Think for yourself.

Sands of Time – the Cooper materials

9 July 2012

It is recommended:
That the United States Government provide as early as practicable moral, advisory, and material support to the MAJESTIC-12 Project in order to contribute to the early establishment of peace in the world in consonance with the enunciated principles of the United Nations, and to protect United States strategic interests against forces which now threaten them.
Bottom of page 16, document purporting to be the first Annual Report of the Majestic Twelve Project.

In 2011 Sean-David Morton published a book he wrote with a guy named Wayne Haley called Sands of Time. I heard him talking about it in an interview with Kerry Cassidy, and ordered it because he said it has the formula for the Unified Field Theory in it. The illustration below is part of the discussion of this theory on page 406 of the book.

unified theory formula

Unified Theory formula from Sean-David Morton’s book “Sands of Time.”

Mg stands for the “mass/gravity particle.” C should be the speed of light, as it usually is. The funny-looking symbol is an integral. It is shorthand for saying “find the area under the curve described by the following function, starting at point a and ending at point b.” The little d is usually the symbol for “derivative” or instantaneous rate of change. The little s could mean “seconds” or “space;” I am guessing the latter. When you integrate a derivative, you normally end up with a quantity in the same units as you started with. I am guessing that the big S also stands for space, but it could stand for some other things. Beyond this, I don’t understand the significance, if any, of this equation.


Morton’s story talks about a “civilian” group that ruled over a project basically aimed at protecting the planet from the “alien threat.” Whether or not this story about “protecting earth” was a lot of HHS (Happy Horse Sh_t) or not remains to be determined. Morton and the characters in his story take it seriously.

And so did Milton William Cooper. Cooper died in 2001 from wounds resulting from a short gun battle with two Sheriff’s Deputies. In 1989 he had decided to go public with some of what he had learned while serving in the military in the 1970s. Apparently this included information about Operation Majority and several of the projects that it operated. His activities lead to a warrant for his arrest in 1998 on tax evasion charges. He did not want to be a prisoner.

According to Cooper, the “Majestic” information, which was released in a “novel” by Whitley Strieber, involves an actual Operation Majority project to test public reaction to these materials and confuse serious researchers. Cooper thinks Strieber was cooperating with the government.

According to Cooper “Majesty” was the actual Operation Majority code name for the US President.

The Group

Not long ago I learned about the testimony of another ex-military guy (Captain Mark Richards) who is currently in prison (and has been for many years) who claimed to know of a secret group connected to the US government involved in the “ET problem.”

I just recently found out about the Cooper material through Alfred Webre’s Exopolitics website. Alfred is trying to legitimize a time-travel project story that three different people have been speaking about recently. According to them, this project involved the current US President. It is related to Operation Majority, though none of the time-travel (“Project Pegasus”) people had direct knowledge of Majority. The committee of 12 “Jason Scholars” that were in charge of Operation Majority” were known as the “MJ-12.”

Cooper was quite certain that JFK’s assassination resulted from a decision made by MJ-12 to protect the security of their work, which Kennedy had threatened. Morton’s book says exactly the same thing.

Beyond that, much of what MJ-12 was supervising is still largely speculation. Most of those reporting on it insist it was a vast international operation using back-engineered ET technologies and funded by money earned through illegal drug trafficking operations and similar activities.

MJ-12 purports to work for peace on earth, by protecting the planet from takeover by hostile ET forces.

This does not mean that all ETs are hostile, or that MJ-12 ever really succeeded in what they were trying to do, or are even telling the truth about what they were trying to do.

What it does do is put a wrinkle in the argument that all the “black projects” served the “secret power elites” for the purpose of bringing a “Matrix”-type tyranny to earth, probably by cooperating with at least one ET group.

What it doesn’t do, in my mind, is justify the secrecy and all the killings that have taken place. But MJ-12 was/is not the only organized criminal group murdering people.

No sane social system enforces its morays via threat of body death, or seeks to impose bodily imprisonment without due process. This is why I call groups that operate in this manner “criminal.”

Rabbit holes

I do not actually recommend that the casual citizen try to research this area.

All it brings is social ostracism, and obsession. Without the abilities of a Free Being, an individual on earth has almost zero chance to learn the truth.

However, I do think that anyone who is sitting on “top secret – national security-sensitive” knowledge or documentation should reveal what you know. It may shorten your life in this body, but I think you will feel better when you leave.

At this point, the “national security” argument seems like a scam to me.

There is data that will likely remain secret, and probably should. But it is data that would not be relevant to most people. Encryption keys and code books are technical matters that are useless in the hands of a layman.

But the decision to deny the existence of ET groups on earth or in the universe for “national security” purposes has poisoned a whole century of human development on earth, and threatens to do the same in this current century.

“Going down rabbit holes” may be a needless and dangerous activity, but rising above the playing field to get a better view of the entire game is a key to improved understanding.

Elites have always assumed that those not in power are not interested in or do not need the data that the elites depend on daily to keep things operating. But this denies the elites an important source of feedback that has resulted in tragic events several times in the past and promises to continue to do so.

Some elites frankly have plans for “the masses” that would result in revolt if publicly announced. But such plans are the recipe for eventual spiritual suicide. Though a spirit may not die, it can suffer. And genocide will take its toll on those beings who choose to practice it.

In truth, it is not as necessary to explore more “rabbit holes” as it is to come up out of them and take a look around. The brightness of the sunlight will at first be blinding, but we can get used to it. And some day, perhaps, we will become much more that earth-bound “rabbits.”

Miracle and Wonder

7 July 2012

These are the days of miracle and wonder;
This is the long distance call.
The way the camera follows us in slo-mo;
The way we look to us all.
The way we look to a distant constellation;
That’s dying in a corner of the sky.
These are the days of miracle and wonder;
and don’t cry baby, don’t cry, don’t cry.
– Paul Simon

I thought it was time to write a sort of rambling, confusing post, because I am confused. I don’t confuse easily, and I don’t want you to get more confused. So I will try to apply what all good Scientologists learn to apply to handle confusion: Confusion and the Stable Datum.

Here is a stable datum:

You are real.

And here is another datum of comparable magnitude by which you may evaluate this datum:

I am real.

The question at hand is: Besides you and me, what is real?

How real?

Let us entertain a concept of gradient reality. Some things are more real than other things. We have a synonym for reality in Scientology: Agreement. And we all know that there can be variations of agreement. So if reality is based on agreement, then there can be variations of reality, too.

This applies most obviously to future realities. How do future realities come about? By someone deciding, or dreaming, that the future should be such-and-such, and then getting others to agree and help create it.

But it also applies to the present and the past.

The earth revolves and lets the sunlight sweep over it.

But what is the sun?

Scientists say it is a huge ball of material that is involved in a constant fusion reaction. This fusion reaction has been going on for billions of years and will last for billions more.

The ancient Egyptians might have told us that the sun is a being who cares for us by giving us warmth. There are still many people who think that stars and planets have a certain amount of self-determinism.

Is one concept of the sun “more real” than the other? Whatever is said about it, the sun is obviously real. We see it, or its light, every single day. It is at least as real as that light and heat.

And the past: Were ETs involved in bringing humans to earth?

The legends say they were. But science has rejected these stories as “unreal.” They are myths and legends, designed to teach, not to be strictly factual.


Stories and perceptions

If you, personally, perceive something is real, then it is real for you.

If someone else perceives something as real, then comes and tells you about it, they are telling you a story and probably hoping you will agree with them that what they perceived was real. But you didn’t perceive it; you only perceived the story about it.

We all know that someone can totally make up a story and tell it to us and be very convincing. Go watch any modern movie. Their “reality” can be intense! Yet they are merely stories, patterns of light and color on a screen, patterns of noise and sound in your ears. The reality is that you experienced a movie.

The everything-is-a-movie paradigm

There are some who will tell you that everything you experience is really like that movie; just radiation patterns that you then perceive and interpret.

Well, in some esoteric sense, they are right. But I don’t like to be told this. I can tell the difference between watching my environment and watching a movie. There are lots of differences and they are obvious. So, is the intention of this paradigm to convince us that we really can’t tell the difference? Is it trying to take an ability we have away from us? That is the problem I have with this paradigm.

The scientific paradigm

Currently “Science” (if I may use the term as a cultural institution rather than a philosophy and practice) asserts that if a phenomenon cannot be reproduced in the laboratory, then it is unworthy of scientific study.

“Scientists” who are afraid of going out of agreement with the people who fund their comfortable lifestyles will act to defend the “realities” of those funding sources. Of course, that is not good science (hence, “scientists”).

History, technically, is a humanity. But so were psychology and economics. Now those are “sciences.” We would like the findings of history to be reproducible, too. We would like everybody to agree on what “really” happened. But the problem with history is that it is almost entirely composed of stories of what other people perceived or would like us to believe they perceived. Until recently, the actual perception of historic events in present time seemed impossible. Yet, this is nothing but an extension of an ability we call “memory” which we use all the time.

Recent breakthroughs in the use of memory as a research tool

I’m not sure I want to detail these technologies here. But there are at least three of them:

  1. Hypnosis (regression therapy)
  2. Auditing (reliving and meter-assisted recall)
  3. Scientific Remote Viewing

These technologies evolved from each other in the order given. I consider Auditing the most safe and reliable of the three. Hypnosis is dangerous, even in skilled hands, because it pushes the analytical mind (ego?) out of the way, instead of inviting its cooperation, as is done in auditing. Remote Viewing combines elements of solo auditing with elements of Astral Travel or Projection. It is very difficult to learn to do well, and also has its dangers, as the analytical mind is again being pushed aside during the session.

What is similar about all these technologies, along with the use of normal waking memory (mostly in children) is the “realities” that they have validated.

Here is a way for a person to “go back” and inspect mental records of past events (made automatically at the time) without the problem of having to interpret someone else’s story. It gives the researcher an opportunity to personally inspect those records, or to directly communicate with someone who is personally inspecting those records. The findings have been fascinating.

New Stable Data

From the viewpoint of Western culture, the following list is premature. From the viewpoint of many non-Western teachings, it is long overdue. These are the core “realities” or “truths” that get validated over and over whenever research using one of these memory technologies is conducted:

  1. People have past lives.
    This must mean that people are immortal spiritual beings that travel from body to body with their personal “memory cloud” intact. Isn’t that what this means?
  2. ETs exist.
    Point 1. makes this seem more plausible. If this game of a being picking up a body, living a life, then dropping the body and going on to another is so prevalent, then it must be happening on most inhabitable planets, not just ours. Of course we also have direct evidence of ET existence.
  3. ETs are interacting with earth humans.
    This fact is validated over and over and over again. It is a fact. Scientology concentrates on past interactions, and on those that take place in the Between Lives Area, because they can be problematic. Scientology is not trying to directly solve our current problems on planet earth. It is trying to create beings willing and able to solve those problems. And it is.

I’m still confused

Now, you’d think that knowing all this would result in a big reduction of confusion for a person. After all, these are three new enormous stable datums! And I guess it does, some.

But it doesn’t completely because we are still missing this stable datum:

I am an immortal being who can know with certainty all that I have ever done and all that is going on around me in present time.

It’s a great ideal, but we just aren’t there yet. And I am certainly nowhere near there yet. Are any of you?

And so, “current events” other than those I personally experience, are all just stories. Those stories could be total fabrications, delusions, partial fabrications, or total truth. They are all necessarily limited in their scope and viewpoint because no being yet has the ability to know with certainty all that is occurring in present time. There is just too much of it; too many distractions; too many other things to do.

Some important stories/paradigms

1. Life as a power struggle:

If a spider wants to survive by eating a fly, that spider has to find a way to overpower that fly, which is also struggling to survive.

Same goes for a shark eating a fish, a robin eating a worm, or a man eating a pig. Have you ever seen how much effort it takes to actually kill a pig by bleeding it to death? I have. It’s a power struggle.

When humanoids go at each other, you know that something wrong has happened. We weren’t meant to eat each other; we were meant to eat the lower animals, plants, etc. Of course, most humans don’t kill each other to eat. They kill each other in order to take over control of a physical space because it contains something needed for body survival, like food, water, minerals, etc.

Some humanoids are really into this power struggle paradigm and think it’s just the greatest game in the world. They don’t even think of killing other humanoids as a problem. But, of course, it is.

Other humanoids don’t want to confront this power struggle paradigm in any way shape or form. They want “peaceful” lives eating berries and dancing in the fields or something. Well, humanoid life doesn’t work that way. Spiritual life can maybe work that way. So, until you are ready for a totally spiritual life with no meat body, no light body, no aura or any other energetic attachment to speak of, then you will have to face this power struggle game sooner or later.

2. There is a power struggle on earth.

As far as I can tell, all the big players are more or less agreed that it would be better for “the people” to not know about this. It is their game. We are pawns in that game, but that is not their concern. This planet is full of resources, and those who can control them can profit from that control. That is the way it has always been.

The people of the planet want those resources for their own use. But the controllers see this whole planet as a mere colony of some greater empire. It should be a factory planet, supplying the empire with products it needs, and they, the controllers, should profit from this. This works as long as “we” stay ignorant. We are all enemies to those plans.

That is why, I suppose, they are so upset about the population of the planet being so high. It’s not OUR survival they are concerned with; it’s THEIR power game!

I have no way of knowing if the controllers are totally deluded or for real. What I am sure of is that they are being secretive and they want to keep it that way.

The Galactic Federation is siding with “us” against that secrecy, but they are saying that the veil cannot be lifted until the controllers on earth are removed from power. Doesn’t that strike you as kind of backwards? Wouldn’t it be easier to remove the controllers from power if their existence were fully exposed? And if the group that exposes them is off-planet, what could the controllers do to retaliate? How much worse could it get on earth? (You don’t have to answer that!)

For these reasons I suspect the Galactic Federation, the Resistance Movement (Pleadieans), the Silver Legion, and the Positive Military. I do not suspect their earth supporters. But I suspect their off-world sources. They have not proven their integrity to me yet. They have not demonstrated to me that they aren’t really just one of the sides to this “secret” power struggle.

This does not mean that it is pointless to act against the secret controllers. It means that I don’t see the promises offered by our off-planet “friends” as reliable.

3. Is the galactic power struggle over?

The Galactic Federation insists that the galactic wars have ceased, except on earth. This, they want us to believe, is the last unresolved battle in this whole confounded galaxy.

This is difficult for me to believe, given the above paradigm, and the gaps in their data.

Are they telling us the truth? Or are they telling us a story they hope we will believe because it contains some truth?

This is what I am confused about. You?

Is Democracy an Illusion?

3 July 2012

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–…
Lewis Carroll – Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872

I have been studying the history of politics and power on this planet and in the universe for a little while now. And it occurs to me that a point keeps coming through in this material that deserves to be communicated:

Most power struggles are waged in secret.

We see the wars. We suffer from the economic collapses, the famines, the droughts.

But we never find out what’s really behind them all, because all that’s done in secret.

If one disagrees with how things are going, what’s wrong with standing up in public and stating so? That’s what our democratic system is all about, isn’t it?

Well, what’s wrong with it is that when a person stands up in public to protest, it’s like he’s just painted a huge target on his back, labelled “shoot me.” And if that protest has sufficiently missed a sufficiently violent withhold, the result is often exactly that: He is shut up.

Missed Withholds

This is a technical term; let me explain it:

An unspoken, unannounced transgression against a moral code by which the person is bound is called a “withhold.” …It is something that a person believes that if revealed will endanger his self-preservation. (from the Ethics book, p. 37.)

The decision to withhold comes after the decision to act. They are separate decisions, though in a criminal they are almost always made together.

A withhold is “missed” when someone almost finds out about it. That someone could be accusing someone else of something just to goad them. And they just happen to accuse them of something they actually did and want to keep secret. That misses the withhold just as well as if the police came to the door and announced their intention to investigate some crime.

Criminals love to miss withholds on regular folks. It almost always makes someone almost unbelievably angry to have a withhold missed on them. And this display of anger gives the criminal an excuse to hit back, even kill. The secret of why the killed person got so angry dies with them. The criminal depends on that.

(HCO Bulletin of 15 September 1981, The Criminal Mind)

The whole process of committing an overt (harmful act) withholding it, and then getting the withhold missed has a kind of physics connected with it. This physics has to do with the behavior of energy flows. An overt is basically an outflow of energy. The withhold serves to block further outflow, but this takes effort, which produces inflows. These inflows are then used as new excuses to outflow more overts. The being finds himself forced to attempt to keep his flows balanced, regardless of the consequences. Criminals are totally caught up in this physics, and have become the effect of it. They become totally unable to withhold overt acts by virtue of trying to keep them secret.

The thing to do with criminals is not to miss their withholds, but to hit the nail exactly on the head – totally exposing exactly what they did. This is difficult to do, but will be of the most benefit to society, and to the criminal.

However, in the rough-and-tumble game of international – or inter-galactic – politics, all the major players have lowered themselves to the level of criminal, and the game is generally played on those terms: Kill or be killed, and keep everything important a secret.

What Use Democracy?

Criminals were forced to agree to democracy in order to give those just below them in the “food chain” the impression that they could somehow have some control over who gets eaten.

I don’t claim that any great thinker has ever spoken these words. They are presented in perhaps an overly-cynical way. But we are playing this game with meat bodies, and meat bodies have to eat. Should we let the cows vote on which ones should go to the slaughterhouse?

Democracy gives the impression of civility in a society, and the impression of civility is highly valued. It tends to attract people to a society. In this wise, American culture was made very attractive to most of the rest of the world.

So now everyone else wants to live the way we do in the United States. I think that’s really all the Arab Spring was really about.

Except for one little detail…


The United States, since its Declaration of Independence, the writing of which we will celebrate tomorrow, envisioned a world in which the basic inalienable rights (or freedoms) of the citizen would be protected by his government, instead of trampled on.

In so doing, it proposed a system in which popular government would become separated from the secret power struggles of the criminal elites.

It failed, however, to fully expose those criminal elites and the full extent of their crimes.

And so, America was (rather quickly) re-criminalized.

The Declaration stands, though, as a testament to the basic human desire to be free.

There MUST be a way to make this vision real!

And there is:

Confront the truth.

Wise teachers from ancient times have been trying to tell us that this was our only way out. Many are familiar with the line in John which states that “the truth shall set you free.” John said that Jesus told this to a group of doubters, who said they were “sons of Abraham.” They thought they were free men, and had no need to be set free. So they did not try to understand the truth. Many of us continue to make this mistake.

I am not telling you that “the truth” is in the Bible!

The truth is what is really there! It should be possible to experience it, to know it as an individual without ever having to think about it or refer to a book.

So the biggest block to knowing the truth seems to be simply in our inability to perceive it. Thus, the road to truth is in the direction of improved perception.

I am not trying to be esoteric. I don’t want to hit anyone over the head with any sort of deep profundities. But don’t these ideas make some sort of sense?

Work out in what direction these ideas lead and you may be able to work out for yourself the path that will lead to advancement.

If you wish to go out and explore the truth for yourself, I invite you to stop reading here and go do that.

My take on The Truth

For those of you who did not leave to explore on your own, I will regale you with a few lines from my own story of exploration which may be instructive regarding the subjects of Democracy and Freedom.

First: It is not wrong to dream of freedom! Just remember what it takes to attain it.

Now: Have you ever experienced the idea that you were your body?

Is this a silly question? For some, the answer is: “Of course I’m my body!” Some cannot recall a time when they had the idea that they were NOT their body. Can you recall such a time? Were you your body before you were born? Will you be your body after you die? This is an example of an idea that is mere belief that acts as a trap, as a block to freedom. Because it’s a lie. You own your body. You are responsible for how it looks and what it does. But you are not your body.

Do you know how long it took me to realize this? I won’t even tell you; it is too embarrassing. But of course, this is just a stepping stone to freedom. How does one continue on up the road and prove this to oneself? By going exterior, preferably while fully awake and at cause. I don’t recommend trying to force yourself to do this. If you cannot do this naturally, there are probably good reasons why.

However, until one can go exterior and realize that he can still “see” and “hear” and “feel” and still control the body, the reality that greater freedom might be possible will be small.

Have I done this myself? Not with certainty, no. For me this truth still lies outside the realm of definite personal experience. But I have heard and read so many stories of such personal experiences that I cannot deny the truth of it just because my own certainty of it is low.

Have you ever seen for yourself, personally, the true shape of our planet (roughly spherical)? No? You mean you have not yet had a chance to ride through space with the astronauts? Well, then I guess we will just have to believe all those astronauts until we get up to the point where we can go up there and see for ourselves. (You can if you can learn to go exterior.)

I have spoken of secret criminals trying to run this planet. Is this true, or just stories I’ve heard? The answer to that question bears on the problem of Democracy.

I first heard of the criminal elites in, I think, 1982. I had been unaware of their existence up to that point. I was aware of various power blocks in society that were acting in rather underhanded ways. But not of the secret elites. LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) recorded a talk about them in 1967. I did not hear this talk until 1982. It is called Ron’s Journal 67. It is somewhat available, but you don’t need it now. Evidence of the existence of these elites is all over the internet. Thousands of people all around the world are totally certain they exist, and totally certain that they need to be removed. They have all but revealed themselves to us!

And they are still trying kill people who stand up to speak out against them. I am sure they reason: Well, that was his choice. If he wants to paint a target on his back, can you blame us for taking shots at it? They have sort of a warped point, don’t they?

The key to achieving Democracy is real freedom. Do the above lines make this point successfully? I wish they did. Democracy is not something you can expect the government or the military to simply provide to you. And it is not something you can “fight for” and “win.” It, or something like it, is a byproduct of a truly free society. And the freer a society is, the better it will operate.

A free society is made by making free beings. One at a time. In steps they can tolerate (being killed is a kind of “freedom”, but is not well tolerated!). Because it will require the strength of free beings to cope with the criminals. Until, some day, maybe, the criminals can also be freed. Until then there will be struggle. I’m sorry to have to tell you this. It seems to be how this game works.