Should we believe God?

26 February 2023

I have been exposed to a lot of content recently involving the Christian question. Is God a man, a woman, or neither? Should the Bible be altered to be less patriarchal? What is the Bible trying to teach us? Is it still relevant? Where did the Bible actually come from? Is Christian thought really the foundation of modern Liberal Democracies?

Note: My few loyal readers may have noticed that I have been writing less often and leaving out illustrative photos or drawings. My life has changed a lot since my church was closed for the pandemic, and I am giving myself much less time to write than I used to. What has not changed that much is that most of my writing is not carefully done. I think of a topic, eventually sit down to write about it, and just see what I come up with.

I consider myself an atheist

I was not raised to believe in God, or any sort of god. But neither was I raised to believe in Spirit or reincarnation. I was raised to believe in objective, rational thought. I was raised to believe in Science. However, I was impressed by two observations: 1) Science had not solved the problem of human violence and war; 2) Most of the world still believed in God. Thus, I concluded that there was something going on that objective, rational scientists and intellectuals were missing. I did not want to live a whole lifetime thinking that doing the same thing would result in change. And I thought we really needed a change.

Nothing I have studied since I was a young man has convinced me that the Christian God really exists. However, much I have studied has convinced me that many gods (or godlike beings) have existed and do exist.

I was not aware of any objective, rational work being done along this line until I started to study Hubbard.

That doesn’t count, though, the work of Eric Berne which was introduced to me by a psychologist. Oddly, Berne was Canadian-born. Likewise, Ian Stevenson, who established the Parapsychology department at the University of Virginia School of Medicine was Canadian born. And Robert D. Hare, who did pioneering work in the field of psychopathy, is also Canadian. On top of that, my grandfather Cox was born in Canada…but I digress…

After studying Hubbard’s work and meeting many practitioners of his methods, I was quite convinced that I had found what Science was missing. I call it Spirit. Berne had not found it, but one of his influences, Penfield, had wondered aloud about it. Many New Agers were quite sure of it, and researcher Courtney Brown independently verified its existence. Famed hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon, along with many others, became convinced when they discovered past life memories in their patients, as Hubbard had in 1951.

The story Spirit tells us

The story of Spirit is told by piecing together the past life memories of many individuals. Both Hubbard and Cannon used their research techniques to develop psychotherapies and spiritual counseling programs. Brown’s work has been strictly historical, and thus has gone places that Hubbard and Cannon had little interest in.

Brown, for instance, found that dinosaurs were forced into extinction by some sort of military action, and that humanoids were living on Earth at that time. Brown also explored the breakup of a planet near the orbits of Earth and Mars. Its remains are known today as the Asteroid Belt. Brown’s research has actually been very wide, including a large variety of Earth and non-Earth target incidents. He, also a secular scientist, has become quite alarmed about the situation here on Earth.

But I am not here to go into these people’s work in great detail, but only to summarize. You can find a similar summarization in the book Alien Interview, if you would like a written document of your own.

The basic story is that Spirit, in the form of numerous separate beings, created this physical universe and all it contains. This includes a regular time stream, gravity, all the stars and planets, and all of biology everywhere. Spirit, well advanced into numerous “meat body” societies by the time the Earth project was started, created Earth and its biosphere in all its diversity, as well as putting human bodies here, and other body types before the humans came.

Their various groups also brought various cultures and languages to Earth. And in the early days, according to Cannon and others, they lived among us as our rulers. Brown, for example, verified that Zeus was a real (and not very nice) being. Per Alien Interview, soldiers of the Domain brought the Vedic Hymns to Earth. This interrupted an earlier project by the Old Empire to turn Earth into a prison planet, and in an attack the Domain military unit was wiped out. Since then, Earth has been segregated from advanced ET societies. An entrapment network was set up around Earth to prevent spiritual beings who die (leave their body) here from leaving the planet. They are forced to reincarnate here.

The purpose of Earth’s sacred texts

In this context, I think you can see where I am going with this little article.

The sacred stories brought to Earth are intended to give us a workable alternative to the truth. Do advanced creator beings exist? Yes. Are they benevolent beings? Not necessarily. Should we believe every story they tell us about why they are here and why we are here? No.

They are trying to keep us in a prison, none the wiser that we are imprisoned. Why would they offer us any information that could help us to escape? If that escape ever happens, it will be the result of the efforts of Earth humans, with maybe a few off-world allies helping out.

Our future

Does anyone want to destroy Earth? I don’t know the answer to that. From one viewpoint, that destruction would release all those imprisoned here. But it is not clear that they are in any shape to go anywhere else and be anything more than slaves. If there comes a time when Earth is no longer fit to support human life, a new planet could be selected and we could be moved there. This would be no “Ascension” as some New Agers speak of! Just a new place where our imprisonment can continue.

Thus, I believe that Cannon and her followers go too far in believing what she has been told during therapy sessions where ETs barged in and took over the conversation. And I don’t think Courtney Brown should believe everything the “benevolent ETs” tell him, either. Hubbard stands alone (nearly) in seeing this as a purely human struggle. That’s one reason I support his work.

We, as spiritual captives, need to remember who we are and why we are here. Then we need to become “impervious to the faults and traps of yesteryear.” This is not a small endeavor. I hope my writing is supporting it.

Theft for the public good

29 January 2023

We ain’t talking about no Robin Hood!


I was watching a documentary called The Area on PBS for the second time.

In this story, a railroad made arrangements with the city of Chicago to buy a piece of land that it wanted to use to expand its Intermodal terminal. An Intermodal is where freight containers are transferred back and forth between trucks and trains.

The land the railroad wanted was a neighborhood with people living in it. It was run down with many vacant lots where houses had been condemned and torn down. But none the less it was part of a real community, called Englewood.

Though it was not explained in the documentary, such actions are normally accomplished using Eminent Domain. In this case, the company that wants the land attempts to convince the local government that their planned use for the land would be in the public benefit. Then the local government condemns the properties, forcing any existing residents to move, after they receive “fair compensation” for their loss. There are many examples where this concept of “fair compensation” was abused by both the purchasing party and the local officials.

In the case of Englewood, many of the remaining residents owned their houses and had paid off their mortgages.These mortgages may have been valued at $100,000 or more. Now that the neighborhood was considered “blighted” the market value was much less than that. Thus the residents being forced out, only compensated for the “fair market value” of their properties, could not afford to purchase a replacement home of similar quality somewhere else. This gives the impression, if not the legal fact, of theft; of a human rights violation.

The people who were forced to leave Englewood had to make do with their new situations. At least that’s where the story ended in this documentary. The cynical attitude of “it’s only business” had won out once again.


Next up was a documentary called Grit. It covers the story of a mother and her children who were driven from their home in Indonesia when a gas mining accident resulted in a mud volcano. This accident affected thousands of people. The mining company (Lapindo) could not afford to (or did not want to) compensate all those people for their loss. So they paid for a study that found that the mud volcano had been triggered by an earthquake that happened 180 miles away two days previous to the accident. It took this woman and those who worked with her ten years to get the government to arrange for payments to most of the displaced people.


In looking up the subject of Eminent Domain, I found an Investopedia article ( which was very forthcoming with the fact that this legal concept was being abused in modern times. They included this story:

“Most notoriously, Pfizer seized the homes of a poor neighborhood in New London, Connecticut, in 2000 to build a new research facility. Americans were outraged to learn a city could condemn homes and small businesses to promote private development. While the Supreme Court upheld this ruling in 2005, several states passed new laws to protect property owners from abusive eminent domain takings. Long after the homes were bulldozed, Pfizer abandoned its plans.”

“Important: Seizing land for private use has led to serious abuses throughout history.”

For those who might not be aware, Pfizer is part of what is colloquially known as Big Pharma and has been sued and fined several times as the result of damages caused by drugs they have produced and marketed. The amount they have paid out as a result of these suits and fines is in the billions. It is cynically thought that suits and fines are simply budgeted into their cost of doing business. But that’s probably true.

Very recently, a Pfizer executive was entrapped by a Project Veritas journalist to admit that he expects COVID vaccines to be a “cash cow” for years to come. Pfizer may even indulge in something known as “gain of function” research, but calling it something else (since GOF research is illegal in America). When made aware that his brags were secretly recorded, the Pfizer executive totally lost his temper and violently attacked the head of Project Veritas, then called the police! All this was caught on video and though most people will never see it, as the corporate media has shown zero interest in this whole drama. They chose, instead, to concentrate on the issue of bad policing which – oddly – seems now like a related topic.

The concept that large corporations are prone to steal from people and ruin lives through pollution and other abuses is not new. But I don’t think this is caused by the corporate model itself, but rather by our ignorance about what it takes to be successful on this planet. We think success requires criminal activities. Until we become totally convinced that crime is not required for human success on Earth, we will let criminals rule our governments and our large corporations and they will continue to make trouble for us and blame it on someone else.

The comment that wouldn’t post

14 January 2023

I tried to comment on a post that was brought to my attention by Harrison Koehli written by John Carter on his substack called Postcards from Barsoom.

But either because of software or my non-subscriber status, I was unable to comment. I will post it here, below.

Mr. Carter wrote a long piece about the problems we are having with gender roles. Conservatives would prefer a return to more traditional roles that honor the biological differences conferred on us by our body’s sex, while Progressives want to overturn that whole system in favor of … confusion (?). Mr. Carter notes that male abandonment of traditional male roles has led to a societal decline. But I find his drill-down to root causes lacking.

The following would be my response, without trying to totally explicate my own ideas but only to point out the general direction they take:

I find this discussion a bit overwrought. I hope some find it amusing or helpful.

But there IS something new going on in this world, and the development of the subject of ponerology into something useful was only a portion of what we needed to understand the situation.

In 1945 we used an atomic weapon to destroy civilians and infrastructure in an “enemy” city. Some say this helped to end the war. Few realize the signal that it sent to the rest of the universe.

The idea that a living universe exists “out there” that is keeping an eye on us has bounced around the realm of human thought for a long time. Since it is true, it continues to bounce around. But we only started to get some real certainty that this was true in the late 1940s, early 1950s. The military-political world learned of this and kept it secret. The intellectual (but not academic) world learned of it and attempted to scream it from the rooftops. However, snipers had been put in place for such eventualities.

Today this fact and a few of its more obvious ramifications are some of best known “secrets” on this planet. While most of academia actively refuses to engage with this subject, the world of speculative fiction has gone crazy over it, and many non-academic or formerly academic intellectuals are also involved.

The invaders that we have so far experienced include a wide variety of beings, some obviously heterosexual and others much less so. In any case, many of the scientists, engineers, pilots, warriors, magicians, and others who we have encountered when they come to “visit” identify as women. THEY apparently have transcended the “problem” of gender. Why shouldn’t we?

There is a lot about these various off-world beings that we know very little about, and one is how they procreate and care for their young. There are some indications that for many of them this is a totally in vitro process, with child rearing perhaps occurring in nurseries, not at home. And so we find some small hint as to why sex might mean so much less to them than it does to us.

We should not forget, though, that even on this planet in recorded history, women have done many of the same things that men have done. Perhaps the problem of “male identity” has always been with us. Indeed, research into our own individual pasts would indicate than most of us have had both male and female bodies. Why would a successful male warrior in one life want to be a housewife in the next life? There are inherent difficulties with the sexual aspect of biology, not to mention its other aspects, that most intellectuals fail to confront because they are unwilling to LOOK and find our true past.

If you want an example of this deeper data up close and personal, try Dena Merriam’s books. She has worked very diligently over several lifetimes (apparently) to acquire the ability to recall her own past lives. If you want to know the results of her efforts, read her books.

Powerful data in the hands of beings too broken or unaware to handle it properly will always result in bad shit happening. Our current problems with gender are only some of the more blatant examples. There are many others. At least most of them are being discussed, if mostly by people without a clue. We have to break through on this one. The off-worlders are not going to let us stew in our own juices forever. They are afraid of us and want to cripple us to make sure we can’t leave here. They will not give up in their attempts until we prove ourselves their seniors.

The latest from Farsight

29 December 2022

Courtney Brown’s group Farsight have just released their monthly program “ET News.” During the hour-plus video, Yeme reported the following interactions:


Yeme: I just heard almost like this speaking, like they’re speaking to me or through me.

This session has been compromised.

We now have control over what you see, what you write.

Yeme: They are telling me to say this here. They are not in control, however, they are feeding me this information.


We are here to compromise the masses.

We have taken control over all elections … electronics.

We are in the ears of your most important beings.

Those in control, those that can leave impressions, those that lead.

We are in your temples. We are in your houses.

We know that you are trying to defeat us.

We will insure that you cannot win this war.

We will continue to grow until you are outnumbered.

We know that Farsight is untouchable, however, we can still deliver messages through you.

The ones you look up to are becoming ours as we speak.


Yeme: In the first part of this session I had a fainting spell. I’m not sure how long I was gone. They speak to me telepathically, and then the connection was broken. The bad ETs want everyone to know that they are here on this Earth right now physically, taking control over the things we hold dear. Over our government. This silent war can be deadly. There is a side battle happening. It is affecting memories and the actions behind what is happening. They will not stop. Our leadership is being compromised, and Russia was just a warning, is what they said. They are angry that Farsight is untouchable however they are finding a way to tap in to the deep mind probes. However, we won’t forget – we can’t. I won’t have any missing pieces (that is a side effect of what goes on when anyone’s mind has been taken over.) I’ve never had any missing pieces. (pause) I see this battle across the galaxy, amongst the different things that are happening.

Yeme: Notes from our allies, our extraterrestrial allies: We must gain our strength and control NOW. They are here and taking over and we must act now. We cannot be afraid. We cannot show fear. And we have to allow the space for that to happen. They are about free will. They will not communicate through us without our permission. They are our allies but they cannot help us without our permission. We must give our extraterrestrial allies permission. We must continue to learn so that we can fight. This is a very important fight that has been going on for centuries and it is now getting to the brink of things. It is now getting to the point where we have to act, because once they gain control – the bad guys – gain the control, they can win. We cannot let them have us. … They say that they want to help, but we must come together as a whole to allow this help to happen. … We must move. There is strength in numbers.

Mixed Nuts

15 December 2022

[Verse 1]
In this world like nuts packed in a bag,
Everyone is snuggling up to someone they meet.
We are mixed in there and smiling
By pretending we are all nuts like peanuts.

On the template of happiness,
Behind the surface which is literally picturesque,
We can’t be as we are,
Even when we put our hands together sitting around a table.

Home with full of secrets and patches, you know?
Evеn though I chew up the real еmotions,
They still don’t disappear.
They are still stuck in my teeth.
My life is so insecure and drifting, and I know
Every day is so mediocre,
But I’m here and so are you.

Just by this truth
My stomach feels heavy.

[Verse 2]
Like a single peanut whose true character was revealed,
You get instantly rejected from the world.
That is when I want to be by your side,
If you are okay with my imperfection.
Even if we get roasted, shaken, and stepped on,
Together we will be unbreakable nutshells.

Whether you were born above the tree or beneath the ground,
The difference is subtle.
May the rain equally moisturize this unacceptably dry world.

The other side of a window is sometimes cold and noisy,
You know?
Occasional starless nights,
Days filled with thunderstorms are okay.
A show full of mistakes letting improvisations run.
But I know,
After all, this is a piece of daily life.
So I’ll digest it into my stomach and sleep.

Home with full of secrets and patches, you know?
Let’s eat up both special and ready-made meals.
There is no normal and there is no answer in life.
And I know
Every day is so mediocre;
But I’m here and so are you

Just by this truth
My stomach feels heavy.
I continue on cherishing this
Handful of a miracle.

Satoshi Fujihara

This is a recently-produced song brought to my attention by my friend Patrick.

Above is the English translation of the Japanese lyrics.

Per the video credits, words and music are by Satoshi Fujihara. According to the Wikipedia article on his band, Satoshi was born in Tottori prefecture on August 19th in 1991 and graduated from Shimane University in 2012. The band was formed on June 7, 2012. His band is called “Official Hige Dandism (Higedan).”

Fabio Writes

28 November 2022

Corey Goode’s site Ascension TV recently released a series of videos based on the writings of someone named “Fabio Santos.”

This is most likely a pen name and I have not been able to find out who Fabio really is.

Fabio relates a series of abduction experiences that started when he was quite young. They involve teaching him to develop his psychic abilities and experiments including forcing to have sex with a woman who was a stranger to him.

One of the other-worldly people he met during these experiences, “Leon,” seemed to be extremely well-informed and related loads of background information.

A lot of this had to do with the ancient history of his abductors. There were at least three major advanced races that were competing for power in the galaxy or the universe. The major players were Reptile-like humanoids and an emaciated race we know as “Grays.” They were not only using weapons in their wars, but radioactive materials, biotoxins (including viruses) and “intelligent” nano-particles. In using these poisons, they sometimes became infected by their own weapons. The challenge then was to develop an antidote.

After a while, several advanced races became affected or infected by toxins that reduced their ability to reproduce sexually to almost zero. They decided that they needed to find a humanoid species that had not yet been infected, and that led them eventually to Earth. Earth, however, had a problem. It had been set up by some Reptilians as a spiritual prison for beings they found dangerous to their ways of life. Thus any being coming to Earth might get trapped in this prison, if they were killed while here. Many sought help from Earth humans using both sincere and insincere agreements.

Fabio mentions several other gifted children that he met during these abductions, as they were all transported to the same space for their training and to interact with each other. They all had exceptional abilities that would not be considered normal for Earth children or adults. Of the experimenter races, Fabio informs us:

The fractals that mattered most to them were a certain group of fractals of Creator Sons (Elohim), commanders and agents linked to the engineers of the construction and expansion of the universe, who were compulsorily placed on this planet by some kind of trap, fall or betrayal.

Fabio Santos

“Fractals” in his terminology refer to individual spiritual beings who are supposedly related to some precursor being or larger group. He describes a program of imprisonment and betrayal here on Earth, of beings that seem to be of concern to several other groups because of their supposed creative powers. He uses lots of mystic terminologies for these beings like “Demiurges,” “Archons” and “angels.” I am not sure how relevant these terms are, though they indicate some sort of elaborate system of castes and functions among these races.

He relates how more beings began to “awaken” in recent centuries. Some of these beings took advantage of their special awareness for profit, while others sought a more ethical approach to our situation here. The more sinister groups here attempted to use the more egotistical “awakened” to cause conflicts that would destroy their potential power.

At the end of the tenth episode, the usual narration was interrupted by a special message using a different voice. It seems this message encouraged tolerance and reconciliation, as these various groups were trying to save their own species, but not all of them had chosen to interact with Earth in a deceitful manner.

Attention Earthlings … sorry for the interruption, but we need to transmit this message.

Some scientists, including my team and myself, became somewhat disconnected from our species’ Group Neural Network, just before we left our planet. This made it possible for us to not be mentally invaded by the Dracos and their “AI God” and continue acting on our own, with our usual ethics. Unfortunately, this was not the reality for most: some of us were completely absorbed by the Draconian minds and were manipulated to the point of creating clone versions of ourselves, which only serve as biological robots in the service of their sick collective mind. Servants who do the dirty and dangerous work of their masters, but who are empty shells, they don’t have a conscience inhabiting their bodies.

Even with our species divided, we were still accountable to our Senate. It was they who, once again, made a new agreement to work together with the Dracos, for the solution of the common problem, regarding the genetic code of our species, because we had developed the virus, but not the antidote.

Our joint effort discovered that it would be necessary to find a species in our universe that was free of nanotechnology, so that we could reprogram our DNA. The challenge was to find a species that was compatible with our genetic code and that would collaborate with us (something that some of our colleagues didn’t care about). Yes, that species was the human and the chosen planet was Earth. But it was very difficult, especially in the beginning, because humans were very primitive and several interventions were necessary, including on the planet, because there were various natural predators for the species here.

Since then, several delegations with numerous genetic projects have been working on the planet. Some bring together Dracos, Reptilians and Zetas to fulfill this common agreement between Senates. Others have Dracos and Reptilians in charge, and our Zeta brothers completely mentally dominated, who aim to solve the problem at any cost.

Finally, a third type, to which I belong: Zetas with independent research, who act ethically and comply with the Law, as we have always done. Since we were trapped in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, when the frequency barrier came along, some of our fellows have volunteered to incarnate on the planet as humans, so that our research and development in the field was possible. That way, we don’t necessarily need to abduct people against their will. Although, our consciences do not know who we are when we incarnate and in countless times the process can be temporarily traumatic; we are aware of this. But we try to do our work with minimal impact, including alliances and allies in the process.

Unlike some of our colleagues, we care about the well-being of humanity and do not want to interfere negatively in the evolution of the planet and the species. On the contrary, if we can contribute, we will.

The message is: Not all Zetas, or “Greys” as you call us, are negative or mean to harm you. We all want to solve a problem that was created for us and that could lead to the extinction of our species. But we want to do this ethically and with respect for all forms of life. We understand the prejudice with our appearance, for all the trauma generated by others of our kind. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like us. But rest assured that just as there are ethical and unethical humans, there are also ours. Duality is a reality of our experiential frequency zone.

Fabio Santos

I cannot vouch for any of this material. But in spite of all the Mystic and New Age terminology, this information seems closer to the findings of independent human researchers than most previous stories given to us by ETs. I reproduce a portion of it here to help preserve it.

Back in the U.S

12 November 2022

Back in the U.S.
Back in the U.S.
Back in the U.S.S.R.

Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out
They leave the West behind
And Moscow girls make me sing and shout
That Georgia’s always on my my my my my my my my my mind

Oh, show me ’round your snow-peaked mountains way down south
Take me to your daddy’s farm
Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out
Come and keep your comrade warm


America in the 1970s

The above song was written in 1968. The Beatles were in India at the time, at an ashram taking meditation lessons. The song parodies several popular rock styles. But more importantly it poked fun at both the U.S. and the Russians boasting about how great their own countries were. With the Vietnam War layered on top of a continuing Cold War, the whole propaganda war was beginning to wear thin.

In the 1970s the U.S. withdrew from Vietnam, admitting, essentially, defeat. The U.S. economy was tanking and Nixon was being run out of office (quite deservedly, most of us thought). By 1975 the Church Committee had held several hearings concerning corruption in government intelligence agencies.

The most shocking revelations of the committee include Operation MKULTRA involving the drugging and torture of unwitting US citizens as part of human experimentation on mind control; COINTELPRO involving the surveillance and infiltration of American political and civil-rights organizations; Family Jewels, a CIA program to covertly assassinate foreign leaders; Operation Mockingbird as a systematic propaganda campaign with domestic and foreign journalists operating as CIA assets and dozens of US news organizations providing cover for CIA activity. It also unearthed Project SHAMROCK in which the major telecommunications companies shared their traffic with the NSA.


Many of us growing up during that time became convinced that our country was not the great moral beacon of democracy, peace and prosperity that it was made out to be. Thankfully most of us had the right to speak and write about these things, though the Internet was not yet born.

Many more revelations would come to light over the following years. And I mean MANY more. But Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex – now becoming the Corporate Entertainment Government Complex – seemed to be shoring up its damaged reputation and preparing to continue its quest to capture the hearts and minds of the American people, and then, the people of the world.

I am impressed in particular with their ability to sell to Americans and the world a new age of pharmaceutical-based health care for both body AND mind (seeing as the mind was simply a function of the brain, according to modern psychiatry).

9/11 went off with no major hitches, ushering in a whole new era of U.S. military violence abroad, and electronic surveillance at home – now integrated into our new cell phone and computer networks.

The once diverse and interesting entertainment industry, starting with TV, then radio, music, movies, books, magazines and video games, while being expanded to hundreds of separately branded services, was brought under the control of just six major corporations: National Amusements (Viacom); Disney; Time Warner; Comcast; News Corp; and Sony. This is why I now refer to it as “corporate media.”

PBS – the most trusted name in corporate media

The Public Broadcasting Service began operations on October 5, 1970, taking over many of the functions of its predecessor, National Educational Television (this per Wikipedia). It is officially non-profit and operates under a set of rules designed to prevent undue influence on content from large donors. There is no doubt, however, that the content leans liberal, with the news blatantly so.


Frontline is the news documentary arm of PBS and is produced by its large Boston affiliate WGBH. Frontline has been producing shows since 1983.

Frontline has produced 785 documentaries so far. I have only seen a few of them. In reviewing the list of them all on Wikipedia, the older ones seemed very diverse, though of course always attempting to provide more in-depth information relating to current news stories.

The ones I have seen more recently seem more focused on partisan political issues. The attitude seems to be that Trump and Putin are obviously public criminals, while most of the rest of us are above all that and just trying to get along. What happened to the revelations of corruption in the U.S. that began to appear in the 1970s? Shouldn’t those who see this as a continuing problem get some kind of voice? It seems all these voices were now considered to be “conspiracy theorists.” But weren’t the conspiracies unearthed in the 1970s quite real?

The 2019 season included such titles as: Zero Tolerance – a critique of Trump’s immigration policy; Kids Caught in the Crackdown – more of the same; America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump (Parts 1 & 2); NRA Under Fire; and United States of Conspiracy.

The 2020 season included: Policing the Police 2020; President Biden; Trump’s American Carnage; American Insurrection; and Germany’s Neo-Nazis & the Far Right.

The 2021 season included: America After 9/11; Putin’s Road to War; Plot to Overturn the Election; The Power of Big Oil (in 3 parts); and Police on Trial.

Plot to Overturn the Election has been aired several times. It locates some shady operators involved with Stop the Steal, but fails to tell the whole story of who Lin Wood and Sidney Powell were or how they became convinced that computerized tabulation machines had been tampered with. It makes the whole operation look much more secretive than it really was.

The 2022 season started with Lies, Politics and Democracy which accuses Trump “undermining American democracy.” It also contains another part of Putin’s Road To War, which in its turn demonizes Putin.

It’s not that these people don’t deserve our derision. But I find it superficial and naive to think that the problems in a society come from a few outspoken leaders. Where is that leader getting their information and advice? That’s what I want to know.

Alternative Media – the least trusted name…

You see the problem. The six great companies that run all the major information sources on this planet are not going to air research that attempts to uncover their own corruption or true agendas. Why should we assume, if Trump and Putin are so bad, that they are the only ones? If Russia indulges in misinformation and propaganda, wouldn’t America also? That’s what we thought we learned in the 1970s. Well, this lesson seemed to somehow get unlearned. Corporate media, it seems, now has clean hands and thus has the right – if not the duty – to expose those with dirty (bloodstained) hands.

But what about all those killed by dangerous medicines, by toxins released into our environment in the name of pest control , weed control, hygiene, or shopping convenience? Don’t those deaths result in blood on someone’s hands? Aren’t we interested in who they are and why they did it? Can we really expect the world to respect our moral pronouncements when our own people and institutions are also guilty of crimes? How can we put our own house in order if we don’t know how corrupted it has become?

The task of informing us of such things has fallen on the “alternative media.” These people attempt to get the “truth” out using various online platforms and with minimal funding (usually). They are an odd mix of super-intelligent researchers, loud mouth trouble makers, and outright imposters. They are needed and they are also hated, mostly by the corporate media. And so they and their messages have been banned (censored, deplatformed, terminated) by many corporate media platforms.

The Wall Street Journal recently released a list of people banned from Twitter. It is incomplete.

Donald Trump: Former U.S. President.

Mike Lindell: The MyPillow CEO was banned over a series of claims about the 2020 presidential election.

Kanye West: The rapper was recently banned from Twitter for posting antisemitic comments on the site.

Sidney Powell: Lawyer and former Trump employee was banned during a “purge” of accounts that supported Q.

Michael Flynn: Trump’s former national security adviser was also banned during the Q purge.

Lin Wood: A member of Trump’s legal team and Q supporter.

Roger Stone: The political consultant and ally of Trump was banned in 2017 for making insulting remarks toward CNN anchors and contributors.

Steve Bannon: Trump’s former adviser was banned when he suggested that FBI Director Christopher Wray and chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci should get beheaded.

Katie Hopkins: The conservative British political commentator was banned in 2020 for mocking the Black Lives Matter movement and for calling immigrants “cockroaches.”

Gavin McInnes: The founder of the Proud Boys, a group the ADL describes as “a right-wing extremist group with a violent agenda,” was banned. Twitter prohibits all violent extremist groups.

Conservatives argue that this prohibition is not applied consistently. The argument that companies like Twitter are targeting conservative anti-corporate messages seems obvious to the people getting banned. But to many others the impression that these people deserve to be silenced is very strong. The limiting of free speech for the “good of society” seems sensible to more and more people. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that this would seem anti-American to those whose voices are being silenced.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: This U.S. representative’s personal account was banned for repeated violation’s against Twitter’s misinformation policy. Greene was spreading information about COVID-19.

The argument against banning “misinformation” is, of course: Who gets to decide? Shouldn’t I get to decide this for myself? Doesn’t the suggestion that I must defer to “experts” invalidate my own ability to think and decide?

Alex Jones: In 2018, this right-wing conspiracy theorist was banned for violating Twitter’s policy against abusive behavior. One of Jones’ theories is that 9/11 was an inside job (which is true per Courtney Brown’s work).

Milo Yiannopoulos: The conservative commentator was banned for repeatedly harassing and insulting the actress Leslie Jones.

Raúl Castro: The former Cuban president and other accounts run by the Cuban government were banned in 2019.

The Wall Street Journal’s list includes some minor celebrities that posted nude photos or violated the privacy of other people. We might assume that those bans were legitimate. But the big question still remains: Shouldn’t I be free to decide for myself who is being criminally dishonest or verbally abusive?

Wikipedia also carries a list of Twitter suspensions, both temporary and permanent:

These people were banned for things they said about COVID:

Donald Trump

David Icke: A famous British personality who believes that Reptilian ETs exist (they do).

Naomi Wolf: Feminist writer banned for criticizing the COVID shots.

Nation of Islam: A black church banned for criticizing the COVID shots.

Alex Berenson: Former NYT writer banned for criticizing the COVID shots.

Greg Locke: Church pastor banned for criticizing the COVID shots.

Emerald Robinson: Journalist banned for criticizing the COVID shots.

Robert Malone: Virologist banned for criticizing the COVID shots.

Plus these recent bans:

The Babylon Bee: Comedy site banned for making fun of somebody (I’m not kidding).

Jordan Peterson: Canadian psychologist banned for making fun of a public figure.

James Lindsay: Intellectual banned for anti-woke ideas.

Doesn’t freedom mean free speech?

We are hearing that other governments around the world are banning free speech. Russia, Iran, China are being attacked by our corporate media for their bans of dissident voices and their propaganda. But what about our own failures to allow free speech? Does the fact that speech remains freer here excuse those abuses? How long can we continue to assert that we honor our founders’ ideas here, when corporate media removes dissident voices from their platforms?

I have really only looked at Twitter here. But those platforms include hundreds of TV stations, movie production houses, other social media companies like Meta, newspapers, magazines and “information” websites. And I see a similar pattern across all these platforms. The corporate world continues to act to protect its version of the truth, while it becomes clearer and clearer to more people that it isn’t the truth.

In the 1970s such brazen attempts to silence dissent could have provoked protest marches. Now it is just as likely that the failure to silence dissent will provoke a protest. In my opinion, we are walking away from a vision for the future that our founders expressed as best they could in the Declaration of Independence. But more importantly, I see us walking away from sanity, from a strong sense of personal responsibility, and from the skills we will need to survive as a species. The proper exercise of our freedoms is an extremely valuable set of skills, and we are losing them.

Here is a quote provided to me by Robert Malone:

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control. Do I mean a conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, incredibly evil in intent.”

–Rep. Larry P. MacDonald, killed in Korean Air Lines 007, 1983

Welcome to 2030

9 November 2022

Dr. Malone brought this to my attention:

Author data from World Economic Forum:

Ida Auken is the former Minister for the Environment in Denmark (2011-2014). She is a Member of the Danish Parliament (2007-) for The Social Democratic Party. Ida Auken held the position of President of the European Environment Council and was Head of the EU Delegation at the Rio+20 conference, where the UN Sustainable Development Goals were agreed. Ida Auken was nominated a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and has also been elected as one of the 40 most promising young leaders in Europe. With her 15 years of experience in the Danish Parliament, Ida Auken has been key in fostering the green transition in Denmark. She was one of the architects of the Danish Climate Law that has one of the world’s most ambitious climate change targets and recently she introduced the paradigm shift in the approach to offshore wind by establishing energy islands. Ida Auken is the author of several books and in May 2022 “Believe it – climate, hope and vigour” was published.

Political Statement

27 October 2022

I have been enduring a barrage of news coverage from the mainstream media, mostly PBS. And I felt the need to explain why I think this coverage is so unsatisfactory.

The Media

I grew up exposed to a lot of media and a lot of news coverage on TV and radio. When I was young, I thought journalists were doing the best they could to keep their reporting accurate and unbiased. Though of course they seemed to concentrate on war, crime, and controversy, what else was newsworthy?

Then I learned what had been going on with the media from the point of view of my church. Certain media organizations had been attacking the church with stories that were not honest or accurate. They were obviously biased, but relied on the perceived strangeness of our group to convince readers that the criticisms must be justified.

Later on, these attacks were investigated to learn their true sources. It was found that these stories were ordered published by the owners of the respective media outlets, who were operating under the influence of medical interests who saw our church as their enemy. This information introduced me to the idea that there are non-governmental (I call them “corporate”) control groups out there who are perfectly willing to use the media to deliver their propaganda messages to the population, just as political groups do.

Thus, “freedom of the press” does not end with freedom from government control. When a media outlet is government-owned or controlled, it is obviously going to function as a propaganda outlet for the government. But when a media outlet is corporate-owned, all that means is that it can function as a propaganda outlet for the corporation.

It is often assumed that the only major corporate interest is profit. But with the advent of corporate-sponsored non-profit “foundations,” it became obvious that something else was going on. For-profit corporations operate to influence the messages delivered by for-profit media outlets, and non-profit groups operate to influence the messages delivered by not-for-profit media outlets. I must comment that PBS changed a lot from its early years when it was largely listener-supported to the present time when it seems to be largely corporate-supported.


Corporations finance the production of news and entertainment programs, and also operate to influence the work of academics and intellectuals through their funding of universities and research institutions. They also support non-profit advocacy groups, activist groups and political parties.

The corporate world is vastly under-reported in the media, compared to the political world and partisan politics. If you want to learn more about corporate influence on this planet, you have to look at sources who are often accused in the corporate media of being “conspiracy theorists.” There are many books written on this subject, and much discussion of them online.

These days, the concept of “corporate capture” of government agencies is widely discussed. But from my experience, corporate media largely avoids reporting the mistakes and shortcomings of the corporate world. Traditionally, Republicans (or Conservatives in other countries) were pro-business and thus tended to defend the corporate world. But that is changing. Though the Left is openly anti-corporate, the Democrats are difficult to pin down on this matter, as liberals support many activities (such as the modern medical industry) that are also supported by corporations. My impression is that liberals got snookered (fooled while they weren’t paying attention), though that could be overly charitable. Corporations do NOT have a liberal history, so this alliance with liberals never made sense to me. Some prominent Republicans have been significantly attacked by the corporate media, so now many Republicans and Conservatives are re-evaluating their traditional support for “free enterprise.”


I see crime as the single most important human problem. Unless a society can control the criminals in its midst, it is doomed to continual violence (as parts of Haiti are experiencing now) and gross inequalities, as crime is often involved in the amassing of great fortunes.

For me, Dianetics (1950) was the first book to address the subject of crime with the attention it deserves. Hubbard described crime – I think quite properly – as a form of mental illness. Hubbard continued to run into the problem of crime and psychosis in his work, and by the 1960s had developed a much more thorough approach to the subject.

Hubbard’s term for what others call the psychopath is “Suppressive Person.” Though I prefer Hubbard’s approach to the whole subject, almost no one outside of Scientology is familiar with it, so in the interest of communicating across this information barrier, I stick with the term “psychopath” or occasionally “professional criminal” or “compulsive liar.”

A psychologist named Robert Hare is known for his research into the psychopathic personality. He co-authored Snakes in Suits in 2006 which (I hope) opened the eyes of some intellectuals to the problems being created by some individuals in the corporate world. Of course, these people operate in all social strata and cause untold human suffering and violence wherever they are active.

The psychopath is the great “secret” of our crime problem. They perpetrate major crimes to create environments where lesser crimes (the ones that get the most police attention) can become common. They create gang wars, tribal wars, civil wars, and world wars. The mechanism they use is covered in Hubbard’s Third Party Law. The first step any peace keeping body should take in the face of war is a Third Party Investigation. This information has been available since the 1960s and still is not widely known. This shows you the power of the psychopath, especially when organized, to prevent the general public from learning information that could be useful. The data in Dianetics is still not well-known, and that was published over 70 years ago. Many have benefited from that information, due mainly to the efforts of my church. Corporate players wish to keep this information hidden, and not because it is useless or harmful, as some of them might argue.


Reincarnation. This reality of life has been taught since the time of the Vedas. Secular science found no evidence for it, until Hubbard came along. Later, a chair devoted to the study of “parapsychology” was established by inventor Chester Carlson in 1968. That chair was filled by Ian Stevenson, who is famous for his work researching the reincarnation stories of children. He built a scientific case for the reality of reincarnation that can never be denied. Other researchers using other methods have verified that this phenomenon is quite real. Corporate media still considers it “pseudoscience.”

ETs. Extraterrestrials have been a part of human stories at least since the time of the Vedas. Hubbard’s research into past lives, along with the work of MANY others, has made it clear that ETs exist. The corporate media relies totally on the unbelievability of these stories. Meanwhile, per Pew Research, 60% of Americans believe intelligent life exists on other planets.

In this context, the people of the corporate media seem hopelessly naive and confused by “why don’t more people believe the news?” Why don’t they believe us that Russia is the bad guy? That Trump is the bad guy? That COVID is the bad guy? That those misinformation doctors are the bad guys? The answer is that they have lied too much. Here are some more examples:

Building Seven. On 9/11 “Building Seven” free-fell into its footprint a while after the towers went down. This was obviously a controlled demolition. This is one reason the rest of the “official” 9/11 story is no longer believed by many people. Farsight Institute (Courtney Brown) has already found it to be an inside job. How many more incidents that “everybody knows” happened a certain way are actually cover-ups?

JFK Assassination. The mainstream still maintains the Oswald did it. It is now an open secret that this is a lie. Again, Farsight has confirmed that this was an inside job.Similar findings have been made concerning many other major violent events.

Roswell. The spaceship crashes in July of 1947 have also been confirmed to be real ET crashes. Many researchers have long maintained that this must be so. Per the corporate media, this is a conspiracy theory.

Theory of Evolution. Hubbard’s work is mostly responsible for convincing me. Evolution, it seems, is a minor contributor to the incredible diversity found on Earth. These life forms were created by an ancient form of genetic engineering possibly part of an ancient corporate system that has long since disappeared from this universe. The corporate world continues to insist that Intelligent Design is the work of religious fanatics.

United we Stand?

So far, Corporate and their various lying subdivisions have held together in their insistence that their truth is more real than reality. Will their narratives survive even though so many of them are obvious lies? They don’t survive in my heart. And apparently, approximately half of the adult population also suspects that it is being hoodwinked. Let’s look at some other areas that Corporate is getting wrong:

Education. It has long been asserted that some group has been intent on infiltrating and destroying American culture in order to cripple us as a potential barrier to their planned world takeover. Researchers have identified this invasive group in various different ways. Some call them psychologists, others call them Neo-Marxists. Are they all psychopaths? Maybe – maybe not. But their work has, by many accounts, caused an increase in crime and a decrease in scholastic achievement in American students. While most conservatives who don’t like what their children are being exposed to in modern public schools advocate simply returning to a more basic curriculum, Scientologists advocate reforms in the educational system that would achieve better results for more students. We both agree that the current trend is destructive.

Racism. Racism is one of many divisive ideologies that was planted by psychopathic personalities. The seemingly endless emphasis on sensitivity training and seminars to handle the problem of criminal ideologies will never get us there. The perpetrators of these ideologies must be located and exposed for the criminals that they are. Then we have techniques that can be used to help victims of these ideologies rethink their beliefs with the falsities removed.

Religion. Though the more modern religions are full of deceptive teachings, the core belief that we are more than mere humans and survive death in some form is persistent because it is true. We should not speak too dismissively of religions or religious people. They are “onto” something true and valuable. Their faith helps them to cope with and navigate the vagaries of life, Their freedom to practice their teachings should not be abridged. Meanwhile, it is estimated that about half of all journalists are non-religious.

Spirituality. The corporate world hates “mysterious” forces that are difficult to locate and control. The spirit is such a force. However, it is also the basis of all life and our door into the world of deeper knowledge. Our aversion for spiritual knowledge renders our society much less able than it otherwise would be. If we cling to the superstition of life as just a mechanism, we will never catch up with the ET societies that surround us.

Science. This of course means that many of our current scientific theories are lacking. Not only is this frustrating for those of us who know better, but it acts as a barrier to our further development as a planet. What propulsion systems are used by the ETs? We should know by now, and a few of us probably do. This might be the clean energy source that we need to become more sustainable. But Corporate has decided to keep this a secret. Why?

Progress. There is a general agreement that human progress is a totally human creation. This has been demonstrated to be a false idea. Computers, for instance, are millions of years old, as are robots. There is some evidence that we were given some of that technology by ETs in the fairly recent past.

Cultural diversity. There is evidence that cultural diversity on Earth is a recently-implanted fictional construct. ETs who did not want us to develop are said to have installed these cultures on Earth with the idea of keeping us in a state of disagreement if not war. Now we get all involved in our cultural traditions without knowing how they actually came about. Knowing something about our past lives would give us a fuller appreciation of how diverse many of our experiences actually are.

Politics. This is mostly a dog and pony show put on for the benefit of Corporate and the detriment of their target audience – us. It is probably safest to regard politics as a form of entertainment. Unfortunately, governments and corporations can take actions that can be widely destructive or widely beneficial. So it would probably be wise to recapture this sphere of human action and force it to be honest and sensible. Currently the political realities on Earth are so different than the political stories we have been told that it is difficult to envisage a world where this problem is corrected. But it does need to be done.

Martinez Hummingbird

12 October 2022

Photographed near the Martinez Amtrak station on 30 September 2022 with my phone.