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What’s going on.

20 September 2011

Remember that Marvin Gaye song, “What’s Going On?”

It had that wood block sound in the background that had this long echo on it.

“We’ve got to find a way to bring some lovin’ here today.”

It was released in 1971 when I was 16 years old. The Vietnam War was raging, but being wound down. Whales were dying. Oil spills were polluting the oceans. Intel released the first microprocessor, the 4004. Men landed on the moon for the third and fourth time. The NPR news show “All Things Considered” began broadcasting. The musical “Godspell” premiered. The Juan Corona incident occurred in California. The “Pentagon Papers” were leaked and published in the New York Times. Nixon began spying on his “enemies.” The US Postal Service replaced the Post Office. Armed revolt raged in Northern Ireland. Attica happened. “Jesus Christ Superstar” opened on Broadway. The “DB Cooper” incident occurred. Ivan Illich wrote “De-Schooling Society.” Alice Waters opened her “Chez Panisse” restaurant in Berkeley, CA.

And that, of course, is but a sampling.

So: What IS going on?

Life is being lived. The ebbs and flows of conflicting games create a never-ending stream of “random” events. Some hit us, some only touch us, and some miss us.

But at 16, I was not about to be satisfied with “C’est la vie” (That’s life)!

However, I was not in a position to get the situation clarified to any great extent until roughly 10 years later, when I heard these words, recorded way back in 1967:

“Our enemies on this planet are less than twelve men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles.” (RJ67 transcript, p4)

I had never before thought about, or had my attention directed toward “the Bank of England and other higher financial circles.” I was, in fact, barely aware of their existence. And it wasn’t until quite recently when, taking advantage of a lull in employment, I tried to learn a little more about this.

But how important are the old entrenched elites to a better understanding of what’s going on?

From the point of view of my teacher, knowing about the old elites gives us a superficially better understanding of life. From the point of view of the “truth movement” knowing about the old elites is totally vital.

Hubbard, perhaps, undervalued this knowledge, because he had known a lot about it for a long time, and it didn’t help him that much. His dad was in the Navy. He knew that the governments were interested in mind control. He had personally seen some of the early attempts in Los Angeles to get scientists and politicians mixed up with ex-Nazis and Satanists, as if they hadn’t already been for some time. So all the “twelve men” data added to his understanding was that there were some very influential crazy guys who were trying to control things to turn out the way they wanted.

But Hubbard knew that they weren’t the real controllers.

Because he had been studying the mind. So he knew that all our “bad habits” here on earth had been laid in over a considerable length of time. And that when all was said and done, the only way to free a being from all those bad habits was to help him walk back through his own personal history of agreeing with them.

Once a person went through this, as Hubbard had done himself, he felt much more immune to the machinations of those around him with evil intentions, and much less desperate about the situation. He dedicated his life to giving more people the chance to gain that same knowledge.

How do I do my part?

After I joined the Sea Org, I thought I had this taped. All I had to do was stay in the Sea Org! For better or for worse, that was more difficult to do than I had anticipated. I would certainly recommend that path to any trained Scientologist. Particularly if you have already seriously tried making a difference on your own. You will be able to appreciate the protection that the group affords you without feeling taken advantage of, or out-exchange, because of it.

But I myself had not really made a serious effort to “change the world” without any help. And the Sea Org is full of people who have. Before I went back, I figured, I would somehow have to become such a person.

And so I write. It is far from the most valuable contribution, but it is, in my experience, somewhat unique. I serve as a kind of “independent” commentator on world events, but that commentary is heavily influenced by my study of the Basics, and other materials. I have not found anyone else (except of course LRH himself, who really knew the score and could write damn good commentary when he wanted to) yet who is writing the kinds of things that I am writing.

Explaining what is not obvious.

For the most part, I take a frank, somewhat didactic approach. I figure that if someone has a problem with something I write, he can get to me through a website message or find my email. For simple facts, I use the web a lot. For basic principles I rely mostly on my own understandings. I like to throw in data from non-Scientology sources that tend to support my points, and I have a library of these, but remember most of them from using them. Of course I have a set of the Basics which I delve into if I want to use an expression from them or am not sure I understand something right.


One subject which comes up over and over is time, time travel, the future, and stuff like that. I struggled with communicating my understandings of these concepts, as I did not really understand them that well. But I think my understandings have improved a bit as a result.

The concept that persistence of objects and energies (or the perception of the passage of time) is a group illusion created by an automaticity with agreed-upon parameters is one of the more difficult concepts to explain. Of course, all the physics students want to know how this automaticity works, exactly! And that’s something that Hubbard was never that interested in.

But what I got from reviewing his material on this is that all matter could be considered to have properties similar to memories. And we all know that when a being goes back and inspects a particularly troubling memory, and resolves something about it, perception of present time changes. So in that sense, “going back in time and changing something” does affect the present. What people don’t understand about that type of “time travel” is that all you can really change is memory forms.

Travelling “into the future” is a little more difficult to explain. I try to tread lightly in this area, though I believe what most people refer to as “the future” is really only a prediction or a probability based on considerable past experience. What most people fail to appreciate is the sheer amount of past experience that is available. Very few people can even remember their immediately prior lifetime!


The big problem with this game, I have found after playing it a while myself, is that it is basically just a blame game. Most people are trying to work out how it is really somebody else’s fault. Certainly most political “debate” is nothing more than this. Most commentary and news is nothing more than this. It is a very difficult habit to break away from! And it is basically a very low-toned, deep, “dark” habit.

What I am choosing to tell people more and more in my posts is that their real enemies are the enemies of truth and self-knowledge. And these are not so much people as they are mental habits. Though there are people who have totally given in to these habits, while most of us still fight against them, we are all basically in the same boat on this.

I have been using the Third Party Law more often recently. I don’t try to explain it. I just say: Those two are fighting because a third party is lying to both of them about each other. The third party wants them to fight so they won’t notice that he is stealing from both of them!

I don’t know if people believe me, but that doesn’t matter. It puts a little more understanding there.

Private Power Systems

I was thinking of moving out to my sister’s place in the country. And I was thinking of installing a little solar power or wind power installation on their property as a demonstration system. I was wondering what I could power with a small system, and of course I thought of computers.

But that made me think of another issue I had seen brought up. What if something bad happens that takes out a portion of our internet infrastructure? How can we stay in touch using network technology with no internet? It turns out that someone has written software capable of creating an “ad hoc” peer-to-peer network between devices with embedded wi-fi transponders.

But if the internet goes down, the power grid might go with it. Or a power grid failure could even be the cause of internet failure. So, what about power? We need “private power systems” in situations like that.

And I knew, because I’m an electronics nut and pay attention to stuff like that, that many modern “AC” adapters really don’t need AC to work. They are basically just DC-to-DC converters with a simple AC-to-DC power supply added to the front of them. DC passes right through the front end like it wasn’t there.

That means you can run most modern communication equipment directly from batteries!

It would take twelve 12-volt batteries in series or ten 15-volt batteries. They would last about ten times as long powering a laptop via its adapter as the laptop’s own battery would last. And they could be used to power anything, or recharge any battery, that worked on the “new” style adapters that don’t use low-frequency transformers.

Furthermore, you could rig them up to recharge from almost any AC or DC power source if you could get its voltage high enough. That’s 100 solar cells in series. Or any AC source between 100 and 250 volts and about 30 to 100 Hz.

Wow! I thought. What a cool idea!

So I created a page about it and added it to my Life Force Designs website.

Then my host’s server crashed. Nice, huh?

So I still want to know: What’s going on?