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A Walk Through Sacramento

14 December 2018


A month ago I was in Chico, where the fire that burned down the entire town of Paradise filled the Sacramento valley with an acrid haze.

The people who could not get into or did not want to stay in one of the shelters were just beginning to figure out how to cope with their new situation.


A month later…

I decide to take a late morning walk to get a few needed items and take some pictures.


I start walking south, down 7th. This alley heads towards the old justice building, is shaded by a WPA-era office building, and exits in the middle of an RT (Sacramento Regional Transit) station.


At the Capitol Building the holiday tree is up.


While landlords try to contend with all the fallen leaves.


It’s boring until I get to R Street. This is the newer end of the “Historic R District” development.


Some folks meet outside the local organic foods market.


This establishment is named “Fox and Goose.”


And here, the stores in front of Warehouse Artist Lofts, the original apartment building I was hoping to move into.


One of RT’s main offices is near their 13th Street station, and sports one of our beautiful murals. Across the street there is another one…


That’s a Nelson Mandela quote, in case you can’t make that out.


The older part of the R Street development starts with this posh interior design shop…


…continues with a chic gathering place serving coffee, tea and pastries…


…and is framed by the now-old corporate look of a Panda, Safeway, and Peet’s Coffee.


Included is one of Sacramento’s iconic silver horses.


Walking up 19th (after shopping at Safeway) I run across this mural.


The sign on this lot reads “Let Us Grow.”


Then I hit the beginnings of gentrified downtown, the Golden Road Pub, fabricated from steel shipping containers.


Ace Hardware is my next stop, and a very important source of supplies in the downtown area. On their roof is mounted a solar panel array, still a rarity in this area.


This cute little eatery is called “The Porch.”


And here at 15th, another cafè catering to young professionals. This eatery faces The Kay, the central tourist area of downtown Sacramento and my current neighborhood.


At this end of The Kay is the Convention Center, some hotels, and some higher-end shops and restaurants. The IMAX theater is here. The children waiting outside the IMAX are actually headed for the outside ice rink near where I live.


In my mind, a street roofed by a natural arch of mature trees is a street to be proud of. This street, however, has seen better days. Its renovation is far from complete, and with the continuing dominance of the suburbs in modern urban life, it may never be as busy as it was before the widespread use of automobiles.


Through Bishop Gallegos Square I catch another glimpse of the Capitol Building.


The children walk through my neighborhood, destined for the DOCO (Downtown Commons). They seemed a bit uncomfortable downtown, but excited.


They must pass by this RT station on K Street, where a technician is trying to fix some malfunctioning piece of electronic equipment, while holding his flashlight in his mouth.


Yay! They have made it to the ice rink! But how are that many kids going to fit into one little rink? I will leave them to solve that problem themselves.

The extensive bird droppings are worth noting. These would probably not exist at this level if these trees were not part of a daily stopping place for the local crows. They tend to gather in the evening, hundreds of them. They make an awful racket, and rain down their poop. Then they fly away.


The police are useless in deterring these errant crows, but I’m sure they serve other useful purposes. DOCO has their holiday tree up, too. One of several, actually. And I have returned home.