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Mass Formation Psychosis

13 January 2022

This is a technical concept in crowd psychology that has received a lot of attention recently.

I want to add my own two cents to this discussion.

Originator of term: Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium.

Context of the professor’s work: The Psychology of Totalitarianism.

Current user and context: Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccination technique, regarding the continuing disregard for life and liberty exhibited by so many people who want the experimental COVID treatment to become mandatory.

On psychosis:

Traditionally (and very sloppily) defined as “an acute or chronic mental state marked by loss of contact with reality,” I want to narrow down this concept for the purpose of this discussion.

We are speaking here specifically about an irrational destructive action taken (usually) by an individual (in this case an entire society) that is triggered by a second (and hidden) destructive individual or group. The triggering party uses psychological means to produce real violent action on the part of its target. This is one reason that psychologists have been studying it.

Prerequisites for large scale mass formation

As summarized by Dr. Malone, these are:

1.       A large amount of people must feel alone and isolated. 

2.       Their lives must feel pointless and meaningless. 

3.       There must be high levels of free floating anxiety, and 

4.       There must be high levels of free-floating frustration and aggression.

Pushing this back to the level of Spirit

What I am getting at here is that these conditions have existed and been operating at the level of Spirit for a long time now, and I hope to explain this briefly:

It seems that spiritual beings have felt alone and isolated to some extent ever since they became individuals. This has led to various attempts to create communities of beings that could play together. Though this was an understandable effort, many mistakes were made along the way. One of these was our involvement with biology.

Can you imagine feeling bored or pointless enough to decide you needed a pet to keep you company? And then deciding it might be interesting to BE that pet? That is essentially what we did with biology. Today we worship biology as “life.” No! We are life! Biology lives because we created it to do so.

The problem with being an animal, of course, is that you always are facing the possibility that you will be killed and eaten. This is a “free floating anxiety” that we see most clearly in rodents and perhaps birds. Add to this the Spirit’s knowledge of its own freer past, and you add the anxiety of: Could I ever be free of this body again if I really wanted to be?

Now watch resource levels fall and populations increase. Spiritual beings, now stuck playing the game of being bodies, begin to fight over things they would never have dreamed fighting about in their free state. Scarcity becomes more and more a problem as they continue to forget that they are the only creative force that actually exists in this universe.

While the above short discussion begins to explain the situation in the populated universe, here on Earth it goes a step further:

  1. We have been deprived of our ability to communicate telepathically (without dedicated practice) thus cutting us off from both each other and the animals around us.
  2. We have lost our memories of our long pasts, and thus usually fail to reconstruct and continue working on purposes that used to give our lives great meaning.
  3. We feel trapped on Earth because we are. We are banished here as incorrigible freedom fanatics and continue to frantically defend an ideal that we only partly remember having, which action is now totally out of context.
  4. This lack of ability to achieve clarity on our own purposes and identities, with no hope of some way to regain that ability, generates continuous severe frustration and fighting amongst ourselves. Our real enemies have vanished with our memories, and we are left seeing every challenger as an opponent.

And so the constantly warring residents of this universe can laugh at us and mock us for fighting each other for “no good reason.”

Triggering destructive events

Though this pandemic may be the first worldwide destructive event in human history, we have seen smaller-scale similar events in the past which are what most of those psychologists and sociologists have been studying.

Without an individual or group intent on triggering such an event, or without the technology to effectively “hypnotize” (focus attention too narrowly) the population on a specific problem or threat, such events are unlikely to occur on a planetary scale. Yet I can think of at least two prior events on Earth that did effect the entire planet that could be mentioned.

Destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria

The exact events that led to Earth’s most recent prior inhabitants leaving due to an apparently terrible geographic instability are still largely hidden. I would guess, though, that it may have coincided with the decision by one of the galactic superpowers to use Earth as a prison planet, as that operation seems to have started shortly after those earlier civilizations were removed.

Destruction of the Reptilian Empire on Earth

Again, though motives are unclear, this seems to have involved some sort of power struggle. And it certainly resulted in major destruction on Earth. In this case, a “hypnotized” invader force carried out this attack on a relatively helpless Earth population.

My point

The point of this article was to note that while diligence and better technologies of self-control may save us from some possible future mass formation psychoses, that by no means leads us out of the woods. In our current state of ignorance and entrapment, we are so susceptible to mass formation attacks that we need to urgently elevate ourselves spiritually or face almost certain and likely numerous future attempts. Goodness only knows how horrendous they could become if we do not act swiftly to counteract them.

Socialism: The Gateway Drug of Politics

28 August 2021

Many think of Karl Marx as the “father” of Socialism.

But I think of it in its modern form as starting in France in the early 1800s. Marx wasn’t even born until 1818.

Most forms of Socialism were a reaction to the effects of industrialization on cities, transforming them from refined habitats for the well-to-do into grimy places full of slums where the workers lived. In my brief exposure to socialist-type writings (such as Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward) I did not detect any great awareness of rural society and how it compared (for the poor) to urban life. Though urbanization eventually became a path to upward mobility for many economically disadvantaged people, in the early 1800s it was not clear that any such thing would ever occur.

The actual phenomenon that troubled many thinking people of those times (and earlier) was what seemed like conscious attempts by members of the elite classes to maintain a disadvantaged class that they could take advantage of. In those years, the European world was just beginning to realize that slavery was wrong, but also arising were new theories about human nature that would justify the mistreatment of people in new and “more scientific” ways.

Opium of the people

Marx famously described organized religion as the “opium of the people.” It is clear from this statement – and many others of course – that Marx had problems with all elements of the “status quo,” not just the behavior of the wealthier capitalists. Marx himself was a sickly person who had trouble holding down a job and doing right by his family. So, besides trying to explain why so many workers were so willing to live in poverty, he was also trying to explain why he, an educated person originating from the upper classes, was also having so much trouble.

Following in the line of many earlier troubled thinkers, he was unable to become self-aware enough to notice his own complicity in his problems and chose instead to blame them on “the system.” He called this system “capitalism” and blamed it – or so it seemed – for all evil in the world, including his own psychological problems.

I hope you can see that this is a ridiculous claim. Though many churches, businesses and government institutions were run by very short-sighted, if not vicious, men, they were following patterns that seemed to work for them and to some extent for society at large. It was their own spiritual weaknesses, I contend, and not “the system” or “capitalism” that was responsible for the results they were getting.

If anything, religious study, whether that be the Bible, Buddhism, or Lao Tzu, would have assisted them to rule with more humanity and humility. They, on the other hand, were being taunted by the allure of materialism, which they were helping to strengthen with their manufacturing efforts, their marketing to the public, their support of the hard sciences and engineering over the humanities, and their own conspicuous consumption.

And Marx was also a materialist!

Damned lies, and more damned lies

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” This is a quote from Mark Twain (1835-1910, for reference) which he attributed to a politician of his age, though we cannot find any evidence that the particular politician in question ever said it.

But Twain was often cursing popular leaders for how deceptive they were, and in this he was, I am sure, quite astute.

It is just that he wasn’t really saying anything new. Some of the most cherished narratives of this planet are based on lies. Everything from biblical Genesis, to the Vedas, to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Big Bang and New Age “ascension.” Someone’s been doing a real good job here on Earth of hiding the truth from us.

Marx in his turn promised that all we had to do was replace Capitalism with Socialism and everything would be fine. On this planet? Really? But people believed it. Marx advocated for violent (if necessary) “revolution” to destroy the “status quo.” And we got a classic example of this in Russia in 1918. China worked a little differently but resulted in the most enduring Communist regime so far. Western democracies also played around with Socialist and “welfare state” ideas to deal with the collapse of older safety net systems in the face of — what?

If you ask a psychologist what sort of personality lies the most, they should answer you “the psychopath.” And if you then ask them what we can do about it, they would normally answer “it’s incurable.” If you ask a Scientologist the same question they will tell you, “the Suppressive Person; keep them out of positions of power, they are pure poison.” It’s basically the same answer with slightly different concepts.

Was Marx a psychopath? I can’t answer that question. He acted a lot like one. Was Hitler one? Most of us think so. Who else? We know several psychiatrists who have been caught behaving like psychopaths. Undoubtedly there are many more like this in positions of power, as they are attracted to such positions. There are also the millions who operate at lower levels in society. They cause plenty of havoc, too. So, why all this talk of changing political systems? Why don’t we attack the correct target?

A problem of responsibility

If you fell sick, would you be willing to take total responsibility for the illness, rather than blame germs, or something else, for “making me sick?” If you could, I guarantee you would get well faster.

We have similar problems in many other areas of life, including especially politics. We want our governments to be as strong as the criminal organizations they oppose. But expecting our governments to fight criminals is the perfect way to transform governments into criminal organizations. Because the criminals will feel threatened and thus plot to take over. And they are often successful. And that’s when you get a “status quo” which is totally intolerable!

If you got sick and were knowledgeable enough to look around and find the psychopath in your environment that wanted you to be sick, and then competently handled your connection to that person, you would be on your way to staying permanently well. But that takes a lot of responsibility on your part. You have to face the fact that you must have been willingly involved in a toxic relationship.

It is similar in politics. If we don’t take sufficient responsibility for our own condition and the choices we made to get into them, we’ll never get out of them. Though the first step is to handle the suppressive connections, after that you have to go ahead and take responsibility for handing the reasons you agreed to those connections. It’s not always easy to do. Anyone who says it is is lying. But if you want to really improve your life and the lives of those around you, you have to take that much responsibility. It’s not easy for me, either. And I’m the one trying to remind you of this!

Temptations versus real answers

Most of us wish that we could do better, that life could be easier, that we could be as secure in life as the rich guy who lives on the hill. And so when something happens that threatens our income or our health or our children, we tend to curse the situation, blame it on others, and look for someone else to rescue us from something we obviously weren’t to blame for.

It’s probably true that some of those rich guys out there didn’t really earn their riches honestly or under their own steam. But some of them did. And if they have managed to remain in good shape for a long period of time, chances are they are very able beings. You have the choice to simply resent them and their “privilege” or to do something to strengthen your own life, and confront and handle your own toxic connections.

Are there “systemic” problems in this society that unfairly support those who are already successful? Undoubtedly.

Will a “new socialist (progressive or ?) revolution” solve those problems? No!!! The best you’re going to get is a band-aid.

Will a thorough study of the psychopathic personality and how to deal with it solve those problems? It would be a good start.

And after that, we need to follow through and strengthen ourselves spiritually. That’s the permanent answer. At least it is in theory! We won’t know for sure until more people actually try it. But for sure, no “system” no matter how tempting or well thought out will solve life on Earth. Our problems didn’t even originate on Earth! And if you haven’t discovered that yet, you still have a long way to go!

Could all this talk of a way out just be a “higher level” delusion? I suppose it could. But it has worked for some people. Why not give it a try? What do you have to lose? Your problems? Don’t worry; there are plenty more where those came from!

Disease Theory

20 February 2021

The germ theory is wrong; the virus theory is wrong. Viruses are not here to kill us; in reality they are exosomes whose role is to provide the detoxification package and the communication system that allows us to live a full and healthy existence. A war on viruses is a war on life.

Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease.
Thomas S. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell. September, 2020.

Exosome, nano-sized vesicle secreted from different cell types that contains any of various biomolecules, such as proteins or nucleic acids. Exosomes are enveloped in a lipid bilayer membrane, reflecting their origination from endocytic (intracellular) compartments; they range from 30–150 nm in diameter. Exosomes are secreted via exocytosis by a variety of cell types, including cancer cells, and subsequently are taken up by target cells, where they communicate information via surface protein signaling as well as through the transfer of lipids, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules. Intercellular communication by exosomes plays a critical role in the regulation of cellular and physiological processes. Exosomes were first described in the early 1980s, when they were observed following their secretion by reticulocytes.

Encyclopedia Britannica online

A vesicle is a tiny sac-like structure. Lipids are biomolecules related to fats.

Cowan and Morell’s assertions

Tom Cowan was trained as an MD and lives in the Bay Area, while Sally has been challenging the conventional wisdom about “healthy foods” for years, is a follower of Weston Price, and lives in Maryland.

Weston Price was a dentist from Canada who advocated for a retreat from “modern” processed foods which he says are causing dental and health problems.

Cowan asserts that science has never proven that bacteria or viruses actually cause disease. He believes that these biological structures and organisms result from disease rather than cause it. He points to toxins in air, food, and water, as well as radiation such as high frequency radio and even psychological stress as the more likely causes of degradation of the immune system and all the various disease symptoms, as well as the appearance of excessive concentrations of bacteria and viruses in diseased bodies. He believes the trigger for COVID-19 symptoms is 5G radiation. “5G” is a radio technology for cell phones currently being implemented in urban areas.

This conclusion also brings the idea of contagion into question. And he believes that data showing that people in specific locations get sick at the same time indicate toxic releases in those locations, and even cites some evidence of this.

These conclusions, in turn, challenge the whole allopathic system of medicine, and in particular, the Public Health recommendations aimed at curbing COVID-19.

Here is my illustration of this theory.

It aligns more with what I have learned from Hubbard.

My church, however, is going along with the allopathic “solution” for COVID-19 for the time being.

As the reader my gather, I side with Cowan, Morell and Hubbard.

But the experiential evidence for the involvement of “germs” in disease is so strong, I can’t totally discount it. It seems what Cowan is mainly trying to do is to increase the importance of other factors in why people get sick, which I definitely agree with.

Damsels in Distress

8 February 2021

Excessive isolation due to government reactions to COVID led me recently to seek out new friends online.

On the suggestion of a real offline friend, I decided to look into online dating sites.

I have been actively online now for over ten years. My involvement in various legitimate websites has resulting in a small number of friendly connections online. But these were not local friends. In the hope that I could make more friends locally, I subscribed to a couple of dating sites. This is my initial report on that experience. I may expand on it later, or continue the story in future articles.

Friendship and criminality

A classic strategy of the socially unwell (learn more about them here) is to “make friends” with someone, and then use the natural need and desire of the target person for interaction to “mine” them for physical and emotional resources that the highly troubled person finds difficult or impossible to create themselves.

Thus, a website dedicated to starting new friendships would be a perfect target for criminal activity.

Criminals would pose as, say, women who – buffeted by the challenges of living – have come to a place where they are both emotionally and financially needy. Using, perhaps, alluring photographs of pretty young women, criminals would sucker men seeking friendship into sharing data that could be used to compromise them socially or professionally. Then they would be asked for money. And if they refused, they would be threatened with the release of the personal data they shared with the “woman” in their search for intimacy.

In one such scam on Facebook, I got a young African man to admit that he was posing falsely as a pretty American girl. He then sent me a picture of himself, and proceeded to ask for financial help! This, then, could be a case of a double-layered scam, where the scammer has a second backup identity. Or this scammer might simply have been inexperienced in his “art.”

But from this experience we can see that the real person behind the online identity might be totally different than what they appear to be.

Is honest online dating possible?

Say you were an honest businessperson hoping to earn a living by providing an online dating service. Could you design one that would discourage or eliminate a takeover from criminals seeking to take advantage of lonely people?

Criminals seek avenues of less resistance. If it is quick and easy to set up an account on a website, they will try that first to see how it works. If it is too time-consuming to set up an account, they may never even try to get on that site.


eHarmony is an old and rather successful dating service. It was designed by a psychologist to “match” people based on answers to a personality questionnaire. If you want to interact freely with others on the site (see their photos, send messages) you must pay a subscription fee for at least a month.

I have no particular opinion about the validity of matching people based on a personality test. But what this test does do is make it much more difficult and time-consuming to create an account. I believe the popularity of this service is mainly due to the fact that the long set of questions discourages most criminals from setting up accounts.

Though eHarmony started as an American company, it is currently owned and operated by a German firm.

I use a service, Silver Singles, based on this same principle. It is owned by another German company. This company operates several dating sites that all require answering many personality questions to start an account. This results in a site populated by almost all very real people.

Age Match

As I like younger people and am perfectly willing to associate or get romantic with younger women, I wanted to try a site that included a larger age range of participants.

Age Match was mentioned in reviews as one such site, so I tried it, buying a month’s subscription.

However, this site is very easy to get onto. There is no long questionnaire. You have the option of getting your photo “verified” by submitting a picture ID. But almost no one bothers with this step. I did, but in my time on the site, I only found one woman who did.

I found that virtually every “woman” on this site was basically a scammer to some degree. You can normally tell this in several ways:

  1. Their profile is short and “vanilla” or not at all uniquely personal.
  2. Their photo or photos are all of young attractive women showing off their bodies.
  3. Their initial questions normally ask for data provided in your profile. In other words, they didn’t bother to study your profile before deciding to “like” you.
  4. Their ideas about love and friendship seem trite or simplistic.
  5. They quite normally tell a story or previous betrayal and financial hardship. They act stupid when you mention the fact that such information makes them look less attractive. They ignore or reject suggestions that could help protect them from future transgressions.
  6. They speak (write) in poor or broken English, even if claiming to be well-educated.
  7. They ask for money.

After a couple weeks on this site, I have discontinued using it. My experience with it has been uniformly bad. I figure if anyone there is serious about me, they can visit me via my blog.

The future of human interaction in the internet age

The foundation of all useful human interaction is honesty. If the bum on the street actually makes $1,000 a week, but for some reason prefers to live as a bum on the street, then he is misrepresenting himself in his interactions with people to the detriment of all involved.

And if the misunderstood young woman on the internet turns out to be some dude just cruising for people he can take advantage of, the that pollutes the whole field of human interaction, and should be discouraged or eliminated.

We have always needed ways to tell if people are who they claim to be. On the internet that becomes more important, as the capacity to deceive is also much greater.

We need online methods that encourage, if not guarantee, honesty. And I suggest that they should correlate to how we do it with people in person. This might be accomplished using video chat technology. It should be some sort of system that verifies or communicates the reality of a person to others online. Though I am sure any such system could be gamed, I see very little interest in doing this on online social platforms. This makes me wonder if they weren’t designed from the beginning to be criminal platforms.

Recent events have indicated that criminality is in fact their preferred use, as it is very difficult now to find any mainstream information that is not misleading if not outright untrue.

Our challenge going forward, if we wish to advance our culture, is to reverse this trend towards the criminal misuse of our communication systems.

Lucy, 23 years old

It’s Time To Talk

24 January 2021

A lot of us were expecting some revelations to go public last week. They didn’t. Perhaps it’s time for me to speak up about all of this.


DOCO and Old Sac were BUSY today! The weather wasn’t even that warm. But people seemed eager to get out anyway. As I was walking back home, the security guard who has befriended me stopped me.

He said, “Don’t you think this is too soon?” He pointed to all the people eating outside at the restaurant.

“You mean, it’s too early in the season?” I asked.

“No!” he said. “I mean the pandemic isn’t over yet!”

“Really! I thought the pandemic ended 6 months ago.”

“Oh man,” he said. “Now you’re messing with me.”

I recently went over what the most popular lies propagated by the mainstream are. My view, of course. And I know there are some readers who absolutely can’t go along with my truth. OK. But I am trying to make a point about how life works and how I work, not convert you to some new religion.

Can we agree that almost ALL of the mainstream is basically pushing the same message about many important issues? On top of this, there is a whole package of assumptions being forwarded by the mainstream through language, ads, and snarky comments. These have to do with things like UFOs, non-MD healers, mental health, and other very important topics.

Can we agree that there are people – lots of people – (roughly half the population in the case of the last election) who are at the least offended by these mainstream messages? Can we agree that it is unlikely that fully half of the population is totally deluded? Might it not be possible that they have been exposed to some information or experiences that contradict the mainstream story? Do we really have no interest whatsoever in why their truth is different?

So: If a person like me, who has always been a serious (and mostly straight-A) student, thinks he is being lied to by the mainstream, why should he believe anything written or spoken there? And where is he going to find an alternative that might be less false? Obviously, his first choice would be someone else who also believes that the mainstream is lying. So, that’s what I did.


For nutritional advice, and for non-allopathic approaches to illness, I go to Dr. Joseph Mercola. He is a very popular writer in the field of nutrition, and became radicalized when he and his friends started getting attacked when they expressed their misgivings about certain vaccines that were being developed, in particular the one (HPV) given to girls to prevent cervical cancer. Mercola quotes studies and other experts, as well as giving some anecdotal stories. He is a very earnest individual.

For general spiritual data, of course, I use Hubbard. But besides him, there are numerous (but not extremely numerous) academics working in the field of parapsychology. And for the best data on Earth’s history, I go to Courtney Brown’s remote viewers, who work under the umbrella of the Farsight Institute.

I am missing many more minor sources that I have consulted. I use these people mostly because they present their data calmly, they all believe in Spirit, reincarnation, and ET. They don’t concentrate on how flying saucers work or speculative subjects like that. Simon Parkes should be mentioned. He had some personal experienced with certain ETs. He was involved in politics for a while and he decided to make his ET experiences public. He got elected anyway. He is currently reporting a lot on data he is being fed by someone inside the mythical (but actual?) military group working to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

What things are really temporary

Games in bodies are relatively temporary things. They last as long as the planet lasts, or as long as the civilization lasts, if it is space-faring. According to human memory, some such civilizations have lasted for a very long time. Somehow, they did enough things right to survive. One group specializes in taking over planets and then mining them out of existence. They survive because they have learned to live on space ships.

Certainly a lifetime is temporary, and we should all be very clear about that. When we leave this life, most of us are programmed to return automatically. That would suggest that most of us have minimal control over the details of our rebirth. A few of us seem to have much more control in this area.

The tried and true model for operating a “Space Opera” planet is what I call Corporate. It is a hierarchical management structure that can operate an entire planet, if that is what is desired. A good Corporate structure does not need “capitalism” or “free markets.” Corporate has existed on Earth for a long time in a number of different forms. It has sometimes hidden behind the “conservative” values of competition in business, and economic growth. In other guises it has hidden inside Communist regimes. The most brazenly Corporate entities today, like Google and Amazon, openly seek to be monopolies and to squash competition. They are basically very practically-oriented power structures. They are designed to get things done, and that can include all the functions normally associated with other social institutions like schools, banks, governments, entertainment, even churches.

The above data is based partly on human recall of how earlier Space Opera societies operated. We also have present time data from remote viewers about how those societies operate today. Commonly, Corporate prefers slave-based systems. They are considered easier to manage. Earth is special because we are the misfits that were rounded up and removed from those societies. So to implement a full Corporate pattern on this planet is a real trick. It is, however, being accomplished.

The promotion of a dependence on experts has been crucial to their success here. It has allowed human rights like free speech to be challenged or cancelled on the basis that expert data is clearly superior to debate and argument. They, of course, pick who are the “experts.” This has been inculcated particularly in the fields of education, body health and mental health. It is backed up by turning certain chosen scientists into opinion leaders (marketing spokespeople). The general public are overwhelmed by the scope and depth of knowledge of these people. It is a pretty easy sell.

Crime groups also use a Corporate structure, and there is lots of evidence that “dirty” and “clean” corporate entities are peas in a pod. Professional hit men are routinely used by Corporate if they want to make a point that everyone will notice. Corporate favors the proliferation of drugs and poor personal habits, as – while these are bad for business – they are good for assisting to keep the “problem” people under corporate domination.

The pandemic

The story that falls through the cracks that exist in the false narrative about the pandemic paints a picture of this event as one they have been waiting for and planning for a long time. That there appears to be some ET interference and foreknowledge of this event indicates to me that ET wanted to throw Corporate a bit off guard so that its role in this whole thing would be more noticeable.

Therefore, it is possible that it was not originally intended for the virus to be traceable to China. ET forced a lab accident to occur, which created an outbreak there. So China – a very Corporate-like nation right now – got wrapped up in all this when it hoped it wouldn’t. The links of big names like Fauci and Gates to financial interests in China and Big Pharma reduced their aura of having the moral high ground.

Per one article, the Infection Fatality Ratio for COV-19 in children, by actual statistics, is about 1 death in 100,000 infections. For people my age it is about 1 death per 1,000 infections. These figures are of course subject to how well the reports reflect reality. Infection mortality rates climb with age. But so do healthy mortality rates. The measured death rate of a person my age for any cause is 2 per 1,000 people. So catching this disease is half as risky as just being alive! To what extent does an infection simply assist the death of someone who was ready to go anyway? And if an infected person has “multiple comorbidities,” who’s to say which condition actually killed them? We also have the question of what treatment was given and how effective it was. Many effective treatments have been suppressed by Corporate. Presumably because they would be less profitable.

And we also have the question of whether the number of cases (infections) is being properly reported. The PCR test at a cycle threshold above about 20 does not really detect infection, but only the fact of viral residue in the nasal cavity.

Although the CDC continues to insist that masks make a difference, real world data cannot be found which supports this claim. Cases rise and fall with testing rates and seasonal patterns, regardless of what social distancing policies are enforced. That is what real-world experience is telling us.

Thus, we are being locked down for reasons other than COVID; and we are being lied to about it by the mainstream. I wish there were some way to make this even more clear! It’s not about Public Health! It appears to be about enslaving an entire planet. This is the usual and expected pattern. Laugh at it at your own expense. I would much prefer you take this seriously and help make more people aware that they are being robbed of their basic human rights and that the intention is to make this permanent.

What things really survive

Regardless of planets, illnesses and death, Spirit survives.

Spirit will thrive to the extent that it is aware of what is really going on and is confident in itself.

Thus, you can “break” Spirit by lying to it all the time and not allowing it access to all the data and not letting it think for itself and decide for itself. This is our mainstream world: A “conspiracy” against Spirit! This is very obvious to anyone who travels with companions who are interested in spiritual awareness and spiritual growth.

Spirit enjoys playing a game. Living in a body on a planet is one possible game for Spirit. But it is not the only one! Besides all our prior games, there are certainly many more possible ones that we haven’t thought of yet. Spirit is happy if it can create new games to play. The duration of a game is not necessarily that important.

A worthwhile long term goal

In the long run, we want to be more aware, knowledgeable, and competent. These factors will serve us well for millions of years into the future. They are the factors emphasized in Scientology, and to lesser extents in all spiritual practices. In the long run, having any spiritual practice is better than having none.

Happiness is not Earthbound. Happiness is “the overcoming of not unknowable obstacles towards a known goal.” It is the result of playing any decently-conceived game with some degree of competence. It is possible anywhere, any time, and for anyone. Happiness is indeed a worthwhile long term goal.

Lonely Woman or Scammer?

17 January 2021

There is a practice on the internet of pretty young girls, or persons posing as such, approaching lonely old men with friend requests and promises of intimacy.

This has happened to me three times so far. That is to say, I have actually gotten in communication with three such people. An earlier conversation is related here.

The true motivations of such young women may be many and varied. My initial reaction to receiving such requests was definitely no thank you. But when I discovered that I could message them on Facebook without friending them, I decided to try and be straight with a few of them and see what they would tell me.

So far, all have related stories of how they suffered some misfortune that left them unattached and lonely. I can relate to that. But of course the unspoken story is how this turns into a decision to try to friend men on Facebook.

Brenda Thomas Jenny

My most recent contact was an interesting one.

Let’s start with her profile:

Searching on this name yields six profiles. Most of them are probably legitimate, even though the name seems a bit odd. This particular “person” had made five recent posts, all put up at virtually the same time. The posts indicated a person with serious interests. One post was a really lovely self portrait taken in a bathroom mirror.

Since I began talking to her, she has updated her profile data. Originally, she was posing as a Puerto Rican student living in Las Vegas. Now she is a self-employed person living in Los Angeles. In our chat she told me she is from Alameda and still lives there.

Then there is a January oddball post about children’s toys, and a new profile picture.

The next earlier posts are from 2016 and 2015. They are single line posts – odd. And the earliest posts are from 2013, including a Bible quote.

There used to be several photos on the profile. Many of them seemed to be of a different person. Now there are only three.

Scammers have learned how to “hijack” other people’s accounts. It has happened to a friend of mine. This is one of the many risks of using this technology. I believe it is designed this way. They wanted internet use to have a downside, and that downside is cyber crime.

Next, her story:

The first step, of course, is to warm up to the man with a somewhat believable story. This can take a considerable length of time. This person took many hours to build up her story with me. We asked questions back an forth. She told me that she valued honesty.

In brief, she is 32, currently single, and had recently exited a hurtful relationship that made her have trust issues with men.

She professed a great attraction to me and a hope that we might become good friends. But, she had to establish “trust” with me first.

Identity data:

She then asked me for several bits of data to “build trust.” One was my California ID. This made some sense to me, though seemed a bit extreme. Then she asked to see the back of the card (via smartphone picture). That was my first major alert that something was really wrong. She insisted that it was a test of our trust, that if I didn’t do it it meant I didn’t trust her enough, and so she could not trust me enough. I told her that didn’t make sense. She finally dropped it and moved on.

Next she sent me her address and “accidentally” included her social security number at the bottom. Then she said that now that I had hers, I should send her mine. This is, of course, one thing that everyone is advised to never do. I explained why I would not share that data, or similar data of that type. I explained that it was not just an issue with her; that these communications could be hacked.

She insisted, arguing that if I felt Facebook was too insecure, I could choose another platform. But finally she dropped it after repeated refusals from me to go along with this.

I had given her my phone number, as I don’t consider that a very precious piece of data at this point, but after this, I blocked her number. We shall see if anything comes of that.

Given up?

At some point, these contacts usually give up if they cannot get what they want from you. I told her in the chat, basically, to come clean with me or forget it. That is probably all I will hear from her about our “friendship.”

But this young lady, assuming the pictures show who was really in comm with me, is a real person. She is a perfectly good looking woman. What drove her to attempt this? Was she offered money for any Social Security Number she could extract?

You have seen from my posts the position I think society is in at this point. I don’t know how clearly I have spelled this out, but I hope it is pretty clear.

Leaned on enough by a suppressive power structure, people can be pushed into making poor decisions that result in taking advantage of each other through deceit. This of course will eventually ruin the life of the deceiver. That is the aim of the suppressives; to create a population full of ruined lives, desperate, not trusting each other, wiling to commit crimes against each other as easily as the suppressives do.

We see vast sectors of society falling under the “spell” of these manipulators.

Why are so many news people willing to lie to their audiences?

Why are so many health care providers willing to push drugs on their patients that are shown to do more harm than good?

Why are the “oppressed” turning on their own communities and damaging them (thus decreasing property values so that the real oppressors can purchase the land cheap)?

Why is it so difficult for so many to accept that they are participating in deceit, thus ruining their own lives?

Will it ever be enough to just arrest a bunch of criminals and “bring them to justice?” It never has been in the past. Though needful, perhaps, to clean up an area, the vacuum that results must be filled with true data, and good, competent people, or the mistakes will just be repeated.

When I started on my own path to discover what was wrong with life on Earth, I had little idea that it would come to this. Many of my friends and family do not agree with me that things are as far gone as I say they are. They are being told that things are fine, and that people like me are the problem!

Those same information sources are lying to them about just about everything. So who are the problem people in this world? Those trying to expose the lies, or those succumbing to them?

Here we have a woman who seems like a perfectly decent woman. Maybe this is not a photo of the person who actually contacted me, but it very well might be. This person, it appears, made a bad decision (or two). But they are a person. They deserve a chance to change the direction of their life. They deserve to be told the truth instead of being lied to every day about the fundamental facts of existence. Don’t they?

Message to Someone in Trouble

15 January 2021

We have a stable datum in Scientology: “In the presence of suppression, one makes mistakes. People making mistakes or doing stupid things is evidence that a Suppressive Person exists in the vicinity.”

Suppressive Person (SP) is our term for psychiatry’s Antisocial Personality and psychology’s sociopath. These are the truly “toxic” people of the world, and it is very wise to stay away from them.

If you aren’t all trained up on spotting SPs, it may be difficult to determine exactly what is making you feel “off,” “not myself,” “stupid,” tired, sick, or having too much “bad luck.”

If you feel this way a lot it is very wise to withdraw from your usual environment for a period of time in order to get more exterior to the situation. If you are having trouble sleeping, get extra rest.

Normally this will accomplish a temporary disconnection that will make you feel better, more clear headed, and more able to evaluate things rationally. Take this time to inform yourself about this type of personality. I like to use the videos on our TV channel. (Shorts page, first section.)

Hopefully this information will help you spot the person. Someone who has training and experience in this area can really help, but in a pinch, trying it yourself is better than doing nothing.

Your most immediate goal is to dissolve any dependence on the person that you may have so you can deal with them on a roughly equal footing. This will enable you to disconnect if communication does not resolve the problem. Some people will act suppressive in certain situations because they have accepted false data about you handed to them by a real SP. If this is the case, you want to give communication a chance rather than ruining an otherwise useful friendship.

Be assured that if you remain within a sociopath’s sphere of influence, they will continue to attempt to make you feel like shit, etc. So if communication fails to resolve the situation, it is best to fully end the relationship. The pain of detachment will be much less than the suffering you will experience by remaining attached.

Good luck!

Addendum: Always Tired

Exhaustion (tiredness) is apparently a big thing with a lot of younger people these days. A 25 year old rapper even got the words “always tired” tattooed under his eyes! I just saw an article about it.

Let’s take all the body stuff (rest, sugar and processed foods, coffee, “stress”) out of the equation and look just at Spirit for a moment:

Every being has a mind full of pictures of injury, pain and death. The emotion in these is the ultimate of “tired!”

If you keep your “space” (area around you that you put your attention on) small, these pictures will tend to get in your face, and affect you, and you will “feel tired.” What are some great ways to keep your space small? Look at your smartphone all day long! Or your computer! Or a book (old school method -worked for me)!

If you “make more space” around yourself – go for a walk and LOOK AT STUFF, not your phone! play ball with someone, mow a lawn, maybe even clean a room – those pictures are less in your face and they won’t bother you so much. You may even feel, magically, less exhausted!


Civil Rights in America

2 January 2021

Pertinent previous posts:

Understanding Human Rights

More on Human Rights

The Emotion of Hate

The Course

Hillsdale College is a private college in Hillsdale, Michigan. Founded in 1844 by abolitionists known as Free Will Baptists, it has a liberal arts curriculum that is based on the Western heritage as a product of both the Greco-Roman culture and the Judeo-Christian tradition. Hillsdale requires every student, regardless of concentration of studies, to complete a core curriculum that includes courses on the Great Books, the U.S. Constitution, biology, chemistry, and physics.[5]

Since the late 20th century, in order to opt out of federal affirmative action policies, Hillsdale has been among a small number of US colleges to decline governmental financial support, instead depending entirely on private funding to supplement students’ tuition.


One of the ways Hillsdale promotes for donations is to offer free online courses and put the people who sign up on their mailing list.

The course I took consisted of a brief historical overview of civil rights in the United States. It contained 9 half-hour lectures, and some quizzes to act as memory tests.

I think four different professors contributed lectures to this course. It was not particularly intellectually rigorous, but reasonably thorough. The information was given not totally dispassionately. These people believe in Christian values and the traditions of human freedom as outlined in America’s founding documents. This was a facts and theory course – typical of the liberal arts approach. It was not training – not designed to teach a skill – but only to relay some historical facts that most agree to.

The Problem

The most obvious problem in America has been that black folks have been forced to take a back seat in American life ever since they were forced to move here from Africa, or later chose to come here. Not all the “seats” allotted to persons “of color” have been particularly uncomfortable or different from other seats, but the majority have definitely been located near the back.

What a focus on America, or the United States in particular, fails to notice is that this has been a pattern the world over for a very long time now. This was not just a phenomenon of New World colonization; it happened in Africa – including some black-on-black exploitation – in the Middle East, in India and in Indonesia. It happened anywhere that dark-skinned people lived and thought they were in control of the territories they inhabited. And something similar happened to the oriental people of the planet, particularly in Japan, Korea, the coast of China, and Southeast Asia. Something similar also happened in Australia, though the experience of aboriginals in all regions usually felt more like genocide than mere exploitation.

On top of that, slavery had been a tradition in many societies, including old Europe, where white slaves were also known.

These are problems that run deep in the fabric of human relations and human history. In fact, they run deep in the history of this universe. It is a game that groups have been playing against each other for a long time. This problem has supplied the intellectual and emotional fuel to many modern stories, notably Star Wars.

In covering just the U.S. aspect of this problem, the wider context is overlooked, and of course the big questions of why remain unaddressed.

Beyond the course: Causation

The course started with the U.S. founding documents and the moral paradoxes surrounding them (that some of the authors – Jefferson in particular – were slave owners). It went on to cover the intellectual debates that led up to the Civil War, and then all the various political maneuvers designed to retain white supremacy, particularly in the South. I should make it clear here, in case any readers are unaware of this, that real segregation laws existed in the United States. They mostly existed in the Old South, but not exclusively. And though today the United States can be considered one of the most free and equal countries on this planet, it is still obvious that it is far from totally free and equal. Furthermore, there are many countries on this planet where the racial proportions are very different than they are here, and thus the political and economic dynamics are different. Yet no country exists on this planet – to my knowledge – where this problem has been totally solved.

I see the essence of this problem expressed in the contents of three references listed HERE. These are under the top heading, Ponerology (the study of evil). These were originally written references that have been made into narrated videos.

Evil is not innate in people, particularly. But it is an old solution to an old problem, and a bad habit that just won’t go away. The intellectuals of this planet think that rational discourse could eventually handle evil thoughts. It can’t. Evil goes way beyond the realm of rational thought. This is like thinking that you could find some rational way to change how your heart beats or your hormones work. The tendency towards evil is built in at a very low level of human thought.

Where you find a being convinced that living a life of evil is his only option, you get what we modernly refer to as a “sociopath” or a Suppressive Person. The technical reasons for why a being would make such a decision are found elsewhere, though mentioned in the references linked to above.

This decision results in a being who habitually neglects the lives and feelings of other people, as he believes it is necessary to do this for his own preservation. Such a being is very convinced of this! And where he has attained some measure of intelligence, his motives and methods can become quite devious. He will attempt to play up any obvious differences in the people around him to get them to fight each other instead of him. Race is a very obvious difference. Sex is another one. The smart sociopath will latch onto just about any theory or narrative that could result in constant racial or sexual turmoil. The sociopath also has no problem viewing other living people as mere animals and thus subject to enslavement or summary execution. There are even stories circulating that some sociopaths are cannibals, though this is not confirmed.

It is easy to blame the profit motive (Capitalism) for the various resulting atrocities, as Marx and his followers did. Or “whiteness,” as some modern misguided theorists have claimed. “Colonialism” is another favorite target. But what seems closer to the truth is that a criminal clique has developed, and been nurtured, on this planet, and that its leaders and minions are for the most part white men. These people operate through various legitimate channels, such as big business, the news media, and the entertainment industry, to attain their goals and purposes. And though they are a confused and disorderly bunch, some “higher force” seems to be keeping them on track, and this has resulted in considerable suffering around the world, but specifically aimed at non-white groups, so as to fuel the narrative that this is all about racism or whiteness. It isn’t. It’s about social fears at a most profound and basic level. It is about people who are quite sure they would perish in a world where everyone else was friendly and peace-loving, instead of at each other’s throats.


Where causation is accurately identified, remedies can be formulated and enacted. This, of course, is the last thing the sociopaths want to happen, though in the long run it would also benefit them, by providing to them a route to healing.

Unless we can detect the social personality and protect him from undue restraint, and detect also the anti-social personality and restrain him, our society will go on suffering from insanity, criminality and war. And Man and his civilizations will not endure. These are the words of my teacher. Consider adopting them as your words, as your way of thinking, as a possible answer to the problem, a possible remedy.

The thought leaders at Hillsdale College, as well as many others in schools and churches and businesses and even governments around the world, are very concerned about where our planet is heading. They don’t realize how deeply the lies of the sociopathic cliques have affected them! There is a way forward. At least one way. Take it!

Modi kutta!

20 December 2020

I went out Saturday afternoon to get the parts I needed to install a little closet bar underneath my bed ($11).

There were some cars honking, but I thought it was another Trump rally.

When I returned from shopping, there was even more noise and commotion on the mall. So I went back out to find out what was going on. There were all these cars! The police didn’t know what to do with them.

They were all demonstrating about something that seemed to be going on in India. They identified themselves as farmers.

Many of the men wore the traditional turban of the Sikh. Sikhism is a special religion created hundreds of years ago in the Punjab in India. Many Sikhs in India are farmers. I guess in California, too.

I found a woman carrying a sign who had evidently parked somewhere and walked in to join the others. She was with two daughters. She was wearing a mask, but even so I could tell that this was a very good looking woman. I asked her if this was about India, and she said yes. She explained that Modi (the current Prime Minister) had gotten some laws passed that made it more difficult for farmers there to make a decent living. Based on what I had heard and read about Modi, this was typical. Her older daughter told me that it was like taking away the minimum wage (an analogy to U.S. labor laws). The woman told me there was more information available from a bus that was part of the parade.

Then another young woman got up on her car that was parked nearby and started waving a flag.

Again, what I noticed about her was her lovely youthful figure.

Modi kutta

Their slogan means (roughly translated) “Modi is a dog!” Their other slogan was, “no farmers, no food,” which has been widely used by all movements supporting the family farming model of agriculture.

I looked for some online articles what would talk more about Modi and what he was trying to do with agriculture in India. I found mostly the work of a very young woman journalist named Peony Hirwani, writing in the UK Independent, an online news magazine. Peony has lived both in the UK and in India.

She was definitely not a Modi supporter.

Narendra Modi is an Indian politician who has been Prime Minister of India since 2014. He represents a party known as “BJP” (Bharatiya Janata Party which translates to Indian People’s Party) and he has long been associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (“National Volunteer Organization”) which Wikipedia disparagingly describes as an Indian right-wing, Hindu nationalist, paramilitary volunteer organization which has been in existence since 1925 and is a fixture of modern Indian life.

Since Muslims invaded India hundreds of years ago, many Hindus in India have felt that their way of life and culture has been threatened and needs to be actively defended. The British Partition of 1948 sought to separate Hindus and Muslims into two different countries (Pakistan and India) but this was not really workable and generated considerable turmoil. Those frictions continue to this day.

The Hindu way of life combines an enlightened set of religious beliefs with a very rigid social structure, and is thus a bit of a bafflement for most Westerners. While we might consider Islam more “modern” as an Abrahamic religion, Muslims too have come to support certain cultural norms that are considered “patriarchal,” though caste is not one of them. Thus we have seen Islam as attractive to some lower-caste Hindus who seek more social mobility, while traditional (upper caste?) Hindus remain resentful of Islam and other newer religions for undermining their social traditions.

Modi, then, is seen by Muslims, Sikhs and others as a political enemy. What exactly he actually stands for and hopes to attain has been difficult for me to grasp. Though he has been characterized as “right wing” it would be more proper to call him a Hindu conservative. There remains a deep feeling in India that it should be a Hindu nation. It was founded in its modern form, however, along more secular and pluralistic lines.

Agriculture in India

India is a very agricultural country, and has always attempted to feed itself through the work of a huge community of “small” farmers. The articles I have read indicate roughly half of the population of India is agricultural.

Thus, India has long been in the eye of corporate agriculture. In the 1960s there was a huge push to get hybrid crop types used in India. But these almost uniformly require irrigation. This pushed up water use in Indian agriculture which has now led to water depletion in some regions.

In the United States, the trend has been for large corporations to take over small farms after they become economically weakened by the various new, but more expensive, technologies pushed (by corporate agriculture) at farmers. Farms then get run as giant food factories, using essentially technocratic methods and a low-paid work force. Corporations use their economic and political power to hog local water resources. It becomes an asymmetric and uncooperative game. India seems to be heading in this direction, too.

Food Security

One of the big themes in politics since roughly the 1960s has been “security,” including taking measures to ensure everyone has enough to eat. In almost all cases across the planet, this involves Big Government working with corporations (or in more socialist countries, owning corporations) to achieve this supposed end, but actually, we might assume, solidifying the economic and political power of the corporate world, which seeks, I honestly suppose, to rule the planet as a sort of giant factory where a few wealthy owners lord over a huge number of low-paid workers, managed by an upper middle class that is somehow beholden to their overlords. This is an ancient system, but has long been resisted on Earth due to the issue of personal liberty, which is a big issue on Earth compared to most other planets. Bids to have Earth join the larger galactic community are usually contingent on the people of Earth submitting to a more traditional power structure on the planet, which many would identify as Corporate, while others might call it Communist or other things.

What happened in India was that a huge government corporation was set up to purchase food from farmers at protected prices and then sell that to the poor (at lower prices) through state-run food stores. It seems that in India the corporate world would like to take over this operation, and Modi has been persuaded to go along with that plan.

It is not clear that most farmers really know what they are protesting against. This is common in America, too. All most people recognize is that they are being squeezed economically and that under “free market” conditions, they were doing better. However, in the field of agriculture, government price supports have been in place in one form or another in almost all countries for most of the last century. That was their way of getting the farm vote. Reforms to bring more of a free market environment back into Western and developing economies have generally been considered “neo-liberal” and pandering to the corporate takeover agenda. There has even been talk, for instance, that some of the California “wild” fires were set on purpose to drive small businesses and home owners into poverty so that their land could be purchased cheaply by corporate interests. At this point, however, the end goal of “reforms” is often less than obvious. This corporate takeover narrative does, however, align well with what we are seeing happen with the current “pandemic” and with domestic politics.

Food and feminine beauty

In these emotionally confusing times, old themes have a tendency to cross through each other in odd ways.

For us as animals, survival depends on eating and sex, and sex is influenced by the attractiveness of the feminine form. And so pulchritude and agriculture become oddly connected. For us as Spirit, this translates to a kind of beauty that our chefs bring to our tables, and another kind of beauty that our women bring into our lives. But it all ends up not making that much sense.

We are all caught up, it seems, in the dance of surviving on a dying planet. The situation is in many ways quite alarming. Similar to what happens when we as individuals are confronted by our own death. Uniformly, though, death is followed by spiritual release. And whether that release lasts for a few weeks or many lifetimes depends a lot on the spiritual shape we are in when it comes time to kick the bucket.

It seems odd, perhaps that the lovely wives and daughters of hard-working farmers should lead me to reflect on eternity. But their situation only points out to me that it is time to indulge in that reflection. We could save our planet from the grip of the corporate criminals. But perhaps we will fail in this. Whichever result manifests, I judge it will very much depend on our level of spiritual development, and our willingness, ultimately, to choose the beauty of spiritual freedom over the security of the well-fed slave.

Bad news?

There’s something I noticed while researching this story that I wanted to mention.

I saw this on the Independent website, where Peony writes. At the bottom of her opinion piece, running under the headline “Modi’s recent agricultural reforms put the livelihoods and lives of farmers at risk,” the following notice appears: If you have been affected by this article, you can contact the following organisations for support

It then lists five mental health care organizations that serve the UK.

In other words, someone thought that this article contained enough trigger words or concepts that it might upset some readers to the point that they needed mental health advice. To me this is extremely bizarre! Beyond the fact that it panders to a certain system of “mental health care” that is currently dominant in the West, since when has it been so important to protect the fragile emotional frameworks of the readers of certain news stories? What will they be told by the people they contact if they go to one of these sites? To take the latest antidepressant? To sign up for some therapy? Those “solutions” don’t even work! If this is so important, why not just stop publishing the news entirely and leave the citizenry blissfully ignorant? Isn’t this whole mindset just pushing us away from truth, away from confronting what’s there, away from being responsible citizens? Someone wants us thinking we are mentally ill every time we react appropriately to a piece of bad news? That’s not mental health!

David Gives a Psychology Lesson

5 November 2020

We need to talk

On the evening of 2 November, 2020, David Wilcock transmitted a video “livestream” from his home in Colorado. It lasted 3-1/2 hours. At the end he led a group prayer or meditation for the healing of the planet.

David started out, basically, as a social worker. But he was also smart and had psychic abilities. So he eventually got out of caring for the very bad off in society, kicked his own debilitating addictions, and started developing his psychic abilities, doing “readings” for the somewhat better off. He was reasonably successful at this, but his journey into the world of psychic phenomena, paired with his purpose to lift up humanity, and not turn his back on those who struggle, led to his keen interest in how the world was being operated, and how those operators were being influenced by off-world groups.

And so, on election eve 2020, he sat down with nearly 10,000 of his followers and talked to them about sociopathy (though he called it psychopathy, technically a broader category). He talked about how this type of personality is very real and how it affects personal relationships (which is what most people tend to worry about). But he also talked about sociopaths operating on a global level, and the effect they have on political relationships, particularly here in the U.S. He told us about how people become dependent on the sociopaths in their lives, and about the only known workable remedy: NO CONTACT.

A questionnaire

To illustrate his points, David found an online questionnaire with the title “Take the Sociopath Quiz.”

He found it on the website which is currently an uncurated website with all sorts of information about various forms of pychopathy.

He took the quiz, but answered the questions as if his “partner” were the group that seems to be running mainstream media and various other groups and organizations that have aligned their message to what is being pushed by the mainstream media. The result that he got was that his “partner” is acting like a psychopath. If he had looked deeper into sociopathy, he would have seen this even more clearly. This is because large institutions that have “gone bad” tend to commit criminal acts, not just make their partners feel bad.

But let me go through the 13 points, not as quiz questions but as characteristics:

  1. Does not keep promises. He promises health costs will go down; they go up. They promise your kids will learn more; school test results get worse. They promise to take care of us when we go to a hospital; one of the leading causes of death is mistakes committed in hospitals. They tell you giving up your religious beliefs will make you happier; it doesn’t. They promise you that Darwin was right, except that his theory of natural selection fails to pan out.
  2. Does not understand the feelings of “friends.” Lockdowns were imposed without regard to how people would feel about them. Blacks are called “white” if their political beliefs are “wrong” or upsetting. Nasty false rumors are spread about “friends” who disagree.
  3. Capable of great hypocrisy. They will tell people that public schools shouldn’t open yet, while sending their own kids off to private schools. They will tell people that hair salons should stay shut down, then arrange for a private visit to one. They will tell you to stay inside for your own protection, when the only real result is loss of human contact.
  4. Compulsive liar. They will deny any wrongdoing they are accused of, or if it is undeniable, will lie to justify it. If an enemy tells the truth, they will say he lied. If an ally lies, they will say he told the truth.
  5. Withholds affection. They are incapable of real love or caring, and show not real sympathy for the suffering of others.
  6. Makes a friend or partner feel bad or caved in or dependent. They will create – and extend – situations that put people out of work or deprive them of belongings, then force them to take handouts instead of helping them rebuild.
  7. They threaten to walk away from the relationship. They threaten to fire or censor people who don’t want to play along, rather than trying to work things out.
  8. Cannot be trusted. Their lying, backstabbing, and inability to follow through encourages total distrust, which may extend to the institutions they lead or in which they work.
  9. Creates drama when none is really called for, then blames the partner. They are constantly working to make bad things happen, so no one ever has a chance to focus on the real source of the destruction. Just for good measure, they’ll accuse you of causing it or letting it happen.
  10. They can’t handle boredom or calmness, but require constant excitement. They can’t accept the concept of peace and tranquility. Life must be a never-ending thrill ride. There must always be another sensational news story.
  11. They compare this relationship with past ones but don’t disconnect from past ones. The Democrats, for instance, used to harbor Southern racists and support the KKK. The mainstream media might accuse a social media personality of “fake news” one day, then take them seriously the next day. They operate on the basis of expedience, not allegiance.
  12. Acted infatuated in the beginning, then lost interest. This can be seen in the difference in behavior of candidates before and after the election. A lot gets promised, but little gets delivered.
  13. They treat “friends” carelessly, even threateningly. They are often patronizing and critical. Anything you do wrong can result in penalties or ostracism. And they can decide what you are doing or saying is “wrong” whenever they want to.

I’m not going to rehash what is going on now on this planet, though I’ve made mention of it in the points above. Much of this is covered in other posts. You may not be able to think of examples of all 13 of the above behaviors. But I can, and you probably could, too, if you thought a little more about it. These are contagious habits, and you can see “both sides” indulge in these behaviors. But pay attention to how much damage results. How much did the lockdowns destroy people’s lives, compared to the experience of getting sick? People get sick all the time. They aren’t forced out of work by their political “leaders” all the time.

Strange synchronicity

For months (if not years) now, I have been pushing the need for us to understand and confront the sociopath (or Suppressive Person). And now David finally comes out with what amounts to a several-hour course on the subject! The situation is painfully clear to him now; I wish others could see it so clearly.

Last year I met a young woman who turned out to be involved in a toxic relationship. She felt she had to separate from her husband, and finally decided to divorce him. And now here I see David characterize the current situation as an “acrimonious divorce!”

I was deeply upset about what happened to my new friend, especially after the lockdowns forced her to change her plans and disappear from my ken. I miss her and I am also concerned for her well being. What a tragedy it would be if this had been caused by a Third Party and could have been repaired using technology I am aware of.

Likewise, I have been deeply upset to see what has been happening to my planet and its people, particularly the younger people, and especially after the lockdowns forced them into dependent relationships with governments that are not very trustworthy, and may in fact be quite corrupt. I miss my younger friends at they used to be, and am very concerned for their well being. And in this case, this whole situation almost certainly WAS caused by Third Parties!

I write this with as much sincerity as I can muster. I hope those who read this can see some wisdom in it, and will use the resources on this blog (website) to educate themselves about what to do about the situation. I don’t prefer to get all heavy and dramatic; I would prefer to be lighthearted and carefree. But right now that does not seem to fit.

For more of my own writings on sociopathy, see: