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Emotional Maturity

7 December 2020

Shit happens.

Are you big enough to take responsibility for your own fears, doubts and worries, or must you find someone or something else to hold responsible when you get upset?

When lack of data produces worry, can you find ways to seek out that data or fill in the gaps that don’t invalidate those who withheld it from you? They may not have been fully aware of your need.

Are you prepared for the possibility that a sociopath is interfering with your communication lines, and may be purposely seeking to upset you without the person who you are in communication with realizing it?

Do you know how to detect and handle such interference in your life and relationships?

Can you be true to your own decency?

Can you maintain your love in spite of all invitations not to?

Did you know this is the greatest secret in this universe?

“We are all subject to the same cruel pressures of this universe.”

“Never use what is done to one as a basis for hatred. Never desire revenge.”

“After all, we are all in the same trap.”

David Gives a Psychology Lesson

5 November 2020

We need to talk

On the evening of 2 November, 2020, David Wilcock transmitted a video “livestream” from his home in Colorado. It lasted 3-1/2 hours. At the end he led a group prayer or meditation for the healing of the planet.

David started out, basically, as a social worker. But he was also smart and had psychic abilities. So he eventually got out of caring for the very bad off in society, kicked his own debilitating addictions, and started developing his psychic abilities, doing “readings” for the somewhat better off. He was reasonably successful at this, but his journey into the world of psychic phenomena, paired with his purpose to lift up humanity, and not turn his back on those who struggle, led to his keen interest in how the world was being operated, and how those operators were being influenced by off-world groups.

And so, on election eve 2020, he sat down with nearly 10,000 of his followers and talked to them about sociopathy (though he called it psychopathy, technically a broader category). He talked about how this type of personality is very real and how it affects personal relationships (which is what most people tend to worry about). But he also talked about sociopaths operating on a global level, and the effect they have on political relationships, particularly here in the U.S. He told us about how people become dependent on the sociopaths in their lives, and about the only known workable remedy: NO CONTACT.

A questionnaire

To illustrate his points, David found an online questionnaire with the title “Take the Sociopath Quiz.”

He found it on the website which is currently an uncurated website with all sorts of information about various forms of pychopathy.

He took the quiz, but answered the questions as if his “partner” were the group that seems to be running mainstream media and various other groups and organizations that have aligned their message to what is being pushed by the mainstream media. The result that he got was that his “partner” is acting like a psychopath. If he had looked deeper into sociopathy, he would have seen this even more clearly. This is because large institutions that have “gone bad” tend to commit criminal acts, not just make their partners feel bad.

But let me go through the 13 points, not as quiz questions but as characteristics:

  1. Does not keep promises. He promises health costs will go down; they go up. They promise your kids will learn more; school test results get worse. They promise to take care of us when we go to a hospital; one of the leading causes of death is mistakes committed in hospitals. They tell you giving up your religious beliefs will make you happier; it doesn’t. They promise you that Darwin was right, except that his theory of natural selection fails to pan out.
  2. Does not understand the feelings of “friends.” Lockdowns were imposed without regard to how people would feel about them. Blacks are called “white” if their political beliefs are “wrong” or upsetting. Nasty false rumors are spread about “friends” who disagree.
  3. Capable of great hypocrisy. They will tell people that public schools shouldn’t open yet, while sending their own kids off to private schools. They will tell people that hair salons should stay shut down, then arrange for a private visit to one. They will tell you to stay inside for your own protection, when the only real result is loss of human contact.
  4. Compulsive liar. They will deny any wrongdoing they are accused of, or if it is undeniable, will lie to justify it. If an enemy tells the truth, they will say he lied. If an ally lies, they will say he told the truth.
  5. Withholds affection. They are incapable of real love or caring, and show not real sympathy for the suffering of others.
  6. Makes a friend or partner feel bad or caved in or dependent. They will create – and extend – situations that put people out of work or deprive them of belongings, then force them to take handouts instead of helping them rebuild.
  7. They threaten to walk away from the relationship. They threaten to fire or censor people who don’t want to play along, rather than trying to work things out.
  8. Cannot be trusted. Their lying, backstabbing, and inability to follow through encourages total distrust, which may extend to the institutions they lead or in which they work.
  9. Creates drama when none is really called for, then blames the partner. They are constantly working to make bad things happen, so no one ever has a chance to focus on the real source of the destruction. Just for good measure, they’ll accuse you of causing it or letting it happen.
  10. They can’t handle boredom or calmness, but require constant excitement. They can’t accept the concept of peace and tranquility. Life must be a never-ending thrill ride. There must always be another sensational news story.
  11. They compare this relationship with past ones but don’t disconnect from past ones. The Democrats, for instance, used to harbor Southern racists and support the KKK. The mainstream media might accuse a social media personality of “fake news” one day, then take them seriously the next day. They operate on the basis of expedience, not allegiance.
  12. Acted infatuated in the beginning, then lost interest. This can be seen in the difference in behavior of candidates before and after the election. A lot gets promised, but little gets delivered.
  13. They treat “friends” carelessly, even threateningly. They are often patronizing and critical. Anything you do wrong can result in penalties or ostracism. And they can decide what you are doing or saying is “wrong” whenever they want to.

I’m not going to rehash what is going on now on this planet, though I’ve made mention of it in the points above. Much of this is covered in other posts. You may not be able to think of examples of all 13 of the above behaviors. But I can, and you probably could, too, if you thought a little more about it. These are contagious habits, and you can see “both sides” indulge in these behaviors. But pay attention to how much damage results. How much did the lockdowns destroy people’s lives, compared to the experience of getting sick? People get sick all the time. They aren’t forced out of work by their political “leaders” all the time.

Strange synchronicity

For months (if not years) now, I have been pushing the need for us to understand and confront the sociopath (or Suppressive Person). And now David finally comes out with what amounts to a several-hour course on the subject! The situation is painfully clear to him now; I wish others could see it so clearly.

Last year I met a young woman who turned out to be involved in a toxic relationship. She felt she had to separate from her husband, and finally decided to divorce him. And now here I see David characterize the current situation as an “acrimonious divorce!”

I was deeply upset about what happened to my new friend, especially after the lockdowns forced her to change her plans and disappear from my ken. I miss her and I am also concerned for her well being. What a tragedy it would be if this had been caused by a Third Party and could have been repaired using technology I am aware of.

Likewise, I have been deeply upset to see what has been happening to my planet and its people, particularly the younger people, and especially after the lockdowns forced them into dependent relationships with governments that are not very trustworthy, and may in fact be quite corrupt. I miss my younger friends at they used to be, and am very concerned for their well being. And in this case, this whole situation almost certainly WAS caused by Third Parties!

I write this with as much sincerity as I can muster. I hope those who read this can see some wisdom in it, and will use the resources on this blog (website) to educate themselves about what to do about the situation. I don’t prefer to get all heavy and dramatic; I would prefer to be lighthearted and carefree. But right now that does not seem to fit.

For more of my own writings on sociopathy, see:

Troop Zero

28 September 2020

During my stay on Amazon Prime, mostly watching old seasons of Stargate SG-1, the website was insistently promoting a newer Amazon production called Troop Zero. So, I finally watched it.

Troop Zero is unconvincingly set in the South of the late 1970s, when Jimmy Carter was President and NASA was preparing to send out Voyagers 1 and 2, both of which included a “golden record.” The protagonist, a girl named Christmas Flint, hears about the NASA project to record children’s voices for the record and decides to become a Birdie scout so she can have a shot at getting her message to “them out there.”

As is common in modern stories, particularly comedies, every important character is portrayed as in some way dysfunctional. For the purposes of the story, all characters fall into two groups: the mean, strangely gifted, but emotionally stupid colonizers, and the kind – and so, oppressed – normal folk. In the context of their tiny town, Wiggly, they somehow get along with each other. But the oppressed are crippled in various ways that make them “losers” while the colonizers are crippled in ways that make them “winners.”

Christmas’ troop includes three broken little girls, one made permanently antagonistic by some unknown turn of fate in her past, another made permanently angry and destructive, another, with one bad eye, who is a devout Christian but is scared of everybody, along with a little boy (Joseph) who likes to act like a girl. Christmas’ father is a lawyer, failed because he prefers to defend poor people who are guilty of petty crimes. His office assistant wanted to be a lawyer but let her career be derailed by getting mixed up with some sort of pervert. Their best friend is a kleptomaniac.

The story conveys a sort of Jungian inevitability in life, relieved only by momentary and usually failed attempts to break out of it and retake control. These themes are very obvious in Western (particularly U.S.) literature and art today and I think deserve more attention, which I might venture to qualify as loving attention.

Who wrote this story?

The movie was directed by Bert and Bertie and written by Lucy Alibar. Bert and Bertie are a female team of writer/directors. Bert’s “real” name is Amber Finlayson. She was born in South Africa and operates out of the UK. Bertie’s real name is Katie Ellwood, and she is from the UK. They are both young, fairly new on the scene, and are a part of why this film is the way it is. Lucy is a young American woman who grew up in Florida. The story is a little bit autobiographical.

These young women post very little about themselves and their influences on their websites. Lean and mean.

Lucy did interviews after her big film release Beasts of the Southern Wild. She is a very smart woman who has been into theater for a long time. She has been working out of New York where she used to work as a waitress until she became better-known as a writer. She seems quite sane. Dad was a lawyer, mom an artist. She isn’t cool with social media and she likes to do yoga.

Bert and Bertie have also done interviews. They are into “magical realism” and the idea of misfits having the moral high ground, or at least being more interesting than regular folks. In the interview I saw, the young star made this point emphatically. This is a big deal for her generation, a really big deal.

People need love

When I was growing up my parents described themselves to me as “misfits” because they were liberal atheists. Then I was a “misfit” for refusing to go to college, learn to drive, get married, and stay away from Scientology. So, where was the love? And now our kids are up in arms because the same shit is still there and doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and they have no idea how to cope, because if we learned, we forgot to tell them. But I think most of us never learned. We need to love our kids.

We are in a situation now where we are experiencing some setbacks as the forces of good and evil battle for domination over our planet. (I know that sounds over-dramatic, but it is almost literally true!)

My generation, and those a little older than me, came up through a very easy and prosperous time for the West, while it sent its agents out raping and pillaging around the rest of the world. Now we are getting some of that “karma” back and we are acting all confused. We didn’t prepare our sons and daughters for this (We didn’t believe in karma! Too unscientific!) and now they don’t know what to tell their sons and daughters. So we have the wackos who have been predicting this the whole time now controlling the narrative, basically, and we don’t like it.

So, like, where’s the love? Does is really take a Buddha or a Jesus or a Hubbard to remind us that we need to love our neighbors? Well, maybe is does.

While the Right rants on about Critical Race Theory and the Left rants on about how “fascist” the “colonizers” have become, the real sociopaths sit back and lick their chops. We can either learn to show some love and understanding over what’s been going down on this planet, or we can fight to the death.

Which would you prefer? I know which choice the sociopaths would prefer!