About Me and Life Force

I’m Larry and I’m a student of Scientology.

That means I am a student of L. Ron Hubbard (LRH), and I sometimes refer to him as my teacher.

However, when I started this blog, I was a student of Bill Newman at Seattle Central Community College. He was trying to teach a bunch of us how to use PHP and mySQL to create a dynamic web application. He asked us to communicate with him through a blog, so I had to throw one together.

Thus, this site started out as a site about technical details. I tried to maintain that basic theme when I began to write about other topics. I established another blog (with blogger AKA blogspot – just for variety) for more integrative and esoteric posts.

Check out my other blog via this link.

However, this blog definitely became my main blog. That’s partly due to the work WordPress has done to provide bloggers with a good writing experience.

“Life Force”

LRH introduced me to the term “life force.” He mentions it in connection with writer and philosopher Henri Bergson, who used the term élan vital, which is sometimes translated as “life force,” although élan can also be translated as “impulse.” There is no doubt that LRH was influenced by Bergson in his earlier choices of terms and concepts.

“Life Force” was originally conceived of in the mid-1980s as my “group.” A being can think of their activities in terms of an organization. I wanted a name for “my organization” and Life Force is what I came up with. It plays on various concepts that were fresh at the time including “the Force” from Star Wars and “task force” in its government, military and other uses. This “task force” was assigned to the “project” of bringing life.

My original concept for the activities of Life Force included a band, a dance activity, an educational or training activity, and an art activity.

The only activity that has really survived at this point is the Life Force Learning Center, of which this blog is the primary mouthpiece. I consider myself as the “headmaster” of this educational activity and sometimes refer to myself as an “uncertified intellectual.”

Life Force Designs, my art activity, originally had a website on a “free” server. A server is just a location on the internet that provides content. However, the company running that service acquired a reputation for allowing objectionable content on their sites, so their web address was blocked by reputable platforms like WordPress and Facebook. I switched to another company, and that site still exists. It is much more colorful! But I have not kept it updated.

Scientology as a resource

I wanted to write about Scientology (as a subject) on this blog. However, it became clear as I became more involved on the internet that there was a concerted effort to equate “Scientology” with our Church, and then to highlight attacks on the church (not the subject) using ex-members to make them seem plausible.

This meant that any unmoderated attempt to discuss the subject online would quickly become poisoned with lies and invective. The only websites where unaltered and accurate data about Scientology – and the church – can be found are Church-created websites.

So, I try to leave most of that work up to the people who operate those sites. Several links are provided on my “Scientology Resources” page.

Scientology is for use by everyone, and the church has worked hard to make our materials as widely available as possible. Of course, if you want to be considered a professional in the subject, you need to get your training and certification at a licensed Scientology organization.

With the advent of our TV channel, the amount of information available to the general public about Scientology, the church and church members has exploded to a whole new level. I really hope you will avail yourself of that resource to get better-informed.

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