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Time for a break?

23 August 2012

Wish you could just cry and start over?

Forget it all, be forgiven, and be loved like your parents loved you when you were a child?

Try googling “Gal Costa videos” and let the grand lady of Brazilian music take you away to a happy place where everything works out alright.


Why I Don’t Sleep

22 August 2012

Women and children account for almost 80% of the casualties of conflict and war as well as 80% of the 40 million people in the world who are now refugees from their homes. It is one of the unspoken facts of militarism that women often become the spoils of war, their deaths are considered collateral damage and their bodies are frequently used as battlegrounds and as commodities that can be traded.

From an article written by Lucinda Marshall and published on Sunday, December 18, 2004 by

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Some 18,000 children die every day because of hunger and malnutrition and 850 million people go to bed every night with empty stomachs, a “terrible indictment of the world in 2007,” the head of the U.N. food agency said.

As reported in the USA Today online edition of 17 February 2007.

“Children living on the streets in Delhi are often exposed to various forms of abuse and also get embroiled in crime. As per a report ‘Surviving the Streets’ published last year there were 50,000 children on the streets in Delhi and it was found that one of the major threats that street children experienced was abuse.”

Ashok Singh Jha of the Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Trust, an organization working for women’s and children’s welfare. As reported in The Hindu newspaper online edition of 28 June 2012.

Are you sick yet? Or should I find more? How can anyone on this planet get a good night’s sleep if they are aware of the above?

A being should be able to choose what game it wants to play each lifetime.

But someone learned a long long time ago that if you killed someone who didn’t want to die, that being would be more likely to play that game the next time around. In the trillions of years since this has been discovered, only about 2-1/2 percent of the population has been coerced into “liking” this game. About 20 percent more go along with it because they don’t think they have a choice. And the rest of us suffer – or not, if we are very lucky.

The new game is: Deprive the 2-1/2 percent of the 20 percent helping them. That many could still be convinced that there could be another way. And without their help, those left would lose their power. Too many of us know too much now to continue to be fooled.

Some people close to me know that I have not slept well since I was a teenager. Could this be why?

We all need rest because we have bodies to keep healthy. But as soon as you are well-rested, get back up and get busy. And if you can, spend some time working on the solution to this situation. We really need your help.


9 August 2012

“Psy-op” (or PSYOP) is short for psychological operation. The latter designation in all capitals is an official military designation.

The subject of the psy-op is itself a psy-op. An attempt to elevate techniques of artful lying to the status of a useful, teachable technology.

Here is a military definition for “psychological operation:”

‘Joint Pub I-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (1 December 1989) broadly defines strategic psychological activities as “planned psychological activities in peace and war which normally pursue objectives to gain the support and cooperation of friendly and neutral countries and to reduce the will and the capacity of hostile or potentially hostile countries to wage war.”‘

This is as quoted in an article by Col Fred W. Walker on page 17 of Psychological Operations Principles and Case Studies (Col Frank L. Goldstein, PhD and Col Benjamin F. Findley Jr. September 1996, Air University Press, Alabama).

On the other hand, attributes the following quote to a US Central Intelligence Agency training manual:

“In effect, the human being should be considered the priority in a political war. And conceived as the military target … the human being has his most critical point in his mind. Once the mind has been reached, the ‘political animal’ has been defeated without necessarily receiving bullets.”

The latter is a bit less pretentious and probably much more representative of the thinking that underlies “modern” psychological operations.

That said, I have no personal knowledge of any particular operation undertaken anywhere for any purpose. I have simply noted the intense interest in human psychology among governments, the military, big business, and other more covert power factions as evidenced by the considerable body of published works on the subject, as well as revelations such as the existence of MK-Ultra and many similar projects rumored – or proven – to exist.

Neither do I have personal knowledge of any groups often termed “Cabal” “Shadow Government” “Illuminati” etc. But again, there are numerous reports from reputable sources that such groups do in fact exist, and are – from the point of view of you or me – operating on bizarre, insane, evil, or criminal principles.

The potential for vast deception

Now: Wed criminal intent with the modern technologies of persuasive deception and what do you get? The potential for profound and disastrous misapprehension of the facts of life on earth on the part of large numbers, if not the vast majority, of the population.

All the major players for power and influence on this planet are implicated in these efforts, including all major governments, all major corporations including of course banking, the “old guard” political players comprised of various royal families and numerous others, as well as our ET “friends.”

Individuals in all these groups certainly exist who are criminally insane and wish harm towards the population of earth, in the fancied hope that this will increase their personal safety. For these beings, we are the “enemy.” We may be lied to because, in war, lying is allowed.

It is possible that some individuals or groups are pursuing psy-ops for more benign purposes, including possibly even uncovering the criminals in our midst.

In truth no one ever does anything in public without first considering, to whatever small degree, the psychological (or mental) effect that action will have on their audience. Of course, spontaneous communication is much less this way than a piece of writing, a play or film, or a staged public event where we know that planning and various technologies played a part in their creation.

Thus, my main interest is in staged public events, either intended as entertainment (such as movies) or as news (terror attacks). However, this may also include documents, reports, interviews, news conferences, or other stories of a “personal” nature coming from individuals who seem to be quite convinced of what they saw or experienced.


Credibility versus truth

The old-school psy-op professors believed that the amount of deceit contained in an operation would be limited by the credibility of the data. That has to do with the ability of the individual or group receiving the data to test its correctness using alternate sources.

But for some reason, alternative approaches to this problem are not much publicly discussed:

  1. Claim only one source for “valid” data.
  2. Do not use any historical “facts” that could be easily remembered or looked up.
  3. Do not volunteer any means of verifying the data given, but praise the recipient for “knowing” it is true.
  4. Emphasize the special qualities of the source, and flatter the recipient for noticing those special qualities.
  5. Align the data with similar data of similar quality known to be true. For instance the source could remind you of the esoteric (but proven) truth of past lives to support other esoteric data that is deceptive.
  6. Promise the recipient a special reward if he or she continues to cooperate.
  7. Align the message with valid perceptions and intentions of the recipient. Make it seem like he or she is joining a “team” that, working together, will accomplish something great.

These are some of the ways that extremely esoteric or bizarre data has been successfully transmitted to various humans who have decided to embrace it as valid data. Witness the rise of Christianity, to mention but one. The recipients of the data have no way of experiencing it outside of certain controlled environments. And they have no way of demonstrating the validity of the data to others except by insisting that they are being sincere and that they are certain of what they perceived, or understand to be true.

It only follows, then, that the technology needed to deceive a recipient as completely as this would have to be quite advanced.

Advanced deception methods

Immersive Virtual Reality

A term for this has been coined: “Synthetic Quantum Environment (SQE).” This is nice but a bit pretentious. There have been several overt instances of techies supposedly fooling audiences with “3D holograms.”

In general terms, this technology would be able to fool somebody without the need for them to carry, wear, or otherwise consciously employ any sort of physical device. Thus, these realities are more than likely projected, and any person observing them would see the same thing from any vantage point.

However, the projection method could be unconventional. In other words, other than how a movie is projected onto a screen. It might be some sort of mental image created either separately from or in concert with the various human minds present. The image could be created by some sort of field, rather than by beams of light as in the movie model.

Such a technique could, in theory, convince almost anybody of almost anything in the sense that it would give them a full sensory experience that they could observe and remember just like any other experience in the “real” world. This is, by the way, the basic assumption that the Matrix movies are based on, minus the need to take the body and “plug it in” to a giant computer.

This is by far the most “convincing” method yet uncovered, though still less real than “real life.” Thus, it is potentially the most dangerous.

Messages from higher beings

This is a tried and true method of deception that we fall for over and over and over and over and … over again.

This seems to be based on an ET technology that they have been using for a long time. There is no reason to think that they aren’t still using it today, in spite of their “sincere” insistence that they are being truthful (this time).

This could be done by any group that is capable of planning and coordinating a prolonged deception. The technology seems to use actual or electronics-assisted telepathy. The channels, contactees, and abductees all experience what seems to be a genuine telepathic experience. This technique may be used in conjunction with immersive virtual reality.

Credibility is a weak point of this method, when it is used alone. From what I can tell the rule they seem to follow is this:

Avoid present time.

You need a nice combination of history and prediction that avoids to the greatest extent possible verifiable facts of the present. Credibility can be enhanced by using historical data that aligns with what human researchers have discovered by other means. And though there are books full of fake history, the ones that use authentic documentation are a lot more persuasive. So all the deceiver really has to do is avoid historical facts that would blow its own cover.

Predictions can either be vague enough to be “proven true” later, or can be forced to be true using staged events. If they don’t happen, they can be explained away by saying we “moved to a different time line.”

I have seen NO verifiable present time data from this type of source. If you know of some, please pass it along to me. The ONLY way for this type of deception to remain credible is to either avoid present time facts, or tell the real truth about present time facts. But I don’t think they can do the latter because I don’t think they are as “all knowing” as they claim to be.

I have stated this recently and I will state it again here: If the ETs really wanted to help us, they would tell us exactly what is really happening on earth in present time until we liberated our own news media from the Cabal and they started doing their jobs instead of acting like traitors. Until the ETs start doing that and their facts are confirmed, I don’t trust them.

I don’t even know if they are really ETs.
It could be human intelligence operations posing as ETs.

Major false flag events

Making 911 happen was no walk in the park. Even if Saudi Arabians flew those planes (and I don’t think they did), it was a huge and complex operation. Just to get those buildings to collapse like that was a major technical accomplishment.

Many different people have their own theories of how this event actually happened. Any way you work it, it’s hard to imagine. Who would have been insane enough to sacrifice their lives, yet competent enough to fly planes into buildings?

And what made those buildings collapse? A Russian guy thinks they used secret systems that were installed when the buildings were built in anticipation of the day when they would have to be demolished and replaced. I’m not totally convinced this is right, but there are only a limited number of possible explanations. If it wasn’t an underground nuclear explosion, then it was something that produced a very similar effect. The phenomenon matches what we would expect if a nuke went off underneath a building, opening up a cavity, into which the building disintegrates.

The idea that it was ET space weapons or US Space Command space weapons are also hard to believe. But something had to do it.

The esoteric doesn’t count

Those buildings really did disintegrate; that part wasn’t a lie!

If you want people in physical bodies to believe that something happened in their physical environment, then you have to make it really happen. If it only seems to happen, then sooner or later a sane person will realize that what they saw wasn’t real. If you want people to believe that others died, then you have to kill someone, or make them disappear forever. Either way, it’s about the same thing. We know that they didn’t die spiritually, but that’s beside the point.

We are talking about physical incidents, not spiritual ones.

How the incident is explained is another matter. That is the significance, the communication, of the incident. An incident can be real, but you can still lie about how and why it happened. That is the whole operating basis behind most criminal lying.

Understanding requires both mass and significance, both reality and communication about that reality.

If you provide a lot of significance about experiences that no one can remember ever experiencing, or that haven’t happened yet, then there is no way you can achieve real understanding. So I must assume that such communications are intended to confuse, not clarify.

Would you not come to a similar conclusion?

For me, such actions go beyond criminal lying. They indicate a pure unveiled attempt at political domination. When reality is left behind in the conversation, we are no longer talking about questions of physical power. We have entered the realm of mental power. And it is really spooky to think that some of our fellow humans could be trying to do this to the rest of us.