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The Joy of Creating

31 August 2012

In honor of my most recent “follower” forcing myself happy, I offer you this from my teacher (as quoted from The Poet/Lyricist):

Force yourself to smile and you’ll soon stop frowning.

Force yourself to laugh and you’ll soon find something to laugh about.

Wax enthusiastic and you’ll very soon feel so.

A being causes his own feelings.

The greatest joy there is in life is creating.

Splurge on it!


A piece of my mind.

30 August 2012

In American slang, to give someone “a piece of your mind” means to speak sternly or angrily to them for doing something wrong.


  1. The Simon Parkes interview. This dates from about a year ago, but was recently linked to in a blog I follow.
  2. The Rachel Corrie judgement. I had never heard of Rachel Corrie. In 2003, someone got into a huge bulldozer in Gaza at a site were she was protesting and ran her over, piling debris on top of her, then backed up to let her friends take her damaged body out of the rubble. On the 28th of August this year an Israeli court ruled that this murder was an “accident” that she could have avoided by getting out of the way of the bulldozer.

Simon Parkes in a nutshell

Simon is an English gentleman just a few years younger than myself. He has been in contact with several ETs his whole life. He has learned of their actions on earth and their plans for the planet, and now intends to write a book about this. This video interview is 4 hours long and of quite good quality. The last hour is a regression session.

He speaks knowledgeably of the Mantids, the Reptilians, the Tall Greys, the Small Greys, a feline-like race and some others. He believes they are waiting for us to kill ourselves off so they can re-populate the planet with various hybrid body types.

My lecture in brief

When I went to bed last night, I felt the need to make something clear to the various groups who secretly want to rid earth of humans.

So I imagined that I was speaking to them, and that they could here me.

In brief, I told them the following:

  • I don’t care if you can’t hear me.
  • I don’t care if you aren’t listening.
  • I wish to tell you these things anyway.
  • The body is like a pet.
  • We have a responsibility to take good care of it, to keep it healthy.
  • You would not let someone walk up to your pet and try to kill it without doing anything, would you?
  • Wouldn’t your pet’s screams of pain and cries for help upset you?
  • Wouldn’t you try to do something to save your pet?
  • This is why on earth we have an agreement that it is wrong to murder.
  • Some say there are too many pets on this planet.
  • That this planet does not have resources to take care of all those pets.
  • But does that justify killing them?
  • You say you are the elite. But there are rumors that you are secretly plotting to kill us. Do not the various armed conflicts serve to support these rumors? Does not the spread of poverty in countries that once prospered support these rumors? Do not some of your own reports and words of your advisers support these rumors? Do not historical facts support these rumors?
  • You may say that, being a part of the elite, you have higher concerns than ordinary people, and that the rest of us should respect your decisions in such matters.
  • But with beingness comes responsibility for right action.
  • If one wishes to be of the elite, then one must assume the responsibilities of such a position.
  • And one such responsibility is to arrange things so that all those in your assigned area are well cared for.
  • Do you not agree with this? Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps we are not pets to you, but merely things.
  • If this is how you think, then that is unacceptable. This may have been an acceptable attitude at one time. It no longer is. If you insist on having this attitude, then your beingness is false, and you don’t deserve it.
  • I understand that, from this point of view, your past is strewn with grand mistakes of judgement.
  • But those are times gone by. There is no reason for you to continue in that rut.
  • You can recover from those mistakes. That is why things have changed. That is why I am telling you this.
  • You can recover from those mistakes, and you must. If you cannot, you will be replaced by those who can. This is how things are now.

Knowledge and Mistakes

I realized that the human race had a problem.

It is summarized in this aphorism: “We must learn from our mistakes.”

Too many of us are unable to learn from our mistakes. This bars us from the knowledge we must have to make progress. And it makes us feel more and more defeated.

Hubbard found a way around this. He found a way for us to recover from, and learn from, our past mistakes. All insanity really is is too many mistakes. All ignorance really is is a mistake. All unhappiness really comes from is making too many mistakes and seeing no way to recover from them.

Hubbard also gave us guidance on how to make fewer mistakes. It is called The Way to Happiness. He wrote it in 1980. It is widely used around the world today. It has been translated into well over 100 languages.

One thing I told “them” is that they need to read, understand, and apply that book. I told this to them many times. This would be their first step towards taking responsibility. And their next step would be to get 100 others to do the same thing. I assigned this task to them.

The Future

If we have a future, it will be because we took responsibility for it.

A few days ago, I began writing a post that listed out all the websites that inform the public about what my church is doing to take responsibility for the future.

But I have hesitated to publish it. I thought that it would probably just be ignored; that most people aren’t yet aware that the future depends on what they know and do, not just what somebody else knows and does.

If something happens to change that, I will publish those links. For now, those interested will just have to find them themselves. I hope some of you will, and that you will let me know what happened.

Uncomfortably Close: Case Study in Suppression

28 August 2012

…I would point out that these stories avail the reader with a unique opportunity to see how an insane person operates when given executive authority and what can happen as a result.

My Church Speaks Out

(I link to the actual source articles in my other blog, to encourage readers to visit it.)

In the not-too-distant past, my church published a series of articles through its public-facing magazine Freedom. These concern the activities of several ex-staff, in particular a man named Mark “Marty” Rathbun.

You can read about his and the others’ exploits in the articles, if you wish. My purpose here is to point out a few bits of data revealed in these articles by way of demonstrating how difficult this problem is to get under control.

Tell the Truth

It is a basic teaching in Scientology that with honesty comes success. It is necessary for a preclear to be honest with his or her auditor for case progress to be made, and it is necessary for staff members to be honest with each other for an organization to prosper and expand.

And for a society to work, it is necessary for the information it uses to operate on be as truthful as possible. Can you imagine a nation deciding to attack another country based on information that said country had attacked it, or was about to, and then later learning that this information was totally false? What loss of energy and life could occur as the result of such an untruth! Such things have happened on this planet. And this is why it is so important for the news media of a society to seek truth in its reporting. Those organizations have a huge responsibility to society in this regard. That responsibility is currently being neglected.

Men or women who are afraid to be truthful, who lie to protect their personal interests, or who compulsively deceive others in the fancied belief that this is necessary to survival, are the enemies of peace, progress, prosperity, and understanding on earth (or anywhere else). It behooves any group of any size to have a way to detect such persons and remove them from the vital communication lines of the group, so that their lies do not impede, damage, or destroy the group. These articles from my church vividly point this out.

If you agree with these basic principles, I urge you to lend your support to these values by composing a tweet to this effect and including hashtag #GUYTTT.

How much to tell?

We have all made embarrassing mistakes that we would prefer not be widely known. What is the make-break point between privacy and a criminal cover-up?

If a datum, revealed, would do little more than ruin a reputation or compromise one’s personal security (such as your PIN numbers) then it should be protected. Only criminals would seek and use such data, and there is a word for that: Blackmail.

But if you have done something that will affect your family, your group, your country or your planet, it is your responsibility to make that known and take corrective action.

An honest being who does this as a habit need not go public with every error. It is only necessary to inform those who need to know in order to implement a corrective handling. If one of those turns out to be part of the problem, then that person may use your admission to get rid of you. Well, if that is how that group operates, then you are better off not being a member. These articles reveal how a church executive, in attempting to cover his own butt, got several innocent staff members fired or demoted. You can imagine how destructive this could be.

If a whole planet operated that way, you could have a real problem. I hope it will not get to that here on earth.

What causes dishonesty?

To say that dishonesty is a sign of moral weakness may be true, but is not a very useful observation. If we assume that people are natively quite moral (and we have every reason to believe this) then there must be some process by which they lose this quality, when they do.

Well, this is one of the subjects that Scientology addresses.

This article is not meant to be a Scientology lesson. However, the Freedom articles point out some interesting facts which are worth mentioning.

Trauma in the Womb

The church was able to learn that Marty’s mother, when pregnant with him, had been subjected to Electro-convulsive Therapy (ECT). Shock therapy in itself is a considerable crime against the body and the spirit, as it has no purpose but to injure. But to do it on a pregnant woman? That should be a felony!

If you have ever read Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health you know why. The fetus shares in all its mother’s experiences!

Study problems

In Scientology, knowing how to study is considered very important, and all members must take a course in this. On this course, we learn that going by a misunderstood word will tend to make the student feel blank, then lose interest. Subsequently the student may try to remove themselves from the subject being studied by falling asleep or physically leaving. There is a whole page in Freedom Magazine devoted to how often Mike Rinder would fall asleep. Any Scientologist would suspect from this that he had major unhandled misunderstood words.

Scientology organizations are designed to detect and handle problems such as severe case problems or study problems. But the system relies on the willingness of the person having problems to be corrected. If a staff member is trying to protect certain secrets, he may be able to successfully refuse technical help by claiming he is “too busy on important actions” to spend the time to get fixed up. If it gets to that, such a staff member is nearing the end. His secrets will eventually come out, unless he successfully departs before he is asked to come clean.

And the non-Scientology world?

Much of the non-Scientology world turns to the fields of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience for the answers to its problems with dishonesty.

Of these three disciplines, only psychology (literally “study of the spirit”) has a chance of finding the answer. And so far, it has not, being bullied by psychiatry to be “scientific” and so turn its back on the very subject (the spirit) that holds the answers to these questions.

Psychiatry has never been an honest subject, the province of witch doctors and mind control experts since the very dawn of time. Neuroscience has been dragged into the mud by psychiatry. At one time it came close to discovering the spiritual nature of the mind, but was shamed into turning away from such ideas.

Uncomfortably Close

I was in the Sea Org during the same years that Mike and Marty were considered very important people in the church. I knew their faces and have been in the same room with both of them briefly. It is awful for me to learn what has become of them.

L. Ron Hubbard’s leadership style was based on trust, and giving able people a second chance. Some would say this is a weakness in the church. But I don’t think so. For on the other side of trust is the truth. The Sea Org has thousands of members. They are trusted to do their jobs, and most of them do. By doing their jobs they prove they are worthy of that trust. And those who fail in their jobs prove that they were not worthy. If they had not at first been trusted, the truth about them would not have emerged.

No one in an organization, nor in life, is expected to be perfect. But for life and groups to work, trust must be granted so that the trustworthy can be identified. If you are trusted with a job, and learn to do it well, you earn a place of respect in the group or in life. If you betray that trust, instead of honestly admitting your mistakes or weaknesses, then respect for you lessens. That is how things must be.

Time for a break?

23 August 2012

Wish you could just cry and start over?

Forget it all, be forgiven, and be loved like your parents loved you when you were a child?

Try googling “Gal Costa videos” and let the grand lady of Brazilian music take you away to a happy place where everything works out alright.

And if you would like to learn a tiny bit more about Scientology (or other things) without reading a whole book, I have made a page for you on my HTML site, and here it is (I hope this link stays good for a while!) Your page at Life Force Designs.

Why I Don’t Sleep

22 August 2012

Women and children account for almost 80% of the casualties of conflict and war as well as 80% of the 40 million people in the world who are now refugees from their homes. It is one of the unspoken facts of militarism that women often become the spoils of war, their deaths are considered collateral damage and their bodies are frequently used as battlegrounds and as commodities that can be traded.

From an article written by Lucinda Marshall and published on Sunday, December 18, 2004 by

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Some 18,000 children die every day because of hunger and malnutrition and 850 million people go to bed every night with empty stomachs, a “terrible indictment of the world in 2007,” the head of the U.N. food agency said.

As reported in the USA Today online edition of 17 February 2007.

“Children living on the streets in Delhi are often exposed to various forms of abuse and also get embroiled in crime. As per a report ‘Surviving the Streets’ published last year there were 50,000 children on the streets in Delhi and it was found that one of the major threats that street children experienced was abuse.”

Ashok Singh Jha of the Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Trust, an organization working for women’s and children’s welfare. As reported in The Hindu newspaper online edition of 28 June 2012.

Are you sick yet? Or should I find more? How can anyone on this planet get a good night’s sleep if they are aware of the above?

A being should be able to choose what game it wants to play each lifetime.

But someone learned a long long time ago that if you killed someone who didn’t want to die, that being would be more likely to play that game the next time around. In the trillions of years since this has been discovered, only about 2-1/2 percent of the population has been coerced into “liking” this game. About 20 percent more go along with it because they don’t think they have a choice. And the rest of us suffer – or not, if we are very lucky.

The new game is: Deprive the 2-1/2 percent of the 20 percent helping them. That many could still be convinced that there could be another way. And without their help, those left would lose their power. Too many of us know too much now to continue to be fooled.

Some people close to me know that I have not slept well since I was a teenager. Could this be why?

We all need rest because we have bodies to keep healthy. But as soon as you are well-rested, get back up and get busy. And if you can, spend some time working on the solution to this situation. We really need your help.

Before Earth

16 August 2012

“The odd part of these incidents to the preclear is that he is usually not guilty of anything, not aware of having offended. He is simply recruited, is brought in, is sentenced to be transported and goes to a new area.”
History of Man (1952) p.106

If you assume that we are, in essence, immortal spiritual beings. And if you assume that this solar system is only a few billion years old. Then each of us must have some experience with “before earth.”

I bring to the table three viewpoints on this subject.

Assuming each of these three sources is not lying, what you see in the range of data presented probably has to do with what each society (represented by that source) is able – or willing – to remember about the past.

This is all “space opera.” If you think this has no bearing on our current reality, well, fine. But it does. And if you are curious about this subject, I think you have good reason to be.

However, this data, of course, is totally non-verifiable. We can cross-verify it to some extent, assuming each source is being relatively honest. But the ultimate verification will only come about when everyone is able to remember and everyone is willing to be honest about what they remember.

And I mean EVERYONE.


“…the Galactic Confederation is up against a problem of great magnitude. It’s run out of OTs.” (The Free Being, lecture of 9 July 1963, CD version, Section 10, paragraph 6 of transcript.)

Let’s start with my teacher, L. Ron Hubbard.

I do not have a complete record of what he has written and spoken on this subject. I haven’t listened to it all yet. I haven’t read it all yet. And though that could be said of any of these sources, it is particularly important with LRH, as this subject was not his focus, so you have to glean bits here and there from his training lectures mostly.

One famous lecture, which all us “nuts” refer to, is the one quoted above. It lasts for over an hour and it has a lot to say in terms of what sort of societies the current population of earth comes from. But of course all this data is based on what preclears (people who get auditing) have been able to remember. It is not based on other technologies like remote viewing or regressive hypnosis. But Hubbard’s findings are supported by researchers who have used these other technologies, such as Courtney Brown (Remote Viewing) and Robert T. James (regressive hypnosis).

To paint a background picture: Hubbard finds the history of beings in this universe to be quite long and quite varied, but distinguished by a pattern of trading integrity and “innate goodness” for material experience. This has lead to a general spiritual deterioration, which he calls the “downward spiral.” We started, in “native state” as “OTs” (operating thetans), spiritual beings who could create energy and matter at will and exercised a wide sphere of control over their own “universes.” If another being stumbled into such a universe and messed around with it, that was generally grounds for a fight. This basic pattern has continued, but with the spiritual component getting less and less, and the material component increasing.

A very important group in this sector, for a rather indeterminate amount of time (trillions of earth years?) has been the Galactic Confederation. Whether this is basically the same as the Galactic Federation of Light remains to be seen, but it sounds similar.

LRH describes the Galactic Confederation as being organized on the basis of spiritual ability, with “limited OTs” at the top, beings with doll bodies at commander level, and meat body beings at lower levels.

As stated in the quote, this civilization has run out of OTs because they keep making trouble, which usually results in them being “knocked out.” They have no way, in spite of all their talk of “Ascension,” to rehabilitate such a being after it has been disabled by their “knockout” technology.

As far as earth goes, LRH reports that it has served as a “dumping ground” (as described above) for many thousands of years. It apparently has been indifferently administered, and was for all intents and purposes abandoned in 1150 AD.

The people of earth come from civilizations that seem stuck in a pattern of materialistic development, followed by destruction and a return to primitive ways, then building back up again. This cycle has repeated so often that it can be predicted like clockwork.

However, with the advent of Scientology on earth, a way out of this cycle has been discovered. Has Hubbard convinced the Confederation to come to earth to learn this technology? Or have they learned of it independently, and intend to steal it from us? Or do they, perhaps, intend to simply quietly wipe us out? From LRH’s famous lecture, this point is not clear.

The Galactic Confederation

Now let’s go to the story from the ET point of view.

My notes in this case are from Sheldan Nidle’s transcripts of the weekly briefings he has been receiving for the last approximately 15 years.

This data is supposed to come from the Sirian “Book of Understanding.”

It tells us that the Sirians came to earth almost a million years ago and established a civilization which they called “Lemuria.” This civilization remained relatively stable until maybe 50,000 years ago, when the various surface settlements were split up for administrative purposes.

About 25,000 years ago, some people in one of these surface settlements, Atlantis, hatched a plot to take over. At about 12,500 years ago, the destruction caused by this plan occurred, wiping out all those former civilizations.

What remained was taken over by what the Sirians call the Annunaki.

Sheldan’s sources claim that key supporters of the Annunaki, the Anchara, were persuaded to become peaceful around 1996. Thus, their former allies on earth became one of the last trouble sources in the entire galaxy. The problem is how to remove them from earth without allowing them to blow the place up first.

The Sirians, through Sheldan and several other contactees, insist they are our friends and that they want us to ascend. Are they really just desperate for a source of OTs to keep their huge federation operating, as the LRH data suggests? I’d really like to know the answer to that one.

The Plejans, formerly the Pleiadians

This data comes from Billy Meier. He got most of it from a girl named Semjase (“sem-jah-zee”) in the 1970’s. So it is not modern, but is quite detailed.

More recently, a person named Cobra claims to be a Pleiadian and speak for them. This could be. But he is incognito, and his data are fragmented, so I am not counting on what he tells us yet.

According to Semjase, her ancestors were from Lyra. They first made contact with the Sol system about 22 million years ago, and settled here seriously about 400,000 years ago. Since then, they have always had a presence here. Around 230,000 years ago, the Lyran home worlds were destroyed by civil war, and the survivors moved to a different star system (I believe in the Pleiades). A similar problem almost destroyed our own solar system about 200,000 years ago. Lyrans re-established colonies in the Sol system about 198,000 years ago, which lasted about 80,000 years. These were mostly composed of exiled criminals. (Sound familiar?)

Around this time, a great queen arose among the Lyrans. Her name was Pleja, and they started calling themselves Plejans. They developed an elite group of spiritually advanced beings called Ishwish who took on leadership roles.

They came back again about 80,000 years ago. The original Great Pyramid was constructed 73,370 years ago. Two others were made at about the same time, in China and Mexico. They were subsequently flooded and covered with sediment.

Another attempt to colonize earth happened about 60,000 years ago. It resulted in wars 6,000 years later which nearly wiped out life here.
Next, the Ishwish Pelegon established a new colony on earth that lasted from 50,000 years ago to 40,000 years ago. At the end of that period earth again returned to savagery.

Meanwhile, among the Plejans, spiritual values had finally overtaken materialism.

A tall blond race called Hyperboreans came to earth about 35,000 years ago, and remain hidden from us to this day (Mount Shasta).

About 30,000 years ago, an Ishwish created the city of Mu in the area now known as the Gobi desert. Atlantis was created soon after. These lasted about 20,000 years. Ishwish Arus invaded earth but retreated to a northern area that has since moved south (Florida?) about 16,000 years ago. The event which led to the legend of Adam and Eve occurred about 15,000 years ago. It involved a scientist named Semjasa.

The Easter Island civilization was created about 13,000 years ago by people from a different star system who were very tall (about as tall as the statues that were made of them).

Meanwhile, Sirians had invaded earth and created settlements in the area of Sumer (Persia). They were a dark-skinned race. They gradually expanded their area of control until it included India and probably most of Africa.

According to Semjase, it was a Sirian infiltration into Mu and Atlantis that caused the destructive conflict that followed. The destruction included a man-made asteroid event that supposedly happened on the 6th of June, 9,498 BC. That would be about 11,500 years ago. This is only 1,000 years different from the date stated by the Sirians themselves. This event actually shifted the earth’s axis of rotation. It was very destructive.

The rule of Jehovan on earth started 50 years later.

Notice here that the Plejans state that Jehovan (the biblical Jehovah) was a Sirian. But the Sirians tell us he was an “evil Annunaki.” Robert Morning Sky also agrees that Jehovah was a Sirian. This does not necessarily mean he was black, but suggests that he was.

As Romans were definitely white, and it is possible that Jesus was also white, we see a possible occult connection between history and the white hatred for the black race, and Persians.

The potential for deception

These are the three best accounts of “before earth” that I am aware of.

Of course, “before earth,” as an incident on your own time track, is unique for each being. But these stories give you some ideas of what you may have been involved with before you started wearing a human body here on earth. Not that the other civilizations mentioned are not also, basically, human. It’s just that they may have also included doll body beings and limited OTs, which we don’t see walking around on earth at this time.

LRH paints a rather ruthless picture of what life was like in the space opera societies that the people he and his students audited remembered.

There was a lot of mind control, and a lot of extreme measures taken to keep populations “under control.” We still carry that baggage around with us. That’s what Scientology auditing tries to handle; that baggage.

But meanwhile, you must live in a society immersed in deception. Not only can’t you remember your past, you are lied to constantly about present time, and you are given largely useless visions of the future. The potential for deception in this environment is immense, and only a dump of all that baggage and a new-found resolve to think and look for oneself could possibly save an individual, a family, a group, or a race from it.

Are you willing to try?


9 August 2012

“Psy-op” (or PSYOP) is short for psychological operation. The latter designation in all capitals is an official military designation.

The subject of the psy-op is itself a psy-op. An attempt to elevate techniques of artful lying to the status of a useful, teachable technology.

Here is a military definition for “psychological operation:”

‘Joint Pub I-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (1 December 1989) broadly defines strategic psychological activities as “planned psychological activities in peace and war which normally pursue objectives to gain the support and cooperation of friendly and neutral countries and to reduce the will and the capacity of hostile or potentially hostile countries to wage war.”‘

This is as quoted in an article by Col Fred W. Walker on page 17 of Psychological Operations Principles and Case Studies (Col Frank L. Goldstein, PhD and Col Benjamin F. Findley Jr. September 1996, Air University Press, Alabama).

On the other hand, attributes the following quote to a US Central Intelligence Agency training manual:

“In effect, the human being should be considered the priority in a political war. And conceived as the military target … the human being has his most critical point in his mind. Once the mind has been reached, the ‘political animal’ has been defeated without necessarily receiving bullets.”

The latter is a bit less pretentious and probably much more representative of the thinking that underlies “modern” psychological operations.

That said, I have no personal knowledge of any particular operation undertaken anywhere for any purpose. I have simply noted the intense interest in human psychology among governments, the military, big business, and other more covert power factions as evidenced by the considerable body of published works on the subject, as well as revelations such as the existence of MK-Ultra and many similar projects rumored – or proven – to exist.

Neither do I have personal knowledge of any groups often termed “Cabal” “Shadow Government” “Illuminati” etc. But again, there are numerous reports from reputable sources that such groups do in fact exist, and are – from the point of view of you or me – operating on bizarre, insane, evil, or criminal principles.

The potential for vast deception

Now: Wed criminal intent with the modern technologies of persuasive deception and what do you get? The potential for profound and disastrous misapprehension of the facts of life on earth on the part of large numbers, if not the vast majority, of the population.

All the major players for power and influence on this planet are implicated in these efforts, including all major governments, all major corporations including of course banking, the “old guard” political players comprised of various royal families and numerous others, as well as our ET “friends.”

Individuals in all these groups certainly exist who are criminally insane and wish harm towards the population of earth, in the fancied hope that this will increase their personal safety. For these beings, we are the “enemy.” We may be lied to because, in war, lying is allowed.

It is possible that some individuals or groups are pursuing psy-ops for more benign purposes, including possibly even uncovering the criminals in our midst.

In truth no one ever does anything in public without first considering, to whatever small degree, the psychological (or mental) effect that action will have on their audience. Of course, spontaneous communication is much less this way than a piece of writing, a play or film, or a staged public event where we know that planning and various technologies played a part in their creation.

Thus, my main interest is in staged public events, either intended as entertainment (such as movies) or as news (terror attacks). However, this may also include documents, reports, interviews, news conferences, or other stories of a “personal” nature coming from individuals who seem to be quite convinced of what they saw or experienced.

Taking it all too far

I decided to write this after hearing Lisa Harrison’s recent interview with Andrew Basiago and Bernie Mendez about a project they were both involved with which Andrew knew as “Pegasus.” As these two men, and Andrew in particular, explained their experiences in more and more detail to Lisa, it became more and more obvious that the probability was very high that they were being deceived. Unless both of them are being insincere, there is no other way to interpret some of their experiences.

For example, in one experience that was obviously a simulation, Andrew was being chased by a small monster that ripped his arm off. At the time, he was totally convinced of what had happened. Yet this is not what had happened. After debriefing it finally became obvious to him that his arm was intact. Here was an example of a man being deceived into thinking that he had lost his own arm! They also reported seeing human beings being killed and eaten by larger creatures. Yet the humans, just before being devoured, did not seem scared of what was about to happen. Odd.

For me, this interview took it over the top. Andrew had obviously been deceived. Bernie either knew this, or came to realize it, and tried to demonstrate this to Andrew. And yet, all these years later (the experiences occurred in the 1980’s) Andrew still tends to feel that what he saw and experienced was as it was explained to him. His friend Bret Stillings was even more convinced.

To me, now, I see this project as a test of various immersive virtual reality technologies, using sane, intelligent teenagers and adults as subjects. It seems this technology worked quite well. Andrew is quite convinced that the stories he was told about his experiences explain those experiences, even though those stories involve alien technologies and time travel.

Credibility versus truth

The old-school psy-op professors believed that the amount of deceit contained in an operation would be limited by the credibility of the data. That has to do with the ability of the individual or group receiving the data to test its correctness using alternate sources.

But for some reason, alternative approaches to this problem are not much publicly discussed:

  1. Claim only one source for “valid” data.
  2. Do not use any historical “facts” that could be easily remembered or looked up.
  3. Do not volunteer any means of verifying the data given, but praise the recipient for “knowing” it is true.
  4. Emphasize the special qualities of the source, and flatter the recipient for noticing those special qualities.
  5. Align the data with similar data of similar quality known to be true. For instance the source could remind you of the esoteric (but proven) truth of past lives to support other esoteric data that is deceptive.
  6. Promise the recipient a special reward if he or she continues to cooperate.
  7. Align the message with valid perceptions and intentions of the recipient. Make it seem like he or she is joining a “team” that, working together, will accomplish something great.

These are some of the ways that extremely esoteric or bizarre data has been successfully transmitted to various humans who have decided to embrace it as valid data. Witness the rise of Christianity, to mention but one. The recipients of the data have no way of experiencing it outside of certain controlled environments (such as the Pegasus “jump room”). And they have no way of demonstrating the validity of the data to others except by insisting that they are being sincere and that they are certain of what they perceived, or understand to be true.

It only follows, then, that the technology needed to deceive a recipient as completely as this would have to be quite advanced.

Advanced deception methods

Immersive Virtual Reality

This has already been mentioned regarding Pegasus. Mendez coined the term “Synthetic Quantum Environment (SQE)” which is nice but a bit pretentious. No one connected with Pegasus has speculated on exactly how such a technology would work, but there have been several overt instances of techies supposedly fooling audiences with “3D holograms.”

In general terms, this technology would be able to fool somebody without the need for them to carry, wear, or otherwise consciously employ any sort of physical device. Thus, these realities are more than likely projected, and any person observing them would see the same thing from any vantage point.

However, the projection method could be unconventional. In other words, other than how a movie is projected onto a screen. It might be some sort of mental image created either separately from or in concert with the various human minds present. The image could be created by some sort of field, rather than by beams of light as in the movie model.

Such a technique could, in theory, convince almost anybody of almost anything in the sense that it would give them a full sensory experience that they could observe and remember just like any other experience in the “real” world. This is, by the way, the basic assumption that the Matrix movies are based on, minus the need to take the body and “plug it in” to a giant computer.

This is by far the most “convincing” method yet uncovered, though still less real than “real life.” Thus, it is potentially the most dangerous.

Messages from higher beings

This is a tried and true method of deception that we fall for over and over and over and over and … over again.

This seems to be based on an ET technology that they have been using for a long time. There is no reason to think that they aren’t still using it today, in spite of their “sincere” insistence that they are being truthful (this time).

This could be done by any group that is capable of planning and coordinating a prolonged deception. The technology seems to use actual or electronics-assisted telepathy. The channels, contactees, and abductees all experience what seems to be a genuine telepathic experience. This may be combined with actual contact with beings, usually wearing “light bodies.” But the “gray” androids have real bodies, as we have known since July of 1947. Thus this technique may be used in conjunction with immersive virtual reality.

Credibility is a weak point of this method, when it is used alone. From what I can tell the rule they seem to follow is this:

Avoid present time.

You need a nice combination of history and prediction that avoids to the greatest extent possible verifiable facts of the present. Credibility can be enhanced by using historical data that aligns with what human researchers have discovered by other means. And though there are books full of fake history, the ones that use authentic documentation are a lot more persuasive. So all the deceiver really has to do is avoid historical facts that would blow its own cover.

Predictions can either be vague enough to be “proven true” later, or can be forced to be true using staged events. If they don’t happen, they can be explained away by saying we “moved to a different time line.”

I have seen NO verifiable present time data from this type of source. If you know of some, please pass it along to me. The ONLY way for this type of deception to remain credible is to either avoid present time facts, or tell the real truth about present time facts. But I don’t think they can do the latter because I don’t think they are as “all knowing” as they claim to be.

I have stated this recently and I will state it again here: If the ETs really wanted to help us, they would tell us exactly what is really happening on earth in present time until we liberated our own news media from the Cabal and they started doing their jobs instead of acting like traitors. Until the ETs start doing that and their facts are confirmed, I don’t trust them.

I don’t even know if they are really ETs.
It could be human intelligence operations posing as ETs.

Major false flag events

Making 911 happen was no walk in the park. Even if Saudi Arabians flew those planes (and I don’t think they did), it was a huge and complex operation. Just to get those buildings to collapse like that was a major technical accomplishment.

John Lear thinks the planes that hit were fake; that explosives were planted inside the buildings and set off in coordination with the external fake sights and sounds. It is hard to imagine how they pulled that off. Any way you work it, it’s hard to imagine. Who would have been insane enough to sacrifice their lives, yet competent enough to fly planes into buildings?

And what made those buildings collapse? A Russian guy thinks they used secret systems that were installed when the buildings were built in anticipation of the day when they would have to be demolished and replaced. I’m not totally convinced this is right, but there are only a limited number of possible explanations. If it wasn’t an underground nuclear explosion, then it was something that produced a very similar effect. The phenomenon matches what we would expect if a nuke went off underneath a building, opening up a cavity, into which the building disintegrates.

The idea that it was ET space weapons or US Space Command space weapons are also hard to believe. But something had to do it.

The esoteric doesn’t count

Those buildings really did disintegrate; that part wasn’t a lie!

If you want people in physical bodies to believe that something happened in their physical environment, then you have to make it really happen. If it only seems to happen, then sooner or later a sane person will realize that what they saw was an illusion. That is the mass, the reality, the agreement about the incident. If you want people to believe that others died, then you have to kill someone, or make them disappear forever. Either way, it’s about the same thing. We know that they didn’t die spiritually, but that’s beside the point.

We are talking about physical incidents, not spiritual ones.

How the incident is explained is another matter. That is the significance, the communication, of the incident. An incident can be real, but you can still lie about how and why it happened. That is the whole operating basis behind most criminal lying.

Understanding requires both mass and significance, both reality and communication about that reality.

If you provide a lot of significance about experiences that no one can remember ever experiencing, or that haven’t happened yet, then there is no way you can achieve real understanding. So I must assume that such communications are intended to confuse, not clarify.

Would you not come to a similar conclusion?

For me, such actions go beyond criminal lying. They indicate a pure unveiled attempt at spiritual domination. When reality is left behind in the conversation, we are no longer talking about questions of physical power. We have entered the realm of spiritual power. And it is really spooky to think that our fellow humans could be trying to take this domain over from the ETs.

If we are being spiritually attacked, we must spiritually counter-attack.

As a Scientologist, I have some concept of what this means. Do you?

Third Party Law: New Model for Understanding Violent Conflicts

4 August 2012
third party law illustration

The “Third Party Law” was developed by L. Ron Hubbard to assist managers to resolve violent disputes.

I have written about this elsewhere in the past. It is definitely worth repeating. Try looking for this mechanism in whatever context is most real to you. You should be able to find it.

The “third party” referred to here would normally be someone who’s pretty crazy. There are some examples in history of hate-mongers creating propaganda campaigns against whole groups to justify genocide. But this tactic can also be used to create violence or war between nations or individuals. Most of those activities, being more covert, are not as well reported in history or the social sciences.

Of course when the “third parties” are running the show you get wholesale denial that this mechanism even exists. But I suggest you look for it. Hubbard says it’s a law; maybe he’s right!

Q and A on Suppression

4 August 2012

1. What are some likely ways to hide a lie?

If an event occurs beyond the ken (knowledge) of ordinary people, then its details – even the fact of its occurrence – can be fabricated. So beware of “secret” or “covert operation” events (Osama Bin Laden raid), space travel events, war zone events, and crimes. Lies can also be hidden by attributing them to a technical authority who speaks and writes using technical terminology that most people don’t understand.

2. What’s the real game on earth?

We have established the existence of various global lie factories; criminal operations, in other words. What game are they playing? And why are we stuck in the middle of it?

We are relatively honest. We are willing to work for a living, and capable of working with other people. That makes us valuable. Real criminals are incapable of any of these activities. If you want to get anything done, you need a group of “real people” to do it! So the criminals must find a way to trick us into supporting them. They have used a variety of methods over the millennia.

The basic trick is to make us believe that they have something special that we need. Any story that will take advantage of our own fears is capable of being persuasive. They posit (dream up) something fearful, then make us believe that they are the only ones with a way to combat the threat.

What do honest people fear the most? Violence resulting in sudden loss of life. This kicks them out of the game, removes them from all their friends, activities, responsibilities, and forces them to start all over again. On top of that, we only have a 70 to 90 year lifetime, so this uneasiness is almost constant with many of us.

The most common lie, then, is the threat of violence. Any source will do: Animal, vegetable, mineral, human, ET, microbial.

To convince us of a threat, they stage a “false flag” event to demonstrate the threat to us. It helps to pick familiar threats like war, disease, bad weather, earthquakes. But when it is time for a major paradigm shift, the event may be quite outlandish, such as 911.

Some threats actually exist independent of the activities of suppressives. These are the real game; the actual challenges of life on earth. The suppressive tries to convince his audience that the threat is a natural part of life, and not coming from him. The suppressive himself could even be tricked in a similar way.

3. Where does suppression come from?

Somewhere along the line, the practice of suppressing others must have been invented. I know of no one except Hubbard who has attempted to explain this.

The theory is that it all started as a “harmless” game that gradually got totally out of hand. It is akin to “let’s pretend.” What if you started playing “let’s pretend” and did it so well that you forgot that you were playing a game of “let’s pretend?” This is the basic scenario behind the theory.

You repeat this scenario over a period of millions of years and you end up with a certain percentage of the population convinced that the only way they can survive is to kill everyone else – spiritually, at least.

4. Does suppression exist so that we can learn from it?

I highly suspect that this is a suppressive concept. It seems to be of Sirian origin.

5. How do we extract ourselves from the suppressive game?

One approach: Remember. This is what most teachings boil down to. Even the Sirians say we need to do this, but they don’t say how. I think they want to be able to tell us what we should “remember” and what we shouldn’t.

How is remembering accomplished?

The process could be broken down into steps:
1) Expose the suppression and the false data that goes with it.
2) Discover the true data that was being hidden. This can be tricky!
3) Start to operate on the true data and see if things go better. If the data proves workable, this serves to validate it.
4) If more false (unworkable) data arises, repeat the process.

Most New Agers tell us that a being can meditate its way out of this trap.

Hubbard tells us that you need to use auditing to do this. This involves people helping each other, something that drives suppressives totally crazy.

We can assume, for the sake of argument, that suppressive persons are being created somewhere and sent to earth to cause us trouble. In this case, society would need to adopt a more-or-less permanent policy of vigilance. Though it is possible that the entire universe could at some point become “clear” (free of suppressive false data), it’s a mighty big universe. So that process could take millions of years.

6. What about some examples?

Let’s take a few modern-day situations and see how they might be un-suppressed.


1) Expose the fact that the SPs (Suppressive Persons) want to kill people, and are using the “population problem” as an excuse to do this.
2) Discover that unsuppressed populations tend to self-regulate, and that supposed limiting factors might be lies, too.
3) Societies begin to develop workable approaches to maintaining a viable population – resource balance.


1) Expose the fact that the SPs create poverty so they can threaten their enemies with it.
2) Discover how much wealth and productive capacity actually exists on the planet.
3) Societies begin to develop workable ways to take care of everybody while still rewarding exceptional achievers.


1) Expose the fact that SPs create wars to kill and terrorize people and to get cash flow from war debts.
2) Discover that violence tends to disappear in the absence of suppressives, and that people are not “naturally” violent.
3) Societies begin to create procedures for discovering suppressive sources whenever violence of any kind erupts, thus enabling them to nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.