“Ponerology” is an old term for “the study of evil” that was resurrected by Polish researcher Andrew Lobaczewski to describe the work he and several co-workers did during the period of Soviet rule in Poland.

His book on this subject is the best secular work on the subject of psychopathology currently available. However, because it is written for professional psychologists, it is almost inaccessible for the average reader.

The subject is very important to us as it is the way to understand what is happening in the U.S. and on the planet, which includes some sense of what should be done about it. There are three crucial videos on Scientology TV that cover this topic in a more accessible way. Please use them!

  1. Honest People Have Rights, Too
  2. The Anti-social Personality / The Social Personality
  3. The Third Party Law


…eugenics is a science. It is a fact, not a fad.” This statement was made by William Colby Rucker in 1915. Rucker was Assistant Surgeon General in the National Public Health Service. He is remembered for writing a monograph on measles in 1916. His statement is typical of the medical approach, which is to appear certain at all times. It is also a reflection on how Public Health sees the world – as populations, not individuals.

Today we think Rucker was wrong. We may excuse his ignorance in the context of his time. Yet laws were being proposed forcing sterilization on certain populations based on the ideas of Eugenics. And in Nazi Germany, those same ideas would lead to laws forcing euthanasia on certain populations. So…how much of this was ignorance, and how much of this was a way to justify immoral practices in the name of cold-hearted political goals?

Have you ever heard the expression “what does the science say?” Or, “the science on this is decided.” Are there not parallels with modern times that are worth examining?

Traveling in Planes versus Trains

I prefer to travel in trains. It takes longer, costs more, but has these advantages:

  1. Trains have less fear associated with them. All we needed was a few spectacular crashes where no one survived to ruin the fun of flying through the air in a jet. It only took one such crash to bring an end to zeppelins. That’s something I don’t totally understand. Now the security at airports creates a sort of minor hell that travelers must walk through.
  2. Trains use less energy. In planes the fuel is used to provide lift as well as forward motion. That makes both zeppelins and trains much more fuel-efficient.
  3. Trains are more relaxing and it’s easier to meet people. They have bars, restaurants and observation cars where you can socialize or just hang out. The coach cars tend to be more social too.
  4. Trains stations tend to be closer to downtown, which is usually my destination. Airports have to be far out because of noise and other concerns.

Sites with people talking

In a lonely room, sometimes it is helpful to to just sit down and watch one or two (or three) people talk. Here are some sites I used for that:

Praying Medic’s Blog. Where he keeps his videos safe from censorship. Dave’s whole server went offline in the second week of January 2021.

The Rubin Report. David Rubin, gay conservative lives in West Hollywood.

The Eric Metaxas Radio Show. Eric is very Christian. Sometimes has an interesting guest.

Corey Goode videos. Get caught up on all the off-world news!

David Wilcock videos. Explore the moral / spiritual decline of the West.

Simon Parkes explores the role of non-human beings in life, including ET.

Anthony Chene’s high-quality interview videos can be very rewarding.