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1968 Summer Trip Journal – Part 1

21 July 2019

This is a transcription of a handwritten (pencil actually) journal that I kept during our family’s trip west in 1968. The primary purpose was to allow Dad to attend his Commencement (get his PhD degree). But we also visited a lot of notable parks along the way. We hauled a fold-down tent trailer behind a 1964 Plymouth Valiant station wagon. The mileage numbers are from that car’s odometer.
This first part documents our trip west. The second part documents our return.
I was 13 then, and apparently in control of navigation. I believe I had a camera with me, and Dad’s movie camera, too. However, very few still pictures from that time survive in my collection. I did not really start taking photos until about four years later. My comments and interjections are in [brackets.]
The text has been minimally edited for spelling, clarity and punctuation. But very few words have been changed. This stands today as a piece of family history and a piece of American history.

5/18/68 Saturday 10:30 AM EDT
mileage: 43230
Indianapolis, the Lawrences’.

Yesterday we set out at 3:00 PM after delivering the cats to the cat lady and returning to get my guitar.

At about 4PM we got on the road.

We stopped for dinner at Pokagon State Park where we had tuna gravy over heated bread. We soon discovered we were in the Central Time Zone so we set our watches back an hour. Therefore we arrived at the Lawrences’ around 10:30 instead of 11:30.

So far we’ve only traveled 200-some miles. We plan to head southwest today, as soon as we can get organized. Organization seems to be our major problem.

5/18/68 Saturday 9:25 PM CDT
mileage: 43530
Pineview Park campgrounds.

We got away from the Lawrences’ at 11:45 AM and traveled most of the day. Instead of going southwest, we decided to go west. When we got to St. Louis, we had to change direction to I-70. At first I didn’t like the idea. I wanted to go the other way because there were more campgrounds along that route and some caverns and caves along the way. But, after I had almost won them over, I reconsidered and let them turn up I-70. Now instead of traveling through Oklahoma and Texas, we will travel through Kansas and Colorado. Either way would probably be just as interesting, but Sherman wanted to see Colorado, and I-70 is a better road. So we will go that way.

Right now we are about 35 miles west of St. Louis in a private campground. It has a half-finished restroom with no heating (it’s cold!) and the entrance consists of an approximately one mile stretch of bumpy gravel road. We’re fairing well. This is the second time we’ve set up our tent, and it still takes us a long time to do it. And we’re still not organized. It might be nicer if we all had assigned jobs or something.

5/19/68 Sunday 7:00 PM CDT
Wilson State Park, Kansas

We left the last campground at about 8AM and traveled across Missouri on I-70. Most of Missouri is about the same as what we had seen earlier. The ground was hilly and grassy and there were a lot of broad-leafed trees. Then sandstone outcroppings made their appearance. As we entered Kansas, the trees thinned out. All that was left were grassy plains where cattle were grazing. The sandstone cliffs towered at some points. Then, as we got farther into Kansas, trees reappeared – then disappeared again. We are now in the second no-tree zone. We are quite a few miles off the main road and looking down upon a huge reservoir. We are camped right now next to a restroom and everyone says it smells. I have a cold so I can’t smell a thing. It is windy and cool here. There are many small difficulties. Mom just commented that she thought it was fun to be stupid.

5/20/68 Monday 7:45PM MDT
mileage: 44354
Golden Eagle Ranch, Colorado.

We are camped just out of Colorado Springs, at the foot of the Rockies. Most of today’s trip was through flat land, so the mountains were a relief. But there may be a few small problems getting through them to our next destination – Mesa Verde. One is that our car doesn’t have much power and only creeps up grades. Another is that the low temperature could possibly freeze our radiator. Nevertheless, tomorrow we move on through the mountain passes to Mesa Verde.

As for this place, it’s got a three-star rating that it doesn’t deserve. It’s the first place that has charged for showers. And the ground in the campsites is made up of rock and dirty sand. We had some fun however climbing a small mountain; I got a little more than half way up, and could see for miles.

tassle eared squirrel

My pencil sketch of a tassle-eared squirrel, a dark-colored animal peculiar to the Rockies.

5/22/68 Wednesday 8:40AM MDT
mileage: 44753
Mesa Verde National Park

We completed our trek through the Rockies yesterday night. We went through about five passes, all around 10,000 feet high. Because of the low torque of our car’s motor, most of the mountain traveling was very slow. The trip between our camp and Montrose was interesting, but not very beautiful. Rocky cliffs often towered above us, and snow came close to the road. There were many abandoned mining camps. We also saw Royal Gorge. On our trip south to Durango the scenery was more beautiful. The melting snow formed many rushing streams on the mountain sides. Some of the mountains were a gorgeous red. At one point Dad wanted to stop. The only trouble was we couldn’t get started. So we had to unhitch the trailer, turn the car around, re-hitch the trailer, and start back down the road until we could turn around. We managed to do this and get to Durango where we ate dinner. We then went on to Mesa Verde and got settled by 11:30PM.

5/23/68 Thursday 8:08PM MDT
mileage: 45165
Lake Mary Campground, Arizona.

Yesterday we saw Mesa Verde. We only got to go down into one cliff dwelling – Spruce Tree House. We couldn’t get to the others in time for the tours. But I saw most of the others from viewpoints along a special tour road that we took. We learned a lot about the history of the Mesa Verde Indians at the museum and on the tour road. First were the basket makers with their pit houses (450-600). Then the “modified” basket makers who made above-ground houses along with pit houses. Slowly the pit house turned into a kiva – a strictly ceremonial room, often built underground. Their living quarters were above ground. These Indians were part of the Pueblo group whose descendants live farther south at present. Most of the cliff dwellings are about 700 years old.

Today we stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park and saw the Painted Desert and great amounts of petrified trees. This park, like Mesa Verde, was windy however, and this cut down our interest a bit. Liz and Sherman have bad colds – Liz especially.

5/24/68 Friday 6:55PM MDT
mileage: 45337
Grand Canyon City Campgrounds, Arizona.

Today we traveled from Flagstaff up to the Grand Canyon. We stopped at Sunset Crater National Monument. At Sunset Crater we saw many interesting lava formations, including a cave. We couldn’t get a flashlight, however, because Liz and Mom – who didn’t want to go on the trail with us – drove off to a restroom. At Wupatki we saw more Indian ruins. Most of Arizona was windy today, including the Grand Canyon. We got as far as the South Rim today, and we are planning to tour the West Rim tonight, just before sunset. The campground is nice. It doesn’t have hot water, except for showers, which are pay showers. Right now this part of Arizona is very dry. It all looks quite desolate. The nights up here have also been very cold.

5/26/68 Sunday 8:20AM PDT
mileage: 45939
California highway 99 going out of Tulare.

Yesterday we traveled through the desert. I sat in the back and rested most of the time. The scenery was dull and the air was hot, but not too uncomfortable. Most of the desert plant life was yucca, Joshua Tree and cactus. After a lot of driving we had notions of continuing on to the Piersons’, but we finally decided to stop and camp out at Tulare. We are leaving Tulare now and plan to drive to the Piersons’.

As we left, Dad thought he saw something drop out of the top. We stopped and found that we hadn’t buckled down the top. We drove back and found only one pair of long underwear in the street, which I gingerly picked up. We then continued on our way.

Our campsite was a trailer park with a train track right next to it. The track was used often during the night and the noise seemed to bother Mom.

5/26/68 Sunday 11:15 PM PDT
At the Bortins’ near Walnut Creek.

We reached the Piersons’ in the early afternoon at which time they greeted us with their usual warm hospitality. We soon learned that we would be able to use the Bortins’ house during part of our stay here. We also learned that Joan may be coming back from Paris within the week. She is to be married to her Spanish fiancé on May 30. We then proceeded to look at some of Dave’s paintings, all very imaginative, I thought. We had a good dinner of ham, just like it used to be, with everyone around the table. Dave, Donna, Liz, Barbie, Florence, Mom, Dad, Bill, Sherman, Me, and the girl that is staying with them, and Dave Lanski. After dinner Sherman, Dad, Dave and I went out to retrieve some of Dave’s paintings from an art show. Then we went off to see their church. It consists of only two buildings now; they are planning another four or five. When we got back, Carol and her husband arrived. First we discussed their move to Yellow Springs, Ohio. Then we continued to talk. Donna got out her guitar and played a song, then I got to. The Pierson kids finally went to bed, and later we left. I am now reposed in a room in the Bortins’ house, thinking of a shower and tomorrow.

5/27/68 Monday 10:45PM PDT
The Bortins’.

Most of this day was uneventful. It was hot yet fairly comfortable and was spent mainly in leisure. We were invited to the Piersons’ for dinner and arrived just in time. There we met with Dad and Dick Lawrence who had just come back from the convention. We met Joan there who had arrived that morning. The dinner was pretty good, with tacos as the main course. After that we played croquet and ping-pong. We are planning to visit San Francisco tomorrow.

5/28/68 Tuesday 9:20PM PDT
mileage: 46286
The Bortins’.

Today we visited San Francisco and saw the Kuhnes and the Goodwins. This is the first time in four and a half years that I have seen the Bay Bridge. It is the one thing most of us remember. When we got to San Francisco we first visited Chinatown. We looked through shops appealing to tourists. They had some cheap souvenirs but also some nicer more beautiful imports. We saw some intricate ivory carvings in some windows, but didn’t enter those shops, since we were looking for things to buy as gifts for our various hosts during our stay here. We also went into a bakery and got some melon cakes and almond cookies, both delicious items. Next we visited Cost Plus, the most amazing import store I’ve ever seen. [Editor’s note: This company was only 10 years old at this time.]

The things I saw at Cost Plus started me thinking about a motif for my room, and I decided to try some string beads for my closet. I saw many other interesting things there, including old-looking kerosene lamps and a variety of metal-sheathed knives. We also visited a beautiful little complex of shops, whose nucleus was a chocolate factory. It was called Ghirardelli’s Square. [Editor’s note: This project was less than four years old at that time.]

We then picked up Dad and a friend of his and returned to Berkeley. We visited the Goodwins and arranged to stay overnight with them for tomorrow. We also visited the Kuhnes and arranged for a meeting on Friday.

All of the kids have changed a great deal in their appearance and mannerisms.

We are planning to get up early tomorrow in order to take the Bernards to Muir Woods. That night, my parents along with the Piersons and Harriet Goodwin – and possibly others – made plans to go to San Francisco for a night on the town.

I have not been able to play my guitar as often as I would like, and I hope the situation will improve in the future.

6/2/68 Sunday 11:15PM PDT
mileage: 46719
The Goodwins’, Berkeley.

This week’s been such a hassle, I haven’t been able to write. But now I finally get a chance to, just before we leave for Yosemite.

Wednesday we took the Bernards and John Tropman to Muir Woods. Dad, John, the Bernards, Sherman and I went up a special trail that was two miles long. We came down another way that was two and a half miles long and finally got back to the main trail. The hike was quite an experience, since no one thought we could find a way back down other than the way we got up, except me. Sid turned back about one and a half miles up – he was tired from the convention and his feet hurt. We then went to Tiburon to eat lunch on a dock.

That night my parents and friends went to the Cairo restaurant in San Francisco to have dinner. We made our own. Thursday was Lea’s birthday. We got up late and opened some presents. Then later we visited the Piersons and went to a little park called Brannon Island. The water looked dirty and at first I didn’t want to swim in it, but later I saw that everyone else was having a ball and I decided to go in too. It was real fun. Then we got to go to the Filmore that evening.

filmore west concert sketch

My depiction of what the Filmore looked like that night.

Friday we visited Telegraph Ave. and all the weird shops. That was fun but tiring. In the evening we went to the Kuhnes’. We went into Scott’s room and played records and had our own light show – we freaked out. I stayed at Bret’s house that night.

Saturday we went to Golden Gate Park. We saw the Aquarium and the Tea Garden there. Then we came home and played with the Frisbee and had a chicken dinner with BI Brown and her daughter. We played with the Frisbee more and then had dessert. Drew came up and visited with David for a while and had dessert with us.

Today we got up sort of late and had breakfast as we usually do. In a short time some friends of my parents visited and they all talked for a while. Sherman and I played with the Frisbee, and David, Lea, Liz and some other girls played a game brought over by the daughter of my parents’ friends. We then went to the house of some other friends and finally to the Piersons’ where we had dinner, played, swam, had another dinner and watched TV. Then we came home, expecting a good night’s sleep so we can wake up good and early and get ready to leave for Yosemite by “twelve-ish.”

6/4/68 Tuesday 9:15PM PDT
mileage: 46964
Yosemite Camp 14.

Monday we got out by 11:30AM and drove down to Yosemite on a new freeway. Then we got on a crummy highway as we got closer to the park. Yosemite turned out to be quite a place. We have only seen the valley so far. It has high granite walls, carved perpendicular by glaciers. There are many great granite peaks, at least one of which can be seen from almost anyplace in the valley during the day. Today we went to Happy Isles and from there hiked to Vernal Falls on a well-used trail. The trail took us to the base of the falls, but it earned its name (the Mist Trail) from the ascent you have to take to get to the top of the falls. This part of the trail consisted mainly of a railing and many long flights of stone steps. This trail climbs right up beside the falls and the mist that the water produces as the falls strike the rocks at the falls’ base constantly envelopes the trail and gets any hikers that happen to be in the vicinity very wet.

The top of the falls was a relief to us. We rested there and dried off. We also explored further up the river and found another trail. It said that it led back to the valley, but Mom and Liz didn’t trust the signs and turned back for another drenching. The men went on and although the trail was steep, and was a little longer, and had horse dung all over it, we avoided getting wet once more, and got back to the valley in safety. We then shopped and returned to camp and had a dinner of barbecued “coulotte” steak.

Later all except Dad went for showers and returned fully refreshed. We are, at this moment, relaxing and planning to go to bed soon so we can get up early and visit Tuolumne Meadows, which are higher up than us. The area is supposed to be quite beautiful.

6/5/68 Wednesday 8:10PM PDT
Yosemite Camp 14.

We woke around 8 today and ate breakfast. Next, Mom cleaned the dishes. We got out of camp at 10:30 under cloudy skies. We crept up the mountains into a snow storm, though not a hard one. Some of the “scenic lookouts” were very beautiful. On many of them we could see the snowy Sierra Nevadas. We continued on to Tuolumne Meadows and entered a nearby campground to eat lunch. There we saw, among other things, a large bear. It systematically went around to each trash can and investigated each one’s contents. We finished lunch and decided to leave. Although it was snowing, Dad and I wanted to carry out our former plans to hike back to Yosemite Valley. We found a trail at the entrance of which was a sign “Yosemite Valley 8.7,” so we decided to take the trail. At first we couldn’t find it, but as we came back to the sign to look again we found that it was camouflaged by a fallen tree…

At first – for more than half of the way – the trail was over fairly flat land, but as we finally approached the valley, the trail suddenly became very steep (remember the perpendicular walls?)…about one hundred switchbacks later we reached the valley. We got to Mirror Lake where Mom was waiting for us (quite to our surprise). We then got to take showers and eat a chili dinner. We also told about some of the things we saw on the trail: snowflowers, deer, huge Jeffrey Pines (whose bark smell like vanilla-pineapple), and Manzanita with its beautiful red branches. There were also many small creeks creeping over the stark rock and into the small clumps of trees and bushes.

We then turned on the radio to get information about Senator Kennedy’s condition. All we know is that he’s not dead yet.

6/6/68 Thursday 7:15 PM PDT
mileage: 47172
Yosemite Camp 14.

Today we heard that Kennedy was dead “although this report is not confirmed.”

We got up around 8 and after a few hours got on the road to Glacier Point. We expected to see many animals this trip, but the main things were only a few deer, which only I saw. Nothing eventful happened on our ride – except maybe the tunnel. We had experienced one yesterday, but not as long as this one. It was really something to drive through. The only other event was the point itself. From there you can see much of the valley including Mirror Lake, Half Dome and North Dome. At Glacier Point there is also a huge hotel, which we could see on our hike up Mist Trail. Nevada and Vernal Falls were also visible from this point. Next we went to Sentinel Dome, but couldn’t see much for all the clouds. There we saw a pine which had grown horizontally because of the wind.

After that we came back to camp and had lunch and then rested for the rest of the day.

We also brought up a “One Way” sign from the river that we discovered Tuesday.

By the way, after the snow and rain yesterday, everything is still cold – much colder than Monday or Tuesday. We are in the last stage of drying out from the rain yesterday evening. About the only thing left that isn’t dry is a rug we use as a door mat.

Mom, Dad and Sherm have just returned from a walk and now plan to build a fire. It will help to warm us up, though I would be even more comfortable if I could get my face washed, which I plan to do in the near future.

6/9/68 Sunday 11:30AM PDT
Campbells’ Los Angeles.

Our fire didn’t turn out too well, but nevertheless we roasted marshmallows and stayed up a little late.

We had a good start the next day. Up at 6 and out of camp by 8.

We visited Mariposa Grove and saw the gnarled Sequoia “Grizzly Giant” and another – the “California.” We were also able to drive through the “Wawona Tunnel Tree.” [Editor’s note: This tree fell from snow burden the following year. It was thought to be over 2,300 years old.]

We then got on the road to Los Angeles. We were on 99 as far as Bakersfield, the same highway we had used to get to Yosemite. We got to the Campbells’ after quite a bit of hunting and soon were enjoying a good dinner. After this all the musicians got together and played their instruments. Lisa plays the flute, George plays the clarinet, and David plays the trumpet (though he wasn’t with us that night). We also watched Star Trek on a color TV.

Saturday we sat around for much of the day until the boys got an invitation to go to the Douglas Airfield Air Show. It was really sort of interesting there. They had lots of planes, gliders and missiles on display. They also had plane and helicopter rides. Sherman, David, George and his friend Larry got to take a plane ride. They were really thrilled.

We got back around 3PM so we messed around a bit more until it was time to go to Sophie’s for dinner. Besides us, the Brownstones, Millers and later the Becks were also there. The kids there included Lisa, all of us, Paul, Dave and Danny Brownstone, Andy and Danny Miller and Larry Beck. The kids got to go into a separate room where we had a ball, especially when Larry Beck got there and a few others left. Danny Miller also played his guitar.

Today the Campbell family are getting together and all musicians must perform. I still do not know what I’ll do.

6/9/68 Sunday 7:45PM PDT
Campbells’ Los Angeles.

The kids have to go to school tomorrow and go to bed early, so I thought I would write early. This morning I cleaned up and went downstairs to eat breakfast after I finished writing. Mom then helped me to pick a song. It turned out to be “This Land is Your Land.” Finally people started arriving until all were there. The guests included Gigi’s parents, grandad Campbell and great-grandmother Pritchard. A variety of cousins, aunts and uncles were also there. The recital went OK until it got to me (at least I was last) at which time it became very disorganized. I was the only one who could sing in the key I was playing, yet it didn’t sound any good for me to sing alone. When they wanted more it became a riot, for I didn’t have any songs that I could play well that were the sing-along type. Finally people started to leave until all were gone but two who wanted to play Bridge with Harry. I then went upstairs and messed around with the Legos. Soon I may have a little more to eat, then I may to to bed to get a good night’s sleep.

6/11/68 Tuesday 7:50AM PDT
mileage: 47873
Campbells’ Los Angeles.

Yesterday we went to the grandparents’ house. It is located near El Toro in a housing complex called “Rossmoor Leisure World.” [Editor’s note: At that time Leisure World was only about 4 years old.]

Leisure World gate

Entry gate to Leisure World.

At first we were surprised at the security, but the old folks seem to like it. First we talked for a while then we toured around the area in Grandad’s new Continental. Then we packed up a picnic lunch and went to the beach. Sherman and I had a swim, but the others were too chicken. We both got out before the waves got very big. We weren’t out very long before a college girl comes over and asks me for a cigarette. I replied that I didn’t smoke and she asked why not. I didn’t think very long about it, and my answer did not quite have the effect I would have liked it to; I said I was too young. She assured me that that didn’t matter here and I ended the conversation by reminding her that I didn’t have any cigarettes. This, I think, is really the kind of adventure I would address as such, for this kind of thing happens so seldom…

Well, soon it was time to head homeward, where we relaxed for a while, then were fed again. We finally got back to the Campbells’ at which time everyone immediately hit the sack. Some of us, possibly, thinking of tomorrow and our trip to Disneyland…

6/12/68 Wednesday 9:45AM PDT
Campbells’ Los Angeles.

I don’t think we left until about noon. We were inside the park by about 1PM. We arranged to meet our parents again around 6 in front of a souvenir stand outside the park.

Well, we had a fine time at Disneyland. We went on eight rides in all. The first ones were: Adventures Through Inner Space, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Trip to the Moon, Fantasyland Autopia, and Pirates of the Caribbean. This latter one was one of the best ones, as it had complete animation and sound effects. We then ate a quick lunch of ice cream bars and (for me) cake and continued on to the next ride. This was the Mine Train. This train takes you along a stream, into a desert and finally into Rainbow Caverns. All is complete with sounds for all the wildlife and other things, but the animation is not complete. The caverns were beautifully lighted, but not that realistic. Our next ride was the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad. On this ride we saw much of the park and also a model of the Grand Canyon and a primeval forest. The canyon part had lots of stuffed animals – no animation or sound. The forest had models of dinosaurs with a bit of both animation and sound. After we had left this ride, Liz wanted to leave as it was getting late and the line for the next ride we wanted was long. But Sherman and me wanted to go anyway so we went in line and Liz left in a huff to go back and tell Mom what had happened to us. We enjoyed the Submarine ride, but when we returned it was already 6:30. Now, I thought this wouldn’t make much difference (it didn’t anyway) but it so happened that no one had informed me of a dinner engagement at aunt Marion’s house with Uncle Obie and great-grandmother Pritchard. If I had known this, then acting on my better judgment, I would have gone with Liz.

[To paraphrase:] As it was, Liz was pretty upset with me!

6/13/68 Thursday
Campbells’ Los Angeles.

Yesterday morning, us kids got to sit around at the Campbells’ house for a while. Mom and Dad were at Nemo’s talking to her about the pros and cons of a trip to Berkeley (for the Commencement). They finally came back and we had lunch and then started off for the Gardners’. First we had to exchange a purse at a big department called “Broadway.” We then got over to the Gardners’ around 4. After we got acquainted, Gary thought it would be fun to make some hydrogen balloons. So he got out some lime, some tin foil, and a coke bottle. He put in water then added some lime. Then he introduced the tin [aluminum?] which started the reaction. We had four successful balloons, three of which we tied messages to.

Then we had another chicken dinner after which we played around a while, then left. Next we went to Harry’s location of employment – Rand Corporation – and played with JOSS, an interactive computer system.

6/14/68 Friday 11:15 PM PDT
mileage: 48397
Goodwins’ Berkeley.

Yesterday we went with grandad Campbell to look around Los Angeles. First we went to the music center and saw the three auditoriums. Then we visited Olvera Street where we had a Mexican lunch. I got some sandals made of old tires and Sherman got a horn made of cow’s horn. After this we went to the Becks’ and had dinner there. Larry and Sherm played Monopoly and I read Mad Magazine. Mr. Beck had some photographs he wanted to give me so I gladly accepted them. [Editor’s note: From his years doing publicity photos for TRW. I still have scans of most of those photos.] They are of satellites and other such things. Their youngest, Jeff, is really something else. All he can do is run around and scream (among other things).

Jack Beck photo for TRW

One of Jack’s photos.

Today we got up and started packing. Then John and Katie came over and Mom and Dad started talking with them. That held up our time of departure about an hour, but we finally got out at 9:30. We got on 101 and drove on it until we got to 1. This is really a very beautiful way to go, but it is longer. We got a glance of Hearst Castle and would have liked to see it except for the time problem.

We finally got into Berkeley and settled at the Goodwins’. We went out to find a place to eat and discovered too late that the place we picked served horrible food. Now we are back and I am thinking about a shower and bed-y-bye.

6/16/68 Sunday 9:15 AM PDT
mileage: 48483
Goodwins’ Berkeley.

Saturday was the big day – the Commencement. It started with us getting up and dressed and then we went down to have a breakfast of pastry that we had bought in a little town called Solvang the day before. Our grandparents and Bob and Judy had arrived by then, so my parents talked a bit with them then we got ready to go. We knew a few days before that Nemo didn’t want to come, so that’s why she wasn’t there. We drove up to the campus with both cars, but couldn’t find any parking there. So we left campus and finally found some un-metered parking on some little Berkeley streets (Le Conte near Euclid) and started walking in. Grandad would evidently not make it up over all the hills so he and Bob went to a drugstore to call a taxi. Just as they entered, Helen Kuhne came along in her VW bus. Mom retrieved Bob and Grandad and we all got to ride to the stadium. Except that an officer wouldn’t let us up to the top. So after hearing what our problem was, a student offered to go get his car and take Grandad back up in it. For all this, we couldn’t get the correct seats anyway, although we did get some seats.

After the Commencement, we all returned to the Goodwins’. We refreshed ourselves, took pictures, and decided to go to San Francisco for a while. Mom and us kids would look for the bead place, and the rest would see Golden Gate Park. Mom and us bumped into an art fair during our search and and after finding a place to park we went into it. While we were there we bought a tie tack for Dad, got directed to our bead place (across from the old spaghetti factory), bought beads and a medium-sized strobe candle, then left to return to our car. We met the others late, so we rushed to get over to Concord where our grandparents were staying, to eat and refresh ourselves in the pool at their motel. For dinner we decided on The Captain’s Chest on recommendation from the Bortins. We had a great meal there. We went swimming twice – once before dinner and once after.

The Cox family then returned to the Goodwins’. We faced tomorrow, a grueling day of driving across the Nevada desert. We had originally planned to go back via Portland but figured it would take too long. There was also an idea to go there via Bob’s plane, but this was likewise rejected.