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Love is Love

27 December 2017

love is love yard sign

The sign in my neighbors’ yard.

The sign
Pictured above is the sign that serves as a jumping-off point for this little article.

This one is the only one I have seen in my neighborhood, however, when I walked through the Land Park neighborhood (an affluent area just south of downtown built in the early 1900s) I saw several of them.

The Sacramento Bee ran an article concerning this sign sometime back, reporting that someone had gotten in trouble with their neighborhood association for posting this sign (and then getting more so other neighbors could put them in their yards) on the basis that it made the yards look “cluttered” and therefore could be a threat to local land values. This was a specious (deceptive) argument, to say the least.

The sign itself, of course, is a reaction to the perceived threat of a reactionary US President and the beliefs of those who brought him into office. But due to the need for visibility and limited space, the “liberal” concepts it tries to convey are delivered in oversimplified phrases that have very little literal meaning.

Most of these sentiments are stated as logical tautologies, or equivalences if you were speaking mathematically, by using the word “is” or “are.” In Dianetics, such phrases – if taken seriously – would be considered “identity thinking.” In identity thinking, “road” could equal “rode” could equal “rowed” because they are all pronounced the same. To state such a thing in writing, however, would be an obvious mistake, or taken as a joke.

Let’s go through these sentiments one at a time:

All People are Equal

Though, literally, this is obviously untrue (it would be truer to say, “all people are different”), it is of course meant to convey the idea that people should all be treated equally by our public institutions, such as police, courts, schools, even businesses.

This is a common liberal idea and is widely agreed to, yet obviously not well-complied with. Furthermore, propaganda meant to be divisive (as in “divide and conquer”) exploits the many obvious differences between people to weaken or break community bonds that tend to form normally as people live and work together. The huge question is: Who has been forwarding such divisive propaganda, and to what ends? It has been going on for centuries, and even though we have established equal rights for all in the legal arena, this seems to have very little effect on the divisive ideas spewing from…where?

Though the legal arena was an obvious target that needed to be corrected, it should be clear by now that it was not the source of these ideas, but simply used by some to enforce inequalities. Most liberals have nothing to say about this. They simply don’t know where the divisiveness is coming from.

Love is Love

Though totally meaningless at a superficial level, this I assume is meant to convey that we should not judge others based on who or what they love. It is a grand and sweeping concept, but rarely practiced with any rigor. What liberal, for instance, would welcome Scientology into their lives (though its concepts would assist them greatly in many ways)? The intellectual world has been so riddled with lies and half-truths (perhaps it has always been this way) that many cannot really decide what to believe, but tend to believe what they are told by individuals or institutions that are thought to align with their way of thinking.

Black Lives Matter

This is a restatement of the first sentiment for the case of race in particular. Black Lives Matter originated as an organization in 2013 after the Trayvon Martin shooting, when the killer was let off on the argument that he thought his life was in danger. It is only one of many historical attempts to deal with the obvious targeting of dark-skinned people, and particularly the people of Africa or African descent, for “inferior” treatment, if not outright extermination.

This was an issue when I was in junior high school (late 1960s) and there were concerted attempts to teach white children about black history even back then. It is obvious to me that this issue goes beyond the realm of ordinary human empathy and understanding and is being fueled by people who desperately want to keep it alive, don’t care about either whites or blacks or anyone in between, and have inserted themselves into society – largely undetected – in positions where they can continue to fan the flames of race hatred. I am sure those persons are hoping that race hatred will never die and that they will always have it in their arsenal of methods for weakening or destroying human communities.

Psychologically, such people are “criminally insane,” and our only hope on this issue is to identify them and shut down their operations. The average liberal, however, would not be able to think in these terms. That is why I – and many others – believe that liberalism itself has been subverted by some very slick operators who knew just what strings to pull.

Immigrants and Refugees are Welcome

I very much sympathize with this point of view, yet it is much easier said than done. The average local American community today is already overwhelmed by crime problems and/or economic problems. Local managers failed to notice or understand the takeovers they were experiencing, or let themselves be recruited into those operations on the promise of financial rewards.

Local communities should be able to expand to take on new residents and integrate them into the local economy. This has happened to various degrees in many places. Yet the same attitudes and knowledge gaps that allowed the general situation to deteriorate to the point it has impedes us in this effort as well.

And of course, most modern migration pressures have been caused by war, which is one of the biggest human failings of history and one of the most intractable. With what I have learned about this subject, I don’t think the human race will be successful in handling the subject of war unless it advances considerably in spiritual awareness. The subject has that much complexity associated with it.

Science is Real

Here again we have a sentiment rendered superficially meaningless through oversimplification of expression. I assume that what it is really referring to is the fact that the scientific community has long been warning about the ultimate consequences of our headlong march towards a high-tech planet.

An early example of this was the Ozone Hole. Certain man-made gasses were getting into the stratosphere where they were causing depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer, particularly at the poles. This was noticed in the 1970s, the link to CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons – freon) was proven, and steps were taken internationally to reduce airborne CFCs. Observations indicate that the “holes” discovered are now reducing. The ozone layer helps shield the planet from excessive ultraviolet light, which is damaging to life forms.

An odd back story on the ozone issue is that Billy Meier claims that his efforts contributed to the mobilization of the scientific community on this issue, and that his data came from his contacts, who were ostensibly ET (extra-terrestrial). Though there are many who don’t believe Meier at all, I do not share such a low opinion of him, and think his story is quite plausible.

The two above paragraphs taken together illustrate how “science,” or more properly the scientific community, actually behaves. One of the great scientists of earlier years, Gregor Mendel (genetics), though well-schooled, lived as the friar of a monastery for much of his adult life, and also worked as a teacher. All he needed for his work was time and a garden where he could grow his peas. His discoveries were significant, though not really recognized as such until after his death. Modern scientists often work with very complex and expensive machinery, for which they must convince corporate sponsors to provide large research grants. This leaves the sponsors, to some significant measure, in control of what science studies. Scientists have also been employed by governments to develop new weapons systems. The most significant modern example of this was the development of the atom bomb in the 1940s.

It is said that many scientists today are employed in secret programs. There are also many employed by a variety of companies for the purpose of developing ideas or materials that those companies can then use to enhance their profitability. The most scientific freedom is considered to exist at universities, yet I would guess that “garage scientists” have the most freedom today, limited though by their financial resources.

John E. Mack is an example of a tenured professor who got into trouble with his school administration (Harvard Medical School) due to his abiding interest in “alien abduction” experiences. Though he was vindicated, it is also noted that he had some very influential backers such as Laurence Rockefeller.

One might ask, then: What is real? This is what most people – and true liberals should be among the first to take a closer look at this – are having trouble with today. Various sectors of society have skipped ahead of the mainstream, and are exploring in areas that are considered quite “unreal” to most people. Those involved is such subjects are very aware of their reality, yet forces exist in society – as mentioned above – that would prefer the majority of the population not be exposed to such data yet, if ever.

A recent unusual event in this regard was the New York Times coverage of a story about a “secret” Pentagon program known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. The story then spread to other mainstream news outlets. This exposed mainstream audiences to the idea that UFOs are real, and that some possibly pose a military threat to Earth.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Though superficially this is simply a restatement of the earlier affirmation that “all people are equal,” I am guessing this refers in particular to “reproductive rights” which also intersects with the moral issue of sexual behavior.

This is a very touchy area. Everyone understands the need for sex as the way to perpetuate our species. But very few understand why they often feel compelled to indulge in sexual conduct regardless of their marital status or need, desire, or ability to nurture children. There is a disconnect there that few are able to fathom. On the one hand, the data I have indicate that it is wiser to err in the direction of celibacy. This somewhat supports the “Right” who want to keep sex “in the family.” But they don’t have my data and are usually operating under moral imperatives taught by their religions. I could say that in this case, those teachings were onto something. But where is the rest of the data, that would tie the whole thing together and give it some sense?

Look: If you are basically an immortal spiritual being, then – basically – there is no reason for sex to be important to you. But no one is talking about that angle of the issue. The result is an argument that could go on forever – and probably will.

Just to restate the data I have relating to abortion: The embryo is of course a living animal, on the order of a fish or a chicken. We consider it OK to kill fish or chickens, yet that is because we use them for food. Thus, the killing of an embryo is an otherwise pointless killing of an animal. The being – the personality, you could say – usually attaches to the body around the time of birth. At that point you are dealing with a full human being who should ideally have full human rights. Part of recognizing those rights, however, relies on recognizing what that human being really is and why it came here to live on Earth. Most people have no idea about this.

People and Planet are valued over Profit

This is the ideological link to various anti-capitalist ideologies that liberals have always been sympathetic to but never felt they needed to support 100 percent. This sentiment opens the door to wiping out big business. Yet, even though we all see that something is wrong in this sector of life, and has been for ages and ages, what exactly that is has never really been pinned down. Supporters of capitalism, and in particular of the idea of free markets have some very strong arguments. Yet they show no real superior understanding of the situation. Society’s charge towards a high-tech future, alluded to earlier, has been led by big corporations. Why should we trust our future to their leadership? I don’t think we should. But what the current situation is telling us is that those big companies know more about this subject than we do. And this is probably correct. So, if we can’t find some way to catch up, those new leaders become our de facto leaders. Right now, there’s just no one else out there wearing those boots. I don’t like it, but I know I don’t have the resources to replace them with more enlightened personnel.

Where I last worked, our company founder used to tell us that “risk is the moral justification for profit.” The implication was that profit (you could call it usury) would otherwise have no moral justification. However, the most basic economic concept of profit is embedded in the life cycle of our species. It is most obvious at the front end, when the being is growing its body, the body not yet big enough or strong enough to be fully productive. Someone who is fully productive has to be willing to share a portion of the wealth (or energy) it has earned with the younger ones who are not ready yet. Thus, he must make a “profit.” Profit for its own sake amounts to little more than a sort of PR or propaganda: “I am better than you are,” it says. Well, this might be true in some ways, but anyone who basically understood the situation would not indulge in such foolishness. My point is that profit per se is not our problem. Profit for its own sake can be a problem, and profits obtained by unethical (criminal) means is criminal profit and should be so treated.

According to higher ethical principles, when a being or group acts to enrich only itself at the expense of the other dynamics, they are not being ethical enough. This is probably what this line on the yard sign is really trying to convey.

Diversity is Celebrated

In contrast to the notion that “all people are equal” we are going to celebrate diversity. Well, this is a nice phrase. I’m not sure how it should be implemented, and you can see the irony in it, juxtaposed with the first phrase. But, what if you went ahead to say: Nonconformity is celebrated? This brings this issue out a little more sharply.

Compared to many places and cultures on this planet, the United States remains a quite liberal place and culture. Yet, something has changed. How was Communism able to retain its position as a “left wing” ideology even after abuses under Stalin and Mao clearly indicated is was operating closer to a totalitarianism? How did liberalism come to embrace atheism, even to the extent of rejecting the work of L. Ron Hubbard, as well as its more tradition-oriented relative, the New Age Movement? Why are most liberals so sure the Creationists are wrong?

In short: We have been played (fooled, as in a con game). A criminal element took advantage of our uncertainties, our insecurities, and our lack of really excellent memory to pull us into a game that we find very much less than ideal, and certainly not in good alignment with our own ideals.

We were on the verge, in the 1960s, of beginning to discover what the rest of our universe – starting with our own moon – was really all about. And certain individuals, certain groups, did not want this to occur. So they began on a course of establishing a wall of fake knowledge to keep us away from higher truths that would have been inconvenient for us to learn. A few found out anyway, and they were marginalized (like LRH was) or eliminated (like JFK was) as seemed suitable to that new enforcement group. The rest who know are either part of that group, are too afraid of them to speak out, or are considered too unimportant to warrant much attention.

As was briefly mentioned above, there seems to be some change in this situation in very recent times. It remains to be seen how far-reaching that change will be. Certainly, my church continues to forge ahead. Yet it is still encountering strong opposition in some quarters. More “whistle blowers” are coming forward. Yet what they have to share does not seem that revelatory at this point.

But all this could change. For one thing, LRH’s work has been on the planet for over 60 years now, longer than I have been alive. People are studying and applying those materials. For most who are so exposed, there is no turning back. Like the people who have out-of-body experiences. The impression it has on them is just too strong to ignore. And beyond that, the UFO sightings just won’t go away. They are a constant reminder – almost to the point of nagging – that we need to get smart as a species and quick.

I for one cannot predict a time in the near future when things will get quiet and peaceful here on Earth the way they used to be before the Industrial Revolution. I am aware that we are faced with choices, choices that most don’t even fully understand. There seem to be basically two: “progress” and “sustainability.” “Progress” leads us into an era of Space Opera. At this point, most of us don’t realize that we have all lived through Space Opera probably multiple times before. So it is being successfully promoted as a step forward in our evolution as a species. That’s a lie, and the current managers seem to be afraid we will remember our own pasts and realize this. The other choice involves a retreat from Space Opera into a time of ecological balance and spiritual improvement. Those promoting this are wonderful people, very idealistic. But they really have no idea what they are up against. They will end up with the best karma, but it is unclear what else they will end up with.

A third choice exists. It involves getting smart very quick, and then choosing a more workable path than either of the two main paths currently being offered to us. That would be a great adventure. The potential for great wins is enormous. And I suppose so is the potential for great losses. But if you factor in the knowledge that a being is basically unkillable and always at cause, I think the potential for win is greater, as these are immutable truths that no one can really take from us, no matter how hard they try.

As we approach a new year, I wish all who read this a great and most remarkable future.


To the Stars

13 October 2017

In 1950 L. Ron Hubbard wrote a short novel for John W. Campbell’s Astounding Science Fiction entitled “To the Stars.”

The story was in the Space Opera genre and concerned the exploits of the spaceship Hound of Heaven which was rigged to travel near light speeds. For every hop the crew made around the universe, the people on the ground aged 100 years or more, leading to some very difficult circumstances.

In 2004 there was an attempt to turn the story into a film. The book was re-released (first released as a book in 1954) and Chic Corea recorded an album of the same name with some very kick-ass (and difficult to play) music on it.

“To the Stars” is a well-used phrase in the world today, but this article concerns the newest appearance of the term that I am aware of. Here is a screenshot of the new website related to this development:

to the stars home page

Tom DeLonge is a rock musician and UFO researcher born in California about 41 years ago.

He had considerable success with his band Blink-182 but by 2015 had become preoccupied with his other work and left the band. He released an album entitled To the Stars shortly thereafter. He also formed an independent publishing company of the same name.

Two days ago, DeLonge recorded and released a video announcing his latest venture: To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. This venture is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. It is for-profit but committed to serving the public good.

The venture’s mission, as stated on its website is:

To The Stars Academy strives to be a powerful vehicle for change by creating a consortium among science, aerospace and entertainment that will work collectively to allow gifted researchers the freedom to explore exotic science and technologies with the infrastructure and resources to rapidly transition them to products that can change the world.

They are focusing on science, aerospace and entertainment.
Subjects to be researched include: consciousness, telepathy and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. They want to independently develop an “electrogravitic” propulsion system. And they want to produce feature films, as well as many other media forms.

The core group of this venture is comprised of:

  • Tom DeLonge, President.
  • Jim Semivan, VP Operations. Jim is retired CIA.
  • Hal Puthoff, VP Science and Technology. Hal is a laser scientist who was involved in Remote Viewing research in the 1970s.
  • Steve Justice, Director Aerospace Division. Steve worked at Lockheed’s Skunk Works for 31 years.
  • Luis Elizondo, Director of Global Security and Special Programs. Luis is a former U.S. intelligence officer. He was trained in microbiology and related fields and holds several patents.
  • Chris Mellon, National Security Affairs Advisor. Mr. Mellon has a varied government and private background including intelligence work and investing. He did his MA at Yale.

Consultants include: Dr. Garry Nolan, Genetics Technology; Dr. Paul Rapp, Brain Function and Consciousness; Dr. Norm Kahn, National Security and Program Management; Dr. Colm Kelleher, Biotechnologies; Dr. Adele Gilpin, Biomedicine and Law (licensed attorney).

Highlights of the 11 October video include:

In Mr. Mellon’s opening remarks, he told the story of a 2004 (14 November) encounter that the USS Nimitz had with a UFO. Our planes were unable to follow this craft. It did not communicate with the ship in any way, but was simply visible in the sky (and on radar) for some time.

Luis Elizondo remarked:

…by far the most interesting effort I was involved with was the topic of advanced aerial threats. For nearly the last decade, I ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. It was in this position I learned that the phenomenon is indeed real.

…We are also planning to provide never before released footage from real U.S. government systems, not blurry amateur photos but real data and real videos. And we’re inviting our government colleagues and friends in Defense to participate regularly with their own findings.

Steve Justice announced:

…one of the things I want to do is figure out what those technologies are in this observed vehicle and I want to build that.

I think this is a remarkable development in this whole field. It may seem limited to some, but they are obviously trying to creat something that will work with the general public, not just a few UFO nuts.

Friday the 13th

On this date in 1307 the king of France had hundreds of Knights Templar arrested, and later killed many of them and disbanded their organization in France. He had borrowed heavily from them and could not repay the loans. Here is an example of a senior government official – unable or unwilling to properly govern – committing crimes simply to protect his position and his own interests. That king died only 7 years later, at the age of 46.

That he acted on Friday the 13th may have been an attempt to lend supernatural legitimacy to his crime. However, the idea that Fridays that occur on the 13th day of the month are unlucky is not mentioned in any contemporaneous literature (per those who study such things). The thought does not seem to appear in literature until the late 1800s, a period during which many Europeans were reacquainting themselves with the original Asian origins of many of the world’s religious and spiritual systems of thought.

Lou Baldin

19 July 2012

I’m not a Scientologist, but I know they call earth a prison planet and they’re right about that.
– Lou Baldin, from his interview on Veritas (Mel Fabregas).

I’m not really ready to write this post, but I thought I’d better do it anyway; I might never be ready.

Some readers may be aware that there is a running story on the internet that is being driven by messengers for “The Galactic Federation of Light” as well as a few other groups. In short, the story is that we are taking out the former ruling Cabal and replacing them and their system with new people and a new system.

Many of us, me included, are trying to determine if there is any physical evidence on earth that this story is in any way true.

I was getting nowhere with the sources that I had been relying on, and in casting about for some new ideas, I came across a very recent Kerry Cassidy interview with John Lear. John became moderately infamous in the UFO community when he decided to get behind a story being told by a guy known as “Sleeper” whose actual name is Lou Baldin. He currently runs a site called

I downloaded and read some of his material.

His is a more or less classic case. Connected with the military. Started being contacted as a child. Remembers being placed in his current family. Took lots of rides in UFOs. Had a “friend” (he calls him Milton) who would come by every so often and tell him stuff.

John Lear, who is from the Lear Jet family and was a civilian pilot who worked for the CIA (and other agencies) during the Vietnam years, liked Lou’s version of the truth and has adopted it as his own.

Lou’s stable datum

Lou’s stable datum, the lynchpin of his story around which the rest of it revolves, is that the ETs (and in particular Milton’s variety) are in control have always been in control, and will always be in control.

His basic message is: Learn to live with it. It’s the best we’re ever going to get.

All the data he has been sharing in his blogs and books is basically aimed to reduce the shock value of this basic realization.

Hubbard begs to differ

On the other hand, Hubbard is quite certain that there is something we can do about this situation, and that learning how to audit is a key component in that strategy.

Auditing is the only known workable method to reacquaint an individual with certain realities of life by discovering evidence for these realities in his own experience. No realization is forced on a person. The facts of life are as real as the individual perceives them to be.

If you line up many of Hubbard’s findings (gained by auditing many thousands of people, including himself) with what Lou has learned from Milton and other sources, we get basically the same picture.

Except that Milton doesn’t know about Scientology, or discounts it, or doesn’t want us to know about it.

A brief synopsis

Without getting long-winded, let me review the situation:

1. Life did not simply arise on planet earth several hundred million years ago. And our solar system is much older than a few billion years.

Realize that everyone except modern earth scientists agree with this to one degree or another. In particular, it is repeated over and over by every person who has every served as a messenger for ETs.

2. People are, essentially, immortal spiritual beings.

3. Some races, millions of years ago, learned how to enormously increase their longevity by mastering space travel. These are all the various “space opera” societies. How exactly these societies developed and came to dominate life in this galaxy as the “invader forces” is a story that seems largely hidden, probably mostly by them, but possibly because they themselves have forgotten.

This is a huge point in the actual scheme of things.

The space invaders (known to us as ETs or aliens) have always portrayed themselves as the top dogs. But what if this is,basically, just a show to win over the cooperation of planets seeded with life earlier, either by them or perhaps by others unknown to them?

Just how much bluff is in their stories?

Lou, and the bulk of mankind, are willing to go along with the idea that the invader forces are the top dogs of the universe.

But Hubbard isn’t. He thinks that their memories and true abilities have been crippled, too. And that his technology could help them, if they’d be interested in such help. You may think this a bit over-confident. But realize: No one else out there is talking about the kind of incidents that Hubbard has found in his students’ preclears.

And none of these “superior” races has been willing to admit to us what they have actually resorted to in order to retain their positions of authority. They always brush it off as “too advanced” or “too complex.” They are hiding data from us, and that is something everyone agrees to.

What we disagree on is whether or not that hiding has been justified.

The various invaders, including those who briefed Lou, have all sorts of reasons why things HAVE to be the way they are.

Scientologists aren’t buying it. And that’s the bottom-line difference between us and others who are involved in this “space opera.” We still think that spiritual freedom is possible.

Solving The Problem

11 June 2012

This is a first of what may be a series on this blog about what is going on on the planet and what various people are saying and doing about it. I actually consider this a very important subject.

My basic line of reasoning is the following:

  1. Most of us recognize that surviving on this planet is currently becoming more difficult.
  2. These difficulties are starting to exceed our comfort levels, and we’d like to achieve better control over the situation.
  3. In researching this, many of us have come across reports of the existence of a criminal elite on this planet that seems to be heavily involved in our failure to achieve better control per point 2 above.
  4. As a result of these reports, plans have been formulated to “take down the cabal.”
  5. Outwardly, though, the situation seems to continue to get worse.
  6. Why?

The theory behind this that I will be exploring includes the following:

  1. The human need for a game, and thus for problems.
  2. How human sanity affects the problems chosen.
  3. How much sanity do we want?
  4. How to achieve a saner world: Ethics.
  5. How to get in ethics.

This article will concentrate on topic 4, ethics.


“People need problems. Solving problems is what gives our lives meaning. If we fixed them all, we’d have nothing to do, and we’d die.”
Answer from “Zhop” to the question: “Is it possible to fix all the worlds problems?” on Askville by Amazon.

Human experience apparently can range from a bottom level of total denial of one’s spiritual existence and the complete conviction that one is, finally, totally dead to a top level of god-like omniscience and loving power.

Most of us have experienced most of the levels of this scale at one time or another, and – if prodded – will usually recall most fondly those times when we were active, involved and confident. On the Scientology scale of tones, these levels of experience are represented by 8.0 Exhilaration through 20.0 Action to 22.0 Games.

In other words, most people choose the level of the game. And to play a game, you do need something to play against, and that opponent will try to make problems (barriers to your freedom) that you must solve to stay in the game. Thus having problems means you are in a game, which for most of us is desirable.

“By creating problems, one tends to view both sides in opposition and so becomes Pan-determined.” Fundamentals of Thought, p. 134.

One of the major sources of barriers in many earth-bound games is – oddly – our own body. High levels of play are difficult to attain in a body, as most bodies are rigged to make a person “feel scared” when operating at these levels. If you can obtain the confidence of an athlete, he or she may tell you that playing their sport goes best when one operates exterior to the body. This enables one to be more pan-determined about the body and its concerns.

For most of us, in practical terms, the ultimate “freedom” is to be exterior and the most important barrier to that level of freedom is the body and its way of thinking. However, that is not the only source of barriers.

“If a person lacks problems, opponents and counter-purposes to his own, he will invent them.” Problems of Work, p. 70.

What is a criminal?

“…we have yet to face the fact that there are no solutions.” From an article by Robert Jensen, a progressive political activist and journalism professor in Austin, Texas.

Some people lose their ability to create problems (and thus their own games) so markedly that they turn criminal.

A criminal is a being who finds himself stuck at an experience level that seems to demand that his “game” should be to ruin all other ongoing games. He feels that he cannot be truly safe unless everyone else is dead.

The “criminal cabal” is composed of a small group of loosely-affiliated people who have embraced this attitude towards life with a kind of inverted enthusiasm. Their ancestors somehow managed to make piles of money, normally by victimizing other people, and the current group is using those funds in an attempt to “play” their “game.”

But this isn’t sane!

That’s right, it isn’t. People need each other. If we decide to kill off everybody, then we, too, will die. So the cabal is on a loosing course. They almost realize this, yet they have convinced themselves, in their madness, that they will experience some sort of salvation if they are successful. The usual promise is “eternal life.” But the spirit is already immortal! …False promise!

“The world is filled with many problems,
sometimes I wonder if I should solve them,
but then life would start to come to order
and then all questions would have an answer.”

Poem fragment – Yuuki Minami

Life is “no fun” without problems. But most of us pick saner problems than how to destroy the earth and somehow survive it. For example, all of the forces of nature regularly and continuously present challenges to our survival. To fight back against those forces is a relatively sane game. And on a more personal level, most of us are happy with problems of the “how to build a better mousetrap” variety, or work tirelessly to provide us with buildings, roads and bridges, vehicles of all sorts, and so on. These are all problems having to do with the need to protect our bodies from undue harm, but in the context of a meat body society, they are relatively sane games.

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”
Attributed to Pablo Picasso.

And so, the saner majority comes into conflict with the less sane minority who we rightly call “criminal” because they have chosen to work against the success of their own kind. This conflict is addressed by a subject called “ethics.”


If you are not familiar with this subject, you can go to the
Volunteer Ministers website and take a free short course on it and related subjects.

Ethics has two main components:

1. The technology of Conditions and their formulas. This technology can be learned and applied by individuals and groups pursuing sane games to help them protect their games and their sanity.

2. The technology of detecting and handling Suppressive Persons (which is our term for the criminally insane). This includes an investigations component and a justice component. This roughly corresponds to what most of us think of as a legal system.

If you are not aware of these technologies, I don’t blame you, but you need to handle that. There is no longer any excuse for it. These materials have been available since the 1960s!

This is the take-away message (I think) from a study of these materials: If it weren’t for criminals, Libertarianism would work. In other words, honest people are good at figuring out how to survive. And even if they lose their bodies, they will return to continue the game. Dishonest people, and those who cooperate with them in hopes of making a “quick buck” do not deserve equal treatment in a sane society and are, in fact, the basic reason why societies fail. In addition, their rehabilitation will be difficult and costly; they will not be able to “return to the light” (to turn a popular phrase) without help from others. And if they go too far overboard in their insanity, who will be willing to help them?

Getting in Ethics

“Solving the problem should not be more complicated than the original problem itself.” From a blog article about web development.

Thus, the principal challenge to a society that finds itself slipping down the sustainability scale towards oblivion is to GET IN ETHICS.

Getting in ethics involves, in its simplicity:

  1. Identifying the exact suppressive people causing the situation through proper use of investigation technology.
  2. Exposing those people.
  3. And if that alone doesn’t work, applying Justice actions to those people.

The most severe Justice action allowed in Scientology is expulsion from the group. I do not recommend using murder to accomplish this. This is an SP trick that has been used many times against honest people.

Because Suppressive Persons have long since infiltrated our legal systems, most current justice systems are pretty screwed up. Throwing people in jail is stupid enough. But not finding the real SP is even more stupid. And of course, the SPs have the system rigged now so that this is not even usually talked about in a court of law. That has to change if we really want this planet to survive.

Mass Arrests

“In the meantime, we stumble forward and backward, patching things together as best we can.” From an essay about attempts to end poverty by Laura Crossett.

One current popular suggestion for terminating the influence of Suppressive Persons on earth is to arrest them all en masse with the help of the military.

Though this is a tempting idea, experience has shown that good effects can be obtained with much less effort than this.

One “rule” of Ethics is to never extend a heavy-ethics approach longer than it takes for the scene to visibly start to revert (change for the better for real).

Thus, one normally starts with the objective of putting just one “head on a pike.” This sends a message that we are serious, and is often enough to motivate a lot of rats to abandon ship. This can leave the remaining SPs relatively powerless to act. And that’s all you want.

Thus, I suggest that in our current campaign, we go after and expose just one prominent member of the criminal elite. His “friends” will never come to his aid, you can be sure of that. And it might be enough to get the ball rolling. Pick someone who we have VERY good evidence against. Pick a case that will be very instructive to the general public. Then just apply the ethics gradients to that person until we begin to see some results. And if that bombs, try another person. One at a time should be enough. Keep them guessing who will be next!

An ancient goal

An ancient goal of most honest governments has been to wipe out criminality in their areas of control.

But they did not have the technology of how to do this, until recently.

Now we wonder if we have any honest governments left! Well, I think we do. And a good way to prove you’re part of an honest government that works for honest citizens would be to take this ethics technology and run with it. Get a product! Be effective, and it will encourage others to try.

More than anything right now, we need some wins. They don’t have to be huge wins. They just have to be enough to keep spirits up.

About all I can do to contribute is to recommend this approach to the situation at hand and point out where to find the information.

I don’t work in government and probably never will, but if you do you owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and to the people you serve to act to restore ethics in your area. If enough people do this, we can shake off these “blues” and maybe make something out of this planet.