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View From The Forest

6 September 2019

I have written a short screenplay in an app called Trelby. All the app really does is make sure the document is formatted according to industry standards. This is my first finished story created in the form of a screenplay.

It is not a long story, perhaps 20 minutes or less. It involves two trees “talking” with each other, and their interaction with a few other creatures, including a man. The man takes a liking to these trees and keeps returning to visit them.

It turns out he has some sway in the field of ecological upgrades, so a part of the story shows him pitching his ideas in some sort of academic setting, and then follows an upgrade project put in right next to where the trees live. The man visits one last time as an old man, and then we follow the trees a bit into the future, and see their environment change for the better.

The story could be visualized using real trees, but more likely as an animation. How do you show two trees in conversation? I am leaving that to the imagination of anyone interested in turning the story into an actual short film.

Though there are many, perhaps, who have spent much more time in forests than I have, these huge living systems need more human voices to stand in their support, and so this story.

I have three more screenplay ideas I am working on. If you want to read the actual story, let me know.

Here are some of the biggest trees in one of the best-developed forests along the American River that I have access to through bike trails. They are large, tall beautiful trees, yet this forest is only a tiny patch along the river. Very few forests like this exist anywhere anymore. Yet they are vital to our biological future on this planet.