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TED busts out…

10 April 2016

…and other developments.

I got my usual weekly email from the popular TED Talks site last week, but it was oddly different.

Perhaps it was because they had started releasing videos from their latest event in February, or perhaps it was for some other reason. But not only did all the featured talks seem interesting – including an interview with Linus Torvalds, the original developer of Linux – but the featured playlist on “secrets” included talks as old as 2005 that I had never been aware of.

I downloaded about 20 talks, filling up my C: drive (but happily emptied into my “network storage” computer, which I finally got back up and running last week).

The presenters were mostly “journalists.” This category seems to include a very wide range of people these days. Several “techies” besides Torvalds were also represented, including a lady who works at Pixar Studios (they make completely CGI – computer generated images – movies), and another woman working to bring the US federal government’s digital services into the 21st century.

Topics included the search for life in outer space, understanding shifts in global development, the recent growth of organized crime and other “non-traditional” economic and social changes.

I was introduced to an extremely esoteric photographer / journalist named Taryn Simon who had some interesting things to say, a journalist named Will Potter who has been documenting government’s complicity in the crackdown on anti-corporation activists, and Robert Neuwirth another journalist who specializes in the study of “alternative” urban social structures growing up across the Third World.



In other news, a film made to document the story of a Center for Disease Control doctor who claims he was pushed into going along with a plan to hide data linking some vaccines to autism, has been getting considerable attention.

It has been taken off the program of a high-profile film festival in New York City, and more recently, another showing in Houston, Texas was stopped.

In the eyes of the “common man” the whole narrative, starting perhaps even before the development of Darwin’s theories into a sort of new religion for academia, is becoming worn out and useless.

It is obvious that the general population is being lied to, and this film just points out another example of this.

Without a firm understanding, though, of how this whole situation came to be, it is very unlikely that any popular movement, no matter how well-intended, can succeed in turning the situation around.

As Taryn Simon tried to express in her own words, the human race seems to be on a collision course with its own past mistakes. Until the ignorance is lifted, the planet has little choice but to dramatize a past we have all lived through yet have almost totally forgotten.

Worth Repeating

13 July 2012

I decided to try something a little different.

Some concepts are worth repeating

How many times did your mom have to tell you to “say please?”

How many times did some adult have to remind you to do your homework, comb your hair, pay attention when someone speaks to you, or be honest? Did you finally, after the twelfth or the fiftieth or the “thousandth” time, start to get the idea that this was an important datum that you should learn and use?

If you watch TV, how many times are you told to buy something to make you feel better?

How many times are you told that all your problems will be solved by the newest technology?

How many times are you told that it’s “all in your head” or “use your brain?”

Have you begun to feel that the concepts expressed by these messages are somehow important?

And what is really happening? You are just responding based on how many times you are told something.

Fight back!

So I thought I’d come up with my own list of messages worth repeating and put them in my sidebar so they never go away.

I urge you to try this. What really is important to you?

Is this the perfect list? I don’t think so. But it’s better than not doing anything.

If I could just “forget about it” “everything will be all right.” Right? Not!

So I am creating something in the way of a reminder.

Here are the ones currently in my sidebar:

  • One being can never know all or do all; this is why we cooperate.
  • When a being gets bored, he forgets things to make life more interesting.
  • When a being gets too overwhelmed, he must remember some of the things he forgot to make life “less interesting.”
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, expose a secret that has some bearing on the situation.
  • No one should be so bored as to forget the fact that he is a spiritual being.
  • But if you are now feeling overwhelmed, that should be the first thing for you to remember.
  • Consider well the probability that there are some secrets made on earth without regard to the effects those secrets would have on your life.
  • Can you think of an example of such a secret? The LIBOR fixing arrangement perhaps? The truth about our President’s younger years perhaps? The truth about the Bush family and their involvement in Skull and Bones perhaps?
  • Can you imagine how life could change if there were a massive push to expose such secrets?

Some I forgot?

  • You are important.
  • What you think matters.
  • Trust your own perceptions.
  • Think for yourself.