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To the Stars

13 October 2017

In 1950 L. Ron Hubbard wrote a short novel for John W. Campbell’s Astounding Science Fiction entitled “To the Stars.”

The story was in the Space Opera genre and concerned the exploits of the spaceship Hound of Heaven which was rigged to travel near light speeds. For every hop the crew made around the universe, the people on the ground aged 100 years or more, leading to some very difficult circumstances.

In 2004 there was an attempt to turn the story into a film. The book was re-released (first released as a book in 1954) and Chic Corea recorded an album of the same name with some very kick-ass (and difficult to play) music on it.

“To the Stars” is a well-used phrase in the world today, but this article concerns the newest appearance of the term that I am aware of. Here is a screenshot of the new website related to this development:

to the stars home page

Tom DeLonge is a rock musician and UFO researcher born in California about 41 years ago.

He had considerable success with his band Blink-182 but by 2015 had become preoccupied with his other work and left the band. He released an album entitled To the Stars shortly thereafter. He also formed an independent publishing company of the same name.

Two days ago, DeLonge recorded and released a video announcing his latest venture: To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. This venture is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. It is for-profit but committed to serving the public good.

The venture’s mission, as stated on its website is:

To The Stars Academy strives to be a powerful vehicle for change by creating a consortium among science, aerospace and entertainment that will work collectively to allow gifted researchers the freedom to explore exotic science and technologies with the infrastructure and resources to rapidly transition them to products that can change the world.

They are focusing on science, aerospace and entertainment.
Subjects to be researched include: consciousness, telepathy and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. They want to independently develop an “electrogravitic” propulsion system. And they want to produce feature films, as well as many other media forms.

The core group of this venture is comprised of:

  • Tom DeLonge, President.
  • Jim Semivan, VP Operations. Jim is retired CIA.
  • Hal Puthoff, VP Science and Technology. Hal is a laser scientist who was involved in Remote Viewing research in the 1970s.
  • Steve Justice, Director Aerospace Division. Steve worked at Lockheed’s Skunk Works for 31 years.
  • Luis Elizondo, Director of Global Security and Special Programs. Luis is a former U.S. intelligence officer. He was trained in microbiology and related fields and holds several patents.
  • Chris Mellon, National Security Affairs Advisor. Mr. Mellon has a varied government and private background including intelligence work and investing. He did his MA at Yale.

Consultants include: Dr. Garry Nolan, Genetics Technology; Dr. Paul Rapp, Brain Function and Consciousness; Dr. Norm Kahn, National Security and Program Management; Dr. Colm Kelleher, Biotechnologies; Dr. Adele Gilpin, Biomedicine and Law (licensed attorney).

Highlights of the 11 October video include:

In Mr. Mellon’s opening remarks, he told the story of a 2004 (14 November) encounter that the USS Nimitz had with a UFO. Our planes were unable to follow this craft. It did not communicate with the ship in any way, but was simply visible in the sky (and on radar) for some time.

Luis Elizondo remarked:

…by far the most interesting effort I was involved with was the topic of advanced aerial threats. For nearly the last decade, I ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. It was in this position I learned that the phenomenon is indeed real.

…We are also planning to provide never before released footage from real U.S. government systems, not blurry amateur photos but real data and real videos. And we’re inviting our government colleagues and friends in Defense to participate regularly with their own findings.

Steve Justice announced:

…one of the things I want to do is figure out what those technologies are in this observed vehicle and I want to build that.

I think this is a remarkable development in this whole field. It may seem limited to some, but they are obviously trying to creat something that will work with the general public, not just a few UFO nuts.

Friday the 13th

On this date in 1307 the king of France had hundreds of Knights Templar arrested, and later killed many of them and disbanded their organization in France. He had borrowed heavily from them and could not repay the loans. Here is an example of a senior government official – unable or unwilling to properly govern – committing crimes simply to protect his position and his own interests. That king died only 7 years later, at the age of 46.

That he acted on Friday the 13th may have been an attempt to lend supernatural legitimacy to his crime. However, the idea that Fridays that occur on the 13th day of the month are unlucky is not mentioned in any contemporaneous literature (per those who study such things). The thought does not seem to appear in literature until the late 1800s, a period during which many Europeans were reacquainting themselves with the original Asian origins of many of the world’s religious and spiritual systems of thought.


CIA man talks about UFOs and ET

7 July 2016

Another book recently published that I’ve read through is titled “Anonymous: CIA Agent Reveals the Truth about UFOs.”

An older UFO researcher named Ronald Garner put it out, apparently at the request of the person who was interviewed. This person was interviewed for a radio show, or series of shows, by Linda Moulton Howe in 1998, about three years after his security oath expired. It concerns events of 1958 to 1960 that “Anonymous” participated in, as an Army officer also working as a CIA analyst. This person seems bona fide, but has had his life threatened, so refuses to identify himself.

He was involved in analyzing reports of UFO and ET sightings mostly from abroad. He also got a tour of Area 51 and participated in three briefings of Richard Nixon (Vice President at that time) and Ike Eisenhower.

The Oval Office as not having much luck getting good data about UFOs and ET though its own intelligence people, the CIA. The various military groups involved were being very tight-lipped, and the people really in charge of Area 51 (S-4) were telling them almost nothing.

While visiting Area 51, Anonymous personally witnessed 6 “flying saucers,” three identified as “alien” and three identified as “German.”
He also saw the Gray they were holding prisoner there, and saw an “alien autopsy” film of a six-fingered “light gray.”

From my data, the craft that crashed at Roswell were manned by scientists from Zeta Reticuli. They were “peaceful” in so much as they were just doing research for some project. Back home they were having some genetic problems relating to being forced to clone bodies in order to reproduce. One of their dead reincarnated on Earth as a human, and that’s where this data comes from.

The book itself is very poorly edited and is mostly just interview transcripts with a few photographs of the public people involved.

The following facts are established in this interview:

  • The President, and elements of the CIA, knew about UFOs and their connection to both ETs and Germans, from at least as early as 1947. They knew almost nothing, however, about ET. And they talked very little about the Germans.
  • The U.S. had several captured craft and one live ET. They were kept at Area 51. Who controlled that area is not totally clear.
  • The “defeated” Germans lived in Colombia, Argentina, above ground and in underground bases, and also underground in Antarctica. Hitler was among those who got moved to South America before the end of the war. There is some indication that the German saucers gave the Germans a certain amount of leverage in creating refuges for their top people.
  • Forrestal sent Byrd on a military expedition against the German/ET positions in Antarctica which was notoriously unsuccessful. Forrestal wanted to make the whole thing public, went somewhat crazy over not being allowed to, and was finally killed in an “accidental fall.” It was made clear by this CIA asset that he was told that the CIA killed Forrestal.
  • This CIA asset knew of only two types of ET and about four or five types of craft (counting two or three as German) at the point that his association with the CIA was terminated (at his request).

We have photographs of both these types, and they are likely the two most significant non-human ETs involved with Earth. Photos of “human” ETs would do us no good, as they look just like humans so could always be disputed as being posed. But photos of the other races are likewise lacking. I am a little mystified about this. There are plenty of drawings of them, so it seems likely they exist. And the human Zeta mentions the Reptilians as being a formerly hostile race in their system who left them sterilized and forced them to develop cloning methods in order to provide new bodies. The exact nature of the Reptilians, the Draco, Mantids and the Avians remains very unclear. The last three seem to include ruling groups. There are also the Sasquatch, but they only get mentioned occasionally. All these groups – to the extent that they are real – obviously wish to keep themselves secret from the general public.

All I can contribute to all this is that, from the research that I am aware of, it is VERY likely that various ET races exist and that some retain “Space Opera” capabilities and have some interest in Earth.

Our best strategy seems to be to rehabilitate our spiritual abilities so that we are able, at some point, to survive anything they can throw at us.

These various other races themselves, though much older than ours (we are a synthetic group anyway, with no long history on this planet) and thus technically more advanced, are likely to be, for the most part, as bad off as we are morally and spiritually. We were all involved with them in one way or another before we came here, and our condition is quite reflective of their condition, though perhaps a bit more “crazy about life” due to our short body life span. There is no particular reason to assume that they could – or would be willing to – help us very much, certainly not spiritually. There is moderate reason to think that they might want to take advantage of us in various ways. This is all part of what we still need to figure out.

Battlefield Earth

26 June 2016

On 19 June, David Wilcock published an extension to an article he started on 29 May entitled Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot!

In the first part he discloses that the Draco faction of the Secret Space Program has been trying to evacuate its most important people from Earth, and other factions have been trying to stop them, in a “space war” that has perhaps led to some interesting recent overhead phenomena.

He then launches into a long anthropological discourse on why Earth people have been so well-deceived for so long concerning the true nature of their “gods.” He uses the Cargo Cults of Melanesia (the islands southeast of Australia) as an example of how humans will invent explanations that fit their culture when they are given none. This section is interesting but unnecessary.

In the second part of 19 June, he admits he made an error in not publishing more “hard data” earlier. It seems some of his contacts were counting on him to do this, and he had let them down. There followed for himself and his main informer, Corey Goode, some “sobering” experiences which seem to have pushed the point home to him that he is engaged in an activity of critical importance.

He even mentions the recent revelations of Bill Tompkins, who also takes the subject quite seriously, and has received a lot of coverage in the alternative media lately, as I discuss in my post about his book.

That much of this may be just a new myth to replace the older ones, worn unrecognizable and irrelevant by the passing centuries, has occurred to me many times. We are, however, with the help of LRH’s research, and the work of many others along similar lines, coming up to the point where we can begin to know the truth of things ourselves, without the help of gods, angels – or devils for that matter. Courtney Brown is pushing forward with his Remote Viewing work, the past lives researchers continue to pile up evidence for this phenomenon, and of course my church continues its educative work, regardless of the roadblocks erected against it.

The New Age “myth,” as elaborated on by people like Wilcock, has two major elements in it that simply don’t exist in the work of LRH and many others who aren’t New Agers.

The first is “Ascension.” This is the idea that human beings are “evolving” to higher planes of awareness, and that various cosmic factors are assisting us in this. From what I can tell this is a pure fabrication, as were the stories of Heaven and Hell and the other places where “the soul goes” according to various different traditions. We know where “the soul goes:” It gets yanked into the Between Lives Area, blank slated, and returned to Earth to pick up a new body. Because of the antiquity of this entrapment technology, it does not work consistently in all cases (if it ever did). But LRH found ways to pull past life memories out of almost anyone – lots of them. And the overall pattern he found was one of devolution, not evolution. Human culture across this universe has been slowly descending into oblivion.

The second “weenie” (movie slang for an item in a plot that everyone is after) in this New Age myth is “free energy.” Though ET craft and manmade copies use some very exotic propulsion techniques, there has never been any real evidence that they get that energy “free.” However, something like this is possible, and has been demonstrated by some contraptions designed by M.T. Keshe with the help of his R&D team. They have released several devices now that seem to improve existing electrical systems dramatically, while others have healing properties. Veterans Today is onto this story, because it ties into world politics very thoroughly. The “bad guys” don’t want any technologies to spread on Earth that would have a liberating influence. So they have tried to poison the “free energy” community by making at least one of its key sites and figures a front for a child sex trafficking ring.

And I assure you, that story is real. The man (Sterling Allan) was arrested earlier this year, and has been reported to be serving time after a plea bargain. But he was just a minor player in the ring. The rest of it remains largely untouched, and numerous researchers have traced it into very high places in government and business, all over the planet. Meanwhile there have been numerous attempts to stop Keshe, which he has countered by making many of his designs “open source.” I have looked a few up. They would be difficult for the average guy to make at home, but possible. And I believe that you can buy some of that equipment from “cottage industry” suppliers.

Wilcock and especially his informer Corey have also been interfered with. But there seems to be some sort of balance at work keeping these people alive and communicating. There is a claim that off-planet groups have a hand in that protection. They just may.

It should be noted that LRH did discover a source of “free energy,” the spirit itself. The spirit, as it turns out, seems to be the only creative entity in existence. In good shape, a spiritual being can create (and un-create) space, energy, and matter at will. There is no known material thing that can do this. Physical forces can only transform energy after it has been created by Spirit.

Battlefield Earth

In 1980, before I was involved in Scientology, LRH began writing a work of “pure science fiction” which came out as Battlefield Earth. It was published in 1982, and after I joined the Sea Org I bought a copy and read it. Later, I lost that copy, but recently purchased another one, also a First Edition. This one comes wrapped in a leather cover, reminiscent of those used by the hero to hold the books he found that helped him recover the Earth for human habitation.

I more recently ordered the audio book (which is unabridged and 44 CDs long!) and have started “re-reading” it in that fashion. It’s a great job, though I don’t know who’s going to sit through 47 and 1/2 hours of CDs to listen to the whole story. But it is a good story, and I am going through it again to pick any important points I missed or am uncertain about.

Some points I do remember:

Earth is plagued by the genocidal presence of an off-world inter-galactic mining company, run from its home planet of “Psychlo.” Almost everyone from Psychlo lacks compassion, and is therefore basically psychotic. They will kill any other life form without remorse, even each other. Later in the story, it is discovered that this trait is installed at birth in the form of some sort of electronic implant. One Psychlo who escaped being implanted helps the hero discover this.

Hubbard gives the Psychlos a huge Achilles Heel; their atmosphere explodes in the presence of ionizing radiation. This is real science fiction; I don’t know of any real planet or civilization where the biology is that different. All I’ve ever heard of is carbon-oxygen based biology. There are some non-biological life forms. More than likely, they predate biology.

Working with this notable Psychlo weakness, along with their normal “human” foibles, the hero finds a way to blackmail them into backing off Earth, and leaving the rest of the universe alone as well. The success in bringing peace to the cosmos is notable and worth studying. Real criminality is a problem everywhere, and there are clues here that might help us conquer it.

The book, in its second half, includes some major space battles. And so the tie-in to Wilcock’s recent article. Again, the future of planets and great issues of war and peace are at stake in this current set of events. They are no small matter.

It used to be that science fiction was seen as an indirect way to communicate about real Earthly situations. That view no longer holds. The “stage” has widened; it now includes the entire cosmos.

Bill Tompkins in his book mentioned several times that he had become convinced that Teddy Roosevelt was right: That to go far, one must speak softly, but carry a big stick. Though Roosevelt attributed the proverb to West Africa, there has been difficulty tracing it to there, as their own lore has been oral, and Western study of it has been spotty. But time and time again, thinkers come to the conclusion that any “peace” is held together by the carefully targeted threat of overpowering force. In the movie (and book) “The Mouse that Roared,” peace is brought to Europe by instilling the belief that if anyone starts a war, a bomb will go off which will eradicate the entire subcontinent. And in Battlefield Earth, peace is won in a similar way.

LRH’s own spiritual research also concluded that to walk through life as a totally peaceful person, one must be able to use any amount of force necessary to maintain that peacefulness. It seems to be one of many paradoxes that we must live with.

Selected by Extraterrestrials

19 June 2016

“Selected by Extraterrestrials” is the title of a book published late last year (2015) by William Mills Tompkins, an engineer and visionary thinker involved in the secret space program starting in the 1940s. This book covers, roughly, his experiences up through the 1960s (Apollo program).

I got through most of the book in a marathon reading session last night. These are my initial thoughts on it, and though I may write more about it later, I might not. I am sure I will have cause to refer to its author now and then, as he has now stepped out as a proponent of “disclosure.”

The book

The book itself is indifferently written, appears somewhat thrown together, and contains numerous typos and similar minor glitches. Most of the illustrations are small but pertinent.

It was edited by Dr. Robert M. Wood (holds a PhD in physics from Cornell, 1953), an avid UFO researcher who worked most of his life at Douglas Aircraft and related companies, with help from Nick Redfern, a British writer well known for his interest and writings in the UFO subject.

The story

The story is presented as a series of memories, recollections and historical data, not necessarily given in proper date order, but considered apropos to the subject being discussed. The data and events are often presented as dialogues between Bill and his colleagues, sometimes to the point where they don’t seem like real conversations. Most of the data seems to be based on things Bill personally experienced, but not all of it. There is usually no careful distinction made in this regard.

The story builds roughly towards Bill’s big accomplishment of getting NASA to use his engineering approach to develop the Moon landing project and execute launch control. Rocketry up to that time had been a dirty outdoors job, and Bill saw that this was not compatible with the reliability and electronics requirement of a manned Moon landing. He designed air-conditioned indoor facilities for testing, launch and mission control and got NASA to go with this basic design. Gone were the drafty outdoor rocket testing facilities and leaky, insect-infested underground launch bunkers common in earlier missile and satellite programs. He also had developed an extremely detailed approach to project design and management.

The sub-story

In architecture a sub-story is a building level below the basement; in ecology it is a level of forest growth beneath the canopy; and in writing it is a more basic story being told through the plot but not directly by the plot.

The sub-story in this book is adamantly mentioned by its author on numerous occasions and is the real story of this book. Interviews I have listened to with the author have picked up on aspects of this sub-story but have not tried to present it full-on.

It is very unclear to what extent this sub-story is true. The author admits that there was a lot of conjecture involved in developing his own view of this. It touches on many aspects of life that are not well understood by most people or are in fact being kept secret by our planetary managers.

The sub-story, in brief, is this: Our planet, Earth, has been of interest to space-faring groups from other planets for some time. The exact nature of this interest is unclear, though it seems to involve the physical, mental and emotional robustness of Earth humans, as many other groups seem to be having problems with these factors. We are now at the point, as a planet, where we can begin to confront the technologies of space travel and the various awarenesses that must accompany those technologies. Thus, contacts have been made by various off-world groups, and working relationships have been developed. All this has been, up to recently, off the public record for the most part (it’s supposed to be a SECRET). There are at least two major groups competing for our attention and cooperation. One seems more warlike and intrusive, while the other is more thoughtful, communicative and “helpful.”

All the space-faring ET (or otherwise) groups seem significantly technologically advanced compared to us, to the point where it seems they could easily defeat or overwhelm us, whether that be through direct physical confrontation, or by mental means. The various planetary managers here have come up with a variety of strategies to deal with the fact that we seem to be on the short end of this stick.

In modern history it appears that the Germans were the first to be contacted. There was a huge movement towards the end of the 1800s in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy to discover some method to leave this planet. It apparently failed, but that did not end ET involvement. It continued in various forms in modern Germany, and efforts were apparently finally successful and working spacecraft were built and flown. During and after the war, this whole operation was moved to South America and Antarctica. The project seems to have come under significant influence of the more warlike groups, which Tompkins calls the “black hats.” However, the “Nordics” or “white hats” continued to press forward with their own agenda, and to use various means to distract or discourage the “black hat” projects.

Nordic secretaries

One apparent way that the Nordics used to influence human space-related projects was by sending in their agents in the form of very attractive – often blond – secretaries (now known as Administrative Assistants). Of course, the great majority of corporate secretaries were no more than that, but the practice of using pretty young women to help with typing paperwork, phone calls, etc, gave the Nordics a cover for their own work. The women Bill tells us about in this book are real game-players. They seem to have little or no moral scruples outside of their secret mission, and were willing to flirt with or go to bed with whoever was necessary to get the control and information that they desired.

Playing into that was a corporate culture of extremely lax moral conduct, especially in the Los Angeles area. Bill wrote repeatedly of corporate managers going out to parties with their secretaries one weekend, then with their wives the next weekend. Some of the wives behaved as badly as the secretaries did. Similar girls were used by Douglas to “host” military people when they were in town for a product or concept demonstration (in effort to win a military contract) – often referred to as a “rain dance.”

The managers were required by their bosses to attend these parties, and overt sexual contact was encouraged by the more brazen of them. The ones like Bill who refused to partake had to use various means to avoid the ultimate disgraceful act, but were certainly morally compromised by being forced to attend and keep it all secret, along with their regular classified work.

Abductions and strange terror attacks by weird-looking semi-human thugs was also mentioned in the book. He recounts at one point an incident indicating that the Roman Catholic church was keeping track of such attacks on its parishioners and was very concerned about them.

Taylor Swift looking like a 1960s nordic secretary

Taylor Swift looking like a 1960s Nordic secretary. – Daily Mail UK

The amount of words Bill devotes in this book to interactions with these secretaries, and descriptions of how cute and alluring they were, cannot be disregarded. This whole dynamic was a major part of this story. What with the style of the day being mini skirts, and Women’s Lib not yet a household word, that whole culture was much different than it is today. Yet Admin Assistants at my company still wear high heels, and many look quite alluring. Old traditions die hard.

The ET threat

Bill was told, and firmly believed, that ET was a threat to human survival and that his work was contributing to getting Earth up to a point where it could defend itself. These were the “black hats” who were the threat, in his mind, as they were warlike and possessed vastly superior firepower. Bill created conceptual designs for a wide variety of weapons systems – based on his interest in naval history, as well as curious “flashes” he got (telepathically) from unknown sources – that Earth could develop and deploy to defend itself.

The ET threat is a common theme in an extensive group of military-related information releases. Another example is Sean David Morton’s “Sands of Time” series, which follows the exploits of another important figure in the secret space program. A third example is the Corey Goode data, which addresses this topic directly. And a fourth example is LRH’s research on ET operations, which is not very complementary to ET.

All this data must be taken in the context of how the perception of “a threat” has been used in human relations by criminals to distract more honest people from learning the actual activities of the criminals. I take the basic position that any ET group that is unwilling to come out and show itself to the general population and to share information openly and publicly is basically a criminal ET group – and that means all of them except maybe the Iargans (“dog” people who say they landed here by mistake).

Selected by ET

The other part of the sub-story is that Bill felt he was “selected” for this work, and that some ET force has been interacting with him since childhood. His ship model-making “hobby” was so extreme with him that it indeed appears to be more an aspect of some mission than an example of extraordinary talent applied to a strong interest. There are persistent stories of people being “sent” here to reincarnate as humans to do work here. I have no reason to doubt that this is possible. However, it seems an odd way to get something done, as opposed to just sending teams here to work openly.

The world of “real” human relations at these levels is a world of intrigue, of secrets, and of constant criminal interference. Almost no one involved in this phenomenon has seen their way clear to a better answer for how to deal with the appalling intensity of some criminal minds and of the game of bringing good order into the physical universe – a place apparently created with no intention of it ever becoming orderly.

Limited hangout

From wikipedia:

A limited hangout or partial hangout is, according to former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Victor Marchetti, “spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.”

Is this story, in combination with others like it, “some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts?”

I think this is quite possible.

One odd aspect of all these stories is that they NEVER MENTION LRH or his work, even though he was involved in the Los Angeles area aerospace scene prior to and immediately after the war, and subsequently gave many lectures mentioning ET operations in the universe and in relationship to Earth.

His techniques for getting data were positive and possibly even therapeutic. He could teach his techniques to others, and he could undo mind control attempts as well as blackmail operations to a certain extent. He had discovered ways to free a being from all those secretive control factors and restore control to the individual. He refused to work for the ONR, refused to work with the Soviets – considering them criminals, and refused, in general, to compromise with any individual or group attempting to lead him off course.

LRH had achieved a considerable reputation as a writer, and then as the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, before he died and that reputation has been continued and upheld by his students. He had a lot to say about exopolitics, ET, and even their ships – considering he seldom ventured into the subject of the contemporary political scene – yet he is never mentioned, never quoted, and never credited with being the discoverer of considerable material along these lines. This leads me to believe that none of the contemporary players in this “disclosure” game is sufficiently ethical to make disclosure work for our long-term benefit.

The author and his associates
This page: is the best I have found so far in establishing Bill Tompkins as a real person, technically gifted, and involved with the Navy and other groups.

His “editor” Robert M. Wood also worked at Douglas Aircraft (1954 and 156-1993) though never managed to meet Bill during that time (it was a big company). He was a UFO enthusiast, which is as much as I know about him at this point. I always suspect PhDs of being CIA assets.

I don’t know much about Nick Redfern either, though I have heard him interviewed. He is a younger chap and knows his way around the “alternative community” in the UK.

William_Mills_Tompkins in cockpit

Bill Tompkins as a pilot.

There is a rather revealing quote on the back cover of this book:

Early in 2001 I called on Admiral Hugh Webster…We had a five hour meeting on my ongoing book-writing concerning the extraterrestrial threats to our planet. After Admiral Webster read portions of my document and backup technical documentation, I asked Hugh, “how much of this can I include in a published book?” He said, “Bill, TELL IT ALL. This is most important to our country. Don’t leave anything out.”

Worth noting – 16 June 2016

16 June 2016

There were two announcements made on mainstream news today that I took note of:

1. On 8 April, 2016 a disruption in Saturn’s outer ring was recorded by the Cassini spacecraft. A black-and-white photo of this was posted 13 June by NASA, and many news agencies ran the story after that posting. Such disruptions are actually not that uncommon.


This is a closeup from the released image (PIA20485). The object on the right is Saturn moon Pandora.

David Wilcock has been told that the rings are composed of ET-made materials.

2. NASA has released a series of “recruiting posters” it commissioned for an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex in 2009. The release now is associated with NASA’s public campaign to explore Mars.

Per Corey Goode and others, such as William Mills Tompkins, Earth humans have been on Mars since the 1950s, and have established a secret base there for use as a manufacturing facility for products we are selling (or trading) to various ET groups.


“We Need You!”

Notes from the wild side, and YOLO

17 March 2015

From the esteemed pages of Wikipedia:

YOLO is an acronym for “you only live once”. Similar to carpe diem, it implies that one should enjoy life, even if that entails taking risks. The phrase and acronym are both used in youth culture and music, and were both popularized by the 2011 song “The Motto” by Canadian rapper Drake.

The phrase “you only live once” is commonly attributed to Mae West, but variations of the phrase have been in use for over 100 years, including as far back as (the German equivalent of) “one lives but once in the world” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his 1774 play Clavigo…

I recently encountered this popular idea in a slightly altered form on a site run by a guy named Tyler Durden and referred to often on Jean Haine’s blog about “the coming changes” before she recently stopped adding material to it. Durden’s version goes:

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

Now, I wish to make my position on this issue very clear:

This idea is incorrect, unethical, and untrue!

And in particular, it is unethical. Ethics has to do with the making of pro-survival decisions. If one truly believes that he only lives once and thereafter is “out of here” forever, one will make very different decisions about survival than if one was quite sure one would be returning again soon, and probably many, many times.

Moreover, the idea expressed in the Wikipedia article that this phrase supports living the life of a carefree risk-taker makes absolutely no sense to me. One might just as likely believe that having many lifetimes would allow for taking more risks in this one, than the other way around. Indeed many Christians apparently believe that after you die out of this life you must wait somewhere for the day of judgement, when your actions this lifetime will determine whether you end up in heaven or in hell. If I really believed that, I’d be ultra-careful, and that’s actually how I see most people behaving. They’re scared shitless they’ll screw up their one big change to get it right!

The latest from David Wilcock, and past lives

On the evening of 7 February, David gave a long presentation to a big room full of people at an event in the LA area called Conscious Life Expo. The presentation included data from “new insiders” about the oldest known ET invaders of our solar system, dating about 5 million years ago. They were giants (compared to us) and lived in the area for a considerable amount of time, until they caught the attention of their enemies (who thought they had been successfully banished) because of the rings they were building around Saturn.

David also revealed that the US runs a secret space program that controls several ships and has visited many places in and around this solar system.

During a follow-up interview David did on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, David mentioned a doctor who had done extensive research into past lives based on cases he saw in his deep regressive hypnotherapy practice. (I subscribe, by the way, to the LRH viewpoint that hypnotherapy is not safe for patients.) The doctor’s name is Michael Newton and he has a website (of course) and sells books (of course – though one or two have been scanned into PDFs available online) and is very sincere about his findings but not very circumspect about them. In other words, he sees the between lives process as necessary and desirable, including, apparently, the memory wipes that he works so hard to penetrate through with his therapy! In any case, this is a resource for those who don’t want to take Hubbard’s word for it on the subject of past lives and between lives.

Remote Viewing ET

Courtney Brown has recently started releasing videos about his latest project (the last being on 9/11) on remote viewing ET. He started with the “face on Mars” in the present and in the past. Sure enough, the remote viewers found Mars populated in the past, though not, I think, the original builders of the oldest ruins that exist there (remember – that could be 5 million years ago!).

The material obtained was pretty good considering how it was procured, and I look forward to the next release.


So, we have the Top Guys apparently willing to talk about a track of human experience extending back about 5 million years. That doesn’t quite match the 76 trillion years of track plumbed by Hubbard, but it is longer ago than most ET or other sources were discussing in the recent past. Sheldan Nidle’s sources, for instance, talk about 1 million years. Billy Meier’s contacts mentioned a few events of 22 million years ago, including an invasion of giants into this solar system. But most of the events they mentioned are less than a million years ago. After all a million years IS a LONG time!

I’m not sure what to make of these disclosures. This is not a complete list. But the predictions of coming doom are too prevalent to be worth mentioning. Yes, some sort of “doom” will arrive here sooner or later. The question is: How prepared will we be for it?