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4 April 2021

I have never written on this subject before, as I am not religiously trained. But the data and attention on this subject kept piling up, to the point where I feel that I should write about it.


madonna nursing
Amazing old painting by an unknown artist. Note all the symbolic energy radiating off the pair.

Easter celebrates the last day in a series of events related in various biblical stories. It is connected with the Jewish tradition of Passover, as these events are said to have occurred during the Jewish Passover.

Passover celebrates part of the Exodus story, which includes the parting of the Red Sea and other miraculous occurrences.

On the day we celebrate as Easter it is said that Jesus arose from death. This includes his ascent into Heaven.

As most are probably aware, Jesus had been killed by the Romans as a favor to various Jewish leaders who felt threatened by his activities. Tradition holds that he was nailed to a cross, where he died with the assistance of a Roman soldier who cut him with a lance.

It is a very emotional story, and full of the gruesomeness that we associate with the life and politics of those times. It is the foundational story on which Christianity as a redemptive faith is based.

Recent mentions – Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin is a conservative-leaning liberal from New York who currently lives in Los Angeles and has made a name for himself doing political commentary and interviews mostly as video podcasts.

In recognition of Easter, Dave invited a local Rabbi and a local Priest to come on the show and talk about these religious traditions in particular and also the larger problems that religion faces in the form of secular opposition such as that embodied in the “public health” mandates which closed many churches for an extended period of time.

Their discussion centered on the secular attack on religion and their attempts to maintain a balance in their congregations between the desire for a spiritual connection and concerns for personal and public health and safety. I have dealt with these issues elsewhere on this blog.

There is wide agreement among conservatives and religious people that the church closures violated the First Amendment and were unwarranted in the face of all evidence and rationality. I agree with this view.

Discussions with Christian believers

I often walk down to Old Sacramento on Saturdays, and there I meet people who wish to talk with passers by about Christianity. I have come to be well-acquainted George, his wife, and their beautiful black Lab. Yesterday I was met by Robert and his brother and we had a long discussion about faith and eternity.

Christians are sold on the idea that they visit Earth only once, where they are normally presented with numerous opportunities to follow The Lord. I told him of my understanding that people return to Earth numerous times. As this truth is blocked using various memory loss technologies, most consider it only a belief. This includes most Christians. I of course disagree with this and feel that the evidence for this truth is powerful enough to make it a basic fact of life.

The story of the crucifixion and resurrection is very important to Christians. Because of the numerous written accounts, they are convinced that these events actually did occur more or less as related in the Bible, and that we should assign to these events the significance that Jesus asked us to assign to them. I disagree with this, but not strenuously. It is a story that seems to have done some good over the centuries, and one I would not wish to pull out from underneath the people of Earth, like some old dirty rug, without a better story that might serve a similar purpose.

Without the technology of Confession as practiced in Scientology, our trespasses against societal agreements, as well as our own sense of personal integrity, can weigh heavily upon us. And this can be compounded by similar unresolved actions in our more distant past (past lives). This sense of guilt (that we are all “sinners”) can then be used by the unscrupulous to lead us to do things that further weaken our position in life. Christian teaching is one attempt to unburden us from this guilt so that we may live a free and proud life, even though we know we have done wrong. I don’t see this approach as very effective. I think Scientology works much better.

Christianity is influenced by Buddhist teachings on the subject of right action. Compassion and charity are seen as essential parts of life for believers. This opens the door, however, to tolerating wrong action in others. This is an essential paradox of human life that each belief system handles in its own way. Even the Scientology ethics methods, which includes the assignment of conditions and so forth, are not always easy to follow or obvious in their application.

Data obtained from Remote Viewing

Courtney Brown (Farsight Institute) and his remote viewers have addressed some of the incidents connected with Easter and the Exodus and have uncovered data which I consider significant.

For the full story, you can check out their older projects and trailers for their newer projects on YouTube.

But in a nutshell, when it comes to the Crucifixion, it appears that what is reported in the Bible is not totally accurate.

Jesus, it appears, had “heavenly” (ET) assistance and was working on a plan for Earth that his people hoped would be successful. They wanted to install a newer religious institution to replace the ones in that area (Judaism? Or was the Roman system more likely the target?) and this would require some major miraculous events that would get everyone fired up. All the Disciples were apparently in on the fibs surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection. It was the job of Judas to find someone who looked like Jesus who could be presented to the Romans for them to execute. A local religious fanatic was chosen (we have had problems with religious fanatics ever since!) and it was he who was killed by the Romans. Judas had to be accused of betraying Christ in order for the story to work, which apparently he gladly agreed to. The real Christ meanwhile retreated to a somewhat remote location, and over the next few days, the rest of the story, with some ET assistance apparently, was carried out. I’m not sure Jesus was literally pulled up into a space ship, but that is what the findings imply. All the Disciples then agreed to go out and promulgate the story as it exists in the Bible today. A small fib, they figured, was justified to forward their cause and claim the final “miracle” of Jesus’ life.

Courtney’s viewers later did projects on the parting of the Red Sea and on Moses. It seems these were also ET-assisted events. The bottom line is that ETs were significantly involved in the development of the Judeo-Christian stories as told in the Old and New Testaments. This is supported by Hubbard’s findings that religious belief was an important part of the control mechanisms put in place in other civilizations preceding those of Earth. If anything, they play a more important role out there, as we on Earth are the outcasts, less willing to accept these teachings and stories.

Conflicts of interest

This section is not meant to address the issues mentioned above.

But what I have written certainly paints a picture of confusion for all of us living here. And it does not solve through simple disbelief.

And so it goes with my attempts to find friendship.

Who is most likely to pursue a relationship with me? Someone who sees me as relatively safe, kind, and tolerant, and who needs that because of previous experiences. So, who has reached for me the hardest? Two woman who are overweight and emotionally compromised.

They have both had children with husbands who eventually left them. Why those separations or divorces occurred is lost in the mists of time. But what happened subsequently was similar for both women. They fell in love with men with major emotional and health problems. In one case, this eventually led to an eviction and subsequent homelessness for over a year. In the other case, the man died one night of complications from a recent illness, even as she struggled to revive him.

Both of these women desperately want and need a stable partner, but are very unlikely to find him because they themselves are in such bad shape. I am sure this is the sad story of many women – and men – as they lived through the hopefulness of youth only to find their training and personality failing them as they grew older.

What am I to do with such people? I am no messiah! And there is no system currently present that is fully equipped to help these women live out the later years of their lives with some dignity and happiness. The “mental health” system has totally failed us. It is based on a “psychology” more perverse than any religious story ever written, resulting in practices that could easily be seen as the work of the Devil himself.

The more society believes in this secular form of “redemption,” the more it caves in on itself. I have referred both these women to Scientology. But one is a TV addict and barely literate. And the other has been thoroughly seduced by the new secular “religion” that involves psychology, molecular biology, genetics and drugs. If either of them pulls through into a better place, it will truly be a miracle.

And so goes the planet…

Far Sight

20 January 2021

For several reasons, I think it’s time to talk about remote viewing.

I’m not going to get into whether it’s cool or not or its origins or limitations.

It is a method for obtaining data what would otherwise be very difficult to obtain.

And Courtney has found a way to present his results that is entertaining and useful.

You can watch the trailers for all his major projects, plus selected full projects (mostly from years ago) at his open site, the Farsight Institute. His paid site, Farsight Prime, contains the full versions of all recent major projects, a lot of other material, plus comments and a forum for some social interaction.

With his paid site (plus donations) Courtney is currently supporting at least five viewers who are working rather intensely on a constant stream of projects.

Courtney and what he has uncovered

Courtney works as an assistant professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His academic work focuses on using robust mathematics to model socio-political systems.

He has also been into meditation, remote viewing and related work since around 1990. He is about 2 years older than I am. In the past ten years or so, he has really beefed up his remote viewing activities (he is the project manager and trainer) and discovered all sorts of important data about Earth and human experience. He is intensely involved in this work and believes that it is needed in order to save us from being overwhelmed by external forces that we are not currently adequately aware of.

His findings align very well with Hubbard’s research findings, which is one reason I support his work. I find his theory about how and why remote viewing works over-complicated, but after all he is deep into higher math. We will not be discussing that aspect of his work here.

Farsight and the lockdown

I had stopped following Courtney’s work a couple years ago on advice of my ethics officer. But when my church was closed, I was going crazy trying to find ways to keep myself occupied, so I re-engaged with his work and subscribed to his paid site.

In the time I had been away he had discovered some really amazing stuff! (Not that amazing to me, but then, I’m a Scientologist.) I was truly impressed by where he had taken his work, and how close in he was getting to some major facts of life here on Earth.

I list his more recent projects later. But what I want to concentrate on in this post are his viewers. These young people are all worthy of your respect in their own right. And his four female viewers (more coming soon?) are all physically very pretty as well as having great personalities. I ascribe this in no small part to the discipline required to do this work. At this point, the group is an incredible team that is obviously working closely together and enjoying it.


Aziz is Courtney’s son, and the first young person he trained as a viewer. I don’t know what Aziz does professionally, but as a viewer he is especially strong at confronting the evil and vile actions that beings can commit against each other. His presentations are commonly direct and chilling.


PrinCess Jeaneé was the first young woman that Courtney trained. She is now a mom and also works as a trainer. She has been through a LOT of projects with Courtney, including the MLK assassination. She is very good at connecting with people and “making friends” with beings who would seem cold and heartless to most of us. She has done some very emotional presentations, as has Aziz.


Melena Hall was focusing on being a makeup artist before she hooked up with Farsight. In earlier projects she used to furnish a lot of color illustrations to help expand on the crude sketches done by other viewers. But now they mostly draw on a light board, and no other drawings are included in the presentations. She is a very methodical viewer.


Trudy Benjamin was doing modeling and other work before joining Farsight, and still does. She normally maintains what I might refer to as an exceptional appearance on camera. Her descriptions are always engaged but matter-of-fact. She doesn’t over-perform. I like her choice of clothes. (!!)


Kahmia Dunson has been operating for some time as “modern afro hippie.” She is a model and deserves to be, with an usually pretty face and very nice figure. She has a “style” in her presentations that is sort of flippant and amused. She doesn’t like to describe subjects as “dead” the way Aziz or Melena might. She prefers “not there” or other descriptions that expose their spiritual and emotional state. She’s very into spiritual stuff, has a ton of admirers, and generally speaking is awfully attractive. Wish I knew more girls like that!

The projects and the story

Let’s go ahead and list a bunch of Courtney’s projects:

  • Exploding Planet – Maldek
  • Great Giza Pyramid
  • Atlantis
  • JFK assassination
  • MLK assassination
  • Hitler
  • 9/11
  • Mars base
  • Aliens on Mars
  • Aliens on Iapetus
  • The Phoenix Lights
  • Roswell
  • Area 51
  • Tunguska
  • War in Heaven
  • Moses
  • Secret Moon Missions
  • Oumuamua
  • Death Traps (Between Lives)
  • Where We Came From
  • Human Leadership Compromised (Popes)
  • Zeus
  • Pandemic Origin
  • Göbekli Tepe
  • Eye of the Sahara
  • origin of Star Wars idea
  • Ra (Egypt)
  • Dinosaurs and the Extinction Event
  • Reptilians Past and Present

This isn’t even all of them.

I don’t know if you can see the pattern here, but basically he was finding ET involvement in almost every major event his viewers looked at. Not the political assassinations particularly, nor 9/11. But just about everything else.

Courtney was contacting ET entities starting very early in his remote viewing work, when he was doing viewing himself. He managed to form some sort of relationship with one of their councils. He adamantly believes that there are some ET groups that would be willing to help us with some of the other ET groups if we demonstrate that we are worthy of help. Are we?

So even though Courtney is deadly serious about his work, this particular post is more about the entertainment value of his work. Look at these handsome and beautiful young viewers! What a treat to watch them work! I’m in love all over again!



13 September 2020

This is a work of fiction about a remote viewing group (that is real) which helps pave the way for more honesty across the planet.

Sacramento Trip Updates

14 June 2017

street sign in everett

13 June: (I had written this part up earlier, but the draft is on another computer.) I rode Northwest Trailways from Pullman to Seattle. It takes the northern route, through Leavenworth and Stevens Pass. It’s prettier than the Greyhound route, but takes longer. I arrived in the late afternoon and stayed in a place called the Panama Hotel. This place is a lightly-restored hotel built in 1910 for immigrants from Asia. Jan Johnson operates it and she puts a lot of effort into it. It’s different than a “modern” hotel, but was fine for me. She sees it as a kind of museum.

14 June: The Amtrak Coast Starlight pulled out of King Street Station around 9:30 in the morning. That meant we could see the sites all the way to the California border. After an uneventful morning, I stayed in the observation car after lunch, and some interesting people got on somewhere early in our trip through Oregon. One guy had a guitar and sat down and started playing. Later he had an intense political discussion about the absence of wisdom in modern society.

leaving train station salem oregon

15 June: The train pulled into Sacramento just a little after sunrise. I started walking. I found a breakfast place open early and had some fresh fruit and a muffin. Then I walked east until I got to Sutter’s Fort (1839-1848) and photographed an egret sitting in a pool outside, looking a bit dejected. There are lots of shops in “Midtown” but most don’t open until 10 or so. I slowly made my way back downtown, where I visited my church and made a donation.

heron in pond by sutter's fort

Then I went out to the Econolodge and signed in. My 25-day stay broke my debit card, but I called BECU’s 1-800 number and got it fixed. My realtor came by a little later and took me to the one mobile home park that agreed to look at my application. We planned to prepare the paperwork the next morning and then turn it in.

After that I went across the freeway to Fry’s and got the computer I’m typing this on, as my little Linux-based netbook would not connect properly.

16 June: Took all morning to prepare the paperwork, but my realtor was happy with it and the lady at the park liked it, too. After I got back from that, I finally managed to connect to the internet. This motel uses an unsecured Wi-Fi network with a browser “landing page” that prompts you for a password. This is supposed to happen automatically, but with some computers you might have to type in the URL of the landing page.

It has turned VERY hot in Sacramento, so I waited as long as I could to go out to shop at Foodsco. This is one of those BIG grocery stores, in this case run by Kroger. It is one of four stores in the Sacramento area. They don’t always show up when you search for “grocery stores.” Poorer people come to shop there, as the prices are pretty good. The selection, however, is heavy on the processed foods side. I found the produce decent, and located some good yogurt, too.

17 June: We are expecting above 100F during the daytime for at least a week if not longer. I am staying inside mostly, though did go out for lunch and more groceries. I downloaded and watched Courtney Brown’s latest remove viewing project which was on Area 51 (officially, the Groom Lake facility). It was pretty good and confirmed what others have reported about it: MagLev trains, multi-story underground research complexes, ET involvement and genetic experimentation. When one of Courtney’s remote viewers sees something, you have to take it seriously. So a lot of the Area 51 scuttlebutt is the real deal. I suggest David Adair’s stories for more data about what it was like there maybe 30-40 years ago.

18 June: I got up “early” and took the 86 bus downtown. The ride only took about 15 minutes. I stayed on and went back out to Discovery Park by the American River where I walked around for a while. Then I caught the next bus back to Northgate Blvd, and a short walk up to the motel. They are expecting the hottest 18 June on record today – above 105F – so I didn’t want to stay outside too long.

19-20 June: Another visit to my church, another donation. Then today I went to a “coworking” place near downtown to get a more reliable (and secure) internet connection than is available at the motel. Internet cafes are starting to drift out of fashion, what with internet connection via mobile phone becoming so common. So now some are beefing up their infrastructure a bit and offering it to “serious” computer users, usually at a price. I, however, got in on a “free day pass” plus a muffin and two iced herb teas.

Thoughts from yesterday:
Met a woman who owned a house in Reno, was planning to move to Sac, but keep the house in Reno and rent it out. This follows the modern pattern of the financially better-enabled of somehow creating an asset pool, then living off the income from it. The trick is to acquire the asset in the first place. If you get a really good-paying job and save a lot, you can do it. But to me there seems something wrong in it…

Today watched an interview with Niara Isley, an ex-airman who got used as slave labor on the moon. She came out at least 6 years ago, and has been telling the same story the whole time, and also wrote a book. Like Corey Goode, she has turned to the New Age movement for solace and support. This is apparently allowable for people who are trying to blow the whistle on the secret space program.

21-22 June: Have been travelling around a lot on the light rail. Went to both ends of the blue line; still have to do that with the two other lines. I stopped off at some different places, such as the Broadway part of the Oak Park neighborhood. Went out and visited the house where I will be staying when I move here. It is located in a part of the city where they didn’t have to put in sidewalks when they were building the houses there. Very strange.

23-27 June: Church events, a visit to Old Sacramento, and more planning for the move have filled the hours these recent days. I’ll be putting together more articles before too long.

28 June – 2 July: I have completed most of the planning for the move and visited some more Sacramento attractions. The Discover Museum, destined to become the Powerhouse Science Center, was a calm and relaxing visit that included several live animals, along with a body health exhibit and the beginnings of some “hard science” exhibits. This museum is aimed primarily at kids.

rocket engine on display

Rocket engine displayed outside at the Discovery Museum.

3 – 5 July: This was mostly move preparations. However, on July 4th I was more or less stranded because mass transit was on a holiday schedule.

On 3 July I visited Arden Fair, a very nice mall.

arden fair mall merry-go-round

Yes, this mall has a merry-go-round.

It’s an all-indoor mall, two stories (similar to the Glendale Galleria but not as big), dominated by clothing stores and cell phone shops. I got a cell phone there, as “tethering” to my PC will be the only way for me to connect to the internet at my new residence. It works rather well, but costs more than just regular phone use.

I got to the mall by walking over the railroad tracks from the Swanston light rail station. There is an old idiom: “wrong side of the tracks.” To quote the internet:

The common explanation is that in the old days of steam locomotives, the wind would tend to blow the soot to one side of the tracks. The sootier side would then become the poorer / industrialized neighborhood.

This phenomenon is in play along these railroad tracks, though it is more common these days for both sides of the tracks to look in bad shape, as commerce gravitated away from trains towards roads and freeways. The light rail (northwest) side of those tracks is run down and industrialized. On the other side there is more of a corporate presence and also some fancy neighborhoods.

Today (5 July) I visited the Natural Foods Co-op and my new neighborhood “across the tracks.” It’s in an unincorporated part of Sacramento called “Del Paso Manor.” There are about twenty or thirty suburban neighborhoods surrounding Sacramento that are still known by the original names given to the subdivisions when they were first developed. Many of these up in the Arcade area don’t have any sidewalks on the streets. Definitely designed for a drive-in / drive-out lifestyle. It will be interesting to ride around these areas on a bicycle.