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Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

5 February 2016

To all the proud women I have had the pleasure to be associated with…may you flourish and prosper!

The photos

I never took that many photos of friends and relatives. When I was with such people I wanted to be with them, not taking pictures of them. So most of these photos were taken by others.

I very often remember people the way they looked when they made the biggest impression on me. And in keeping with the season, these photos show these women when they were young, or how they looked when I first met them.

How old was your mother when you first saw her face? This is the age range that women tend to be in when we think of them as most attractive. When they are still happy and healthy and active. Society has turned faces like this into icons, symbols of beauty and attractiveness. Yet, first and foremost, they are the outward appearance that reflects the state of the being animating that body. We all realize that.

Grandma Campbell

Grandma Campbell

Grandma Cox

Grandma Cox









Donna and Barbie

Donna and Barbie…from kids…

Barbie and Donna

…to grownups…Barbie and Donna.

rock art study girls

The rock art study girls.

gamelan girls

The gamelan girls.







Susan's friends

Susan’s friends.

women of the Sea Org

Women of the Sea Org.

The song

My family had the Weavers at Carnegie Hall record (1957) and we played it all the time. I remember all the songs on it, I think. But this stands out as an ode to one of the central attractions to human life – the kiss.

(This video has been moved or deleted…)