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13 September 2012

My Page on Dancing

Dancing is one of those interesting riddles that we have not solved on this planet.

Dancing is great fun. It can also have sexual overtones. The more lively forms are an excellent form of exercise. It adds significantly to one’s appreciation of music, and allows one to participate in music if one cannot play an instrument or sing. It has been incorporated into many forms of ritual. And “uptight” people hate it, because they can’t do it.

When a person dances, he either looks like a fool or like someone who is obviously trying to attract attention to himself. And so, when a society comes under the control of the “uptight,” dance can be frowned upon or perverted into something sleazy.

Yet dancing with others in a group, where all are at ease in the situation (which partly means just knowing how to do the same kind of dances the rest of the group is doing) is a high pleasure.

At its highest levels, dance is an art form. At the popular level, it is something to be enjoyed by anyone of any age. The linked page tells a bit about how I learned to enjoy it.

Later Note: See the video library of the group “Jiggy” for some great dance videos!