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Avaaz begins to get it

22 September 2012

I got a link today in my email to an article on the Avaaz website.

I posted that link on my other blog with their graphic, which I think says a lot.

My Universe – Current Events – Avaaz begins to get it.

Avaaz was set up by some idealistic people who hope to change the world by getting people from around the world to sign petitions concerning specific issues.

I had seen this approach as kind of knee-jerk (reactive – waiting for something bad to happen, then reacting to it) but they also have a more proactive side which is very well illustrated in their article.

They are attracted to the idea that the Salifists could be the ones behind all this agitation we are seeing in the news. This is a step forward in their thinking, but it still violates a principle that I try to follow when I look at current events: An event begins when an individual thinks of creating it. That individual may use a group to help him create the event, but the truth is that every group is also composed of individuals. The key to solving a problem is to locate the individual creating it. Blaming any event on a group usually gets us nowhere.

The slideshow in the Avaaz article is so effective at demonstrating how “Muslim” DOES NOT EQUAL “angry” that I very much urge you to take a look at it.