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21 June 2016

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and creating widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. – Wikipedia

the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. – Google

The David Wilcock “Cosmic Disclosure” discussion topic for this week included the concept of transhumanism.

I have gone over this topic in my article “The Model” and others.

I just want to reiterate it, because these spiritually-oriented people who aren’t aware of LRH’s work don’t know about this. Advocates of transhumanism are, for the most part, not spiritually-oriented. And many New Agers, like Wilcock, think the idea is a bunch of BS. But they don’t really understand why.

The 2045 Initiative's avatar concept

The 2045 Initiative’s “Avatar Concept.”

The first and most glaring error in this concept, which its proponents should be well-aware of, though most of the public are not, is that there is NO WAY that a person’s personality is “stored” in the brain. Thus, there is no way to transfer a personality out of a brain and into some other container.

A spiritual being, with it’s mind (personality) can become convinced that it is trapped (that’s what bodies have been all about) but that does not mean that this is in fact the case.

Even “amateur” students of spiritual technologies can learn to go exterior, remember past lives, remote view, and do other things that demonstrate that the personality, or “awareness unit” is “non-local” (a physics term used to describe interactions that do not seem to involve any physical contact).

LRH said, simply, that it was non-physical. I have stated in some places that any theory of physics or cosmology (origin of the physical universe) really needs a postulated non-physical “intelligence” or source of intention, to make any logical sense. How can it be argued that a physical system, which has never been demonstrated to have any creative potential, but only transformative potential (E=mC^2), could be created by any known physical process? All the cosmologists can logically argue is that our current physical universe started out as something else physical that was very different than what we have now. Such a theory is as old as the Vedas, and was probably stolen from them.

If any true creation ever occurred, it had to be created by something entirely else. LRH postulated that something, called it “theta” and theorized that if each of us were actually a piece of theta (a “thetan”) that this would explain a lot not only about people but about the universe.

Using an electronic meter, LRH developed a technique for locating and coaxing out ancient human memories, even dating them to some level of precision, and from this work developed an “average” timeline for most Earth humans – for use by his auditing students – in a publication known as the “Individual Track Map.”

What LRH found, by consulting human memory, was that beings started totally “free” (but stupid) and collected or created things around them that eventually became bodies. The earliest forms of bodies were pure energy, known my New Agers as “light bodies.” Most New Agers believe that when a person ascends, he does so in a light body. As the density of the energies a being surrounded itself with increased, light bodies led to “doll” (inanimate/inorganic) bodies, robot (machine) bodies, and finally “meat” (biological) bodies. In this final body form, we actually share control of the biological machine with a “lower” being that takes care of the machine’s basic workings, as it is exceedingly complex. When higher beings originally invented biology, it was not clear that they intended to get themselves stuck in it, but that’s what happened.

Thus, immortality of the personality is a given, and we do not need a tougher, more long-lasting body to achieve it. Stories abound of biological human bodies that survive for hundreds of years. So this whole pitch of transhumanism is a fallacy, a con game, a lie, a trick.

We don’t need bodies to explore the universe. I don’t suppose we’d even need them to conquer the universe. Most space-faring societies seem to be quite stuck with biological or semi-biological bodies, and that’s one of their biggest current problems. I have seen numerous drawings and sketches of ET beings and while they could be said to be quite amazing in many ways, many of them do not seem that healthy. All that would have to happen was for Earth’s natural environment to shift off “normal” by 10 percent or less, and we would end up looking not very healthy, either.

Many New Agers almost worship bodies. That puts them, just so you know, at -5.0 on the Tone Scale (which goes from -40 to +40) and at “EAT” on the Know to Mystery Scale (where the top is KNOW). It’s not safe to sit anywhere lower than 2.0 on the Tone Scale which is the make-break point between minus and plus emotion. Worshiping bodies is what got us into this whole mess in the first place.

If you WANT to be a part of the ecosystem, then you do need to take care of the ecosystem. That goes without saying. With so many beings here on Earth (to say nothing of all the other places where this holds true) so tied up with biology, it makes sense to become skilled caretakers of ecosystems. But that’s not the way out! Biology has become a trap for us. It used to be an interesting hobby. If we want to turn it back into an interesting hobby, then, we need to learn to free ourselves of it, at the same time we learn better how to care for it.

To be free of biological bodies, and all those other worn out body forms, is to be free to be anything you want, be anywhere you want, do anything you want, and know anything you want. It opens back up a world – a universe – of experience that we got a large and confused dose of on our way down and definitely deserves more exploration from a fresh perspective, I think. Why worry about making one’s body “immortal” when we could have spiritual freedom instead?

1980 in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Jumping on a rock bridge overlooking the Colorado River hundreds of feet below – 1980.


June 2016 review of recent news and interviews

12 June 2016

Note: Since Jean has stopped maintaining her site, and most related sites are overly commercial, I plan to write more on this site. I am not actively promoting my blog, and I don’t intend to. But I have things to say, and if there is a public place to say those things, I will use it.

Let’s start with something I stumbled across fairly recently. I might mention here that most information sources on the internet do not bother to cross-reference their material with other sources. Thus, if I don’t keep up with Rense (as an example – his website is filled with trash) then I could quite possibly miss an event of interest to me because while he is reporting on it, no one else is referring to those reports.

The only place this breaks down is on sites like YouTube which lists videos in the sidebar that are related to the one you are viewing. This is as close as most of the internet gets to information integration. I think many “powerful” people are afraid that if we started integrating the information put out by various different sources that we might begin to get a clue of what’s really going on.

An example of such a recent release was a book entitled “Selected by ETs” by William Mills Tompkins, released in December of 2015. He subsequently gave several interviews, mostly with Jeff Rense. Rense released a short video and many photos said to be of German spacecraft.

Michael Salla (Exopolitics) also talked with Tompkins.

Though this has all the signs of a controlled information release, that may be about the only type of release most of us are going to see (this includes most “whistle blower” releases) except for maybe Hubbard’s work and a few others.

Tompkins gives almost the exact same story that Corey Goode is telling us (minus the most recent events) about the development of the secret space program. The story, basically, is that now that we have developed machine technologies and electronics to the level of working robots, we are seen as useful to the various ET “Space Opera” societies for many reasons. Some want to use us as slaves, while others simply want us as trading partners or want to attempt to reform us so we don’t venture out into space with weapons of mass destruction. So various ET groups have contacted various Earth groups with various offers of “help.” One result of one such offer was the secret space program, started by the Nazis in the early 1900s. Tompkins was privy to information collected by US spies in Germany before and during World War 2.

Steven Greer announces new film and push for full disclosure 14 April 2016.

This is another recent event that gives us the New Age view of disclosure, which would include the possibility of a spiritual and cultural renaissance on Earth. This would be possible because one of the technologies being kept secret is “free energy” which, if fully disclosed, could end the rampant use of fossil fuels on the planet.

Greer believes that the only important ETs out there are the ones who want to bring us spiritual enlightenment and a better social life. He dismisses reports of “bad” ETs as a product of the human groups who want to keep ET contact a secret. This does not entirely fit with the secret space program story.

In early May Jean Haines reported that an interview of financial advisor Jim Willie by Rick Wiles on 29 April 2016 had been banned by YouTube. I have previously mentioned this interview. Rick is a Christian who believes in End Times. Jim no longer lives in the US, having moved to someplace in South America. He told Rick that the “White Dragon Society” offered the West an ultimatum regarding the use of the US dollar in international trade. He also believes that the Russian church leader warned the European church leader (the Pope) that immoral practices at the highest levels will not be tolerated for very much longer.

On 29 May 2016 David Wilcock updated his blog with an article entitled “Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot!”

According to “high-level intel” Draco ships were attacked over Antarctica. David believes that various groups are afraid of an “ascension event” predicted by the Law of One group in the 1980s. To limit its impact on their power structure, they want to implement a “partial disclosure” scenario in which the public are brought up to speed over the course of 2 or three generations, rather than all at once.

This is what Corey Goode has been reporting to David in his ongoing interviews, delayed-broadcast once every week. The group that wants partial disclosure seems to have the upper hand at this point. Apparently they fear public reprisals if everyone were to suddenly learn everything.

Abby Martin interviews Mark Crispin Miller 4 June 2016.

I believe I found this interview via the Veterans Today website. As far as I can tell, Abby is not a New Ager. She’s basically out to just expose secret stuff that various power groups – which she sees as some sort of government-business alliance – are perpetrating on the planet. She sees all this as a new development made possible by new technologies. Thus her awareness of the true situation is significantly below that of the New Agers who realize that ET has been visiting earth for millions of years, and using such technologies that whole time.

Mark goes over some of the basic mechanisms and methods of “modern” (20th and 21st century) propaganda. I guess they hope their work will help the rest of us see through these control technologies. However, similar technologies have been in place, basically, forever. Our lack of ability to remember this is one result of these technologies.

Sheldan Nidle continues to post weekly “updates.”

Sheldan’s “ET” sources are almost for sure not what they are pretending to be. They give Sheldan data similar to what Wilcock and others are getting. A typical info-bite from his 7 June update says: “The election in America is expected to be delayed when a new NESARA government can be formally declared.”

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about Sheldan’s messages is their consistency. He is not liked in the alternative news community, though, because he made some predictions that never came true. I think he is more likely the target of a counter-info campaign, like Hubbard is.

Mike Harris interviews Ben Fulford 7 June 2016.

I have also mentioned Benjamin Fulford before. He is a Canadian idealist living in Japan. His father was a diplomat and Ben has a host of “inside” connections. The interesting thing about his reports is that he is in Asia and in direct contact with Asian groups (he speaks Japanese, possibly some Chinese) in particular the “White Dragon Society.” Jim Willie is probably getting most of his data about Asia from Ben Fulford.

Ben, however, has no interest in all the New Age stuff, in particular that old religious story that many of them cling to that someone from off-planet is going to come down here and help us out of this mess. I don’t believe that story, either, but I think it is quite possible that ET has contacted many humans and human groups offering “help.”

Ben’s big weakness is in his understandings about criminality. This is in fact a major weakness of most people. He sees the major motivation of criminals as greed (unearned profit). He knows that the criminal groups have smart people in them, so he figures they can be reasoned with. Hubbard’s research indicates this is simply not the case.

Real criminals (compulsive liars who are unable to work or cooperate with others due to fear) have fallen below the level of self-awareness necessary to see themselves as having a proper place in human society. They are criminals because of events that happened millions of years ago. If their parents beat them, they probably deserved it; recent history has little if any bearing on how they think and act.

The bright criminal mind (not all are that bright) is capable of significant levels of operation and deceit. They have been on a program of bringing down the level of human culture to their level for a very long time. A lot of us are here on Earth because we resented those programs. And a lot of them are also here on Earth because they took it too far.

All the managers wanted were ways to control various chronic problems. What they often got was more than they bargained for. It was often the more brilliant criminals that served as consultants to managers. Their solutions are always technology-based (mechanical) solutions. They are uniformly terrified of real spiritual powers, though many of them know these exist. One of their strategies is to pull people with psychic abilities into their programs where they can be watched and controlled – and eliminated if they get too out of hand. Corey Goode is apparently an example of this.

An old criminal strategy is to secretly create problems for managers and then turn around and offer the “solutions.” You’d think management would catch on, but so far, they have not. In a human group, the strategies and arguments of the true criminals can be quite forceful. A being may well feel that he would have to be willing to give up his life in order to oppose them. Then of course if he is killed, his work would stop, unless he was sufficiently spiritually skilled to carry on without a body.

Hubbard’s Operating Thetan, or anyone else at a similar level of spiritual ability, could take on real criminals with some success. For most of us, dealing directly with such beings is a big risk. Hubbard’s booklet “The Way to Happiness” could be seen as a set of suggestions for avoiding getting involved with real criminals. Your only other real choice if you want to rise above them is spiritual advancement. This is what “Ascension” offers (falsely I believe) and what Hubbard offers (honestly I believe).

Disclosure would be an interesting change; a turning point for Earth. But will it be a turning point in the upwards or in the downwards direction? This will depend on our ability to rise above the criminal mind and all its influences on us. We must turn away from merely technological solutions. The way ahead is in the direction of greater spiritual ability.

Latest news from the Alternative Media

20 March 2016

Note: WordPress has changed its “backend” app a bit, and I am using it for the first time. I usually write in “HTML” mode but today I’m trying WYSIWYG, called “visual” mode.

I thought it was time to share some data and thoughts about what’s been going on at the sites I follow the most. I’m not really ready to say anything really profound or lucid, but I may never be ready, and it’s time to say something.

Mention of these topics have been included in the two most recent posts. Let’s review what’s been going on at some of these sites:

Jean Haines‘ site, here, has been going through some changes. Jean has lost some of the enthusiasm she once had for collecting up interesting articles from various sources and presenting them in full on her own blog. She had a good community of followers who cared about many of her favorite topics and wanted to offer their own 2 cents or solutions. I tried to make my comments from the perspective of a Scientologist without being overly critical of other viewpoints, though sometimes I couldn’t help myself. More recently she has taken to just posting groups of links, which makes it more difficult to focus on particular stories.

She also told us not too long ago that she had been undergoing some sort of spiritual therapy which included contacting incidents involving her mother’s attempts to abort her. Hubbard described many such incidents in his first book, Dianetics, so this has been known about since the 1950s. Such incidents can be quite aberrative. She also told us that she felt her website was being attacked. These two situations together have led her to reduce the amount of time she is spending on her website. That’s probably a good thing.

She has been very interested in the story of Thomas Deegan, a man in West Virginia who has been accused of threatening terrorist acts. What he was really trying to do was replace what he feels are illegal state institutions with legal ones. I have not been following this issue, but Jean found it fascinating.

Another story she was following was the Oregon ranchers situation at the wildlife refuge. This resulted in the murder of a man about my age, Lavoy Finicum, by the Oregon State Police and/or the FBI at a roadblock that had been set up to stop his car from going to a meeting with a local Sheriff. This story also involved issues of the legality of government agencies and their actions.

Jean has also been interested in global politics, the relative merits of a leader like Putin versus one like Obama, and various esoteric matters concerning who is really pulling the strings and who knows what the real secrets are. The issue of “false flag events” such as 9/11 has also been a recurring theme.

On the more spiritual side, she has been swayed by the “New Age” teachings of people like Drunvalo Melchizedek (a man who used to be named Bernard Perona, a UC Berkeley graduate who experienced a “walk in ” in 1972). He has been telling people that a kind of “ascension” will occur at some point in the not-too-distant future that will involve a big spiritual upgrade for everybody.

David Wilcock

David is another “ascension dude.” He is younger, only 43 now. He has been very interested for many years in finding scientific studies that demonstrate (he says “prove”) spiritual principles, like sacred geometry, and the importance of light in communicating what most of us think of as genetic information. He has intensively researched many “esoteric” subjects, has connections with people like Richard Hoagland, Pete Peterson (not an internet personality), Project Camelot, Ben Fulford, and most recently Corey Goode. He also has various confidential contacts he refers to as “sources.”

David had not written anything on his site since December of last year, then on 6 March posted a new article. He had recently finished three presentations at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles (he lives in that area) totaling about 11 hours and has otherwise been very busy writing, making videos, and getting sick.

He continues to work on his own view of what “ascension” is, but sees it as somewhat tied to “disclosure,” the process of releasing all sorts of information kept secret for many decades, and concerning in particular ET and its role in the history of Earth. Corey Goode just sort of “showed up” with a huge load of information on these topics, and David has helped Corey make all this public. The central subject of Corey’s data is the secret space program, which apparently is the main reason that the military-industrial complex exists.

Other players

There are a lot of people out there trying to get various secrets uncovered.

Dr. Steven Greer ( a medical doctor from North Carolina and just a few months younger than me) has amassed all sorts of data about ETs and our political and technology ties to them. He gave a 4 hour talk about this in Washington D.C. at the end of November last year.

Catherine Austin Fitts has a lot of knowledge about the “black budget” and ideas about how communities can take back control of their financial wealth. She is willing to look at data about ET involvement but is skeptical. She thinks some major financial adjustments must happen soon, but believes that violent changes are not in the interest of most of the secret managers.

Veterans Today runs articles by a variety of “insiders” but has too many ads for my liking. They have heavily covered the Syria and Ukraine conflicts, and other similar past ones. Their writers include some who just rant and others who are a little more circumspect about their information.

There are many, many others contributing to these stories.

The general theme is that the individuals and groups who most of us have seen as national or global leaders are mere puppets under the control of individuals and groups that have always been secretive and that have an uncanny ability to corrupt and take over once-independent institutions.

How this all fits into what I have been studying

What Hubbard discovered, and which functions as a vessel – if not creator – of tons of information which most of us are not even aware of, is the source of life. He calls it “theta” as a generalization, and individual instances of it “thetans.” The symbol – θ – is a Greek letter associated with death in their culture and with the soul in some earlier cultures. It has numerous technical meanings, as do most of the other Greek letters.

This brings us to an interesting question: Did theta want its creatures or creations to remain unaware of it, in a similar way that the real managers of Earth wish to remain a secret?

It turns out that this question doesn’t make much sense. Theta is the only thing capable of being aware. So the proper way to ask the question is: Did individuals choose to “dumb themselves down” on purpose? And the answer seems to be, YES. If you were all-knowing, could read minds, see through or around any barrier, how would you go about making life a little more interesting? And the answer is, apparently, by forgetting – or hiding – some of the things you are – or could be – aware of.

Hubbard’s firm belief is that we took this approach way too far. It’s OK to pretend, but to completely forget? Something was coaxing us to become less aware than was really good for us. In 1952 he was blaming this problem on the physical universe itself. But even then he was realizing that certain individuals seemed to be particularly active in this regard. Later on he began to call the most active among these “suppressive persons.” These are roughly equivalent to what more enlightened psychologists call “psychopaths” and what I have come to call “true criminals.” It is theorized that such persons were at one time more or less like the rest of us, but at some point got caught up in one or more incidents that convinced them that everyone else was out to get them – a kind of universal fear. The “solution” to this fear for most of these people is some form of psychopathy. The trick to stay well and happy in an environment where such people exist is to be able to spot them and handle them so they stay out of your life and the lives of as many others as possible. If most of the criminal justice system weren’t already under the influence of such people, its main job would presumably be to assist communities in spotting and handling such people. The most successful handling for such people seems to be to “confine” them to an area where there is lots of space. All that space helps dispel the fear. I’m really not sure what such a facility would look like. LRH recommended using a desert area.

One big point that Hubbard contributed to this subject concerns the question of how long this whole process has been going on. His research subjects could “date locate” incidents as far back as 76 trillion “years.” Though a year must be considered a subjective interval of time in this type of research, he says his results were pretty consistent.

Per people like David Wilcock, the histories of the oldest-known ET civilizations go back millions of years, if not much longer. This is consistent with Hubbard’s findings. He also found that most of us have not been on this planet very long – maybe a few thousand years. No other researcher I am aware of has been able to figure that out. Without the skilled use of Hubbard’s techniques, you are as blind as a bat about who was where when doing what.

Other “confirmed facts” of history

There are at least two areas of deep history that most in the alternative realities community agree on at this point: Atlantis and Maldek. Maldek has other names, and Atlantis is also understood to have been just one of at least two if not more population centers on Earth in our “pre-history.” Maldek was a planet in our solar system that was destroyed and became the Asteroid Belt. Most think this happened, in rough numbers, about 1/2 a million years ago. Hubbard and many others think the destruction was caused by war.

Atlantis also destroyed itself somehow. In fact, this may have occurred several times on earth, to different colonizers. War has been a fact of life for a long time. It is quite capable of killing an entire biosphere (planet). The realization that we could do this to Earth is one reason Hubbard and many others have been trying to do something effective to prevent it.

It is also agreed by most that a similar thing happened to Mars. By some accounts, Mars was once a moon of Maldek. Many moons in this solar system were, or are still, inhabited. Many of them, including our Moon, are thought to be artificial bodies disguised to look like small lifeless planets. According to Corey Goode (and he’s not the only one by any means) many groups have bases on our Moon, on Mars, and at other locations in this solar system. Hubbard also identified the Moon and Mars as locations for ancient control bases.


Everyone would like to have enough control to feel safe and comfortable in familiar surroundings. But psychopaths don’t feel safe and comfortable until everyone else is dead. And so the need for secrets.

The operation(s) that resulted in Earth as we know it today was a secret in the societies that most of us came from, and may still be. It was an operation designed to get rid of all the dissenters and non-conformists and put them somewhere “safe.” This is per Hubbard’s research.

Part of the operation was to make us forget past lives and give us short body lives to slow down our re-development. Apparently the major group running this operation got bored with it after a while and wandered off. While they were away, we remembered a few things, including atomic weapons. So, someone came back. Is it the same group that was trying to keep us captive here thousands of years ago? I don’t know that answer. But they have been, evidently, just as secretive.

Their approach, apparently, was to locate some “ruling” groups on earth who could keep secrets, and tell them a story that hopefully they would believe. They found the military and the multinational corporations (multinationals have been around since the 1600s and operated as political states in the old days). Corey Goode says that some of these modern contacts started before the 2nd World War, mostly with the Germans. Those old German groups were to form the core of what later became the secret space program, which is basically a global activity.

Meanwhile, there are the groups that have been hiding for millions of years in deep subterranean caverns. I have never run across anything from LRH about these people. Well, they have been hiding from us, so he could have missed them. But there is something suspicious about this story. According to Corey Goode they are very technologically advanced. They would have to be to survive so long underground. The extent of their settlements is unknown at this time. It is probably not that great. Yet, because they are telepathic, they have had a great influence on surface humanity, according to Corey. The story is that in their contacts they pretend to be ETs. If they let us know where they are hiding, they’d be wiped out!

“Modern” political strategies

There is ample evidence that the most modern secret management groups on earth use strategies learned (or remembered) from ETs such as the ones who imprisoned us here. This seems to be a combination of PR and propaganda, backed up by a bunch of tough guys who do their jobs because they believe the PR/propaganda they are receiving.

The basic strategy is to prevent all the various human groups from getting too big and well-organized to threaten the control of the secret managers. This involves breaking them down into different audiences (that’s PR) and telling the different audiences substantially different stories (that’s propaganda – in other words, they’re lying). You do the same thing to the operatives who are doing this to the public. No one needs to know what’s really going on, and if anyone important gets out of line or squeals, they are silenced.

Hubbard found similar operations – though many more technically sophisticated – in the memories of the cases he researched. One place had things called “thought towers” that could tell what you were thinking. Well, that’s what everyone was supposed to believe. It was a nice control operation. The towers actually did nothing.

Origins of the need for control

Why can’t people leave each other alone? What’s all this control all about?

I’ve already discussed the criminal mind. Apparently it fits together roughly like this: Only one type of being could really be effective at exposing a criminal. That would be a “free” being, a being that could operate (think and act, including run machines) without a body of any kind. Such beings were already somewhat rare by the time of the great Space Opera societies. They were very good at commanding space ships – when you could get them to agree to. They otherwise tended to be rather unserious beings who preferred the great expanses of unsettled territories. However, the criminals saw them as a huge threat, so programs were launched whenever a criminal was able to influence local management, to trap or hunt down all free beings and force them into bodies, and to make arrangements to discourage anyone from ever wishing they could have that kind of freedom.

With the “help” of degraded beings who are mortally afraid of spiritual freedom, managers throughout the universe have apparently been convinced that it’s a really bad thing and should be criminalized, guarded against and suppressed. And thus the existence of mammoth, wasteful control systems that accomplish nothing except the protection of criminals. And though ordinary people hate most criminals and would like them all to disappear, they are convinced that free beings are even worse, and unwittingly help the criminals to police the universe for the sole purpose of protecting the criminals from free beings.

What’s happening now

Most ETs can read minds, or at least have convinced humans they can. That’s a free being ability. This puts the Earth-bound criminals in a tight spot. Their biggest threat now is ET, but ET is in control. ET seems to be willing to keep its distance as long as nothing too outrageous is going on down here. So the criminals of Earth have to make it appear they are on top of things, all the while they’re pissing their pants about ET up there.

For those of us who would prefer a sensible life on a sensible planet, things on Earth don’t look too great right now. The militarization efforts of the Cold War period have resulted in a world-wide near police state. Most of those efforts were secretly meant to protect “us” from ET. But regardless of the fine work of many Hollywood screenwriters to convince us that ET is ready to attack at any minute, that doesn’t seem to be the plan. ET is playing a different game. It’s basically just another criminal operation, but a lot smoother and more polished than what we’re used to on earth. So much so that it almost seems preferable.

The “ascension” group sees ET as part of the solution, not part of the problem. There’s nothing wrong with ET they say. Or, at least there are some “good” ETs that will protect us from the “bad” ones. It could be true. But it could just be a story ET cooked up to make some friends on Earth.

From what I can tell, the whole “ascension” paradigm is a myth; a myth pushed by ET with the help of numerous minions here on earth who probably believe it. Maybe something bad will happen here – physically bad – but I wouldn’t count on it. Supposedly that’s part of “ascension.” Sounds more like a cheap scare tactic to me.

Most of the churning I see in the alternative realities community right now is on this subject. Most people on earth still aren’t sure about ET. They need to come up to speed. But the first thing that will hit most of them when they try to look into the subject will be: All the half-true stories about ET created with the help of – guess who? – ET!

Next there is the whole question of who is on which side of the various secret management factions and what they are all doing, and if any of them are “better” than the others. The average alternative community commentator has no clue. They would have to know the basics about the suppressive personality, as contained in Hubbard’s work, to get even close. Most of them still can’t separate the manipulators from the puppets. The puppets are so much more visible than the manipulators!

There is another whole group that thinks we can somehow “get smart” enough to restore the Rule of Law – Donald Trump style – without figuring out any of these other issues. I wish them well. I doubt they’ll do well. They mostly end up killing each other, like happened to LaVoy. Men should live by laws. But most of the time they live by force and agreements – laws are too fickle.

The group I am most appalled at – the one I came from – are the professionals and other college-educated people who just can’t confront any of this and wish it would go away. This has become an elephant-in-the-room situation at this point. This is another group that needs to come up to speed. They have agreed by the positions they have assumed in society that they should take responsibility in such situations. A very few of them are, but the general condition of college-educated people these days leads me to question the efficacy of that whole system of preparing the “more gifted” to be community leaders. I’m just not seeing it.

My own group is working hard to make free beings in spite of everything. In some ways the fact that we aren’t taken seriously helps us; we aren’t being seriously targeted, either. I think that most of our members are small business people. They want to be successful, but they want to stay independent. They have the guts and determination to join a group that is misunderstood – even disliked by some – in exchange for the advantages that gives them. Within their own group, at least, the most successful are very well respected. And many of them have achieved broader popularity regardless of – but probably with the help of – their interest in Hubbard’s work. None of us is totally sure how this will all work out. We all wish for a ride that’s not too bumpy, but that’s not what LRH told us to expect. We are trying to do something that’s impossible. It’s an interesting experience.

A Startling Change

30 September 2012

Yesterday (29 September 2012) Greg Giles posted an unusual message on his “Ascension Earth 2012” blog. I have summarized and linked to it on my other blog here.

I find it an extraordinary piece of writing.

I hope that some of you will actually read it and post your comments here.


21 June 2012

Yesterday Randy Maugans interviewed an intuitive named Brad Johnson for his Summer Solstice show.

Brad is on the net here :

Brad calls himself a “Tone 3 Jaguar” and told Randy that he uses an arbitrary scale of minus to plus 20 to rank the “frequency” of beings he runs into.

This is the fist time I have seen the use of a “tone scale” outside of Scientology, so I thought it was about time to go over the basics of this concept.


Here I paraphrase my Webster’s New World Dictionary:

1. A musical sound or its quality.
2. Voice quality meant to convey feeling or attitude.
3. A similar quality conveyed by the choice of words.
4. Resilience or elasticity.
5. Distinctive quality attributed to a place, period or design.
6. A quality of color.

The rest of the definitions in my dictionary are specialized uses of the word.

Particular mention should be made of its musical definitions which relate to the concept of a musical scale containing a specific collection of tones (frequencies) related to each other in some way.

It should be mentioned that frequency in this context refers to rate of vibration.

These terms are used in the various occult communities without the scientific rigor I am used to from my engineering background.

Johnson’s Tones

Brad threw out several bits of theory and technology in his interview. I had no idea what the source of these was until I began to read his site.

On his “What is a Tone 3 Jaguar?” page, he mentions the 13 tones of the Mayan ceremonial (Tzolkin) calendar. He credits a guy name Ian Lungold (here: with disseminating this information, so I guess that’s where Brad got it.

Ian says in his biography:

By June of 1974, I had run across and read Dianetics: The Science of the Mind, by L. Ron Hubbard. I took communication classes and joined staff at the Scientology center in Fresno. I worked on staff to pay my way through training and the processing called “auditing.” I worked in the Public Division of the center. That is, I introduced Scientology to people from off the street, taught communication classes and went door-to-door selling Dianetics books. I once sold 248 books in a week. I got an award. And I could eat. This is how I was making a living. I went “clear” in 1978.

Ian went on to MANY other things. In the end, it was a man named Dr. Carl J. Calleman ( who he came to respect the most. Ian died in 2005.

The Mayans, apparently, had a system of assigning a different number (tone) and name (glyph) to each day. There are 13 tones and 20 names and both lists are cycled through. The pattern repeats every 260 days.

The Mayan system, as currently taught and practiced, is used as a kind of astrological or prophecy system. This attitude towards life somewhat implies that one is not ultimately in control of one’s own destiny, an attitude I do not subscribe to. In that spirit, let me introduce the Tone Scale.

Hubbard’s Tone Scale

The Tone Scale can also be used for prediction, but not of the same epic scope that the occult practitioners hoped their technologies would have. It can be used to predict short-term human behavior, and thus guide a Scientologist in the practice of auditing (helping another navigate through his own mind) or in navigating through life himself.

Hubbard first used this concept in Dianetics as a way to illustrate the result of the combined efforts to survive and succumb that exist in a person’s life. The result could be given an arbitrary scale of measurement. Hubbard initially chose zero to four. At zero the efforts to succumb have won, and the person has died. At 2.0 the person is struggling, the opposed efforts being roughly equal. At 4.0 the person is surviving well, his own efforts to survive consistently winning over efforts to defeat him.

In a few years, Hubbard had expanded the scale to encompass the “spiritual” tones, which can range below body death – as the spirit survives this – and above ordinary body life – as the spirit is also capable of operating out of body.

His first Tone Scale to include the minus tones was introduced in his book Scientology 8-80 (page 91 of the newest edition). This scale went from plus 40.0 (Serenity of Beingness) through 20.0 (Action) to 8.0 (Exhilaration) to the top of the “Thetan-Plus-Body” scale at 4.0 (Enthusiasm) through 0.0 (Being a body) down to -4.0 (Needing bodies) with -8.0 (Hiding) at the bottom.

The “final” scale is published in Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin of 25 September 1971, revised 1 April 1978 (revision B) as “Tone Scale in Full.”

It starts at plus 40 and goes down to minus 40 and contains 59 named levels. Professional Scientolgists are expected to know it by heart. Minus 40 is “Total Failure.”

Tones and New Age

Marcia Montenegro, a Christian interpreter of New Age ideas, sums up New Age concepts, as laid out in one book, as follows:

The New Age is a mixture of Eastern (especially Hindu), occult, pagan and humanist principles. It is more a patchwork of ideas than a well-integrated consistent belief system. Yet there are basic beliefs foundational to most New Age thinking presented in The Celestine Prophecy:
1) we should be guided by our experiences and intuitions;
2) there is one energy, a life force, uniting all matter and humanity, and this energy is God;
3) nature has consciousness; and,
4) we are in a process of spiritual evolvement which will eventually lead to vibrating at a higher level until we transcend our bodies.

Many New Agers believe in “ascension” which is accomplished through techniques that “raise your vibrational level.”

While this is all very interesting and esoteric, what it comes down to for most people is tone level.


New Age knowledge and practice has an accessibility problem. You have to “find” it by being “guided” to it. And unless you are a master teacher yourself, you have to have the source materials interpreted to you by someone who has studied them, as they are written in ancient forgotten languages, or not found in actual written form.

This is just another control system. It is based on Sirian concepts and is pushed by most Sirian-connected groups. The Pleiadians, though of Sirian descent, have a different approach based more on self-determinism.

The basics of Scientology are open, freely available, and written (or spoken) in plain English (and carefully translated into many more). You can train all the way to Class 6 auditor and co-audit to Clear or at least NED Case Completion using materials that are all publicly available and standard for every licensed practitioner.


If Meditation and other New Age practices are so workable, why aren’t they more the buzz?

I’m not here to tell you that these practices are not workable. But I am here to tell you that the Sirian origins of these technologies have served to limit their workability. They are not very easy to apply, they are certainly not for everyone, and the range of conditions they address is somewhat limited.

On the other hand, Scientology offers a wide range of technologies from simple to very difficult. And the simplest ones can be picked up and used by almost anyone.

Scientology technologies are available to handle many diverse situations. These range from personal problems with health, ethics, morality, study, alertness, mental capabilities and spiritual advancement through relationships, family problems, raising children, working in a group, and on up to how to organize, finance and lead groups, work with tools and materials, and solve national, global, spiritual and universal problems.

I strongly recommend the Volunteer Ministers website as a starting place. It offers free courses that introduce you to many of these technologies, if you are willing to register with them.