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Happiness Happens

24 September 2012

The story of the 9 Nanas.*

happiness happens

Courtesy: Happiness-Happens.

Or how 9 women plotted to bring some happiness into their community.

I was reading the online newspaper Signs of the Times (SOTT) this weekend, and was presented with an article from the Huffington Post with this headline:

It Ain’t Over: The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret For Three Decades

It seems that one evening, over 30 years ago, nine women decided to pinch their pennies so they’d have a little money left over to continue a tradition one of their mothers had started years before: Sending homemade pound cakes to new widows anonymously to let them know that someone cared.

Since that time, their “conspiracy” has blossomed into a major activity in their area (around Memphis Tennessee) and has gained national recognition due to their decision to sell their cakes online to help raise money.

They still give all their gifts anonymously and on there own terms. But amid all the cynicism and fear that passes for “normal” modern life, what a refreshing story! There are MANY ways to make happiness happen. Try putting some attention on that purpose, and see what happens in your own life.

* Nana: Another word for “grandmother” in many areas of the United States.