Handling Situations

The only tremendous error an organization makes, next to inspection before the fact, is failing to terminatedly handle situations rapidly.

So begins Policy Letter “Handling Situations” of 4 May 1968. It’s about completing cycles of action at the executive level. Sometimes it requires firing someone, but not that often.

An executive is expected to know how to handle any situation he or she is confronted with. Can you say that about yourself and your life?

If not, you haven’t come up to being totally in charge yet. In charge of your own life, I mean.

Well, this seems like a potentially very rough situation, and it is; potentially. So I can only advise you – even considering my own omissions in this area – to get educated on how to handle situations that come up in your life, particularly the most common ones.

Living, essentially, consists of handling situations. And surviving requires that you do this successfully most of the time.

This blog mentions resources available to you that are designed to assist you in this regard. One important element is understanding the situation. These resources and this blog should help you do that. Another important element is knowing what to do. This is the main focus of these resources. Traditionally, the process or procedure has been emphasized at the expense of understanding why it’s done that way, or why it works. This tends to undercut the third element in handling situations: Taking responsibility for doing it. As you build up all three of these points: Knowledge; Responsibility; Control; you will get better and better at handling more and more different situations.

The most important resource I am aware of is this one: Free Scientology Online Courses. Use it well, and you may never need to visit my site again!