Guiding Principles and Observations

One being can never know all or do all; this is why we cooperate.

When a being gets bored, he forgets things to make life more interesting.

When a being gets too overwhelmed, he must remember some of the things he forgot to make life “less interesting.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed, expose a secret that has some bearing on the situation.

No one should be so bored as to forget the fact that he is a spiritual being. But if you are now feeling overwhelmed, that should be the first thing for you to remember.

Consider well the probability that there are some secret activities conducted on Earth without regard to the effects those activities will have on your life.

Can you imagine how life could change if there were a massive push to expose such secrets?

The above was originally penned (though now slightly edited) around 2010.

Just to make things clear: There is a push to expose the secrets, and I am a little part of it.

But the secrets turned out to be not quite what many expected them to be. Thus, many who had hoped to join us together into a “massive” push have been led astray and feel as though they have failed in that objective. To those who have been led astray: Only if you study and practice what you study can you possibly come to realize what actually happened and what the deepest secrets actually are. It will then be part of your responsibility to lead the rest of us through the required handlings.