World’s Strongest Man…qualifiers

Without an audience-eye’s view of the events, I didn’t expect to see much of the actual competition or competitors.

This is mainly a story of what it looks like behind the scenes, as that was my viewpoint.

June 15th, first day of qualifying events

I missed all the events on Tuesday, as I hadn’t studied their schedule at all, plus I got up late.

Here is a view from that day, with everyone deployed on the lawn.

June 16th, second day of qualifying events

I arrived too late to see the morning event. They were already moving that equipment into a truck.

As I walked around to the side, I found this little toy in the lawn and set it out on a manhole cover that for some reason sits in the middle of that lawn.

Over by the train station they are setting things up for the train pull. I don’t know…isn’t that car going to be too heavy?

The camera drone is tested, and then the competition eventually begins:

The first guy tries real hard. He can’t budge this train car.

Here is a shot of what the second guy looks like in his harness.

He can’t move it, either. They finally announce that the car wheels appear to not be free enough, possibly due to the brakes not being fully released. I think it was just too heavy.

Hours later, they have decided to use the little half-length engine, and they have switched to a push format, rather than a pull. This works, but I can’t see the athletes at all from where I am.

I try going round to the back and peering over the fence. But the view is pretty well blocked by the crowd, the crew, and a low fence.

June 17th, third day of qualifying events

Again I miss the earliest events, which are scheduled to start at 8, but usually start later. Between each event there is a rest period for the athletes. So it’s hard to squeeze in more than three events per day.

This day is HOT, so they have emergency personnel standing by.

A weight lifting event is taking place, but all I can see is camera equipment and bodies.

Here, two camera technicians have a conversation.

One of the athletes signals to the crowd as he finishes his attempt.

While others wait their turn.

Mark Felix was the only black man in this competition. Seen here wearing Boudreault’s shirt?

Here I catch one of the contestants lifting one of the huge barbells.

And then, another:

And one more:

The weight lifting ended. I missed the next event but returned later for the “stone off” event.

A security guard told me he thought they were letting extra people in. So I went over and asked. And they let me in!

This is what the equipment for the “stone off” looks like. There are five “stones,” each heavier than the last. Two men compete each time.

I stayed in the shade, so didn’t get the greatest view. Here, two competitors are near the end of their run.

And here another pair begin their round.

The Stoltmans figured prominently in this year’s events.

Friday was a day off, then come the two days of finals!

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2 Responses to “World’s Strongest Man…qualifiers”

  1. Concepcion Perez Says:

    Did anyone come forward, to claim that adorable lil dinosaur toy? =) =) =)

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