It’s Time To Talk

A lot of us were expecting some revelations to go public last week. They didn’t. Perhaps it’s time for me to speak up about all of this.


DOCO and Old Sac were BUSY today! The weather wasn’t even that warm. But people seemed eager to get out anyway. As I was walking back home, the security guard who has befriended me stopped me.

He said, “Don’t you think this is too soon?” He pointed to all the people eating outside at the restaurant.

“You mean, it’s too early in the season?” I asked.

“No!” he said. “I mean the pandemic isn’t over yet!”

“Really! I thought the pandemic ended 6 months ago.”

“Oh man,” he said. “Now you’re messing with me.”

I recently went over what the most popular lies propagated by the mainstream are. My view, of course. And I know there are some readers who absolutely can’t go along with my truth. OK. But I am trying to make a point about how life works and how I work, not convert you to some new religion.

Can we agree that almost ALL of the mainstream is basically pushing the same message about many important issues? On top of this, there is a whole package of assumptions being forwarded by the mainstream through language, ads, and snarky comments. These have to do with things like UFOs, non-MD healers, mental health, and other very important topics.

Can we agree that there are people – lots of people – (roughly half the population in the case of the last election) who are at the least offended by these mainstream messages? Can we agree that it is unlikely that fully half of the population is totally deluded? Might it not be possible that they have been exposed to some information or experiences that contradict the mainstream story? Do we really have no interest whatsoever in why their truth is different?

So: If a person like me, who has always been a serious (and mostly straight-A) student, thinks he is being lied to by the mainstream, why should he believe anything written or spoken there? And where is he going to find an alternative that might be less false? Obviously, his first choice would be someone else who also believes that the mainstream is lying. So, that’s what I did.


For nutritional advice, and for non-allopathic approaches to illness, I go to Dr. Joseph Mercola. He is a very popular writer in the field of nutrition, and became radicalized when he and his friends started getting attacked when they expressed their misgivings about certain vaccines that were being developed, in particular the one (HPV) given to girls to prevent cervical cancer. Mercola quotes studies and other experts, as well as giving some anecdotal stories. He is a very earnest individual.

For general spiritual data, of course, I use Hubbard. But besides him, there are numerous (but not extremely numerous) academics working in the field of parapsychology. And for the best data on Earth’s history, I go to Courtney Brown’s remote viewers, who work under the umbrella of the Farsight Institute.

I am missing many more minor sources that I have consulted. I use these people mostly because they present their data calmly, they all believe in Spirit, reincarnation, and ET. They don’t concentrate on how flying saucers work or speculative subjects like that. Simon Parkes should be mentioned. He had some personal experienced with certain ETs. He was involved in politics for a while and he decided to make his ET experiences public. He got elected anyway. He is currently reporting a lot on data he is being fed by someone inside the mythical (but actual?) military group working to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

What things are really temporary

Games in bodies are relatively temporary things. They last as long as the planet lasts, or as long as the civilization lasts, if it is space-faring. According to human memory, some such civilizations have lasted for a very long time. Somehow, they did enough things right to survive. One group specializes in taking over planets and then mining them out of existence. They survive because they have learned to live on space ships.

Certainly a lifetime is temporary, and we should all be very clear about that. When we leave this life, most of us are programmed to return automatically. That would suggest that most of us have minimal control over the details of our rebirth. A few of us seem to have much more control in this area.

The tried and true model for operating a “Space Opera” planet is what I call Corporate. It is a hierarchical management structure that can operate an entire planet, if that is what is desired. A good Corporate structure does not need “capitalism” or “free markets.” Corporate has existed on Earth for a long time in a number of different forms. It has sometimes hidden behind the “conservative” values of competition in business, and economic growth. In other guises it has hidden inside Communist regimes. The most brazenly Corporate entities today, like Google and Amazon, openly seek to be monopolies and to squash competition. They are basically very practically-oriented power structures. They are designed to get things done, and that can include all the functions normally associated with other social institutions like schools, banks, governments, entertainment, even churches.

The above data is based partly on human recall of how earlier Space Opera societies operated. We also have present time data from remote viewers about how those societies operate today. Commonly, Corporate prefers slave-based systems. They are considered easier to manage. Earth is special because we are the misfits that were rounded up and removed from those societies. So to implement a full Corporate pattern on this planet is a real trick. It is, however, being accomplished.

The promotion of a dependence on experts has been crucial to their success here. It has allowed human rights like free speech to be challenged or cancelled on the basis that expert data is clearly superior to debate and argument. They, of course, pick who are the “experts.” This has been inculcated particularly in the fields of education, body health and mental health. It is backed up by turning certain chosen scientists into opinion leaders (marketing spokespeople). The general public are overwhelmed by the scope and depth of knowledge of these people. It is a pretty easy sell.

Crime groups also use a Corporate structure, and there is lots of evidence that “dirty” and “clean” corporate entities are peas in a pod. Professional hit men are routinely used by Corporate if they want to make a point that everyone will notice. Corporate favors the proliferation of drugs and poor personal habits, as – while these are bad for business – they are good for assisting to keep the “problem” people under corporate domination.

The pandemic

The story that falls through the cracks that exist in the false narrative about the pandemic paints a picture of this event as one they have been waiting for and planning for a long time. That there appears to be some ET interference and foreknowledge of this event indicates to me that ET wanted to throw Corporate a bit off guard so that its role in this whole thing would be more noticeable.

Therefore, it is possible that it was not originally intended for the virus to be traceable to China. ET forced a lab accident to occur, which created an outbreak there. So China – a very Corporate-like nation right now – got wrapped up in all this when it hoped it wouldn’t. The links of big names like Fauci and Gates to financial interests in China and Big Pharma reduced their aura of having the moral high ground.

Per one article, the Infection Fatality Ratio for COV-19 in children, by actual statistics, is about 1 death in 100,000 infections. For people my age it is about 1 death per 1,000 infections. These figures are of course subject to how well the reports reflect reality. Infection mortality rates climb with age. But so do healthy mortality rates. The measured death rate of a person my age for any cause is 2 per 1,000 people. So catching this disease is half as risky as just being alive! To what extent does an infection simply assist the death of someone who was ready to go anyway? And if an infected person has “multiple comorbidities,” who’s to say which condition actually killed them? We also have the question of what treatment was given and how effective it was. Many effective treatments have been suppressed by Corporate. Presumably because they would be less profitable.

And we also have the question of whether the number of cases (infections) is being properly reported. The PCR test at a cycle threshold above about 20 does not really detect infection, but only the fact of viral residue in the nasal cavity.

Although the CDC continues to insist that masks make a difference, real world data cannot be found which supports this claim. Cases rise and fall with testing rates and seasonal patterns, regardless of what social distancing policies are enforced. That is what real-world experience is telling us.

Thus, we are being locked down for reasons other than COVID; and we are being lied to about it by the mainstream. I wish there were some way to make this even more clear! It’s not about Public Health! It appears to be about enslaving an entire planet. This is the usual and expected pattern. Laugh at it at your own expense. I would much prefer you take this seriously and help make more people aware that they are being robbed of their basic human rights and that the intention is to make this permanent.

What things really survive

Regardless of planets, illnesses and death, Spirit survives.

Spirit will thrive to the extent that it is aware of what is really going on and is confident in itself.

Thus, you can “break” Spirit by lying to it all the time and not allowing it access to all the data and not letting it think for itself and decide for itself. This is our mainstream world: A “conspiracy” against Spirit! This is very obvious to anyone who travels with companions who are interested in spiritual awareness and spiritual growth.

Spirit enjoys playing a game. Living in a body on a planet is one possible game for Spirit. But it is not the only one! Besides all our prior games, there are certainly many more possible ones that we haven’t thought of yet. Spirit is happy if it can create new games to play. The duration of a game is not necessarily that important.

A worthwhile long term goal

In the long run, we want to be more aware, knowledgeable, and competent. These factors will serve us well for millions of years into the future. They are the factors emphasized in Scientology, and to lesser extents in all spiritual practices. In the long run, having any spiritual practice is better than having none.

Happiness is not Earthbound. Happiness is “the overcoming of not unknowable obstacles towards a known goal.” It is the result of playing any decently-conceived game with some degree of competence. It is possible anywhere, any time, and for anyone. Happiness is indeed a worthwhile long term goal.

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