Far Sight

For several reasons, I think it’s time to talk about remote viewing.

I’m not going to get into whether it’s cool or not or its origins or limitations.

It is a method for obtaining data what would otherwise be very difficult to obtain.

And Courtney has found a way to present his results that is entertaining and useful.

You can watch the trailers for all his major projects, plus selected full projects (mostly from years ago) at his open site, the Farsight Institute. His paid site, Farsight Prime, contains the full versions of all recent major projects, a lot of other material, plus comments and a forum for some social interaction.

With his paid site (plus donations) Courtney is currently supporting at least five viewers who are working rather intensely on a constant stream of projects.

Courtney and what he has uncovered

Courtney works as an assistant professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His academic work focuses on using robust mathematics to model socio-political systems.

He has also been into meditation, remote viewing and related work since around 1990. He is about 2 years older than I am. In the past ten years or so, he has really beefed up his remote viewing activities (he is the project manager and trainer) and discovered all sorts of important data about Earth and human experience. He is intensely involved in this work and believes that it is needed in order to save us from being overwhelmed by external forces that we are not currently adequately aware of.

His findings align very well with Hubbard’s research findings, which is one reason I support his work. I find his theory about how and why remote viewing works over-complicated, but after all he is deep into higher math. We will not be discussing that aspect of his work here.

Farsight and the lockdown

I had stopped following Courtney’s work a couple years ago on advice of my ethics officer. But when my church was closed, I was going crazy trying to find ways to keep myself occupied, so I re-engaged with his work and subscribed to his paid site.

In the time I had been away he had discovered some really amazing stuff! (Not that amazing to me, but then, I’m a Scientologist.) I was truly impressed by where he had taken his work, and how close in he was getting to some major facts of life here on Earth.

I list his more recent projects later. But what I want to concentrate on in this post are his viewers. These young people are all worthy of your respect in their own right. And his four female viewers (more coming soon?) are all physically very pretty as well as having great personalities. I ascribe this in no small part to the discipline required to do this work. At this point, the group is an incredible team that is obviously working closely together and enjoying it.


Aziz is Courtney’s son, and the first young person he trained as a viewer. I don’t know what Aziz does professionally, but as a viewer he is especially strong at confronting the evil and vile actions that beings can commit against each other. His presentations are commonly direct and chilling.


PrinCess Jeaneé was the first young woman that Courtney trained. She is now a mom and also works as a trainer. She has been through a LOT of projects with Courtney, including the MLK assassination. She is very good at connecting with people and “making friends” with beings who would seem cold and heartless to most of us. She has done some very emotional presentations, as has Aziz.


Melena Hall was focusing on being a makeup artist before she hooked up with Farsight. In earlier projects she used to furnish a lot of color illustrations to help expand on the crude sketches done by other viewers. But now they mostly draw on a light board, and no other drawings are included in the presentations. She is a very methodical viewer.


Trudy Benjamin was doing modeling and other work before joining Farsight, and still does. She normally maintains what I might refer to as an exceptional appearance on camera. Her descriptions are always engaged but matter-of-fact. She doesn’t over-perform. I like her choice of clothes. (!!)


Kahmia Dunson has been operating for some time as “modern afro hippie.” She is a model and deserves to be, with an usually pretty face and very nice figure. She has a “style” in her presentations that is sort of flippant and amused. She doesn’t like to describe subjects as “dead” the way Aziz or Melena might. She prefers “not there” or other descriptions that expose their spiritual and emotional state. She’s very into spiritual stuff, has a ton of admirers, and generally speaking is awfully attractive. Wish I knew more girls like that!

The projects and the story

Let’s go ahead and list a bunch of Courtney’s projects:

  • Exploding Planet – Maldek
  • Great Giza Pyramid
  • Atlantis
  • JFK assassination
  • MLK assassination
  • Hitler
  • 9/11
  • Mars base
  • Aliens on Mars
  • Aliens on Iapetus
  • The Phoenix Lights
  • Roswell
  • Area 51
  • Tunguska
  • War in Heaven
  • Moses
  • Secret Moon Missions
  • Oumuamua
  • Death Traps (Between Lives)
  • Where We Came From
  • Human Leadership Compromised (Popes)
  • Zeus
  • Pandemic Origin
  • Göbekli Tepe
  • Eye of the Sahara
  • origin of Star Wars idea
  • Ra (Egypt)
  • Dinosaurs and the Extinction Event
  • Reptilians Past and Present

This isn’t even all of them.

I don’t know if you can see the pattern here, but basically he was finding ET involvement in almost every major event his viewers looked at. Not the political assassinations particularly, nor 9/11. But just about everything else.

Courtney was contacting ET entities starting very early in his remote viewing work, when he was doing viewing himself. He managed to form some sort of relationship with one of their councils. He adamantly believes that there are some ET groups that would be willing to help us with some of the other ET groups if we demonstrate that we are worthy of help. Are we?

So even though Courtney is deadly serious about his work, this particular post is more about the entertainment value of his work. Look at these handsome and beautiful young viewers! What a treat to watch them work! I’m in love all over again!


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3 Responses to “Far Sight”

  1. Ekaterina Says:

    I have never heard of it before! Very interesting

    • lecox Says:

      Glad to make you aware of something new and different. His results are really amazing. You might never have time to watch the full presentations, but his short trailers are on his free site, and they tell quite a bit.

  2. It’s Time To Talk | The Life Force Blog Says:

    […] working in the field of parapsychology. And for the best data on Earth’s history, I go to Courtney Brown’s remote viewers, who work under the umbrella of the Farsight […]

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