Together It’s All Good

We are heading into a period of high crisis in this country and on this planet, and I wanted to write a little about the fragile alliances that have appeared as this phenomenon moves forward.

Early signs of a shift

It has been over ten years ago now when the Nation of Islam decided to send a few of its members to our church to train as Dianetics auditors. This was an amazing thing for me to see happen, and it proved quite an adventure both for church staff and the trainees!

In 2016, I watched Alex Jones conduct an interview with Minister Farrakhan. It went rather well. As some may be aware, the NOI also has some interest in the UFO phenomenon.

It was not long after this that I witnessed Minister Tony Muhammad receive an IAS (International Association of Scientologists) Freedom Medal for his many years of work with gangs in the L.A. area to bring them together for a peace agreement (or “truce”).

These are only a few examples I am most aware of.

The story leading up to Trump

Again, around ten years ago I began to follow an odd assortment of people who saw a problem in American culture and politics and wanted to do something about it.

Alex Jones started reporting on people he called “globalists” many years ago. In 2000 he released a video report documenting odd ceremonies being indulged in by such people at a resort in California.

Other researchers had been looking into various remnants of historical elite groups that seemed to still be active today. The global bankers centered in the City of London was a prime example. Even Hubbard reported in 1967 that a similar group seemed to be coordinating attacks against my church in the press and in various Parliaments.

Since then, stacks of books and reports have been written and filmed documenting the secret dealings of such people.

In Europe, people were used to this mode of operation among the elites. But in the U.S.A. we tended to consider such behavior vaguely anti-American. Government was supposed to operate in public, and government was supposed to be in control, not someone else. But as history rolled along, it became more and more clear that secretive groups were hard at work, even in the U.S.

Christians were concerned with the growing popularity of atheism, particularly in academia.

Spiritual people were concerned with the continued concentration on materialism in society.

Scientologists were concerned with the continuous pounding of false accusations in the media, even after our situation with the IRS had been handled.

Many citizens were concerned that crime seemed to be getting worse, that families and other moral values were weakening, that schools were under-performing and that the use of medications in the Mental Health system was getting out of hand.

And so a story appeared in the “alternative” media stating that certain “patriots” in the military world, with assistance from others, were becoming more and more determined to do something about the situation using legal means, backed with military force if necessary, to shut down the corrupt officials and agencies and expose corruption in the private sector as well.

A similar story existed in the New Age community, that certain military people were willing to force the disclosure of secret government and industry dealings with ET groups. Some included a story that some sort of “ascension” event was imminent, and various elite groups were trying to sabotage this.

Thus you had New Agers, UFO enthusiasts, conservative (anti-crime) groups and churches coming together in a loose alliance to move forward with an agenda that focused on exposing the truth on many different levels.

And you had the Mainstream (controlled my the elites), academia, and many people in the corporate world poo-pooing this whole narrative as delusional.

Enter Trump

Trump himself had no particular interest in all this. But the story goes that he was approached by some members of this loose pro-truth, anti-corruption alliance and asked if he would run for President (as a Republican) so that they could use his office to provide cover for the people who were working inside government to make things right.

When Trump (miraculously?) won the election, his attempts to turn things around from his office were not totally successful. But the process had identified several persons and groups that were determined to maintain their position against the alliance. He would need four more years to deal with these people and make progress that would be truly visible.

This, at least, is the story.

This is why you have people as diverse as myself (a liberal), David Rubin (a former liberal and gay man), David Wilcock (an Ascension enthusiast), Simon Parkes (an ET contactee and ex-politician in Great Britain), and many others supporting the re-election of Trump against all odds.

On top of this, remote viewing groups such as Courtney Brown’s Farsight Institute have corroborated several “conspiracy theories,” along with the phenomena of past lives, ETs involved in Earth affairs, and some of Hubbard’s findings about Between Lives. This research helps to validate the story as it is being told by various people connected to the pro-truth alliance.

The chasm widens

At this point, the pro-truth (pro-Trump) movement has been almost totally cancelled from mainstream awareness. They are accused of lying!

The mainstream continues to push various repeating themes, all of which, in turn, seem to be more or less untrue:

  • Trump is an awful person and Biden is a wonderful person who won the election fair and square.
  • The doctors who say that the pandemic is scary are wonderful people.
  • The doctors who say the pandemic isn’t scary are awful people.
  • Anti-fascists and anti-capitalists have history on their side.
  • The mental health system, as led by psychiatry and followed by psychology, is wonderful.
  • Spiritual stuff is pseudoscience if not actually dangerous. Religion in general is pretty bad.
  • Persistent reports of crimes against humanity committed by any of the above wonderful people are hogwash if not actually dangerous to the promotion of public safety.
  • There is nothing wrong with us; they are the devils, the ones with personality disorders.

The problem with all this is that when facts are examined in a rational manner, many of these assertions are blatantly false. To the extent that these all come in a package, falseness in some of them argues for falseness in all of them.

It is the mainstream, then, (those who direct its messages) who are actually the compulsive liars and the people with Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

This makes for a difficult situation. The best handling for being connected to a Suppressive Person is to disconnect from him. The best handling for a tyrannical anti-life government is to quietly stop cooperating with it. When the suppressives have gone mainstream, how is this supposed to work? We will see…

If you look up and see the moon, you might pause to contemplate it for a minute. If you could stand up there and see clearly what was going on down here, what would you do?

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  1. Ekaterina Says:

    wow, brilliant, intelligent post. I agree with every single bit of it

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