Emotional Maturity

Shit happens.

Are you big enough to take responsibility for your own fears, doubts and worries, or must you find someone or something else to hold responsible when you get upset?

When lack of data produces worry, can you find ways to seek out that data or fill in the gaps that don’t invalidate those who withheld it from you? They may not have been fully aware of your need.

Are you prepared for the possibility that a sociopath is interfering with your communication lines, and may be purposely seeking to upset you without the person who you are in communication with realizing it?

Do you know how to detect and handle such interference in your life and relationships?

Can you be true to your own decency?

Can you maintain your love in spite of all invitations not to?

Did you know this is the greatest secret in this universe?

“We are all subject to the same cruel pressures of this universe.”

“Never use what is done to one as a basis for hatred. Never desire revenge.”

“After all, we are all in the same trap.”

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One Response to “Emotional Maturity”

  1. Ekaterina Says:

    Beautifully said

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