The Kitten Dream

This dream happened very fast. It was just flashes of images. This story fleshes it out a little bit.

A little kitten finds its way into my apartment.

It sort of hangs out quietly for about a week.

Next it decides it’s safe to explore, and begins to go around the place and sniff and jump up on stuff.

About a week after that, it finds me sitting at my desk, jumps up and attacks my hand with its sharp teeth.

I shake off the image and ask myself: What was this kitten’s problem?

The answer I got: I forgot to feed it!

My sister’s cat Easter.

Lesson learned from this dream:

Not everyone you meet is capable of walking up to you and simply stating what they need and want from you.

You might need to show some real interest in the person, and then coax this out of them.

Or maybe you just have to guess based on how they are behaving.


A friend in trouble might not feel comfortable telling you straight up what they want from you, even though you think this would be something they would share.

Try to find out; it could be important!

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2 Responses to “The Kitten Dream”

  1. Ekaterina Says:

    Indeed. We forgot how to simply ask people how they are doing

    • lecox Says:

      …and we forget to tell others what we need and want from them, thinking they will somehow pick it up telepathically and thus releave us of the responsibility for knowing and caring for ourselves.

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