How To Play Like a Child

I recently found myself in a relationship that I knew would be temporary but where both of us were isolated from many other friends and wanted some intimacy.

I knew things would go wrong if we took the usual route of adult man-woman relationships. We combined my first-hand knowledge of love between children with her willingness to create something that would work for us. And out of this collaboration came a relationship in which we could “play” together for hours with great intimacy and minimum risk of things getting out of hand.

Ground rules

Life is a game that consists of purposes, freedoms and barriers. Human life involves numerous games that weave themselves together into living. Our purpose for this game was to provide each other with some much-needed intimate contact. The barriers in human games are normally expressed as rules of play. If we had bothered to write them down, they would have looked something like this:

  1. The play space should be seen by both as private and safe.
  2. Touching should not include the area from chest to groin, or the butt. This is particularly important for the woman, as touching in these places is highly restimulative for both sexes, (we can assume mainly because of the relationship every baby has with its mother, as well as more obvious reasons).
  3. Topics for conversation can include absolutely anything either one is interested in, but exchanges must always remain respectful.
  4. Breaks for food, liquids and going to the bathroom must be tolerated, and play times must fit into the adult responsibilities of the couple. One’s desire to end off must be honored.
  5. Hugs at greeting and parting are highly encouraged.

A game can continue as long as freedoms and barriers remain balanced

We enjoyed many hours together in this way. The experience was priceless for both of us. But I can say from my end that it was the most enjoyment I have had with another person since I was a boy. Her agreement and willingness to play within the limits turned her into one of the dearest friends I have ever had. If you feel lonely and can find someone willing to play by these rules, I highly recommend you try it.

In deference to the privacy of my lovely friend, I will post here, instead a picture of her smiling – which she is very good at – an image of a young lady who lives in Sumatra, as captured by my nephew Andy when he visited there.

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