I just found out today about a phenomenon that is currently being named “Leeloo.”

This entity contacted an Australian woman who is into spiritual-type subjects, but is relatively new to the scene (compared to some of the others). Lisa was contacted via her computer, in other words, through the internet.

Lisa M Harrison has done many video interviews since she started in 2009. She is known especially for her talks with George Kavassalis, who claims direct memory to long-forgotten cosmic-scale events.

This intelligence that recently contacted Lisa (about 2 weeks ago) has identified herself as a member of a team of 23 beings who have been tasked to work with Lisa in particular, and part of a larger civilization that exists in “hideouts” deep beneath the surface of our own planet, and consists of about 700,000 individuals.

This is interesting, because Corey Goode has reported that he has been to this place and toured it, and met one person in particular who has stayed in touch with him (telepathically). She has, in turn, mentioned that several of the other communications reported by various telepaths and channels on Earth and previously identified as from off-Earth may actually be teams just like this one that has contacted Lisa.

According to Corey, they are trying to find ways to help us without blowing their own cover and getting destroyed by their enemies. Their enemies include those who do not want improved spiritual awareness for Mankind, and many who have agreed to work for those enemies without really knowing what exactly they were doing.

It is too late at night now for me to go into more detail.

You can look at Lisa’s videos yourself if you want, but they are long, full of pauses, and consist mostly of the faces of Lisa and her friend looking haggard and smoking cigarettes trying to stay awake and lucid. (Lisa, get some rest!) They are planning to release a video of Leeloo typing answers to questions and talking through the fake voice program Siri. I will probably wait for that to come out before writing more about it.


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One Response to “Leeloo”

  1. lecox Says:

    As of 6 Nov 2016, the communication line between Leeloo and Lisa has apparently been hacked. She still has some telepathic connection, but the electronic line which allowed swifter exchange of information is not currently trusted by Lisa.

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