SpaceX snafu and other news

snafu: American slang popularly thought to originate during WWII, but possibly derived from an abbreviation used earlier by Morse code operators on telegraph circuits. “Situation Normal; All Fouled (Fucked) Up” has a sarcasm attached to it which may have not been originally intended, but certainly contributes to the modern meaning of “snafu.”

The first of September was an interesting day…

Many were attracted to the explosion at the SpaceX launch site in Florida. An article run by Veterans Today suggested that an “attacking” object was detected in the video of the event in the frames immediately prior to the beginning of the fireball.

I downloaded and looked at the video from about 0:50 to 1:12 in slow-motion and frame-by-frame (a hidden feature of Microsoft Media Player) and saw anomalous fast-moving objects three different times directly before and in the fist second or so of the explosion. The first time, an object seems to launch from behind the middle tower, curve up toward the rocket, then away to the right. The second appearance spans only about six frames and shows an object pass all the way across the scene, just behind the rocket. The explosion starts when the object is about 1/2 way to the rocket. Very soon after the explosion starts, another object (or the same one) appears in the lower left and swiftly moves towards the upper right.

Thus, we definitely have one or more “UFOs” associated with this event and perhaps causing the explosion.

Some think the Israeli payload was not as “humanitarian” as it was made out to be, and that someone with the ways and means knew this and decided to terminate the launch.

Simon Parkes appears with Kerry Cassidy

Kerry didn’t know about the SpaceX explosion when she called Simon for an interview focusing on upcoming events. He told her about it. But they did not discuss it much as it had just occurred at that time. Kerry had suspected that something might happen to a SpaceX project based on Courtney Brown’s “Time Cross Project” results for August, which predicted some sort of explosion resulting from an object falling from the sky. The August event seen by the Remote Viewers matched much better with a Russian cruise missile attack on targets in Aleppo, Syria.

What the Remote Viewers have been noticing in events such as this one is evidence of things being deliberately caused which are presented to the public as “accidents.”

But in this interview Simon spent most of his time on his main theme, which is that an old power faction centered in the City of London (the same one, basically, named by LRH in his 1967 Ron’s Journal talk) is becoming desperate because it is losing control. Several other commentators are telling this same story. It is unclear exactly who or what is pushing them out of power. Some think this is basically the BRICS block. But because of ET involvement in all this, the situation is probably not that simple.

In any case, Simon says he is putting away some extra food and water and does not plan to travel in October. He thinks a disruption of the electronic banking system may occur quite soon, and that we should all prepare for it.

Time Cross for September is released

Meanwhile, Courtney has released the Time Cross Project sessions (done mid-August) relating to September. All the viewers saw various forms of civil unrest. The location appears to be the Middle East, and that would be no great surprise, as civil unrest there is the new normal. However, Dick Allgire saw events that he thought would have world-wide repercussions.

These sessions include 4 viewers, two young and two older. The first younger viewer calls herself “PrinCess Jeaneé” and the second is Aziz Brown (Courtney’s son). It’s great to see some younger viewers take on these targets. They are not easy targets!

What chance for the ways of peace?

As I mentioned in my series on Battlefield Earth, peace is not a subject often dealt with in literature. It is, perhaps, seen as boring. What LRH tried to make a case for in Battlefield Earth was that peace could be exciting. I believe history has demonstrated that societies prosper in times of peace. This would be one huge reason why Suppressive Persons would prefer continuous war. We are all hoping that those who take over from the City of London see things differently. It would be great for Earth to calm down a bit, as our challenges are far from over, and we could use more time to prepare for them. Our next great challenge, as I see it, is ET.

The ETs I am concerned with (and so are many others) are basically biological societies that have developed an array of assistive technologies that boost their abilities to use force to control others. Although they have deadly weapons, we are assuming they are thinking in terms of using psychological and physical force here on Earth towards the goal of enslaving us – perhaps without our being totally aware of the situation. Similar techniques which have “worked” for the SPs of Earth come under the heading of Covert Hostility. We might assume that ET is better at these techniques than our SP Earth brothers are.

So the challenge becomes to spot these techniques and defeat them before they “work” on us. This requires training and is the principal reason we need more time. We will probably not get as much time as we would like. Fortunately, this training program is already well underway. Perhaps there will be enough trained people to move the situation in our favor. If you want to help, go to our Volunteer Ministers website and get started.


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