My take on the Mandela Effect

I was introduced to the “Mandela Effect” while listening to a recent interview with Tolec (an American who acts as a communicator for the “Andromeda Council,” a supposed ET group).

Apparently it is named from the fact that many persons were under the impression that Nelson Mandela had died during his 18 years of being imprisoned in South Africa, and thus were surprised when he became the first democratically-elected President of modern South Africa.

Various people have come up with numerous examples of (usually) small facts that they remember differently than they are now recorded. Some are alarmed at this trend and think that some group is secretly injecting these small changes into our culture to confuse us.


One example Christians use is Bible verse that has changed from how they remember it. Such an example is the Book of Revelations. This is what most Christians called this book. Here is my 1982 dictionary entry on the subject:

revelation in the dictionary

Here we see that the official name of the book is “…Revelation…” but that it has also been known as “Revelations.”

Brand Names

Some people who have looked into this put a lot of attention on brand names. The fact that Froot Loops is not spelled “fruit” or that Band-aid is not spelled “aide” or that Jif was never actually “Jiffy.” Most people thought those wieners we used to wish for were “Oscar Meyer” when in fact it is Mayer.

This sort of thing goes on and on.

One proven instance of this in popular culture is the exact line the evil queen says to her mirror. A version of the Disney story published in 1973 has it as “mirror, mirror on the wall…” But the original 1937 animated film has the queen say at least once, “magic mirror on the wall…” Everyone remembers “mirror, mirror…”

You can see how someone could get a little freaked out at having these sort of things being brought to their attention.

What’s really happening

I don’t suppose I should pretend to exactly understand this situation.

But I can think of at least four forms of change that could be reacted to in this sort of way:

  1. A newer version of something replaces the older version and most remember the newer version.
  2. Or, most remember the older version. Such changes can be due to artistic license, carelessness, changes forced by law or done to avoid legal problems, and changes done to intentionally confuse people.
  3. People are starting to find out the truth about something that used to be lied about.
  4. People are being lied to about something they used to know the truth about.

I think the “parallel universes” caused by AI (artificial intelligence) systems like quantum computers hypothesis is rather unlikely.

But the phenomenon could be some form of covert operation (since there seem to be so many of these) intended on destabilizing the population. In this case, my guess would be that some covert group got the ball rolling by putting a few of these examples in our faces, and then some people started to run with it.

Stable Data

Most people are NOT in very good control of their own memories, but the fact is that they can improve that control and that the basic mechanism of memory is quite accurate.

Many examples cited are NOT IMPORTANT. Interview with A Vampire…Interview with The Vampire. Who cares?

I have an LRH book “Advanced Procedure and Axioms.” Although this is its official title, LRH referred to it as “Advanced Procedures…” several times in lectures. Who cares?

General lying and other modes of deceiving the public have existed forever and will continue to be used. That does not make it right. Lying about things that are important is criminal.

In Other News

The planet is experiencing a string of terror attacks in the West. (Most other places experience them all the time.) I believe that those who think these events are being caused by the same groups who control the mainstream media are on the right track.

Meanwhile, Courtney Brown has been running a “Time Cross” project that resulted in views in May of events that happened in June and views in June of events that may yet happen in July. I think this is stretching Remote Viewing into a form of precognition and is not worth the trouble. I’d rather see people use Remote Viewing to locate planners of violent events so such events can be prevented. That, however, would be truly dangerous work. Courtney does want his viewers to remain alive!
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