Battlefield Earth

On 19 June, David Wilcock published an extension to an article he started on 29 May entitled Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot!

In the first part he discloses that the Draco faction of the Secret Space Program has been trying to evacuate its most important people from Earth, and other factions have been trying to stop them, in a “space war” that has perhaps led to some interesting recent overhead phenomena.

He then launches into a long anthropological discourse on why Earth people have been so well-deceived for so long concerning the true nature of their “gods.” He uses the Cargo Cults of Melanesia (the islands southeast of Australia) as an example of how humans will invent explanations that fit their culture when they are given none. This section is interesting but unnecessary.

In the second part of 19 June, he admits he made an error in not publishing more “hard data” earlier. It seems some of his contacts were counting on him to do this, and he had let them down. There followed for himself and his main informer, Corey Goode, some “sobering” experiences which seem to have pushed the point home to him that he is engaged in an activity of critical importance.

He even mentions the recent revelations of Bill Tompkins, who also takes the subject quite seriously, and has received a lot of coverage in the alternative media lately, as I discuss in my post about his book.

That much of this may be just a new myth to replace the older ones, worn unrecognizable and irrelevant by the passing centuries, has occurred to me many times. We are, however, with the help of LRH’s research, and the work of many others along similar lines, coming up to the point where we can begin to know the truth of things ourselves, without the help of gods, angels – or devils for that matter. Courtney Brown is pushing forward with his Remote Viewing work, the past lives researchers continue to pile up evidence for this phenomenon, and of course my church continues its educative work, regardless of the roadblocks erected against it.

The New Age “myth,” as elaborated on by people like Wilcock, has two major elements in it that simply don’t exist in the work of LRH and many others who aren’t New Agers.

The first is “Ascension.” This is the idea that human beings are “evolving” to higher planes of awareness, and that various cosmic factors are assisting us in this. From what I can tell this is a pure fabrication, as were the stories of Heaven and Hell and the other places where “the soul goes” according to various different traditions. We know where “the soul goes:” It gets yanked into the Between Lives Area, blank slated, and returned to Earth to pick up a new body. Because of the antiquity of this entrapment technology, it does not work consistently in all cases (if it ever did). But LRH found ways to pull past life memories out of almost anyone – lots of them. And the overall pattern he found was one of devolution, not evolution. Human culture across this universe has been slowly descending into oblivion.

The second “weenie” (movie slang for an item in a plot that everyone is after) in this New Age myth is “free energy.” Though ET craft and manmade copies use some very exotic propulsion techniques, there has never been any real evidence that they get that energy “free.” However, something like this is possible, and has been demonstrated by some contraptions designed by M.T. Keshe with the help of his R&D team. They have released several devices now that seem to improve existing electrical systems dramatically, while others have healing properties. Veterans Today is onto this story, because it ties into world politics very thoroughly. The “bad guys” don’t want any technologies to spread on Earth that would have a liberating influence. So they have tried to poison the “free energy” community by making at least one of its key sites and figures a front for a child sex trafficking ring.

And I assure you, that story is real. The man (Sterling Allan) was arrested earlier this year, and has been reported to be serving time after a plea bargain. But he was just a minor player in the ring. The rest of it remains largely untouched, and numerous researchers have traced it into very high places in government and business, all over the planet. Meanwhile there have been numerous attempts to stop Keshe, which he has countered by making many of his designs “open source.” I have looked a few up. They would be difficult for the average guy to make at home, but possible. And I believe that you can buy some of that equipment from “cottage industry” suppliers.

Wilcock and especially his informer Corey have also been interfered with. But there seems to be some sort of balance at work keeping these people alive and communicating. There is a claim that off-planet groups have a hand in that protection. They just may.

It should be noted that LRH did discover a source of “free energy,” the spirit itself. The spirit, as it turns out, seems to be the only creative entity in existence. In good shape, a spiritual being can create (and un-create) space, energy, and matter at will. There is no known material thing that can do this. Physical forces can only transform energy after it has been created by Spirit.

Battlefield Earth

In 1980, before I was involved in Scientology, LRH began writing a work of “pure science fiction” which came out as Battlefield Earth. It was published in 1982, and after I joined the Sea Org I bought a copy and read it. Later, I lost that copy, but recently purchased another one, also a First Edition. This one comes wrapped in a leather cover, reminiscent of those used by the hero to hold the books he found that helped him recover the Earth for human habitation.

I more recently ordered the audio book (which is unabridged and 44 CDs long!) and have started “re-reading” it in that fashion. It’s a great job, though I don’t know who’s going to sit through 47 and 1/2 hours of CDs to listen to the whole story. But it is a good story, and I am going through it again to pick any important points I missed or am uncertain about.

Some points I do remember:

Earth is plagued by the genocidal presence of an off-world inter-galactic mining company, run from its home planet of “Psychlo.” Almost everyone from Psychlo lacks compassion, and is therefore basically psychotic. They will kill any other life form without remorse, even each other. Later in the story, it is discovered that this trait is installed at birth in the form of some sort of electronic implant. One Psychlo who escaped being implanted helps the hero discover this.

Hubbard gives the Psychlos a huge Achilles Heel; their atmosphere explodes in the presence of ionizing radiation. This is real science fiction; I don’t know of any real planet or civilization where the biology is that different. All I’ve ever heard of is carbon-oxygen based biology. There are some non-biological life forms. More than likely, they predate biology.

Working with this notable Psychlo weakness, along with their normal “human” foibles, the hero finds a way to blackmail them into backing off Earth, and leaving the rest of the universe alone as well. The success in bringing peace to the cosmos is notable and worth studying. Real criminality is a problem everywhere, and there are clues here that might help us conquer it.

The book, in its second half, includes some major space battles. And so the tie-in to Wilcock’s recent article. Again, the future of planets and great issues of war and peace are at stake in this current set of events. They are no small matter.

It used to be that science fiction was seen as an indirect way to communicate about real Earthly situations. That view no longer holds. The “stage” has widened; it now includes the entire cosmos.

Bill Tompkins in his book mentioned several times that he had become convinced that Teddy Roosevelt was right: That to go far, one must speak softly, but carry a big stick. Though Roosevelt attributed the proverb to West Africa, there has been difficulty tracing it to there, as their own lore has been oral, and Western study of it has been spotty. But time and time again, thinkers come to the conclusion that any “peace” is held together by the carefully targeted threat of overpowering force. In the movie (and book) “The Mouse that Roared,” peace is brought to Europe by instilling the belief that if anyone starts a war, a bomb will go off which will eradicate the entire subcontinent. And in Battlefield Earth, peace is won in a similar way.

LRH’s own spiritual research also concluded that to walk through life as a totally peaceful person, one must be able to use any amount of force necessary to maintain that peacefulness. It seems to be one of many paradoxes that we must live with.


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