Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and creating widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. – Wikipedia

the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. – Google

The David Wilcock “Cosmic Disclosure” discussion topic for this week included the concept of transhumanism.

I have gone over this topic in my article “The Model” and others.

I just want to reiterate it, because these spiritually-oriented people who aren’t aware of LRH’s work don’t know about this. Advocates of transhumanism are, for the most part, not spiritually-oriented. And many New Agers, like Wilcock, think the idea is a bunch of BS. But they don’t really understand why.

The 2045 Initiative's avatar concept

The 2045 Initiative’s “Avatar Concept.”

The first and most glaring error in this concept, which its proponents should be well-aware of, though most of the public are not, is that there is NO WAY that a person’s personality is “stored” in the brain. Thus, there is no way to transfer a personality out of a brain and into some other container.

A spiritual being, with it’s mind (personality) can become convinced that it is trapped (that’s what bodies have been all about) but that does not mean that this is in fact the case.

Even “amateur” students of spiritual technologies can learn to go exterior, remember past lives, remote view, and do other things that demonstrate that the personality, or “awareness unit” is “non-local” (a physics term used to describe interactions that do not seem to involve any physical contact).

LRH said, simply, that it was non-physical. I have stated in some places that any theory of physics or cosmology (origin of the physical universe) really needs a postulated non-physical “intelligence” or source of intention, to make any logical sense. How can it be argued that a physical system, which has never been demonstrated to have any creative potential, but only transformative potential (E=mC^2), could be created by any known physical process? All the cosmologists can logically argue is that our current physical universe started out as something else physical that was very different than what we have now. Such a theory is as old as the Vedas, and was probably stolen from them.

If any true creation ever occurred, it had to be created by something entirely else. LRH postulated that something, called it “theta” and theorized that if each of us were actually a piece of theta (a “thetan”) that this would explain a lot not only about people but about the universe.

Using an electronic meter, LRH developed a technique for locating and coaxing out ancient human memories, even dating them to some level of precision, and from this work developed an “average” timeline for most Earth humans – for use by his auditing students – in a publication known as the “Individual Track Map.”

What LRH found, by consulting human memory, was that beings started totally “free” (but stupid) and collected or created things around them that eventually became bodies. The earliest forms of bodies were pure energy, known my New Agers as “light bodies.” Most New Agers believe that when a person ascends, he does so in a light body. As the density of the energies a being surrounded itself with increased, light bodies led to “doll” (inanimate/inorganic) bodies, robot (machine) bodies, and finally “meat” (biological) bodies. In this final body form, we actually share control of the biological machine with a “lower” being that takes care of the machine’s basic workings, as it is exceedingly complex. When higher beings originally invented biology, it was not clear that they intended to get themselves stuck in it, but that’s what happened.

Thus, immortality of the personality is a given, and we do not need a tougher, more long-lasting body to achieve it. Stories abound of biological human bodies that survive for hundreds of years. So this whole pitch of transhumanism is a fallacy, a con game, a lie, a trick.

We don’t need bodies to explore the universe. I don’t suppose we’d even need them to conquer the universe. Most space-faring societies seem to be quite stuck with biological or semi-biological bodies, and that’s one of their biggest current problems. I have seen numerous drawings and sketches of ET beings and while they could be said to be quite amazing in many ways, many of them do not seem that healthy. All that would have to happen was for Earth’s natural environment to shift off “normal” by 10 percent or less, and we would end up looking not very healthy, either.

Many New Agers almost worship bodies. That puts them, just so you know, at -5.0 on the Tone Scale (which goes from -40 to +40) and at “EAT” on the Know to Mystery Scale (where the top is KNOW). It’s not safe to sit anywhere lower than 2.0 on the Tone Scale which is the make-break point between minus and plus emotion. Worshiping bodies is what got us into this whole mess in the first place.

If you WANT to be a part of the ecosystem, then you do need to take care of the ecosystem. That goes without saying. With so many beings here on Earth (to say nothing of all the other places where this holds true) so tied up with biology, it makes sense to become skilled caretakers of ecosystems. But that’s not the way out! Biology has become a trap for us. It used to be an interesting hobby. If we want to turn it back into an interesting hobby, then, we need to learn to free ourselves of it, at the same time we learn better how to care for it.

To be free of biological bodies, and all those other worn out body forms, is to be free to be anything you want, be anywhere you want, do anything you want, and know anything you want. It opens back up a world – a universe – of experience that we got a large and confused dose of on our way down and definitely deserves more exploration from a fresh perspective, I think. Why worry about making one’s body “immortal” when we could have spiritual freedom instead?

1980 in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Jumping on a rock bridge overlooking the Colorado River hundreds of feet below – 1980.


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4 Responses to “Transhumanism”

  1. José Says:

    Hello and thank you for the information.

    I would suggest that, if you are going to mention isolated pieces of information from Scientology to the general public, please refer your public to the source materials where they can find the information in sequence with examples, to avoid causing misunderstandings to people that never heard the subject of Scientology.

    1.- Please, always refer first to What is Scientology, here the official link:

    2.- Second, the subject you are mentioning in your respective blog entry, in this case the Tone Scale, in my opinion this is a good entry point:

    3.- Please use references to the Scientology Manual which it is a good introduction to Scientology fundamentals for daily use in every part of life.

    Best regards

    • lecox Says:

      José, your point is well-taken. I should say that I have mentioned these resources in other articles, and my purpose is to get those who are interested to find out for themselves. I am not actually here to teach Scientology, but only to show that the subject has a bearing on various areas of living. LRH is the teacher of this subject, and our web presence connects people to him. All they need to do is look up the various topics I mention, and they should find the links you have kindly provided – and many more.

  2. José Says:

    Hello and thank you for your answer.

    I understand your point. When I talk about Scientology to new people, I always provide them with direct links to the official websites, Why? because I have observed that when I do a search for Scientology related terms, is almost a constant that in the search engine appears first many links with false and disturbing statements about our Churches, Founder or the Teachings. I have also seen that the majority of the people gets the false statements and are afraid to look by themselves and to take a course, study Scientology and apply its fundamentals to see if it works or not.

    • lecox Says:

      Yes, I have definitely noticed this problem with the internet. My impression is that the sort of people I deal with would go search the internet regardless of whether I gave them a good link or not. What I want them to do is read LRH, not the internet. That’s a rough gap to get people to jump across. I’m trying to impress on people that they won’t get the full story on LRH if they don’t get hold of his original materials.

      By the way, I really appreciate you visiting my blog. It is a first for me, to actually have another student of LRH’s work enter a comment here.

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