Worth noting – 16 June 2016

There were two announcements made on mainstream news today that I took note of:

1. On 8 April, 2016 a disruption in Saturn’s outer ring was recorded by the Cassini spacecraft. A black-and-white photo of this was posted 13 June by NASA, and many news agencies ran the story after that posting. Such disruptions are actually not that uncommon.


This is a closeup from the released image (PIA20485). The object on the right is Saturn moon Pandora.

David Wilcock has been told that the rings are composed of ET-made materials.

2. NASA has released a series of “recruiting posters” it commissioned for an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex in 2009. The release now is associated with NASA’s public campaign to explore Mars.

Per Corey Goode and others, such as William Mills Tompkins, Earth humans have been on Mars since the 1950s, and have established a secret base there for use as a manufacturing facility for products we are selling (or trading) to various ET groups.


“We Need You!”


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