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The Management Series

15 September 2013
The Management Series

The Management Series, 2001 edition, Volumes 1 and 2 to the left, Volume 3 open to an article in the Marketing Series.

This is another set of books published by Bridge Publications compiling LRH articles (“Policy Letters”) on the subject of operating an organization.

In these volumes are the “Series.” These are policy letters Ron wrote specifically to go together. They cover various topics pertinent to the operation of any organization or business.

Here is a list of the Series provided in these volumes:

Volume One:

Administration Know-How Series

  • General advice for executives and managers.

Target Series

  • How to write programs to accomplish things that will actually get done.

Computer Series
Executive Series
Data Series

  • How to evaluate situations and get the right why (correct thing to handle).

Volume Two:
Personnel Series
Organizing Series
Establishment Officer Series

  • How to get someone onto post and productive – rapidly.

Volume Three:
Public Relations Series
Marketing Series
Art Series

  • With an emphasis on art as it applies to advertizing.

Finance Series

These volumes include data on LRH management innovations such as:

  • Hatting
  • The Establishment Officer, and ESTO technology
  • Product-Organizing-Establishment Officer system
  • The organizing board – designing a human system to accomplish something
  • Posting an organization from the top down
  • The use of Word Clearing and Ethics Conditions in organizations

It is well worth anybody’s time to get more familiar with these subjects. And we have write-ups from a man with a lot of experience and excellent writing skills. I have enjoyed reading and applying LRH Policy Letters, and I think you would too.