What’s so special about Democracy?

I don’t have time tonight for a fully cogent article on the subject of governments and control systems. But I wanted to put some ideas out there.

The Problem

In the late 1700s in America, what problem were the colonists trying to solve?

In the streets of Cairo, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, and so many others, what problems are the protestors trying to solve?

Were the Founding Fathers really worried about Democracy? Are this summer’s protesters really worried about Democracy?

They weren’t, and they aren’t.

The problem both groups were / are trying to solve is that the control system isn’t working.

I’m an electronics guy. And I know a bit about computers, too. And I know how to fix a control system that isn’t working: You replace the parts that aren’t doing the job they are supposed to be doing. The Founding Fathers needed to replace the British government because it wasn’t working for them any longer. The protestors / army in Egypt needed to replace the elected President there because he wasn’t doing what they thought he should be doing. They weren’t thinking about democracy. They were thinking about workability.

Should a family be run as a democracy? Should an army be run as a democracy? Should a business be run as a democracy? Should a country be run as a democracy?

Only if it seems to be the most workable solution available!

Let’s cancel ideologies and start talking about workability.

Ideal Scenes

To come up with a workable control structure for a system, it is necessary to come to some agreement on what that system should be doing. That is the system’s ideal scene. This is actually what most people are arguing about when they throw around their various “-ologies” and “-isms.” What do we want the system to DO?

We have, as a possible baseline when it comes to government on planet earth, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the United Nations on 10 December, 1948. This a list of 30 points that could be considered basic human rights. But why did it take the form of a list of rights? Because somebody was always trying to violate them!

What is the real problem humanity has been trying all these years to solve?


Or said in another way, the tendency of some humans to ignore the rights of others in the pursuit of their personal goals. This ties into democracy because criminals have always been a minority. If the majority ruled, then presumably a non-criminal society would result. Yet we have seen even “democracies” subverted by criminal personalities, and dishonest, deviant scoundrels rise to positions of power and prestige in business, government and even entertainment and sports.

People have an “Achilles Heel” when it comes to criminality: They will tend to agree to suppressive (criminal) measures if their very lives seem to depend on that agreement. In other words, criminals can use various forms of terrorism to cow (subdue, make subservient) the masses. They always have, and if we don’t find a more workable solution to the problem of criminality, they always will!


I am a Scientologist because I believe that Scientology provides a more workable solution to the problem of criminality. Is it the best solution? The only solution? I don’t know that. I am only of the opinion that it is better than past solutions. So I support it. And criminals oppose it. Criminals don’t want control systems that work and function smoothly. There is no place for them in such systems. They can only operate in poorly-functioning systems, and that is why the criminals want to keep all of our systems functioning poorly. Whether you wish to become informed about the solutions offered in Scientology or not, to stand up for workable, smoothly functioning control systems is to rebel against the criminal and the criminal mind. And anyone who has tried it and lived has, I assure you, led a most interesting life!


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