Basic Staff Hat – OEC Volume 0

The Organization Executive Course (OEC) was put together by LRH in 1969 as a way to train church executives in what he saw as the most successful ways to manage and expand the church.

Later (1971), a “Basic Staff Hat” was put together with the most basic articles (called Hubbard Communication Office (HCO) Policy Letters (HCOPLs) about organizations and being on staff in one book that anyone should be familiar with. I studied this entire volume in the year 2000.

It seems odd to me, now, that not every organization (such as my current employer) makes such a book (and course to go with it) available to all its staff. How else can you get management and workers “on the same page?”

This book gives us (in Scientology) a common language of management and the theory behind it, so that we can all communicate effectively with each other on questions of how the organizations are run.

There is a lot to running an organization successfully!

Here are the major topics covered by this 942-page volume:

  1. Introduction, Keeping Scientology Working and Keeping Admin Working; Scientology organizations and their purpose
  2. Basic organization and the organizing board
  3. Basic staff actions and duties
  4. Staff appearance and org image
  5. Communication
  6. Developed traffic (Dev-T: useless, unnecessary or destructive actions in an organization)
  7. Hats and Hatting (Hat: A collection of materials that outline the purposes, know-how and duties of a post.)
  8. Products and exchange
  9. Statistics
  10. Ethics, honesty and survival
  11. The conditions of existence from Non-Existence to Power
  12. Conditions below Non-Existence
  13. Condition Formulas application and remedies
  14. Basic principles of promotion
  15. Servicing the public
  16. Orders and compliance
  17. Staff performance, rules and regulations
  18. Organizational  ethics
  19. Staff member reports
  20. Use of conditions in organizations
  21. Administering justice
  22. Scientology Justice Codes
  23. Org programming and target attainment
  24. The Ideal Org
  25. Appendices include:
    • Thirteen different versions of organizing boards
    • List of types of issues and magazines

Any one of these topics could fill a book!

Yet these articles, all written by a professional writer, are very readable and outline for anyone who cares to study them the basics of running any activity anywhere to do anything; and of being a member of that activity. Some of them are church-specific, while most have very broad application.

Of all the things that working in the church gave me, these PLs are among the most missed. To have such a body of guidelines, all written down and organized, for all participants in the activity to learn, use and discuss, is a priceless gift.

OEC Vol 0

Organization Executive Course Volume 0, 1999 edition

This book was produced by Bridge Publications in 1999 and is a very nice piece of work. It is printed on high-grade paper, includes three ribbons for use as place markers and two thumb tabs for the Appendices and Index.


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2 Responses to “Basic Staff Hat – OEC Volume 0”

  1. ac Says:

    Hi Larry,

    I read this and I saw the spring photos, and I noticed a Rotary International logo on the mayor’s Grove…..

    Do you know anything about the activities of the club there?


    Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 20:57:27 +0000

    • lecox Says:

      Hi Attila,

      No, I’m not familiar with the Rotary Club or what it does, really.

      I imagine the functions it performs in Pullman are similar to those performed elsewhere.

      For some reason, these groups seem to maintain a fairly low public profile.

      ARC, Larry

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