A Musician and A Spy

The Musician

Chie Ayado

Chie Ayado (courtesy Asia Wiki)

My friend Patrick, who has been living in Bali, recently sent out to his friends some short articles he wrote about Western popular music in Japan. He concentrated on the Yellow Magic Orchestra, but also mentioned various different acts and linked to some videos. YouTube has this thing of showing “related” videos in the player window after you play a video. And one of the “related” videos I ran across showed a performance of Chie Ayado (in Japanese).

This girl is strong. She was born in 1957 in Osaka. And that’s all I know about her! She is a famous Japanese entertainer and there is no data about her available through Google! But she has been singing Western pop tunes (and also doing some very funny stuff) for Japanese audiences for at least 20 years, probably more like 30 years. There are a LOT of YouTube videos of her. That’s the only way I know her. Her communication is relaxed, direct, and very impinging. One of many stars on this planet.

The Spy

I was looking though my Facebook “wall” (or whatever it’s called) recently, and one of my friends had posted a petition drive notice from a group called Global Zero. This is one strange group. They are going for zero nuclear weapons on planet earth by 2030. Now, this is not only a laudable goal, but it is very necessary for a variety of reasons. But these guys seem to be running on nothing but marketing. I try to look under the hood, and I don’t see any engine. Just a bunch of young and not-so-young idealistic people who all look like they could be CIA operatives, like the whole Kony fiasco seemed to be.

And the weird thing is: One of their most active spokeswomen IS an ex-CIA operative.

Valerie Plame

Plame is short for a fancier European name. Her father was Jewish, apparently, but she never knew that while she was growing up. She was a “military brat” and, in her father’s footsteps, chose to serve her country. In the CIA.

I didn’t hear about this when it happened. On Bastille Day of 2003 Valerie’s CIA cover was blown by a reporter for the Washington Post who was given the information by Richard Armitage in the State Department. After that, she could no longer work under cover, and in 2005, she left the CIA and started writing and speaking about her work there.

Look at this girl:

Valerie Plame Wilson

Valerie Plame Wilson (courtesy Huffington Post)

This is the classic good-looking, very smart, very dedicated college-educated person that the CIA actively recruits, and has always actively recruited. But this one got away. Now she’s a peace activist (apparently).

So what is Global Zero really? And what do they actually intend to accomplish? Like Ed Schweitzer always says, selling is basically an education job. But what does Global Zero have to teach?

I haven’t found out yet.

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