I’ve been doing a lot of waiting lately.

And that’s not a very healthy activity to engage in.

On the Know to Mystery Scale “wait” is just above “unconscious” and below what most of us think of as the activities of living. Spiritually, it is a motionlessness, a kind of surrender.

But enough of the esoteric. I put a lot of effort into getting an interview with a company that needs people with skills and knowledge like I have. And now I am waiting for their answer. They will almost certainly say they want to hire me. I should then say, okay, let’s do it. And then I must pack up all my stuff and move to the eastern edge of the state and make a new home – a new life – there. So I have been very preoccupied with the problem of organizing my belongings so they can be moved, and how to do this on a very meager budget. My other interests seem secondary to this, and I have not been working on any other projects. However, this new focus leaves me with extra time, so I signed up for a free trial subscription to Netflix, and have been watching movies instead of researching, writing, or producing new art pieces.

As I said, waiting is not a productive way to spend time. So here I am writing about it.

I thought I would address the core theme of this experience: Work.


The subject of working is front and center right now. There don’t seem to be enough jobs for everyone. Not enough money is flowing through the economy. The peace economy, that is. The war economy seems to still be rather well-funded.

In the middle of 2008, I announced my intention to leave a job I had been doing for about 20 years. And it probably would have been there for me to do for another 20 years. I wasn’t even tired of what I was doing on post. But something in the working environment had changed, and I decided I needed to get away from that environment. Maybe it was me who changed. But that doesn’t really matter.

So here we are with an interesting juxtaposition. A society that is not willing to pay everyone who needs an income to work, and a man who needs an income, but is no longer willing to work.

Valuable Final Products

So, what is work? When I was young, work consisted of things I could do to make money. I would then spend some of my money to buy things that interested me, and in my spare hours, I would work – er, play – with those things.

Later I learned a different way of thinking about work. Work is one’s contribution to the group. One is paid for one’s work depending on several factors. But the chief factor is that the appropriate group members are aware of your contributions and see them as valuable. You will be paid according to how valuable the products of your work are perceived to be. That perception of value can be changed by improving the products or by changing people’s ideas of how valuable they are. A person’s income depends on his skill in doing these two things. And the results of his efforts could be referred to as Valuable Final Products.

No one teaches us this. All they teach us is that you should get trained to do something and then find a job doing that. But that is in fact the bare minimum needed to make a living.

The Work Environment

Some work environments are easier to tolerate than others. Thus, one way to increase your income could be to learn to work in an environment that most people are not willing to work in. They don’t teach you this, either, and it has its limitations.

For example, the war environment would seem to be the most dangerous environment imaginable. Yet soldiers are not that well paid. Perhaps this is because most of what a soldier does is destroy.

Compare this to what some corporate executives make. There must be something about that working environment that is just too challenging for most people. The challenge probably has to do with the fact that such posts tend to attract criminals. So the environment near the top can be very toxic.

Is this enough?

If you fully appreciate the nuances of the Valuable Final Product, and if you include all other factors in Work Environment, then that should be enough of a theoretical framework to revive and strengthen any economy on any scale.

I specifically mentioned crime under work environment because it is a crucial factor that is not given the attention that it deserves. In Scientology organizations, as well as many other groups, a huge amount of time and energy is devoted to detecting and handling dishonesty, stealing, and similar dishonorable activities.

Most groups do not fully use Ethics, Establishment technologies, hatting or word clearing. And all these technologies are essential to prevent employees from going criminal on the job. Thus, if an average group were targeted for attack by criminals, it would eventually succumb. Several groups in the United States have.

When important groups in a society turn criminal, the whole society can quickly deteriorate into something resembling a catastrophe.

December 21st

I was very interested to find out if anything visibly significant would occur on this fabled date of a “new beginning.” The date passed relatively quietly.

Yet to say, because of this or the general dearth of helpful information, that nothing is changing would be a grave error. Not only is change inevitable, it is being actively worked for by several different groups, including my church.

We have been renovating and opening new church buildings. This gets minimal press coverage. One of our ads is playing on a video billboard in Times Square. I wonder if that will get any press coverage!

And other groups are working hard to do other things. Many are also working for positive change, or what we call improved conditions. But others work just as hard to bring us war, crime and chaos. And in many many places around the world this New Year, life for most is very very tough going.

If you are in the habit of making resolutions for the new year, why not try this on for size? That you will do something to improve conditions on this planet for those suffering the most.


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One Response to “Waiting”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Interesting. I enjoyed reading your viewpoint on work, waiting etc. Thanks for sharing Larry.

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