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Today I started a home study course put together by my church with the very long title of: “Advanced Procedure and Axioms & Thought, Emotion and Effort Extension Course.”

The first step of the course is to read a set of issues contained in the course pack that were written by L. Ron Hubbard in September, October and November of 1951. I don’t recall studying these issues before. They are germane to our current situation, thus this article. They were originally issued as Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletins.

Danger: Black Dianetics! (September 1951)

Here LRH discusses how the discoveries of Dianetics have been misused by the unscrupulous to create robotic, crazy or deranged personalities. This includes suicidal or homicidal personalities.

He estimates that only a few people, as of 1951, have died as a result of such practices and compares this to the loss of innocent life from the use of the atom bomb over Hiroshima. There is no comparison.

And yet these abuses should be reversible in the hands of a skilled auditor, in cases where the victim survives them.

He then states:

“Efforts to influence and prevail over the minds of individuals, groups and nations have been exerted since the dawn of time. These efforts have utilized every known means of psychic and physical phenomena.”

He goes on to present a short survey of these efforts, including the reported practices of the Assassins. Though the histories recounting these practices have since fallen into question, the practices themselves are plausible and have probably been used somewhere by someone. Mind control efforts definitely include hypnotism, which is briefly discussed.

The Loophole in Guarded Rights (September 1951)

LRH begins this bulletin thus:

“Whenever phenomena become known only to a small number of unscrupulous men, these, by secrecy, can employ it to the enslavement of many. This, in a thimble, is a history of the race.”

He then discusses popular efforts to prevent this by asserting certain basic rights which an individual may lawfully defend. But there is a giant loophole in these efforts, and that has to do with mental competence (“sanity”).

If an individual can be deemed insane, all his legal protections fall away, including his right to life. This loophole can only be closed by demystifying the mind, thus preventing a small group from claiming special expertise in the subject. This is what Dianetics seeks to do.

Records of Mind Are Permanent (September 1951)

Here LRH goes over his primary discovery, which he has called the “first law” of Dianetics.

“The human organism receives and records all perceptions while under duress and in a reduced state of consciousness.”

This is why hypnotism “works” (when it does) and why trained auditors can reverse its effects.

He ends by reminding us that:

“Black Dianetics uses this mechanism to implant new compulsion.”

Effort Processing (September 1951)

In this bulletin LRH discusses why you can limit processing to addressing self-determined efforts. Effort normally results in motion, and motion is the core phenomenon of the physical universe. Thus, the most confusing and troublesome incidents for an individual involve those times when he decided to make some effort and it did not have the positive (or pro-survival) result that he expected.

A Brief Statement on Survival Processing (October 1951)

This is a technical bulletin going over the theory of Self-determinism Effort Processing.

He points out that all his experience with cases has shown that the choices made by the person himself (or herself) are the only important choices on the case. And these choices inevitably involve effort. A “bad” choice is simply one that results in destruction when a constructive result was desired. If you can get a being to recognize this and let go of that effort, its destructive results will also cease.

The Evolution of Dianetic Processing (October 1951)

Here LRH briefly recounts the history of his research, starting in 1932.

He emphasizes his discovery that even psychotherapy proved to be a false science (or practice) as were all mental practices that went before. Thus, modern researchers were not really getting any better results than the witch doctors and shamans of the past.

“…one understood for the first time that he lived in one of the darkest ages for the field of humanities and that the field of humanities had suffered markedly because of the advances in the physical sciences, which caused any scientist to tend toward a mechanistic view of humanity.”

He then describes how his own research broke out of this trap and thus began to discover phenomena that had been previously missed or overlooked. These phenomena are the main subject of his 1950 book. But that book, used alone, was somewhat ineffective at producing good auditors. He eventually realized that it had left some important points unsaid.

“The only really important thing I did, I now discover, was enormously increase, by my own attitude toward Life, the self-determinism of the preclear.”

He expressed hope that he could find a way to train others to have this attitude, and thus to become more successful in helping others.

A Brief History of Psychotherapy (November 1951)

This two-page bulletin goes over the fact that all previous efforts to improve or repair the mind have not been successful, as they have never exceeded the success rate of an individual left to his own devices (roughly 22% get better or recover with no treatment).

He ends by stating his firm belief that Dianetics can do better than this, and that for the first time in history, mankind possesses a truly workable mental technology.

Only an introduction

I hope that this discussion and these quotes may serve as a useful introduction to this subject for those who are interested. There is no substitute for careful study, and I will never try to teach this subject in my articles, but only to interest you in the subject and refer you to resources.


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