Monkey in the Middle

What is the U.S. military really up to?

My article on blogspot… is really the result of my frustration with all the confusing information being spewed out over the internet by people who all supposedly are working towards the truth!

When Gordon Duff wrote an article for Press TV, which he later posted on his own site, Veterans Today, about how the neo-Nazi-Zionist faction of the military was helping the neo-Nazi-Zionists ruin the reputation of the Obama administration so their man would be sure to get elected, I had to make a statement.

The story they are pushing is that people in the Obama administration failed to defend our ambassador in Libya even though they knew he was in danger.

Duff thinks that the group pushing this story is probably the same group responsible for the attack, and a group that wants to create major violence in several places, including the United States, in order to regain an upper hand in the affairs of earth.

What isn’t clear is why they are having such a hard time maintaining their position, though Duff has also recently published an interesting story about a “UFO War” in the Pacific that could have something to do with it.

I invite you to click through to my other blog for more data.

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2 Responses to “Monkey in the Middle”

  1. Much Love Mario Says:

    Hi there, I sent my grandson to a Scn. mission to do some courses.
    Thanks for all the wonderful data you mentioned about LRH and his material. I hope my son and his friends will benefit beyond their dreams. College life is so rough for these kids they need all the help and compassion they can get.
    Great site you have too. So keen of you to tell the world your super views.
    I saw you on JKI and 2012 and enjoy your comments more than others.
    Love, Niki and Mario

    • Larry Cox Says:

      I feel honored to have your very positive comment as my first real comment from an individual who has really read some of my articles! (See my article “Honesty” for that discussion.)

      All my best to you and your grandson.

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