I Have Nothing to Report

The weather here has been great for almost 2 months now.
There are no bombs dropping here, no missiles exploding and killing little children.
There is no crime wave at this time, no food riots.

I hear about all these things.

I hear about how inevitable it is that all this will come to my state, my city, my house any day now.

But so far, it has not.

You? Do any of you have anything to report?

I am told there has been a battle going on in deep space for some time now.
I am told that some interesting vehicles clashed in or over the Pacific, near San Francisco, not too long ago.
I am told that Asia is broiling with political intrigue.
I am told that Europe is falling apart financially and that the US will be next.
I am told that Agenda 21 is being implemented worldwide as we speak.
I am told people are dying terribly every day around the planet from war, domestic violence, bad weather, disease, animal attacks.

But here where I live, everything seems fine.

I won’t allow any comments on this article except for reports of actual news from where you live. Nothing seems to be happening here. But I can’t believe nothing is happening. Maybe good things are happening and that’s why I’m not getting any reports. The media is being controlled by Merchants of Chaos, so they think they have to report only bad stuff to stay alive. But something of note must be happening somewhere! Let me know!


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