The Richard Day speech

The Richard Day speech remembered.

On a calm evening in March of 1969, at a very nice restaurant in Pittsburg, a former national medical director of Planned Parenthood (1965-1968) addressed a gathering of about 80 doctors involved in pediatric medicine (taking care of kids).

He told the gathering not to record his lecture, which lasted about 2 hours, but one young doctor, Lawrence Dunegan, made notes on napkins and later wrote down his recollections of that night.

In 1988, Randy Engel, a woman pro-life activist and journalist, interviewed Doctor Dunegan. Transcripts of that interview have been published on the web. One example is linked to above.

Early in that interview, Dr. Dunegan listed out the topics that Dr. Day covered in his talk. Here is that list:

  1. Population control
  2. permission to have babies
  3. redirecting the purpose of sex – sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex
  4. contraception universally available to all
  5. sex education and carnalising of youth as a tool of world government
  6. tax funded abortion as population control
  7. encouraging homosexuality … anything goes homosexuality also was to be encouraged
  8. technology used for reproduction without sex
  9. families to diminish in importance
  10. euthanasia and the “demise pill”
  11. limiting access to affordable medical care makes eliminating elderly easier
  12. medicine would be tightly controlled
  13. elimination of private doctors
  14. new difficult-to-diagnose and untreatable diseases
  15. suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control
  16. inducing heart attacks as a form of assassination
  17. education as a tool for accelerating the onset of puberty and evolution
  18. blending all religions … the old religions will have to go
  19. changing the Bible through revisions of key words
  20. restructuring education as a tool of indoctrination
  21. more time in schools, but pupils “wouldn’t learn anything”
  22. controlling who has access to information
  23. schools as the hub of the community
  24. “some books would just disappear from the libraries”
  25. changing laws to promote moral and social chaos
  26. the encouragement of drug abuse to create a jungle atmosphere in cities and towns
  27. promote alcohol abuse
  28. restrictions on travel
  29. the need for more jails, and using hospitals as jails
  30. no more psychological or physical security
  31. crime used to manage society
  32. curtailment of US industrial pre-eminence
  33. shifting populations and economies; tearing out the social roots
  34. sports as a tool of social engineering and change
  35. sex and violence inculcated through entertainment
  36. travel restrictions and implanted I.D. cards
  37. food control
  38. weather control
  39. know how people respond; making them do what you want
  40. falsified scientific research
  41. use of terrorism
  42. surveillance, implants, and televisions that watch you
  43. home ownership a thing of the past
  44. the arrival of the totalitarian global system.

In essence, this interview validated all the things the “conspiracy theorists” have been saying about plans being forwarded amongst the elites to bring a “New World Order” to earth.

Alex Jones talks about almost nothing else these days on his radio show and videos.
“Whistleblower” websites mention this subject all the time.

Elements of this plan exist in public documents, and evidence that it is being implemented is all around us. I urge you to inform yourself. It may be years before this affects your life (if it hasn’t already) or it may be days. Learn about what is coming before it lands on your doorstep.

Note: The basic data on Richard Day are confirmed in his NY Times obituary.
Dr. Dunegan is reported to have died in January of 2004.

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2 Responses to “The Richard Day speech”

  1. Marian B. Says:

    Just in case my former comment isn’t published, here’s a copied part of it.
    There seems to be a funny technical issue with comments.

    I do have an authentic feel about Dr. Dunegan’s report as a member of the audience at that time, during this speech by Richard Day.
    David Icke seems to have presented this speech in his book Phantom Self, but I’m not sure if it’s the exact text spoken by Richard Day. I’ve just listened to David Icke’s take on the Coronavirus on YouTube. It’s February 26th 2020 today. Personally, I see the dawn of exposure to these evil plans in the near future. The signs that I see are the signs showing an awakening, collectively, on our planet.

    • lecox Says:

      There’s no doubt there are people in this world who think the way Richard Day does. Currently I am concentrating on my Scientology studies and not following these issues, but Hubbard himself points his finger at organized medicine several times, and it is quite clear not all is right with that group.

      The big question for most of us is: What to do about it? My group has been working to expose these evil plans since 1969, if not before. But we also have so many activities people can get involved with if they want to prevent the results which some would like to convince us are so inevitable. It doesn’t necessarily require a “collective awakening.” That awakening has to happen one person at a time. But we are reaching lots of people, and lots of people are waking up.

      I hope you will include our new TV channel in the sites that you regularly visit. We are very aware that there are multiple situations on planet Earth. We also have many stories of people working to turn the tide.

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